School costs and donation

In 2023 we will ask for the following financial donations and payments


Why do we ask for a donation? 

NZ schools are funded according to the decile rating they are given. The higher the decile, the less funding they receive from the Government. As a high achieving decile 9 state funded school, the funding we receive is inadequate to provide the type of education and staffing ratios we offer. Each year the Board of Trustees requests a voluntary parent donation, which is a key component of our budget to support additional staffing ratios and other resources.

How is your donation spent?

Each year the school allocates a significant amount of funding to staffing, an area where there are major deficits between what we get from the Ministry and what we need to maintain our high standard of teaching.
● Staffing – The school employs a number of additional teachers (more than our Ministry of Education entitlement). Additional teachers are employed in these areas: a Science specialist, a PE specialist, a Te Reo teacher, a full time counsellor, a sports coordinator, two language teachers, extension programme teachers and a teacher aide per team.
● Smaller class sizes – On average our class sizes sit at 28 students. This allows the teachers more time with individuals to meet their learning needs. We employ additional class teachers over our entitlement.
● Technicians – In the specialist subjects of science, food technology and hard materials technology we employ three technicians to support class teachers in preparing materials, setting up experiments and assisting during the lesson. Your donation enables us to provide this additional learning support.
● Teacher aides – To support our students who might just need that extra boost in their learning we employ a teacher aide per team. Students are provided with small group teaching or one on one support. Your donation helps provide this resource.
● Extension class teachers – we offer extension programmes in mathematics, writing, Te Reo, Music and sports. We pay for additional teachers to take these classes.
The costs for additional staffing and other initiatives cannot be met by government funding and we appreciate your contribution, which will benefit all students. The voluntary donation of $450.00 also attracts a tax credit.

Voluntary Parent Donation $450.00


This request is to pay for materials students use during the year (all four terms) in our specialist programme as well as other subjects that have a practical component. In these classes students work with a variety of materials such as wood, Perspex, 3D printing supplies, textiles and other components. In addition, your young person will participate in regular cooking lessons and your contribution ensures we can offer a variety of ingredients to compliment the programme. Obviously, we endeavour to keep these costs to a minimum and always give students the choice to take home the finished product.

School specialist material $100.00


Each year we plan a number of visits, activities or guest speakers to supplement the learning programme. There is a cost associated with these events (e.g. a trip to the zoo). Parents often find it more convenient to pay in advance for these activities. A full breakdown of how this money been spent is provided at the end of term four.

Contribution for Class Trips/Activities $100.00


Education Perfect is an online program that the school uses for homework and extracurricular learning. To access homework your young person will need to subscribe to this programme.

Education Perfect $60.00

5. Y7 EOTC / Y8 CAMP


The four-day EOTC programme facilitated by Bigfoot Adventures provides our students with great opportunities for skill development in outdoor activities, and promoting a healthy and active lifestyle. EOTC activities include team problem solving, low and high ropes confidence activities, kayaking, orienteering, rock climbing, raft building, adventure based learning activities. Students will be taught basic skills in each activity before working together to complete a challenging ‘real-life learning’ situation. EOTC takes place in term one and is a four day event.
Y7 EOTC $225.00


Year 8 camp at Tui Ridge Park, Rotorua provides our students with great and challenging educational opportunities in an outdoor setting to develop student leadership, self-management, risk-taking, cooperation and independence. Students will be involved in a range of activities including a rope course, abseiling, rock climbing, mountain biking, archery, flying fox and orienteering. Camp takes place in term one and is a four day event with three overnight stays.

Y8 CAMP: $380


The ANI PTA has supported school for many years. They provide financial assistance and additional resources to ensure our students have the best facilities and resources that in turn help all students succeed in reaching their full potential. Please help us to continue that support by donating $50 to the ANI PTA. When making a donation we will provide a donation receipt as all donations are tax deductible.

PTA donation: $50

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