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Building projects 2019, 2020, 2021

Relocatable classrooms

This is where we’ve seen all the action, a huge milestone for ANI – we’ve waited a long time for this! As a school, we have spent considerable effort over the past years transitioning all our classrooms to Innovative Learning Environments. Following on from January’s fire, we felt it was important that we continued with this and ensure that all teachers were enabled to teach in a similar style, regardless of whether they were housed in a permanent or relocatable classroom, so we’ve taken care in selecting which relocatable classrooms were right for ANI.

From here, the construction team will complete work to make these classrooms ready for use – connecting services and building decking, ramps, walkways etc. This work is currently scheduled to run until early December.

In 2020, our year 7 classes will be housed in these classrooms.


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New buildings

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