Building projects

On 23rd January 2019 during one of the schools Teacher Only Days tragedy struck around 2:30pm. The school was in the grips of a large fire that engulfed the historic hall, eight specialist classrooms, a meeting room and resource areas. While accidental (roofing maintenance) it was certainly not the beginning of the year we had wished for. Immediately following the fire, we were advised by our insurers and the Ministry of Education that the buildings were so badly damaged that structural stability was compromised – needless to say, all buildings were demolished. This took place just in time for students to start school.

The purpose of the ‘Building Projects’ section on our website is to keep you up to date on a number of exciting building developments. Following the fire, in 2019 and 2020 we added new asphalt, eight relocatable classrooms and three Makerspaces. Read all about these property additions below. You can also follow what’s happening with the construction of two new buildings that commence mid-year. A Multi-purpose space and a two storied teaching block of ten classrooms.

Kia ora whanau,

My name is Saasha Jolley and I am a classroom teacher at ANI. A passion of mine is communications and I am in charge of managing the building communications that come out weekly to our community through the Friday flyer, school website and monthly in our newsletter.

We as a school understand how important sustainability is in today’s world and we are working alongside Stryde projects to make this a priority. I met onsite with the Stryde Project team on Thursday 26th May to discuss how we will achieve sustainability and educational benefit for the school during the construction phase of the project. Some ideas that were discussed were: what they are doing as a company, waste management, site guardianship, educational benefit (classroom presentations). More information on how the project has a sustainable focus will be shared in the next Friday flyer which goes out on Friday 10th June. Watch this space!

We are excited for you to come along with us through the building project journey, getting ready for the finished projects later this year.

Follow along with our journey and catch up on any missed announcements through School Apps or on our website under the Building Projects tab.

2022 Term 4 Week 6


2022 Term 4 Week 5


2022 Term 4 Week 4


2022 Term 4 Week 3

Follow Tallulah, Trelise and Willa as they take you for a tour around the new MPS (Multi-Purpose Space – hall and gym combined) and 10TS (Ten Teaching Spaces – two storied new buildings on courts). 

Please click on the link attached here and it will take you directly to our video.


2022 Term 4 Week 2


2022 Term 4 Week 1


2022 Term 3 Week 10


2022 Term 3 Week 9


2022 Term 3 Week 8


2022 Term 3 Week 7


2022 Term 3 Week 6

This week, Tallulah and Trelise from Room 2 are taking you on a video tour around our two new buildings, the MPS (multipurpose space – hall and gym combined) and 10TS (ten teaching spaces – two storied new buildings on the court).


Please click on the link attached here and it will take you directly to our video. Enjoy! 


2022 Term 3 Week 5


2022 Term 3 Week 4

2022 Term 3 Week 3

This week, we are excited to share what a few of our ANI students are looking forward to when the new MPS (multipurpose space – hall and gym combined) and 10TS (ten teaching space – two storied new buildings on courts) are complete. 
Please click on the link attached here and it will take you directly to our video. 

2022 Term 3 Week 2

This week, we are excited to share what a few of our ANI students are looking forward to when the new MPS (multipurpose space – hall and gym combined) and 10TS (ten teaching space – two storied new buildings on courts) are complete. 
Please click on the link attached here and it will take you directly to our video. 

2022 Term 3 Week 1

2022 Term 2 Week 10

Welcome to the last Building Project update of term 2. 

This week’s update is taken from a drone and it is showing some visual progress of what is happening on site at ANI for the MPS (multipurpose space – hall and gym combined) and 10TS (ten teaching space – two storied new buildings on courts). 

The drone has allowed us to get high into the sky and take some video clips from some entirely new angles.

Please click on the link attached here and it will take you directly to our video. Enjoy!

2022 Term 2 Week 9

2022 Term 2 Week 8

2022 Term 2 Week 7

2022 Term 2 Week 6

2022 Term 2 Week 5

2022 Term 2 Week 4

Tentative Finish Dates

Tentative finish dates for both buildings are as follow:
MPS – 13th October 2022
10TS – 30th November 2022

10TS – Ten Teaching Space
Over the last two weeks, the work that has been completed in the 10TS are:
  • Internal cladding (the green boards you can see covering the walls)
  • Second layer of roofing
  • Intumescent coatings (an intumescent paint which provides protection from fire to structural steel)
  • First fix services (the work needed to take a building from foundation to putting plaster on the internal walls e.g. constructing walls, floors and ceilings, inserting cables for electrical supply and pipes for water supply).
MPS – Multipurpose Space

Over the last two weeks, the work that has been completed in the MPS are:

  • Exterior channel drains installed
  • Outer framing to the mezzanine floors (a mezzanine floor is installed between the ceiling and the ground floor to provide extra usable space)
  • Base sheet to roof logic system (provides thermal, acoustic and improves structural performance).

2022 Term 2 Week 3

10TS – Ten Teaching Space
The 10TS building is certainly taking shape. The internal cladding is almost complete (the green boards that you can see covering the main walls).
MPS – Multipurpose Space
You can see some completed framing in the MPS with good progress to date. The last photo shows a new viewing window where the students can look at what is happening before school and during lunchtimes.
Historic School Bell

The bell pictured below, is the historic school bell that will take great pride in our MPS building, location is by the red arrow. This is the correct bell and not the one pictured in our Friday 6th May update.

2022 Term 2 Week 1

Welcome back to term 2! We hope you had a lovely break and we are looking forward to a busy term ahead regarding the building projects, especially seeing the deadline for opening is getting closer. Over the past 2 weeks, we have experienced some minor delays due to COVID (supply shortages), however the contractors have made the most of the time in the holidays when students were not on site resulting in some great progress.

The work that has been completed in the last two weeks are:
  • First floor external wall framing
  • Roof penetrations
  • Fascia framing
  • Drainage connection inside school
  • Pouring of ground floor slabs
  • Mineral insulation to install to library wall
  • Building Watergate Plus for waterproofing
The progress in the next couple of weeks include:
  • Roofing
  • First floor internal wall framing
  • First fix mechanical for first floor
  • First fix services for second floor
  • Ground floor structural steel
  • Ground floor nibs
  • Nib waterproofing
  • Roof logic system install
  • Main roof will start being installed
  • Waterproofing to slab and joinery rebates
  • Channel drains installed
  • Framing to start the mezzanine floor

Our student leaders will be getting involved shortly to learn about the ‘smart’ features of our new buildings which ensure maximum use of natural elements for things such as warmth and ventilation in addition to smart louvre technology and forced ventilation.


An exciting update regarding our schools carved taonga. Last year in March of 2021, ANI unveiled our Māori name, Te Ipu Kura O Mataaho during a naming ceremony. We are pleased to share that the carved taonga that represents our school will be mounted in the new MPS building. Our Maori name originates from a native tradition related to Mt Eden’s crater. The crater known as Te Ipu-a-Mataaho, the world “Kura ” is being added to give a stronger meaning behind our name. Kura means education and we are focusing on this in all forms as we strive to have our young people grasp as much knowledge as they can. Being able to mount our carved taonga holds large significance and will be featured alongside the historic school bell.

14th December, 2021

Hi Parents/Whanau, 

Welcome to the December monthly update. This update is the last one for 2021 and is update number #11. If you want to read our previous updates (#1-10), you can find these on the school website under the tab ‘Building Projects’ or on our SchoolApp under ‘Property Project’. 

What a year it has been and we are pleased with the progress that has been made, even with the disruptions COVID caused. ANI want to thank the students, community and staff members for the ongoing support with the Building Project while we have had to maneuver around noise, relocation of classrooms, safety and construction. 

We wish you a wonderful Christmas break and we look forward to keeping you updated on the return to school in the new year.


There has been great progress made on the main court area. In the past week, we have had some precast walls brought in for the multi-purpose space (MPS). These will be worked on over the Christmas break when students and staff are not on site.

Work Over School Holidays 

Construction will take place over the school holidays and we strongly encourage you to stay clear if you happen to be walking through. There will be a range of contractors on site as a lot of the big work is happening now that there is a decrease in how many people are on site. A site manager will be present to supervise all work done during the Christmas period. 

Some of the work over the break being done includes: 

  • Waterproofing 
  • Backfilling 
  • Site concrete 
  • Footings 
  • Underground plumbing and electrical 
  • Timber framing 
Room 11/12 

These classrooms are now in their new location that is by the Year 7 Quad and near the classes 15, 16, 19, 20, 21, 22 and Digital Technology. The students have been working out of them and it is great to see the creativity and fun that is coming from these spaces again.

School Pool 

A new gate has been added to provide access to the school pool during construction as the current gate (by ILE 23/24) has been blocked by the 2 story, 10 teaching space construction.

We anticipate that students will be able to use the school pool for PE and lunch time swimming on the first day of school in 2022. The school pool is out of bounds over the Christmas break.

Re-Cladding Rooms 10 and 13 

These current classes have begun preparation for being recladded. The builders will be recladding the exterior of the claddings, to meet the current fire rating regulations from Auckland City Council. These will be done over the Christmas and holiday period, ready for the start of Term 1 2022.

15th November, 2021

Hi Parents/Whanau, 

Welcome to the November monthly update. These updates will be shared each month on the 15th – today’s update is #10. If you want to read our previous updates (#1-9), you can find these on the school website under the tab ‘Building Projects’ or on our SchoolApp under ‘Property Project’. 

The contractors have been making a lot of progress while in Alert Level and were able to commence with construction while meeting all public health requirements. We are excited to share this particular update with ( November) as ANI is starting to look different.

Resource Room 

The staff resource room which was located at the end of the library/court area has now been demolished to make way for the Multi-purpose space building (MPS).

MPS and 10TS 

Footings have been dug for the Multi-purpose space (MPS) and ten teaching space (10TS). Footings are an important part of foundation construction and are currently being filled with concrete. You will be able to see these in the photos attached. The purpose of these footings is to support the foundation and to prevent settling. Not long and we will see the building coming out of the ground!

Room 11/12 

We are in the final stages of finalising the relocation of these two classrooms and all being well, we should receive consent any day now from Auckland City Council and final sign off will happen and we can occupy them.

15th October, 2021

Hi parents/whanau, 

Welcome to the October monthly update. These updates will be shared each month on the 15th – today’s update is #9. If you want to read our previous updates (#1-8), you can find these on the school website under the tab ‘Building Projects’ or on our SchoolApp under ‘Property Project’. 

As Auckland is in Alert Level 3, we have some exciting updates and pictures to share with you all. The contractors were advised by the Ministry of Education that they were able to commence with the initial stages of the Building Project as long as we follow all public health requirements.

Truck Access

We have established a long haul road for all trucks and big vehicles to use when accessing the school for building related work. This entrance is located on our lower field, at the end of St Andrews Road. It is a gravel road which is a great addition as it allows easy access for trucks during construction. 

This road is temporary and once the Building Project is completed, it will be removed. 

We ask that you do not use this entrance when dropping or picking up your children off to school. It is out of bounds for parents, staff and children.

Construction Zone/Hoardings 

As you can see in the photos attached, construction site hoardings are now up and these show a clear pathway between the two work sites for students to move between the Year 7 quad and the field. 

The school hard court area is also looking a little different to how we left it prior to lockdown. We have started initial groundworks and there are hoardings around all construction zones. This will ensure there are safe play spaces for our students.


Room 11/12 

Room 11 and 12 are on track to be completed at the start of Term 4 which is great news. With all going well, the Music and Art space will be available for use from the second week of Term 4.

15th September, 2021

Hi parents/whanau, 

We trust you are staying safe and well in your bubbles. Welcome to the September monthly update. These updates will be shared each month on the 15th – today’s update is #8. If you want to read our previous updates (#1-7), you can find these on the school website under the tab ‘Building Projects’ or on our SchoolApp under ‘Property Project’. 

As we have been in lockdown, there will be no photos to accompany the updates today. These will be included again once we are permitted onsite.

ZOOM Meetings/Contractors Onsite

Online ZOOM sessions have been held with the school, Ministry of Education and the main contractors to discuss the initial steps of our building projects. A number of detailed plans have been put in place to ensure we are operating a safe work environment in a COVID climate. 

The contractors have been advised by the Ministry of Educationthey are permitted on site to commence initial  stages of the Building Project once Auckland reaches Alert Level 3. We will be working closely with the contractors to ensure we all follow public health requirements during these COVID times and the different alert levels.

Construction Zone 

We are currently in the midst of discussing construction zones and student access to the field and other classrooms. An access map will be supplied to students and parents once the zones are confirmed. This could mean the school hard court area will look a little different than it currently does, but we will ensure safe play areas for students is a priority. We will be conscious of student safety at all times and we are very lucky that our contractors are very experienced in working in school environments.


We are considering a variety of options to reconfigure the Poronui Street car park. The reason for this is to allow easy access to the field for students during construction. Student safety will drive all decisions related to any change in this area. We will keep you updated when we know more and a decision has been made.


Fencing will be erected around the construction zones. This will be a combination of wooden hoardings with some exciting student art work on it. In areas where there are no wooden hoardings, there will be metal fencing with padding with a dust and noise control system. 


The school pool will still be in use throughout the construction period. We will be adjusting the way students will access the pool. Further details to come once we have the plans confirmed.

New Turf

Plans are underway for a brand new turf area for our school. This will be positioned in the Year 7 quad which is outside Rooms 19, 20, 21 and 22. The turf will allow for many different types of sports as well as for use during PE lessons. Please see the attached visual to show you where it will be positioned.

15th August, 2021

Building Project 

Our major building project is set to start at the end of August. There is a major site meeting happening at ANI on the 18th August with all parties involved to finalise arrangements prior to the start.  


Heavy works as well as major earthworks (activities involving higher levels of noise and disturbance) will only be granted access to happen out of core learning time. 


Safety is a priority for us and we have ensured that there are specific procedures in place so all students can move freely and safely. 

The contractors have certain schedules when they can move heavy vehicles through the school. A spotter is required when this happens (person who walks in front of a vehicle). They will be onsite at all times to ensure there is clear and safe movement. Our contractors are also instructed to not speak or engage with the students during the building process. Police checks have also been done on all contractors that will be on site.

Site fencing for all building areas is up and is designed to maximise the court area for students.

Relocation of Rooms 11/12 

The relocation of Room 11/12 has happened and is in its final position which is exciting for us all.

The first  pictures attached show the empty space where Room 11/12 used to be located and the area post relocation. The third picture shows you the new location which is in the Year 7 Quad area.

ANI Food Trailer

The ANI food trailer is coming soon! This is an exciting opportunity and students will be able to purchase food from school again. This will be located at the back of room 4/near the bike shed.

We will keep you posted on more updates regarding this and when it is on site.

9th July, 2021

Hi parents/whanau, 

We have reached the end of Term 2 and what a term it has been with many exciting updates regarding the building projects happening at ANI. 

Today’s update is #6 and it is kept short and sweet as we look ahead to the holidays  – if you want to read the previous updates, you can find these on the school website under the tab “Building Projects’ or the school app under ‘Property Project’.

From next term, the property updates will be coming out Monthly on the 15th of the month.

Relocation of Room 11/12

The relocation of Room 11/12 is well underway and is getting ready to move. We have contractors on site, preparing for this big relocation. Contractors will stay within the fences that are located around Room 11/12 and surrounding areas. 

We look forward to some exciting movements that should be happening during the holidays. We will keep you posted in the next update.

Outdoor Learning Area 

The new outdoor learning area outside of Room 15 and 16 is complete and ready for the students to use – this can be accessed and used by all students.. It has built-in seating which will be helpful when the warmer weather comes around and students can work outside in the sunshine.


Building Project Colour Boards

We have now received from the architect our colour boards. The first image to your right shows the colour pallet and finishings for our classroom block, also known as the 10TS. You will notice the natural and earthy tones which connect nicely to the rest of the school and represent the green spaces and history of the Mt Eden area.

The second colour board to your right shows the colours and finishings in the multi-purpose space. This area is also known as the MPS. You will notice the muted pallet choice as well as an industrial look which lends itself to its namesake – able to be used for multiple purposes.

25th June, 2021

Hi parents/whanau, 

Welcome to a new fortnightly update, this time it is in the form of a video. 

Last year (2020) the head students decided to tell the building project story through pictures and a  narrative. 

They developed the following video which shows the journey we have been on since the fire in January 2019. It begins with footage of the fire,  then moves to the demolition of buildings that were destroyed and then the arrival of temporary classrooms. Finally it moves on to show the new builds. 

 The head students felt it important to tell the story of where we have been to know where we are going. This helps us in preparation for the  construction phase of the new buildxwhickninvlude a Multipurpose space (MPS) and a Two-Storied Teaching Space (10 classrooms). The build we anticipate will start next month. Enjoy their story. 


11th June, 2021

Relocation of Room 11/12

Relocation of Room 11/12 has begun and we are in the beginning stages. We have contractors on site getting the music and arts room ready for relocation. They have been working on emptying the classes and placing the belongings into the 10-foot container that is located onsite, on the field near the Poronui/Disraeli rooms. We anticipate the moving date will commence at the end of June. 

During the relocation, the arts and music programmes have been moved. Art will be located in the poronui room that is located on the field. Music is itinerant – this means it will be held in different spaces each day for the purpose of a larger area and noise can be made without causing disruption.


As mentioned in the past fortnights update (Update #3 – 28th May), a 10-foot container is onsite near the Poronui/Disraeli rooms. Here are some pictures that show the placement of the container happening.

Outdoor Learning Area 

Building is well underway on our new outdoor learning space outside Room 15,16 and Digital and Hard Technology. Students have been doing a great job of staying clear during the construction of the deck.

Cladding on ILE 13/14 

Part of the construction of the MPS (Multi-purpose space) includes ensuring that the cladding of the classes that are nearby are upgraded to meet fire rating requirements. This will mean that new fire-rated cladding as well as a fire curtain over the windows, will be installed to Rooms 9, 10, 14 & 14. These works will only affect the outside of these classes.

Movement Plan 
  • We have identified clear pathways for students to use when they are needing to move around the buildings. 
  • The contractors have certain schedules when they can move heavy vehicles through the school.
  •  A spotter (person who walks in front of a vehicle) will be onsite at all times to ensure there is clear and safe movement. 
  • Our fire evacuation plan has been adjusted to take into account the building projects. 
  • Access to our swimming pool will remain. We have identified an alternative access route. 

Please take a look at the movement plans attached. There are 4 plans, these are for: 

  • Pool access route 
  • Fire evacuation plan 
  • Playground access route
  • ILE 23/24 route to playground 
Noise Plan 

Heavy vehicles as well as major earthworks (activities involving higher levels of noise and disturbance) will only be granted access to move outside of core learning time.

28th May, 2021

Relocation of Room 11/12

The relocation of Room 11/12 which currently houses our arts and music programmes will commence on 4 June. While you won’t see a lot happening during the initial stages we can assure you there’s plenty happening behind the scenes.

These buildings will be relocated to the Year 7 Quad area, near classrooms 15,16,19,20,21,22 and Lab 3 (Digital Technology and Hard Technology). During relocation, arts and music classes will be taught in the relocatables (called Poronui/Disraeli rooms) that are on the field. This project is due for completion early September.


A 10-foot container has been delivered and is onsite near the Poronui/Disraeli rooms. We will be using this to store our music and arts equipment during the relocation period.

Outdoor Learning Area 

Building has started on our new outdoor learning space outside Room 15,16 and 17.  This is a deck that can be accessed by all students and we can’t wait to see teaching and learning flow indoors/outdoors.

Students have been advised to stay clear of this area during the construction of the deck.

Multipurpose Building and Two-Storied Teaching Space (10 Classrooms) 

The plans for the Multipurpose building and Two-Storied Teaching Space are complete and are on track to start in early July. The tender process is well underway and we hope to be able to announce the successful contractor in the next update ( 11 June)


ANI are working closely with the project coordinators to ensure students can move safely between existing buildings and construction zone. Traffic flow will be minimised by the contractor during school hours and any loud noise generated by the construction will be confined to outside core learning time. A detailed plan for both people flow and noise management will be shared with you at our next update on 11 June 2021. 

14th May, 2021

Hi parents/whanau,

Things are moving on the property front and we are delighted to share with you that regular posts and videos will be uploaded on a  fortnightly basis via the school apps portal and our school website.  Four items in today’s update:

1. Quad Toilet Block

The term has started with the install of six  brand new semi permanent toilets in the Year 7 quad area.  We needed these temp toilets as the block that was there has been removed to make way for Rooms 11/12 to be relocated to the quad area.

2. New Bathrooms in Rooms 1/2/3

We have also built new toilets in classrooms’ 1,2 & 3 and are pleased to report that our young people have fresh, clean and modern facilities to use. 

3. Outdoor Learning Area

We are also excited about a new outdoor learning area outside of Room 15 and 16. A new deck with built in seating will soon be constructed which will allow our young people to learn outside should they want to.  Work will commence as soon as we can secure decking timber (it’s in short supply currently).

4. Multipurpose Building and Two-Storied Teaching Space (10 classrooms)

Plans are now completed for the Multi-purpose Building and a Two-Storied Teaching Space (10 classrooms). The picture below shows where they will be positioned.  We expect the first sign of building action will be around early July.

Please standby for another update in a fortnight due on Friday 28 May.

16th April, 2021

Hi all, 

Each fortnight the school will send out a building update to keep you all informed and in the loop regarding the exciting new building project. 

We can confirm that progress will begin these holidays on our awesome new buildings. This exciting project includes a Multi-purpose space and a 10 classroom, two storied classroom block. 

The first stage of this project is due to demolish the Year 7 toilet block that is located in the quad. This is near the classes 15,16,19,20,21,22 and Lab 3 (Digital Technology and Hard Technology). We will be doing this demolition through the school holidays to ensure that when term 2 commences, the area will be safe and secure, ready for students. Quality temporary toilet solutions will be set up near the site and will be available from the first day of term 2. 

Watch this space for updates on this in the near future!


We value your support as a community and will share updates with you throughout the construction process. There will be fortnightly communications from us posted in the ANI school app. Please follow the link if you need support with downloading and setting this app up on your phone.

Here is a link to the School Apps announcements which are numbered for your convenience (commenced 16 April and issued every fortnight).

New buildings 2021

ANI are well-underway in the next phase of this project which includes the design and construction of a new two storey teaching block as well as a new multi-use space. This is the exciting phase as we dream big to ensure our students receive not only a state of the art facility but also one that meets the needs of a future-focussed learner. We will post more images and designs as we receive them.

Makerspaces 2020

Makerspaces are collaborative workshops where our students will gain practical hands-on experience across our specialist areas.  They also provide hands-on, creative ways to encourage students to design, experiment, build and invent as they deeply engage in science, engineering and tinkering. A Makerspace is not solely a science lab, woodshop, computer lab or art room, but it may contain elements found in all of these familiar spaces. These flexible environments will give ANI students the opportunity to experience all our specialist areas, individually or collaboratively – and is an ideal platform for projects that work across subject area.

This project is still in the planning stage – with building consent and procurement processes both underway. The current plan has off-site build of these spaces starting in the next few weeks. Installation is planned to run through December and be completed in late January – ready for use at the beginning of the 2020 school year.


The specialist team and the wider ANI teaching staff, are really excited to see what opportunities these spaces will bring in 2020. Whilst Makerspaces are being used in other schools in NZ, ANI will be the first Intermediate school to make this change. If you’re interested to hear more about this initiative – see website Makerspaces / Future-focused learning / Teaching / enabling e-Learning – enabling eLearning

Relocatable classrooms 2019

This is where we’ve seen all the action, a huge milestone for ANI – we’ve waited a long time for this! As a school, we have spent considerable effort over the past years transitioning all our classrooms to Innovative Learning Environments. Following on from January’s fire, we felt it was important that we continued with this and ensure that all teachers were enabled to teach in a similar style, regardless of whether they were housed in a permanent or relocatable classroom, so we’ve taken care in selecting which relocatable classrooms were right for ANI.

From here, the construction team will complete work to make these classrooms ready for use – connecting services and building decking, ramps, walkways etc. This work is currently scheduled to run until early December.

In 2020, our year 7 classes will be housed in these classrooms.


Asphalt 2019

The fenced off construction site has been reduced, providing the school with additional playground area.  This area has been tar-sealed, and courts marked out – with a fabulous new basketball set up being installed currently.

The remaining construction site has more permanent wooden fencing surrounding it – we’re still thinking through options to personalise this for ANI

The university have kindly offered us use of the lower field – this will have soccer field markings and goals added.