PRINCIPAL’S NEWS Stepping Up and Stepping Out In just a couple of short weeks our Year 8 students leave their Primary education behind.  They arrived here as children and leave us as emerging adolescents. When I observe these confident young people going about their school activities, it’s hard to remember the shy diffident youngsters that arrived less than two years ago. 

PRINCIPAL’S NEWS Staying the distance         Can you believe we only have six more weeks of school left in 2019?! In order to get the most educational value from the short two years at Intermediate it is essential that our students stay fully engaged in their educational studies and extracurricular activities right through to the end of all four terms. Understandably Year 8’s are

PRINCIPAL’S NEWS Today’s newsletter is being sent to you during the school holidays - we hope you are enjoying the break.  Term 3 concluded with a very enjoyable prizegiving where we congratulated a number of students on their successes.  It was a real privilege to be able to host the assembly at Eden Park - huge thanks to CEO Nick Sautner

  PRINCIPAL’S NEWS Production - this week we are in the process of adding our final touches to the school production of Hairspray Jnr. It’s shaping up to be a spectacular show so don’t miss out on your tickets, something not to be missed (Matinee is Tuesday, evening performances Wednesday and Thursday nights - see you there).  Netball - the last of our

PRINCIPAL’S NEWS Welcome back to a new term where there will be lots happening, lots of excitement and lots of focus needed by our students.  It’s a term where students will be challenged in their learning and one that will have an emphasis on study skills and study habits. Attendance and punctuality play a huge role in helping students develop these study

PRINCIPAL’S NEWS The New Zealand Curriculum The next section for us to ‘unpack’ are the Key Competencies of the New Zealand Curriculum (NZC).  This section can be thought of as the tool kit for optimum learning. The competencies are thinking; using language, symbols and texts; managing self; relating to others; participating and contributing. Just like the Vision and Values sections the key

PRINCIPAL’S NEWS The New Zealand Curriculum: Vision and Values This month I am sharing with you the second article about the New Zealand Curriculum (NZC) and how it influences the education programmes provided at ANI.  The NZC underpins not just the teaching and achievement standards children are expected to reach at each stage of their schooling, but it also sets our Directions

PRINCIPAL’S NEWS The New Zealand Curriculum   This term I will be running  a series of curriculum articles in the monthly newsletter. Each article will explain an aspect of the New Zealand Curriculum (NZC). In the May newsletter I will discuss the NZ Curriculum - what is this and what does it include. In the June newsletter, curriculum vision and values will

PRINCIPAL’S NEWS Benefits of Attending a Diverse School The Board of Trustees and all of the staff at ANI extend our heartfelt condolences to our Muslim families as you grieve for your Muslim brothers and sisters coping with the tragic events that took place in Christchurch recently. Our thoughts and Aroha are with you as we all deal with the enormity of

PRINCIPAL’S NEWS I am sure the last two weeks of school have been an enjoyable time for all our students - in talking with the teachers they have told me that students in their classes are feeling happy, motivated and looking forward to coming to school each day.  I’m sure camp and EOTC may have influenced some of these comments but