Enrolments 2024


If you have any 2024 enrolment queries, please contact our Enrolment Officer, Ula He: enrolments@ani.school.nz who is happy to receive your enquiry.

IMPORTANT – please read all the information BEFORE you fill out the 2024 online enrolment form.   

NOTE: all events are COVID dependent
  • Please leave the National Student Number (NSN) blank when you fill out the online enrolment.
  • Please provide us with 2 caregiver and 2 emergency contacts
  • If your family has any custodial arrangements, please provide a copy with your enrolment form.

2023 Term Dates

Term 1: Tuesday 31 January – Thursday 6 April

Term 2: Monday 24 April – Friday 30 June

Term 3: Monday 17 July – Friday 22 September

Term 4: Monday 9 October – Tuesday 12 December (TBC) 

2024 enrolments accepted in May 2023.
Enrolment options

We offer multiple pathways to enrol at ANI. Once you’re ready to apply, choose an enrolment method that suits you best.

  • Complete the form using the online template (click on the green ‘Start Online Enrolment’ button below)
  • Download the enrolment form PDF HEREand then email it back to enrolments@ani.school.nz
  • Call our office on 09 630 1109 and one of our amazing admin staff will complete the form over the phone for you
  • Pop into our reception and complete it with one of our admin staff using the tablets we have setup in our office
As part of the online enrolment process you will need to attach the following documents.

To upload all your separate attachments at one time, hold down “ctrl” and select all of them.

  1. Student Medical Consent Form- click here to download
    Medical Consent Form
  2. School Trips & Activities Form – download the information here School trips and activities
  3. Proof of Identity
    • NZ born students
      • Birth Certificate or passport details page
    • Students born outside NZ
      • NZ passport details page or Citizenship Certificate
    • All other Nationalities
      • Passport details page and Residency permit or Student Visa / permit
  4. Proof of Address (IN-ZONE ONLY– Download the information here ANI School Zone Streets
  5. Sales and Purchase Agreement or Current Tenancy Agreement
  6. In Caregiver # 1 section, please confirm you have ticked the Select As Applicable section.
  7. In Caregiver # 1 section, please confirm you have chosen to add another caregiver, and provide us with 2 caregivers and 2 emergency contacts.

Once you have gathered all the above required information, begin the enrolment processing using the button below.

The closing date for 2024 Out of Zone applications is Thursday 31 August 2023.
Out of Zone 2023 Enrolments – Ballot day will be Wednesday 6 September 2023.
Next Steps for 2024 Enrolments (In Zone and Out of Zone)

The 2024 enrolment process has six stages for both In Zone and Out of Zone enrolments:

  1. School tours
  2. Parent information evenings
  3. Entrance test 
  4. A one-on-one conversation with a member of the Senior Leadership Team
  5. Uniform purchase – uniform purchases can be made from the office 8am – 3.30pm Monday to Friday
  6. 2023 Financial Payments – payment can be made at any time online.

1. School Tours

Prospective students and their families are invited to join us on one of our school tours. The tour focuses on giving students a taste of what next year will bring. Both students and their parents/caregivers are welcome to join our tours as they are open to anyone interested in knowing more about our school. You only need to attend one as the same content will be covered during each tour. These tours showcase our school on a normal school day and highlight what you would expect as a learner at ANI in 2023.

School Tours will be at 9am on the following dates:

  • Thursday 15 June
  • Thursday 24 August
  • Thursday 26 October

2. Parent Information Evening

Parents/caregivers of prospective students are invited to join us at one of our information evenings for 2023 enrolments: dates and times below.

They are aimed at providing parents, rather than students, with information about learning programmes, assessments and how our school runs.

You will come away better informed about how ANI operates.

Parent Evenings will be at 6pm on the following dates:

  • Thursday 15 June
  • Thursday 24 August
  • Thursday 26 October

3. Entrance Tests

The ANI entrance test will be hosted at seven local primary schools – see below. Schools hosting the test at their school, the entrance testing will happen on the following dates (TBC):

  • Three Kings Primary, TBC (at TKS)
  • Newmarket Primary School, TBC (at NPS)
  • Cornwall Park District School, TBC (at CPDS)
  • Maungawhau Primary School, TBC (at MPS)
  • Royal Oak Primary School, TBC (at ROPS)
  • Epsom Normal Primary School, TBC (at ENPS)
  • Mt Eden Normal Primary School, TBC (at MENPS)

For those students who do not go the schools above or are out of zone who have been accepted, entrance testing will happen on the following dates (students only need to come to one date and there is no need to book):

  • 28 November 2023 at 9.00-10.00am (at ANI)
  • 30 November 2023 at 9.00-10.00am (at ANI)

NOTE: Year 8 students who have enrolled for 2024 do not need to attend an Entrance test.

4. One-on-one conversation with a member of the senior leadership team

All 2023 Year 7 Students must have a conversation with a member of the Senior Leadership Team. Parents/Caregivers and students both need to attend. The Internet booking system WILL GO LIVE ON 11 SEPTEMBER 2022- PLEASE DO NOT ATTEMPT TO BOOK  UNTIL THAT DATE. 

Interviews can be booked online at https://ani.simplybook.me/v2/#book

To complete this booking you may need a reference code.

Once booked, a confirmation email will be sent to you. 

Dates for One on One Conversation

Tuesday 14 November 9am – 1pm 

Wednesday 15 November  1pm – 5pm 

Thursday 16 November  9am – 1pm    

Tuesday 21 November 1pm – 5pm 

Wednesday 22 November 9am – 1pm 

NOTE: Year 8 students who have enrolled for 2024 do not need to attend a conversation.

5. Uniform Purchase

Uniform information can be found here.

6. 2023 Financial Payment Options

Payment can be made anytime online.

In 2023 we ask for a number of financial payments. More information on fees and school costs can be found here

2024 Financial Payments Options TBC.


If you have a parent portal login, please use the link below

New parents: If you DO NOT have a parent portal login, please use the link below