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Futsal Champs 2022

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End of Term 3 Wrap-Up from the Acting Principal and DP

What a term it has been with many opportunities for students to thrive and create new leadership skills with the many opportunities provided over the last 10 weeks. These included school trips, CZ sporting events, Waterpolo, Netball, Basketball and AIMS games 2022. 

The students have again made the most of what was on offer and took these opportunities with confidence and a positive disposition. 

It makes us very proud of the way the students represent the school and whether they win or lose they always have a smile on their faces.

Now is also a good opportunity to say a huge thank you to the parents, coaches, managers and Uber drivers that we know are very important to make this happen for their children.  Thank you to those that provide their time and effort to support the school.

Leadership Roles for 2023

Firstly thank you to the 150 students who took a risk and put themselves forward for a leadership role in 2023. After a very rigorous process of interviewing we have been able to narrow down this list to 50 students, the shortlist.  

The next phase in the leadership process is to have the short-listed group interviewed by the SLT and Mr Kleeson. From these interviews, students will be selected to take up one of the 30 leadership roles that ANI offers. Once the interview process is complete students will be notified if they were successful, and what leadership position they have obtained and this will be shared with parents and then the ANI community.

The Power of your Words

A reminder to the students from the message provided at our end-of-term assembly today, that our words and actions can have two completely different effects on others. 

The first focuses on a positive mindset to pull people up and the second focuses on a negative mindset to say words or take actions that push them down.

At ANI we encourage our students to ensure they have a positive mindset to build people up and encourage them to do the best they can and make those around them feel valued.

Shane Devery (Acting Principal) and Bryce Mills (Deputy Principal).

p.s. Please make sure that you check the latest alert on the school app as it has important information from the Board of Trustees.

Assessment Round Up for Parents

End of Term Exams

The EP exams that the students sat recently were in the areas of Literacy and Maths. The students were offered to sit one exam in literacy and had the option to sit one maths test and with an option to sit another harder exam that would challenge them more. Some students did take on this extra challenge to stretch their learning and give them an indication of their own abilities and skills.

While the questions did reflect the work students had completed during the term, the year 8 students were also provided with some harder questions to start preparing them for college. Therefore, some questions were set at Level 5 which our students did a great job to answer. 

The results of these one-off tests will provide more data in order to support the teacher to highlight the areas students do well in and alternatively need to focus on. A reminder that data will be collated and an overall curriculum level and comment will be created using all of the information teachers collect on each student.

Next term the year 7 students will sit one more exam each in Literacy and Maths, while the year 8 students will be working on their skills and knowledge and learning exam techniques/skills to prepare them for moving onto our local Grammar and High Schools.

PAT Test Results

This report includes three comparative data sets from term 1 to term 3, highlighting the achievement of our targets in three PAT tests, Mathematics, Reading Comprehension and Punctuation and Grammar. It also includes a specific focus on the progress of our Maori and Pasifika students as well as those students achieving below average. An overall comment for PAT tests in 2022 is also included.

  1. Progress Data: Term 1 to Term 3, including our stretch targets from term 1
  2. Progress Data in Reading Comprehension: Maori and Pasifika Progress
  3. Progress Data in Punctuation & Grammar: Maori and Pasifika Progress
  4. Progress Data in Mathematics: Maori and Pasifika Progress  
  5. Overall Comment 2022

a) Progress Data : Term 1 to Term 3

Stretch Targets (T1) and Actuals (T3): 

  • Maths: T1 we aimed to reduce the number of students achieving below average to 5% (level 3 or below) and increase the number of students achieving above-average to 52% (level 5 or above). T3 we measured only 3% of students below average and 64% of students above average. Target achieved!
  • Reading Comprehension: T1: We aimed to decrease the number of students achieving below average to 9% and increase the number of students achieving above-average to 40%. T3 we measured only 7% of students below average and 41% of students above average. Target achieved!
  • Punctuation & Grammar: T1: We aimed to decrease the number of students achieving below average to 7% and increase the number of students achieving above-average to 40%. T3 we measured 7% of students below average and 44% of students above average. Target achieved!

b) Progress Data in Reading Comprehension: Maori and Pasifika

What progress was made?

  • All groups show positive progress between term 1 and term 3 with a significant reduction in the number of students achieving below average.
  • Borth Maori and Pasifika students are well under the national norm (NN) of 23% below average (level 3 or lower).
  • Maori are only 4% below average (29% above average), a 19% difference to the NN.
  • Pasifika are 12% below average (29% above average), an 11% difference to the NN 

c) Progress Data in Punctuation & Grammar: Maori and Pasifika

  What progress was made?

  • All groups show positive progress between term 1 and term 3 with a significant reduction in the number of students achieving below average.
  • Both Maori and Pasifika students are well under the NN of 23% below average (level 3 or lower).
  • Pasifika students progressed more than our Maori students in this area from being 2% above the NN in term 1, to being 16% below the NN in term 3.  A progression of 18% from term 1 to term 3.
  • 29% of Pasifika students and 32% of Maori students are now working above average.

d) Progress Data in Mathematics: Maori and Pasifika     

What progress was made?

  • All groups show positive progress between term 1 and term 3 with a significant reduction in the number of students achieving below average.
  • Both Maori and Pasifika students are again well under the national norm of 23% below average (level 3 or lower).
  • Pasifika students made the most progress attaining 15% below the NN average in term 3, while making a 9% progression from term 1 and term 3, the best progress made by any cohort. 42% of Pasifika students are now achieving above average.
  • Maori students were only 4% below average, 19% better than the NN in term 3. 39% of Maori students are achieving above average.

Overall Comments 2022

  • ANI continues to make great progress in all three PAT test areas when you compare term 1 to term 3 results. However, the most progress of the ANI students was made in Mathematics.
  • During term 3 in Mathematics, our students are 41% above the NN average of 23% above average (level 5 or above), in Punctuation and Grammar the students are 21% above the NN average and in Reading Comprehension the students are 18% above the NN average. We can attribute this success to our ‘back to basics’ approach and deliberate acts of teaching utilising formative assessment tools. The more settled year we have had so far, as well as preparing our students for sitting tests with our end-of-term exams, could also be contributing factors. 
  • Maori and Pasifika continue to progress consistently better than the NN averages in all three PAT test areas (Below, At or Above the NN expectations) 
  • The term 3 data tells us that we will need to focus on direct acts of teaching in Reading Comprehension and Punctuation and Grammar and maintain our continued focus on Mathematics delivery
  • Maori students made the most progress in Mathematics while our Pasifika students progressed more in Punctuation and Grammar
  • We should be very proud of the teaching and learning at ANI and the overall progress our students make during the year in our 3 PAT tests.

Assessment Report presented by Shane Devery (Acting Principal) and Ashley Triana (Team Leader and Room 4 Teacher)

ANI Trips


The students and staff have had a great time exploring and learning about one of the 7 wonders of the world, the Great Barrier Reef, and other local attractions such as the Rain Forest and Hartley’s Crocodile Farm. It was a blast and fair to say a fantastic trip. 

What a great group of kids that showed maturity, resilience, teamwork and a great attitude towards new learning and the local environment, that was Cairns.  

A big thank you to the parents for allowing the teachers to share an amazing trip with their children and making them young independent problem solvers and travellers.  

We can’t wait to offer more trips to the ANI community, such as Cairns, in 2023.

Shane Devery, Deputy Principal and Chae-Yeon Park, Room 5 Teacher.





Nineteen of our lucky students went to Gold Coast, Australia for 6 days to explore the Hinterlands, National parks and local adventure theme parks like Movie World, Sea World and Wet n Wild. Accompanying staff on this trip were Bryce Mills (Deputy Principal) and Sunilla Naik (Teacher, Room 30). 

The students shared a number of fantastic experiences and many adventures. Not only did our young people experience the joy of exploring beautiful places but they also developed great life skills such as patience, team building and humility. Each morning started with breakfast together as a Whānau and then later travelled as a group to our planned destination. This trip also helped our students appreciate the simple accomplishments in life: making their own beds, cleaning up after meals and taking care of each other. We are super proud of our tamariki and have received some wonderful feedback from parents. We are hoping our students will always treasure the memories of this great trip.  

Bryce Mills, Deputy Principal and Sunilla Naik, Room 30 Teacher.



The Queenstown trip has been an absolute blast. Braving the elements including a colder climate, snow and rainy weather, the students have continued to operate outside their comfort zone. They’ve embodied the traits of risk taker and open-minded learner, trying new activities and exploring their independence. We’re incredibly proud of the enthusiasm, willingness and energy the students have demonstrated this week.

Andy Lawrence, Team Leader and Room 27 Teacher


Students and staff had a great time exploring the French Colony of Noumea, New Caledonia. They visited their sister school, sat in with some actual teaching lessons, spent a day on a tropical Island, snorkelling with turtles, a buffet lunch, a glass bottom boat trip and a visit to a giant lighthouse. 

Mr Gleeson also made an appearance on the dance floor at a cultural performance, dressed in a traditional cultural outfit, much to the pleasure of the students.

With the amazing food and delicacies, the group had a trip that they will remember for a long time to come.

Kieran Gleeson, Team Leader and Room 22 Teacher


Student Congratulations

This week’s Principal’s Badges are awarded to these amazing students for their support of the school in a variety of areas. 

Regards Shane and Bryce


Careers Week

Next term from Wednesday 26th to Friday 28th October ANI will be having its annual Careers Week!

We will be looking at many aspects of the world of work including finding how our interests and passions can transfer into jobs, writing CVs and learning from experts. That’s where your school community come in! We would like to invite you to speak to our young people about your work and share your expertise and experiences. This could include the path you took to secure your job, what it involved, what it looks like in today’s work climate and some special highlights.  

If you would like to come to speak to our tamariki about your work experience, please let us know! It can take the form of a live presentation, a zoom call or a pre-recording. 

Please contact aosullivan@ani.school.nz if you are keen to take part. We need you!

Alice O’Sullivan Team Leader and Room 9 Teacher

Student Leadership For 2023

Well done to all students who went through the interview process over the last couple of weeks, there were some standout students.  

Students were shortlisted and told on Thursday if they were successful and are now invited for a second and final interview. 

The final interviews will be held starting in week two of term four with key staff members involved in our student leadership programme including Mr Gleeson and the Senior Leadership Team among others.

It is important to note that this process is a wonderful way to develop our young people as risk takers and communicators. However, we are of course aware that there are a limited number of positions available so it will be a challenge of resilience for many and we know some students who were not chosen for the final interview phase may be upset but we say you don’t need a label to be a leader so we will expect to some students step up for other leaderships opportunities during the 2023 year.

Here are some key dates to be aware of:

Term 4

  • Wednesday 26th October – Friday 28th October (T4 Week 2) – Final interviews held
  • Monday 7th November (T4 Week 4) – Leadership Assembly held to announce 2023 leaders

As we say at ANI: Learning Today, Leading Tomorrow! Good luck to all applicants


Strategic Leaders & Mr Gleeson


Central Zone Futsal Competitions

The ANI Y7 Girls Futsal Team are Central Zone Champions!!

What a day at the Central Zone Futsal competition!

The year 8 girls finished 3rd overall in the competition. 

The year 7 girls went and won the competition and will be bringing silverware back to ANI! 

What an amazing achievement for everyone involved.

Matty Bowman Teacher in Charge of Futsal

The ANI Y7 Boys Futsal Team are Central Zone Champions!!

The boys did so well, winning all of their games, including the last one on penalties versus Ponsonby Intermediate.

Carlos Kucera, Teacher in Charge of Boys Futsal


Building Update


School Production

We are seeking support from the parent and wider community for support such as costume-making, prop and set building, advertising, business sponsorships, and more! 

If you are keen to lend your generosity to our school production this year, please email music teacher Eugene Marshall: emarshall@ani.school.nz

The musical will be performed in term 4 on the 22nd and 23rd of November.

Eugene Marshall, Music teacher, Teacher in Charge of Production

Student Artist

Two amazing artworks were donated to ANI from Linda Y – Room 24. 

They are currently on display in the art room but it would be lovely to frame them and display them in the new buildings eventually. 

Beren Allen, Art Teacher, Teacher in Charge of Art


Science News

NIWA Auckland City Science and Technology Fair was organised at Michael Park School, Ellerslie on 26th August 2022. Twenty-five schools across central Auckland participated and the fair had a considerable number of high-quality projects.

Special mention that Olivia K and Viola C will be felicitated in the first week of term 4 at assembly.

Neeti Siras, Science Teacher, Teacher in Charge Science Fair

Counsellor Spot

A lot has happened this term. Some things have brought up big emotions such as happiness, excitement, anger, sadness and confusion all of which are valid. But as we go into the holidays how do we deal with these emotions?

The most important thing right now is YOURSELF and looking after yourself. I know some of your friends and other people you know may be struggling and going through their stuff and as much as you want to support them YOU HAVE TO SUPPORT AND LOOK AFTER YOUR WELLBEING FIRST. You putting yourself first and not being there for your friend DOES NOT MAKE YOU A BAD PERSON!

Self care is giving the world the best of you instead of what’s left of you” – Katie Reed 

There are two ways you can look after yourself these holidays: 

Allow yourself to feel your emotions

Find a quiet place and sit and reflect for a moment. Reflect on what you are feeling, is it peace? Happiness? Frustration? Hurt? Whatever it is, know that it is valid and permit yourself to feel that feeling. You are allowed to feel what you are feeling despite what others tell you or what others are feeling. 

Reflect on what you need.

 What do you need right now to feel supported? This can be different for different people. Some people feel supported when they are with their friends, some people feel supported when they are listening to their favourite artist, whatever it is, only you know the answer, so you do whatever you need to do to feel okay in this present moment.

Know that you are not alone 

Although your feelings are your own experience. You dealing and managing those feelings isn’t something you have to do alone. Every one of you has people on your side who are there to support you in your experiences. Teachers, support staff, friends, and family we are all here for YOU. 

If you feel like you need further support here are some places you can reach out to 🙂 





Rachel Almeida, School Counsellor

PTA News

Chocolate Fundraiser

The PTA are very happy that the Chocolate fundraiser raised so much money! This was due to the hard-working efforts of every student (and their supporters), that sold chocolates or donated money. Our chocolate supplier said that we were the top-selling school so far this year! All money that was raised goes back to the students in the form of resources for sports, the library, the Sustainability Club and school building furniture.


Join the PTA

We would love to have more parents to help us on the PTA. The PTA’s sole focus is to run fundraising activities for ANI. We will start planning for next year so Year 7 parents, join us and you will be clued up on next year’s PTA fundraising events!

You can help as much or as little as you want or even just on specific events. It’s a great way to help your child’s school by working together with other parents. The next meeting is at 6pm, Monday 21 November. If would like to join us or have any questions, you can email us at pta@ani.school.nz


Enrolments for 2023 are now open for new applicants. 

Should you wish to enrol other children with us or have family members/friends who are considering enrolling at ANI, please follow this link – https://ani.school.nz/enrolment/

For further information on enrolments please email our enrolment officer Ula at uhe@ani.school.nz.


Parent Information Evenings:

These will be held on: 27 October 2022 and 10 November 2022

One-on-one interviews:

All 2023 Year 7 Students must have an interview with a member of the Senior Leadership Team. Parents/Caregivers and students both need to attend.
Interviews can be booked online at https://ani.simplybook.me/v2/#book
To complete this booking you may need a reference code.
NOTE: Year 8 students who have enrolled for 2023 do not need to attend an interview.
Dates for One-on-One Interviews

Tuesday 15 November                   1pm – 5pm
Wednesday 16 November            9am – 1pm
Thursday 17 November                 9am – 12pm
Tuesday 22 November                   1pm – 5pm
Wednesday 23 November            9am – 1pm

Korean and Chinese Summary

In every newsletter and Friday Flyer we will add a short Korean and Chinese translation to assist families where English is not their first language. 

Please see below a summary in Korean:

  1. 다음 학기에는 학교에서 커리어즈 위크 행사가 있습니다
  2. 학교 뮤지컬 행서가 다음 학기에 있습니다. 의상 만들기 등등 학부모님께서 도와주시면 감사하겠습니다
  3. 방학동안에 한학기를 돌아보며 여러분의 감정을 잘 돌아보고 필요한것이 무엇인지 생각해보면 좋을것 같습니다
  4. 2023년 학교등록이 시작되었습니다

Please see below a summary in Chinese:

1. 期末考试:期末英文和数学考试很顺利,同学们都取得了很大的进步。感谢家长们的支持。

2. 友好提醒:请同学们却采用积极的言行,帮助自己和大家积极向上,不要受消极行为影响。

3. 职业周:下学期的职业周在10月26日至28日举行,这将对同学们选择未来的职业有帮助。

4. 学校的新教室和多功能厅进展顺利。

5. 学校的音乐剧将于11月22日至23日在Auckland Grammar School上演。我们正在招募家长自愿者的支持。


Upcoming Events for Term 4, 2022

Please subscribe to the ANI school App as information will also be updated regularly via this online platform as will the Friday Flyers.



Term 4 commences

Monday 17 October 


Monday 24 October 2022

Teacher Only Day

Tuesday 25 October 

Careers Week

Wednesday 26 – Friday 28 October

Central Zone Badminton

Wednesday 26 October

Student Leadership Final Interviews

Wednesday 26 October

PTA Social

6 – 8pm Thursday 3 November

BOT Meeting

Wednesday 9 November

Athletics Day at Mt Smart

Tuesday 15 November

AIMS Touch

Wednesday 16 November

School Production – evening

Tuesday 22 November

School Production – matinee & evening

Wednesday 23 November

PTA Meeting

6pm Monday 21 November

Y8 HPV#2 & Y7 Boostrix catchup session 

Thursday 1 December

BOT Meeting

Wednesday 7 December

Y8 HPV#2 catchup session 

Thursday 8 December

Y8 Graduation

Monday 12 December

Whole School Pool Day

Tuesday 13 December

School finishes for the year

Midday Wednesday 14 December


Community News

Support ANI by becoming a host family

Jazz School: School Holiday Big Band Workshop

This will be an exciting three day school holiday workshop where year 6, 7 and 8 students will learn to play in a Jazz Big Band and then perform a concert for family and friends on the final afternoon. 

The Big Band is for Saxophone, Trumpet, Trombone and Clarinet players plus Electric Guitar, Piano, Bass and Drums. The music we play will range from jazz standards to modern pop classics with an emphasis on having fun while producing music at a high standard. 

This workshop will be run by Drew Hutchinson. Students must be playing at grade 2 level or higher, or have had two years of lessons. The workshop is on October 3rd, 4th and 5th from 9am – 3pm at Remuera Primary School, 25 Dromorne Road, Remuera. To register for the workshop please visit jazzschool.co.nz or email jnrjazzschool@gmail.com for more information. I am planning a three-day Jazz Big Band workshop over the holidays.


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