We are delighted that you are considering sending your child to study and learn at Auckland Normal Intermediate School.


We welcome enrolment applications from international students. At present there are students from around the world studying at our school. They come for a first class education and to take advantage of the many academic, cultural and sporting opportunities that Auckland Normal Intermediate has to offer.

Mrs Kate Shin
International Director

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Students come from different countries but they all have one thing in common – they enjoy studying at Auckland Normal Intermediate, living in Auckland and talking about their experiences.

Orientation Programme and Support Services

On the student’s first day, he/she will be met by the Teacher Responsible for International Students and shown their classroom. All students will be mainstreamed immediately upon arrival with a small group withdrawn for further orientation, English testing, and teaching as required. Assistance with academic planning is given, if required.

The classroom teacher will be responsible for ensuring the new student has a buddy group consisting of two or more other students whose role is to help the new student with daily routines, timetables, and activities during the breaks. He/She will also ensure the student knows where to find the sick bay, tuckshop, toilets, etc.

Orientation will include school layout, rules and regulations, counselling, support systems and resources available. Familiarisation with New Zealand culture, schools and learning will also be provided.

The International Student Coordinator will continue to monitor the student during the first few weeks while the student settles into the class and the school. The Coordinator will also be available for support of the students, the classroom teacher, and the parents / caregiver.

Once the initial period is over, the Teacher responsible for International Students will continue to monitor the student and his/her progress through informal meetings, ESOL teaching times, and where necessary through formal meetings with the student, the classroom teacher, and/or the parents/caregiver.

Translators will be made available where necessary. These may be another student or an adult, depending upon the situation and the requirements.

Parents / caregivers and students need to know that Auckland Normal Intermediate has an ‘Open Door’ policy. At any time they may make an appointment to see the classroom teacher, or the Teacher Responsible for International Students to discuss any queries or concerns.


Tuition Fees

Please email kshin@ani.school.nz for 2023 fees.

2023 International Student Fees (as from 1 December 2019)

Admin fee of $1,000 will be charged for every enrolment including the second-year enrolment and extended terms.
(All fees are payable in advance and GST inclusive).

One Year

Period of Enrolment
$ 17,000
  • STUDENT FEES: $16,000
  • ADMIN FEES: $1,000

Two Years

Period of Enrolment
$ 34,000
  • STUDENT FEES: $33,000
  • ADMIN FEES: $1,000 (per year)

One Term

Period of Enrolment
$ 5,500
  • STUDENT FEES: $4,500
  • ADMIN FEES: $1,000

Travel insurance can be purchased through ANI and OrbitProtect for $571/year
or Southern Cross Max for $633/year

Frequently Asked Questions

  • School starts for students at 9:00am on Monday to Fridays.  Students are permitted at school from 8:00am every morning.  School closes at 3:00pm and students are expected to leave the school grounds then travel home.
  • The school terms are given in the main school prospectus along with public holidays when the school is closed.
  • Make sure you always have a pencil, pen, ruler and eraser with you every day.  Your teacher will tell you what exercise books you need.
  • For the specialist classes,  you need to wear your school style black leather shoes.
  • When your class has PE you will need your PE shirt and shorts.
  • If you are sick and cannot come to school, make sure that your parents or caregivers contact the school to let the school know.  To report an absence, please use the school app.
  • If you feel sick at school or if you hurt yourself at school, you need to go to the Reception area and inform the staff who will look after you.
  • If you have an appointment during the school day and have to leave the school during the day or miss a day as a result of the appointment, your parent or caregiver needs to let the school know in advance through a written note.
  • If you change your address or phone number your parents or caregivers need to let the school know by giving you a written note to take to your teacher or the school Office.
  • There is a break in the morning from 10:30am to 10:50am and a break for lunch from 12:30pm to 1:25pm every day.
  • Lunches can be bought through ezlunch online using the internet www.ezlunch.co.nz. Snack foods can also be bought during the lunch break from the tuckshop at 12:40pm.
  • If your lunch disappears from your bag or desk, let your classroom teacher know as soon as you find out.  He or she will do what they can to find your lunch.  They will also make sure that you do not go hungry at lunchtime.
  • If you are teased or bullied at school, coming to school, or going home from school, you must let your classroom teacher or the teacher responsible for international students know as soon as you can.  We do not like bullies and will do everything we can to prevent you being bullied.
  • Students can use the Internet and a teacher must be present to make sure that you access suitable sites.  You will need to sign a Student Communication Technology Agreement (this will be in the enrolment pack).
  • Private email addresses (e.g hotmail) cannot be used at school.

Contacts for International Students

The following staff members are available for assistance, support and for emergencies.

Mrs Kate Shin | International Student Director 
Phone: 0064 21 0220 5243

24 Hour Emergency Contact After Hours
Mobile: 0064 21 979 038