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News from the Principal and DP’s

Parents and Caregivers,

Kei te haere mai a Kōanga- Spring is coming 🌻

Thank you to those whanau members who took part in the recent triadic interviews – what an awesome opportunity to showcase some great learning, discuss progress and celebrate impressive levels of achievement. We know that each student set learning goals post-interviews and it’s now our job to support their mahi and ensure they reach if not exceed these goals.

Last week the Senior Leadership Team attended an NZ Intermediate Schools conference. We heard a number of motivating and engaging speakers with some great messages delivered. A number of these resonated with us as we teach such a dynamic age group – the emerging adolescent. Being among like-minded colleagues reminded us of the fundamental needs of this age group and how important it is that we work together as a community so the next generation can contribute positively to society. 

As classroom teachers and school leaders creating a positive environment is critical for creating a safe school where students feel cared for and valued. 

  • Connections

The connection between individuals within the school environment is often associated with pro-social connections with peers, teachers, and or one or more adults within the school.

  • Commitment

The investment one has in school activities and one’s own learning. This can be seen through the time and energy a student puts into his friendships, schoolwork, and engagement with teachers and school staff.

  • Engagement

Involvement is about engagement in conventional activities; the more opportunities a student has to engage in school activities, including “special” projects assigned by the teacher, or other extracurricular activities, the more likely one will feel engaged and connected to school and their peer group.

  • Belonging

Finally, a student’s belief in the shared norms and behaviours of the school will more likely lead to rule-following and not causing disruptions. Observing, rather than just being told that rules are equally applied to all students, is key to building belief.

The greater the positive connections among teachers, students and leaders at the school, the greater the perception of safety within their school environment

Ngā mihi nui

Jill Farquharson (Principal|Tumuaki), Shane Devery (Deputy Principal), Bryce Mills (Deputy Principal)

Assessment Round Up for Parents

End of Term Exams

A reminder that our end-of-term exams will be happening in the last two weeks of term 3, from  Monday 19 September until Thursday 29 September. The exams will be in mathematics and literacy. Once your child has completed each exam they will then receive an email to highlight the links they can click on to directly support them to learn the specific areas they got the answer wrong in the test, while providing each student with tasks to learn how to answer the question correctly in the future.

PAT Test Results

Your child has now completed the three PAT tests administered by the NZCER. The latest results will be placed onto the term four report but if you want to know your child’s results earlier please ask the classroom teacher how they have progressed from the term 1 test results. I will be sharing our school comparison data (term 1 results compared to term 3 results)with parents in term four. This information will give you a better understanding of how our cohorts (whole school, year 7’s and year 8’s) are progressing.

Shane Devery

Deputy Principal

ICAS Tests Update

We have one more catch-up test to complete for those students who choose to sit any one of the five ICAS tests offered this term. Well done to all of the students who participated in the ICAS tests and I look forward to sharing your success stories once we get your results back. 

Mr Biri is making his way around the students who sat their ICAS tests with information and unique IDs so students and parents can access their own results as soon as they become available.

The results will come back at different times over the next couple of weeks, but I think they should all be returned by the end of this term, fingers crossed.

Shane Devery

Deputy Principal

ANI Trips

We are looking forward to our four trips heading off to the following destinations starting off with Cairns on Tuesday 12 followed by the Gold Coast trip then the Queenstown trip and finally the Noumea trip.

The groups have been working together to either learn the language of their destination or developing their cooperation and collaboration skills with the other students and teachers attending the trip.

The mahi has already started with students getting into pairs, then small groups and accommodation buddies, not to mention organising passports, money, clothing and much more.

We hope all groups learn a lot while they are away, grow up really quick and make some memories for a lifetime. We know you will all have a great time at any of the four destinations.

Leaders for each trip:

Cairns: Shane Devery –

Gold Coast: Bryce Mills – 

Noumea: Kieran Gleeson – 

Queenston: Andrew Lawrence – 

Careers Week

Next term from Wednesday 26th to Friday 28th October ANI will be having its annual Careers Week!

We will be looking at many aspects of the world of work including finding how our interests and passions can transfer into jobs, writing CVs and learning from experts. That’s where our school community come in! We would like to invite you to speak to our young people about your work and share your expertise and experiences. This could include the path you took to secure your job, what it involved, what it looks like in today’s work climate and some special highlights.  

If you would like to come to speak to our tamariki about your work experience, please let us know! It can take the form of a live presentation, a zoom call or a pre-recording. 

Please contact if you are keen to take part. We need you!

Sharing The Planet

This week our Year 8 students started their new inquiry theme – Sharing The Planet. We are focusing on sustainability and taking action in our local areas to solve sustainability problems. To dive straight into the learning, we took a trip to Auckland Zoo!

Classes took part in a Sustainability Education Session run by zoo staff that covered the 7Rs of sustainability and we discussed what action Auckland Zoo has taken to be more sustainable as well as some hands-on activities, was super exciting!

We also had the opportunity to tour the zoo spotting their sustainability practices and seeing even saw some exotic animals. We are all looking forward to see the learning extended and actions that will come from our trip!   

Here are a few pics of our visits to the zoo ( Matai team and Rimu team).



Student Congratulations

This week’s Principal’s Badges are awarded to these amazing students for their support of the school in a variety of areas. 

Regards Jill, Shane and Bryce


Important Student Leadership Reminder!

Are you a student who cares about making ANI the best school possible for students and staff? Do you want to run a new competition or lead a new initiative in the arts or promote our cultural diversity? Maybe you want to be a part of refreshing our Digital Curriculum and bring some future-focused, exciting ideas to the school programme? Are you crazy about your House and want to represent them with pride? Is the environment your passion and you’ve heard about our bee project and a fully functioning garden-to-table vegetable patch?
If any of these descriptions fit you, then WE WANT YOU!
Students, don’t forget that the deadline for 2023 student leadership applications is tomorrow, Friday September 2nd at 3pm. 
No late applications will be considered so get yours in on time!
If you have questions, please ask your classroom teacher or email the strategic leaders:

Research Project

A big thank you to the staff and parents who were asked to participate in a research collaboration between the New Zealand Association of Intermediate Middle Schooling (NZAIMS) and the Faculty of Education at Victoria University of Wellington. Its purpose was to research and inform practice in intermediate middle schooling.

Once we receive the research outcomes and what the researchers found we will share this with the ANI community.

Shane Devery

Deputy Principal


AIMS Tauranga:

From the 3rd to the 9th of September we will have 104 students and 16 staff members in Tauranga for the AIMS tournament.

The school will be represented in the following teams and individual sports:

  • Boys & Girls Football
  • Boys Futsal 
  • Mixed Water polo
  • Boys Basketball 
  • Mixed Hockey
  • Mixed Ripper Rugby 
  • Mixed Hip Hop 
  • Mixed Netball
  • Tennis
  • Table Tennis 
  • Badminton 
  • Squash 

We wish all the best for all our players.

Central Zones competitions:

In September we have the following Central Zones competitions happening:

CZ Futsal – Girls – 14th September (Mr Carlos –

CZ Basketball- Boys – 19th September (Mr Markham –

CZ Futsal – Girls – 20th September    (Mr Carlos –

CZ Basketball- Girls – 22nd September (Mr Markham –

CZ Volleyball – Boys – 27th September (Mr Houston –

CZ Volleyball – Girls – 29th September (Mr Houston –


Carlos Kucera

Teacher in Charge of Sports Academy

Building Update

This week, Tallulah and Trelise from Room 2 are taking you on a video tour around our two new buildings, the MPS (multipurpose space – hall and gym combined) and 10TS (ten teaching spaces – two storied new buildings on the court).
Please click on the link attached here and it will take you directly to our video. Enjoy! 


School Production

This year’s production of Into the Woods is off to a roaring start, with rehearsals commencing this week. We’ve also received a record 195 applications for off-stage roles, which will be announced in a few short days. 

We are seeking support from the parent and wider community for support such as costume-making, prop and set building, advertising, business sponsorships, and more! 

If you are keen to lend your generosity to our school production this year, please email music teacher Eugene Marshall:

The musical will be performed in term 4 on the 22nd and 23rd of November.

Eugene Marshall

Music teacher

Teacher in Charge of Production

Science Fair

NIWA (National Institute of Water and Atmospheric Research) Summary

NIWA Auckland City Science and Technology Fair was organized at Michael Park School, Ellerslie on 26th August 2022. Twenty-Five schools across central Auckland participated and the fair had a considerable number of high-quality projects.

Five projects from our school were considered for the award category – Highly commended.

Following are the students who earned this appreciation:

  • Sarah G Rm 14 and Taylor P Rm 6
  • Vinooshan V Rm 27
  • Olivia K and Viola C Rm 16
  • Shrika N Rm 16
  • Amelie T Rm 14

Special mention that Olivia K and Viola C will be felicitated in the award function taking place on 1st of September 2022 at Michael Park School Main Auditorium at 7pm.

Congratulations to all participants!

Neeti Siras

Science Teacher

Teacher in Charge Science Fair



16 of ANI’s budding engineers competed against other schools choosing and attempting to complete some rather complex challenges set by the people at EPRO8. 

Creating magic shows, road markers, vending machines and alarm clocks were the options, each with their own criteria which students had to read to succeed. Focus and problem solving was put to the test throughout the afternoon as teams made their way up and down the leaderboard trying to get a place in the finals. Persistence and teamwork were displayed by all students, unfortunately, they were up against some strong competition and didn’t make it through to the next round. 

Fun had by all which is the main thing. 

Jacob Markham

Hardtech Teacher

Teacher in Charge EPro8


2022 Mathex Competition

What an exciting and thrilling evening it was yesterday at the 2022 Mathex competition event. The Barfoot and Thompson Stadium was full of students from intermediate schools across Auckland. All of them gathered to demonstrate their math skills. 

Our 4 teams from year 7 and year 8 entered the stadium with their hearts leaping in their chest. It was their first time participating in such an event and with some intense practice sessions, our students performed their very best with some really decent scores. But sadly we could not secure any of the top positions.

However, hats off to our young people who did not give up till the very end. I am super proud of them and for me, the experience was no less than watching a cricket World Cup series. 


Sunilla Naik

Room 30 Teacher

Teacher in Charge Mathex


Auckland French Speeches

On Thursday ANI hosted the Auckland French Speeches for 2022. It was a very exciting day for everyone and a great opportunity to get together as a community and celebrate the teaching and learning of French.

A number of schools participated: Baradene College, Epsom Girls Grammar School, and St Mary’s College. Our students were super impressive and made us very proud. Their presentations were of a high standard.

Year 7 1st place Lucinda S, 2nd place Lucia T, 3rd place Shegxiao H.

Year 7 Talent Show Kasia M
Year 8 1st place Willa M, 2nd place Sarah G, 3rd place Taylor P.

Counsellor Spot


I have noticed recently that there has been an increase in students talking about anxiety so I thought that I would share some techniques and resources that may help 🙂 

In the moment 

  • 54321 – This exercise you can do when you are feeling really overwhelmed and consumed by your thoughts and anxiety. This exercise helps you focus on your surroundings and grounds you so that you feel calm and at peace again.

5 things you can see 

4  things you can touch 

3  things you can hear 

2 things you can smell

1  thing you can taste

Noticing our anxiety 

Reflect – if we can take notice our triggers we can gain a better understanding of what is causing our anxiety and how to manage it 

Find the evidence – Sometimes the things that we are anxious about are just opinions and not what is happening in real life. It is important to find the evidence against those thoughts so that we realise it is just an opinion and not real life. 


Example if the thought is “ all my friends hate me “ then to find evidence against it you would think about the times that isn’t true like the times when your friends invited you to hang out or text you. This evidence proves that your friends don’t hate you and it is just an opinion. 



Rachel Almeida 

School Counsellor

PTA News

Chocolate Fundraiser

The PTA would like to thank everyone who made the chocolate fundraiser such a success this year! All money/chocolates should have been returned by now. Please note we are only accepting unopened boxes back and all money should be deposited to the PTA bank account: 12-3048-0259939-00.

The money that you have helped to raise will go towards the following – AIMS games sponsorship, sports uniforms, Sustainability Club and furniture and items for the new buildings. 

Thanks again to all who donated the prizes – a bike from Ray White, a Lenovo tablet, x2 Go pros, Altar vouchers and General Store vouchers. 

For all those who returned their money on time, you will go into the prize draw and we will be announcing the winners at the chocolate prizegiving assembly on the 12 September.


Enrolments for 2023 are now open for new applicants. 

Should you wish to enrol other children with us or have family members/friends who are considering enrolling at ANI, please follow this link –

For further information on enrolments please email our enrolment officer Ula on


Korean and Chinese Summary

In every newsletter and Friday Flyer we will add a short Korean and Chinese translation to assist families where English is not their first language. 

Please see below a summary in Korean:

시험이 9월 19 일부터 29 일까지 3 학기의 마지막 2 주 동안 있습니다.  시험 과목은 수학과 영어입니다. 

다음 학기는 10월 26일에 28일까지 학교 커리어위크를 가질 예정입니다! 학생들의 관심과 열정이 이력서를 작성하고, 전문가로부터 배우는 것을 포함하여 직업 세계의 많은 측면을 살펴볼 것입니다. 학부모님의 전문 지식과 경험을 공유하도록 초대하고 싶습니다. 참여하기를 원하신다면 에게 연락하십시오

2023 년 등록이 새로운 지원자를 위해 열려 있습니다. 등록을 고려중인 가족 / 친구가 있으시면 다음 링크로 이동하세요 –

등록에 대한 자세한 내용은 로 이메일을 보내주십시오


Please see below a summary in Chinese:


  1. 学校内的交流,投入,努力,归属感有利于给我们的学生创造积极安全的环境。

  2. 期末考试(数学和语文)将于9月19日至29日进行。孝试后学生会收到一个连接,帮助学生提高成绩。

  3. PAT的成绩已出来了,需要的家长可与班主任联系。此成绩会在年末成绩单上。

  4. 2023 学生领导申请将于9月2日下午3点截止. 7年级的同学别错过

Upcoming Events for Term 3, 2022

Please subscribe to the ANI school App as information will also be updated regularly via this online platform as will the Friday Flyers.



AIMS Games

Monday 5 – Friday 9 September

Chocolate Prizegiving Assembly

Monday 12 September

AAIMS Cross Country

Tuesday 13 September

Mufti Week (all week) – last for the year 

Monday 19 – Friday 23 September

CZ Boys Basketball

Monday 19 September

ANI PTA Meeting

Monday 19 September –  6pm

CZ Boys Futsal 

Tuesday 20 September

AAIMS Girls Rugby League 

Wednesday 21 September

BOT Meeting

Wednesday 21 September –  6pm

CZ Girls Futsal 

Thursday 22 September

CZ Girls Basketball

Thursday 22 September

CZ Boys Volleyball

Tuesday 27 September

CZ Girls Volleyball

Thursday 29 September


Friday 30 September


Monday 24 October 2022

Community News

Support ANI by becoming a host family


Dear Parents/Caregivers

We enjoyed visiting Auckland Normal Intermediate School recently to meet Year 8 students and talk about the transition to EGGS.

We would like to remind everyone that online Applications for 2023 Enrolment need to be submitted as soon as possible.

The closing date for 2023 Out of Zone applications is Wednesday, 7 September 2022. We would appreciate receiving 2023 Home Zone applications by this date also.

To apply, use our online form to be completed by a parent/guardian and submitted with supporting documentation. Before you begin the form, please prepare the documents on the Home Zone Checklist or Out of Zone Checklist for uploading.
We are holding school tours for prospective Year 8 students accompanied by a parent/caregiver, if you would like to join a school tour this term please Register now

If you have any questions about enrolment, please contact our Enrolment Manager, Wendy Smith by email:

Yours sincerely

Kate Slattery
Deputy Principal responsible for Year 9 2023



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