August 2022 NEWSLETTER

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Welcome to term three from the Principal and DP’s

Parents and Caregivers,

Tēnā koutou i ngā whānau o te kura.

Welcome to a new term that hopefully has some warmer weather not too far away and a lot less rain! The Senior leadership team ( SLT) were very pleased to see how quickly our young people settled to work last week after the break. We know there are a number of exciting activities planned for the term ahead and are looking forward to spending time enjoying them with our students.


As a school, we see an immense amount of value involving parents in the learning process. Not only do we make positive connections with whanau but we also notice that when mum and dad are involved and interested, it helps develop attitudes in our young people that lead to successful learning. Being involved increases students’ motivation to learn, their self-esteem, their interest in learning and their academic skills. 

How do we involve parents? We do this in a number of ways.

  • We will inform parents about classroom activities, goals, plans and curriculum, and practices through the Friday Flyer, newsletters and parent information evenings 
  • We will communicate regularly with parents about children’s progress, successes, achievement and efforts at school both formally and informally
  • We will encourage parents to help their young person to learn at home by providing them with appropriate resources and build knowledge of next steps
  • We will assist parents by teaching them how to help their young person navigate safety through these pre-adolescent years  

Parent-Teacher Contact

  • The upcoming student led conferences today and tomorrow are a great opportunity to capture a valuable 15 minutes with your young person and their teacher to join in celebrating their achievements. Please focus on the positive and the way forward. See you there! 


As we are at the mid-way point of the year, in today’s newsletter we will share some whole school assessment data as listed below, in addition to information on assessment data points that will be coming up this term. Thanks parents for your support of the recent end-of-term exams and for helping your young person prepare and study. This home/school connect helps our going people develop positive attitudes to formal assessment not to mention improvement in results.   

See below for:

  • Progress and Consistency Tool (PaCT). Whole school results in reading writing and maths
  • Progress Achievement Tests (PAT’s). Whole school results in Mathematics, Reading Comprehension and Punctuation/Grammar
  • Auckland Grammar School results. A summary statement of 2022 placements for our boys


At the start of the year, most schools reported a positive attendance rate (around 90% or more). However as term two progressed and the impact of COVID traffic light settings and Omicron took hold, regular attendance dropped significantly across the country. To achieve and be successful it’s important you actually turn up and attend school!

At ANI we are lucky as we’ve had a pretty positive rate of attendance over the past few months. However, now is not the time to be complacent and we need to maintain regular attendance in addition to making sure our students arrive at school on time. Your support with morning routines and being organised so your young person can leave the house, ready to participate in a full day of learning is greatly appreciated. 

Over terms one and two our average weekly attendance rate was as follows:

Feb          93.44%
March     95.76%
April        95.48%
May         95.02%
June        91.15%
July          90.84%


This year we have a scheduled ERO visit. We are delighted to introduce Zoe Lindsay who will be our review officer. Zoe has a breadth of experience in the education sector as a teacher before she became a reviewer. We have had two meetings with Zoe already and look forward to her continued involvement and support of our school. 

Over the past two years, the Education Review Office (ERO) has shifted to a more developmental approach to evaluation visits that supports each school’s improvement over time. This is quite a different format to previous reviews and we are all looking forward to watching the process unfold. Colleagues who have already taken part in this new format have all spoken very positively about how schools interact with the process and learn from it rather than having a review “done” to you at your school. Positive stuff! 

The key features of the new approach, Te Ara Huarau, are that ERO will:

→ work with all schools in an ongoing way rather than as a one-off event

→ connect with each school’s strategic planning and reporting cycle as part of their improvement journey

→ work in partnership with schools, collaborating in support of equitable and excellent outcomes for all learners

As a result, each school will:

→ have a dedicated ERO Evaluation Partner who works alongside the school

→ have a different experience depending on needs, strengths, and their school’s specific evaluation focus

→ be on a three-year evaluation cycle

What will public reporting on ERO’s website look like?

As schools transition into the approach, ERO will work with schools to publish a one-off Profile Report. This will focus on the strategic goals schools have in place to improve learner outcomes and what the school is seeking to achieve through the evaluation.

Within a three-year cycle, all schools will then have a Te Ara Huarau | School Evaluation Report. This report includes information about the school’s improvement journey, what the school has achieved for learners and their future priorities.

All schools will receive a Board Assurance with Regulatory and Legislative Requirements Report about their board’s attestation to meeting those requirements. Provision for International Students and Hostel Reports will be published where applicable.

Other reporting

Progress Reports – These reports are not published on ERO’s website.

Progress reports will provide specific information for specific audiences such as your board, the community or the Ministry of Education.

More information is available on ERO’s website:

Enjoy the month of August and many activities ahead.

Ngā mihi nui

Jill Farquharson (Principal|Tumuaki), Shane Devery (Deputy Principal), Bryce Mills (Deputy Principal)

Assessment Round Up for Parents

The following results and data are from our recent assessments and have been shared with the ANI BOT at their recent hui’s. The Assessment data includes:

  • Progress and Consistency Tool (PACT): whole school data in Reading, Writing and Mathematics
  • Progressive Achievement Tests (PAT’s): whole school data in Mathematics, Reading Comprehension and Punctuation/Grammar
  • 2022 Transition Results: Auckland Grammar School

PaCT Data Report, Term 2, 2022

The following report summarises the results from the most recent PaCT judgments in Reading, Writing and Mathematics. The PaCT tool (Progress and Consistency Tool) helps teaching staff to moderate and decide on an overall judgment for each curriculum area.

Analysis of Data Comments:

  • Reading: Students are achieving well across the school in Reading with 64% of year 7 students already meeting or exceeding the expectation for the end of the year (working at the beginning of level 4) and 85% of year 8 students already working within or above level 4. 
  • Writing: This is an area that we need to focus on as a school. The above data shows that 31% of Year 8 students are working below level 4 and 59% of Year 7 students need to progress into level 4 by the end of the year. 
  • Mathematics: Positive achievement is shown in Math with 65% of year 7 students already meeting or exceeding the expectation for the end of the year (working at the beginning of level 4) and 83% of year 8 students already working within or above level 4 (end of year expectation for year 8 to be working at the end of level 4)

We are looking forward to completing more PaCT tests in term 4 as a comparison of how our students have progressed throughout the year.

Ashley Triana and Andrew Lawrence

PAT Test Results, Term 1, 2022

This report includes our recent data from the whole school in Term 1, 2022 and our achievement projections for the rest of the year.

Projections for 2022: 

  • Mathematics: We aim to decrease the number of students achieving below average to 5% and increase the number of students achieving above-average to 52%.
  • Reading Comprehension: We aim to decrease the number of students achieving below average to 9% and increase the number of students achieving above-average to 40%
  • Punctuation & Grammar: We aim to decrease the number of students achieving below average to 7% and increase the number of students achieving above-average to 40%

The projections that have been made in this report are stretch targets. In order to reach these targets, the following steps will be undertaken:

  • Deliberate acts of teaching are put in place to meet individual needs and fill their learning gaps
  • Identification of students who are currently working below, analysis of their specific needs and interventions put in place to help accelerate learning 

Shane Devery and Ashley Triana

2022 Transition Report: Auckland Grammar School

The report provides data from Auckland Grammar School, highlighting the ANI Year 9 cohort exam results at the end of Term 1.  It also includes recommendations to improve our boys’ results when sitting future classroom placement exams.

What is the Data showing us?

  • 53% of ANI boys sit in the first 2 quartiles this year (A-H)
  • The results show a similar trend with the percentage of ANI boys achieving in the first two quartiles, over the last two years

Recommendations to improve ANI Results

  • Continue to implement our back to basics programme for students in reading, writing and math. For example: learning and understanding how to add/subtract and multiply decimals, fractions and percentages, as well as ratios and proportions. 
  • Continue to provide exams for each Year 8 student in literacy and math each term to prepare them better for Year 9 assessments.
  • Share exam data with parents and work together to improve student outcomes

Shane Devery (Year 8 Transitions into Year 9 at AGS)

ICAS Tests Update

The following information is for those students and parents, who have chosen to invest in one or more of the five ICAS tests being administered by ANI during August and September.  

Students will need to turn up on the day of their test and proceed to the venue of the test, indicated by the room number. Mr Devery and Mr Biri will then take a roll of those students present and provide a unique, one-off, token and a URL site to complete the test.  

If a student is sick or away on the day of the test there is a catch-up day later in the week to sit the test. The test windows have been set by ICAS, Australia, and can not extend past the dates set out below. 

Whanau/Students can pay for past tests using the following link:

The school does not have any past practice tests.

ANI Trips - Parents Evening

Hi Parents, this is a reminder that we have a trip meeting on Wednesday 3 August at 6pm in the library for students and parents who will be attending the following trips: Cairns, Gold Coast, Noumea and Queenstown.

Agenda Items: 6pm

The evening will begin by introducing staff attending the four trips as well as Ashleigh from House of Travel who will talk to the whole group about:

  • Travel insurance matters
  • Meeting at the airport 
  • Departures
  • Covid plan of action (RAT test before each group leaves, teachers taking a supply with them)
  • Passports (for international travel)
  • Q & A

We will then break out into separate trips to discuss items such as: activities, clothing, accommodation and much more. Your trip organiser will send out an agenda before the evening hui.

Please send in any questions before Wednesday night to this email address, so Ashleigh can answer these on the evening.

See you all there!

If you are unable to make it to the library in person you can also use this zoom link to join us. The session will also be recorded on the night. The zoom link will only be available for the large group discussion and not for individual break-out trip groups. However, your organisers may send out a separate Zoom link for each individual trip.

Join Zoom Meeting

Leaders for each trip:

Cairns: Shane Devery –

Gold Coast: Bryce Mills – 

Noumea: Kieran Gleeson – 

Queenston: Andrew Lawrence – 

Team Newsletters

Please follow this link to view all the Team Newsletters.

Student Congratulations

Last week’s Principal’s Badges were awarded to these amazing students for their support of the school in a variety of areas. 

Regards Jill, Shane and Bryce




During August we are going to have the following Central Zones sports competitions:

  • 2 August – CZ Boys Netball
  • 12 August – CZ Girls Netball
  • 17 August – CZ Boys Rugby League
  • 22 August – CZ Squash
  • 26 August – CZ 7s Rugby
  • 31 August – CZ Cross country



We are excited to undertake the ANI EPRO8 internal event this week.
12 teams will compete throughout the week in a series of engineering-based events. The school has hired sets of equipment for teams to get familiar with and then use to complete a range of set activities where they earn points through successfully completing each one.
There will be 4 teams selected to represent ANI in the interschool competition held on the 24th of August from 1- 4 pm at Pasadena Intermediate. Here we will be competing live against a range of schools from the Central Auckland Area in further engineering-based activities run by EPRO8.
For more information please email Jacob at:
Here is a link to a bit more information about this exciting challenge –

Building Update


Auditions for roles in the school musical – Into the Woods – are now open until Friday the 5th of August at 9:00PM. Any student may audition and can contact Mr Marshall or Mr Allen for more information.

The musical will be performed in term 4 on the 22nd and 23rd of November.

Science Fair

Our young inquisitive students will be displaying their critical thinking and scientific skills in the form of their projects. 

The ANI Annual Science Fair will take place on the following dates:

Open for the Whole School 
Date: Monday 8th August 2022  
Time: 11am to 3pm
Venue: Hub 1 (Food/Soft tech hub), Hub 2 ( Science lab) and Hub 3 (Hard tech hub) at Auckland Normal Intermediate
Open for Parents and Caregivers
Date: Tuesday 9th August 2022 
Time: 3:30pm to 4:30 pm
Venue: Hub 1 ( Food/Soft tech hub), Hub 2 (Science hub) and Hub 3 (Hard tech hub)  at Auckland Normal Intermediate

Counsellor Spot

The way you talk to yourself matters!!

Did you know the way that we talk to ourselves changes the way we see ourselves? It’s true!

When we talk to ourselves our brain can’t differentiate fact from opinion so it just takes everything as fact even though those thoughts may not be an accurate representation of who we are. An example of this is if we are constantly telling ourselves things such as  “I have no friends”. When the brain hears this comment it will try to look through your memories and try to find a memory that confirms this statement. For example, maybe there was a time you were not picked for a team. The brain reads this memory and connects it to the fact, “I have no friends ”.

When our brain starts collecting these memories, the opinion of, “ I have no friends “ becomes stronger and may start affecting us. It may change the way we feel about ourselves as well as our interactions with those around us. The good thing is we can change this!!

In the same way, we had the thought, “ I have no friends” and our brain found evidence to confirm that we can do that with our positive thoughts. For example, if we focus more on the thought, “I am loved” then our brain will find evidence to support that thought. This means that the belief that “I am loved” will become stronger and outweigh the thought, “ I have no friends”. The more we focus on positive thoughts creates more positive “facts” in our brain which ultimately leads to us feeling better about ourselves. But remember it all starts with the way we talk to ourselves. YOU have the power to control how you feel about yourself.

Pop by anytime and say hello!

Rachel Almedia 

School Counsellor

PTA News

Chocolate Fundraiser

Our chocolate fundraiser is on this month. Chocolate boxes will come home with the students on Friday 5 August. 

They need to sell two boxes to get a fundraiser badge. Sell more to go into the draw to win some great prizes!



Enrolments for 2023 are now open for new applicants. 

Should you wish to enrol other children with us or have family members/friends who are considering enrolling at ANI, please follow this link –

For futher information on enrolments please email our enrolment officer Ula on

Korean and Chinese Summary

In every newsletter and Friday Flyer we will add a short Korean and Chinese translation to assist families where English is not their first language. 

Please see below a summary in Korean:


  1. 학교 여행에 관한 학부모님 미팅이 8월 3일 저녁 6시학교도서관에서 있습니다

     원하시면 줌미팅으로도 참가하실수 있습니다.

  1. 학교 뮤지컬 오디션이 8월 5일 밤 9시에 있습니다

  자세한 문의는 음악과 미술 선생님에게 해주세요

  1. 8월 5일에 학교기금모음을 위한 초콜렛 2박스씩을 학생들이 집으로 가져가 판매할 예정입니다.

       유학생은 이에 해당되지 않고, 만약 원한다면 참가할 수도 있습니다.

Please see below a summary in Chinese:


1.  ICAS 考试日期如下,学生需要在考试当天去指定教室考试



英文: 8月16日在教室27-28,7年级早上9点,8年级早上11点



2.  巧克力筹款活动将于8月5日开始,请大家支持。

3. 学校音乐剧 – 进入森林 – 的角色试镜截止时间8月5日,有兴趣的同学别错过这难得的机会

Upcoming Events for Term 3, 2022

Please subscribe to the ANI school App as information will also be updated regularly via this online platform as will the Friday Flyers.



Student Led Conference

Monday 1 August – 1pm to 7pm

ANI PTA Meeting

Monday 1 August –  6pm

CZ Boys Netball

Tuesday 2 August

Student Led Conference

Tuesday 2 August – 3pm to 5pm

AAIMS Hockey Boys

Wednesday 3 August 

ANI Trips Parent Evening

Wednesday 3 August – 6pm to 7pm

AAIMS Hockey Girls

Thursday 4 August 

Chocolates Distributed to students

Friday 5  August

AIMS Games

Monday 5 – Friday 9 September

Chocolate money collected

Monday 8 August – Wednesday 31  August   

BOT Meeting

Wednesday 10th August 6pm

Chocolate Prizegiving Assembly

Monday 12 September

Mufti Week (all week) – last for the year 

Monday 19 – Friday 23 September

ANI PTA Meeting

Monday 19 September –  6pm

Community News

Paid Research: “Designing the perfect mobile device for your child.”

One Picture Group are conducting a research project on Telecommunications regarding Parents and Children and Mobile Phones.

They are looking for one more parent and child together, to take part in their Focus Group at the One Picture Group offices 72 St Georges Bay Road, Parnell on Sunday 7th August from 1pm – 3pm.

The parent would need to have purchased the first mobile phone for their child within the last 6 months and the child needs to fall into the age range of 10 to 13 years old. The duo will receive $150 as a thank you via Bank Transfer. 

Any information gathered is confidential and only used for research purposes.

If any parents are interested please email Judith Crozier: before Wednesday 3rd August and they will then make contact to see if you both qualify.

Amazing opportunity for girls

A program supported by Futures Auckland is encouraging girls to engage in golf, by offering a free immersion chance at the extremely cool driving range facility at Remuera Golf Club in Auckland.

This is fully funded and free for participants. As we will use the latest technology alongside professional coaching in the mornings to engage the girls, our numbers are strictly limited so register online via the links provided.

We hope that there will be a great many of your school community who will take up this wonderful offer and enjoy their Saturday morning at our Range facility. Please note the range is an indoor venue and the program will go ahead in any weather. There is also plenty of free parking onsite along with food and drinks which can be purchased.


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