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News from the Principal and DP’s

Welcome to the last newsletter for the term. Can you believe we are halfway through the year already and the weeks seem to be whizzing by? As we approach the holiday break the Senior Leadership team would like to wish you all a  happy holiday and safe travels if you are heading away. 

We all know that holidays can be pressure points for families with routine changes and additional people in the house. This can often result in parents wishing the holidays would end quickly and the kids get back to school! 

These three tips below were sent to us as a resource for “ happy holidays at home with the family ” and we thought they were worth sharing if things get a bit manic and challenging over the break. 

1. Model calm behaviour

If you’re feeling worked up, take a moment to calm yourself before responding. This will model your child to do the same when faced with situations that are frustrating. Try to model a growth mindset and positive thinking, self-belief and self-discipline. 

2. Feelings – name, identify and express the feeling

Naming each feeling is the first step to helping your child identify them. If they’re having a meltdown, calmly ask what they are currently feeling and say it out loud. Is it sadness? Anger? Embarrassment? This helps them to become more in tune with each emotion and develop empathy and understanding of other people’s emotions. This is important and a great way to do this is through books or online. Ask questions like “How do you think they are feeling?” “How would you feel if that happened to you?”

3. Talk about how to communicate

Set a good example and let them know feelings can be expressed through communicating and talking about them. Encourage them to express themselves whenever possible to you (the good, bad and ugly!) and ask them to let you know how they’re feeling by using their words and not yours. 


Happy holidays!

Prizegiving next week (8 July)

We are looking forward to our first face-to-face end-of-term assembly on Friday 8 July, the last day of term 2. It will be held at Eden Park and starts at 10am (Level 5 lounge). At the assembly, we will recognise one student per class and congratulate them on their significant achievement(s) for the term. Premier badges will also be awarded. 

If your young person is getting an award you will have been notified by email. The email will have been sent from one of our office staff Helen Mc Mahon.

Exams, Reports and Assessment

Below are illustrations of our updated report format.

To help prepare you for the mid-year reports coming home shortly we wanted to give you a quick run-through of the report and unpack some of the terminology so you can fully understand it.

Items to take note of on the report:

  1. You will notice that Literacy, Mathematics and Social Sciences have a mid and end-of-year report comment and curriculum level. We wanted both entries (mid-year and end of year) on the one report so you could see improvement and progress. 
  2. We have added PAT test results to the report as another data point for parents to note.
  3. Our IB themes to the right of the lower image show curriculum links to Health, Social Studies and Science learning areas. 
  4. Our specialist programme will be assessed on HERO. Parents, please email the school if you need assistance logging into HERO.

If you have any questions about the report or the recent set of exams, please email your young person’s teacher. By now should have received an email explaining when the exams are being administered and another one post-exam with results.


This week’s Principal’s Badges are awarded to these amazing students for their support of the school in a variety of areas. 

Regards Jill, Shane and Bryce


2022 International Competitions for Schools (ICAS)

Dates for exams



Exam Sitting Date


Exam Sitting Date

3: (8 -12 August)


Monday 8 August

Digital Technologies

Wednesday 10  August

4: (15 -19 August)


Monday 15 August


5: (22 – 26 August)


Monday 22 August


Wednesday 24 August


AIMS (Association of Intermediate and Middle Schools Sports)

AIMS Parent Evening

A parent information evening is scheduled for Monday 4 July at 5pm in the library to discuss event organisation, staff attending, parent attendance and costing.

If you have any questions, please email Mr Carlos ckucera@ani.school.nz (Specialist Team Leader)

Building Project - Update

MPS - Multipurpose Space (hall and gym combined) 10TS - Ten teaching space (two storied new building on courts)

ANI Market Day


This term Year 8 learners have become entrepreneurs as part of their theme – How We Organise Ourselves. They have worked in groups and formed companies to create products or services to sell to their peers, teachers and whanau.

We have seen a range of captivating and unique ideas including jewellery, arcade games, crochet pets, karaoke booths, candy floss and more!

Our newly formed company groups have had to tackle market research (using the Year 7 classes as their clients) in addition to working on; production, development, budgeting, advertising and fulfilling various different roles such as CEO or accountant.

All this hard work culminates in our Year 8 students hosting a Market Day on Wednesday 6th July between 10:30am and 12:30pm.

Come along to see what they’ve been up to. All welcome!



We have reached halfway through the year and what a year it has been! It feels like things are slowly getting back to normal and the students have so much to congratulate themselves/ be proud of themselves about – coming back to school, getting into AIMS teams, and market day these are all such great accomplishments.

This term I have noticed students wanting to achieve more or feeling a bit down when they don’t do “as well” as their friends whether that be in sports, leadership roles, or academia. Although reaching for goals and wanting to better themselves is good as it means they are constantly working hard to be a better version of themselves, it is also important for students to be proud of their achievements. Achievement and progress do not always have to be grand things, it can be little things like trying out for a sports team or improving results in an exam.

It’s important to remember that small progress is still progress and to remember the little wins! It can be easy for students to compare themselves to others. Comparisons with others who have more badges or better grades can sometimes make students forget about their amazing achievements and progress. In these times it is important to keep in mind that everyone is on their journey and everyone’s journey is unique. Individual strength could be someone’s weakness and vice versa, everyone is on a different unique path and the only people we should compare ourselves to are our past selves and ask ourselves how can we become a better version of ourselves?  

” A flower does not think of competing with the flower next to it, it just blooms” – Zen Shin

PTA News

Mufti Week Dates: Week 10 Monday July 4th - Thursday July 7th


Each mufti day will have a theme that students can engage with for extra house points. The themes on the days are as follows:

Monday: Pyjama Monday

Tuesday: Pride Colours (Rainbow colours)

Wednesday: House Colours

Thursday: Favourite Sports Team/Favourite Celebrity/Favourite Book Character

Mufti passes can be bought from the SLT window from 8.30am each morning, next week (Monday – Thursday)

Weekly Mufti Pass (4 days) = $4

Daily Mufti Passes (1 day each) = $2 each

Remaining Events For Term 2, 2022

Knowledgeathon Prizegiving Assembly

Monday 4 July starting 11.45am   

ANI Ski Team Trials

Tuesday 5 July, 8.30am – 2pm.

Market Day 

Wednesday 6th July, 10:30am to 12:30pm.

School Prizegiving Assembly

Friday 8 July, 10am

Last Day of Term 2

School Closes 2pm

First Day of Term 3

Monday 25 July

Enrolments 2023

Enrolments for 2023 are now open for new applicants. 

Should you wish to enrol other children with us or have family members/friends who are considering enrolling at ANI, please follow this link – https://ani.school.nz/enrolment/

For more information on enrolments please email our Enrolment Officer Ula on: uhe@ani.school.nz.

Mount Albert Grammar School Open Night

For In-Zone Year 8 Auckland Normal Intermediate Students






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