June 2022 newsletter

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NEWS from the PRINCIPAL and DPs

Dear Parents and Caregivers,

Tēnā koutou i ngā whānau o te kura.

Social Media: New Platform

This is a quick heads up for parents/caregivers on a social media platform that has our young people buzzing. 

The new app/platform that is making waves with our young people is called Discord. Launching in 2015, Discord is a platform for people with similar interests to share and communicate. It is popular among the gaming community as it offers a way for video game players to communicate with each other and develop a community outside of the games themselves.

However, it has grown into a full social network with over 140 million* active monthly users. It is no longer just popular among gamers.

Although this platform has many positive uses from fostering collaboration and team work online to learning correct online etiquette, it can also prove troublesome if young people are not supervised on this platform. 

As a school we ask our parents to please check if your young person is on Discord and begin the conversations as to what might be appropriate to discuss while on the platform. 

Here is a link to some helpful tips for parents on how to manage the Discord app. 


Cyber Safety:  Being safe in a Digital World

We are in the process of booking our Cyber Safety expert, John Parsons, who will facilitate a meeting with all parents on how to keep our young people safe while online. 

Later in the year, the school will be asking John Parsons to conduct his very informative Cyber Safety talks, on how to keep our young people safe while online. which will be aimed at not only our students and teachers but also at parents. Once we have secured a date and time for these workshops to take place we will let our community know.  Stand by for details. Link here

This is a community event that you will want to attend so you come away better able to provide information and advice to your children and how they can deal with their digital world. (Instagram, Snapchat and lots more).

John Parsons facebook page attests that his purpose is to “provide internet health and wellbeing education, founded on self-worth, dignity and compassion. Empowering young people to take control of ICT and broadcast decency across the internet”.

Follow this link to find out more about John.  https://www.facebook.com/johnparsonsS2E

Assessment Practices that may surprise you!

We often talk about tests or student self-assessment and teacher observations to measure how well a student is progressing. However, our assessment practices don’t just stop there – we have a wide range of tools in our kete we use to support learning and one of these which may surprise you is building our memory bank through retrieval. Actively trying to remember something (to retrieve it)  improves long term memory better than just reading it – a great tool and study method. 

Teachers regularly incorporate retrieval practice through classroom games or quizzes. These assessments become part of the learning process and can include activities such as: 

  • Brain dumps – Learners write down everything they can think of on a topic.
  • Concept maps – Learners fill out a diagram with information on a topic, relating the big picture to the details.
  • Repeat-backs – When students are given directions they work in pairs and immediately repeat them back in their own words (to check for accuracy and completeness) to their partner.
  • Think-pair-share – Learners think about a topic, write down what they’ve learnt, and share it with a partner, each thinking independently

Lots of fun and many valuable learning opportunities- give it a go at home over the dinner table!   

Have a good month ahead and track us down if you need us.

From Jill, Shane & Bryce – SLT and Frankie and Charlie the school’s service dogs


Learning Progression Framework (LPF’s)

The Learning Progression Framework (LPF) is an educational tool that provides a big picture view of progress in reading, writing and mathematics through the New Zealand Curriculum. Each curriculum area is broken down into 7 or 8 progressions that describe aspects of said area and map the major developmental steps students take in mastering the skills and knowledge within each respective subject.

At ANI, teachers have begun using this framework in a variety of ways. The predominant change we have seen in the past few years is utilising the appropriate ‘sets’ (a specific developmental milestone within an aspect) to determine the objectives and content within a program of learning, as well as designing learning experiences that provide a more personalised touch for our students. Subsequently, it is a tool that has allowed teachers to moderate students’ work and capture their level of understanding.

The consistency that this tool is providing for our teachers and students is invaluable. We’re very excited to explore the possibilities of the LPF’s. If you are interested in more information, please visit this website: https://curriculumprogresstools.education.govt.nz/lpfs/learn-about-the-lpfs/


The end of term exams have been set for week 9 (27 June – 1 July) and week 10 (4 – 8 July) of this term. 

Students will be tested in Reading, Writing and Mathematics during the school day within these two weeks. 

Exam results will be shared with students and parents and the data will help to inform next learning steps in these three curriculum areas.


Our teachers are busy at the moment constructing Mid Year Reports. You can expect the report to come home in the last week of school on Friday 8 July.

This year the reports are a little different and you should expect a curriculum level for Math, Literacy and Social Studies and a term 2 comment in each area. 

Students will also be given a Key Competency grade, a percentage result of their PAT test results and a general comment from the teacher and your child, about their learning.

2022 International Competitions for Schools (ICAS)

ANI is offering to administer the ICAS exams again in 2022, here at school. We have provided the school exam timetable below. The ICAS exams Schools competitions, organised by Educational Assessment Australia of the University of New South Wales, will be held on the following dates at ANI in Term 3.

If a student is sick or unable to make the first date, a makeup date, that same week, will be made available. Parents are asked to let the office or Mr Devery know if any issues arise closer to the time of sitting the exams.



Exam Sitting Date



Exam Sitting Date




Monday 8 August


Digital Technologies

Wednesday 10  August




Monday 15 August





Monday 22 August



Wednesday 24 August



ICAS exams are an optional Assessment for students to take part in. The closing date for entries to the ICAS exams is Friday 24th June.  We cannot accept any entries later than this date.  

The aims of the competition are to:

  • Promote higher-order thinking, problem-solving skills and attain greater academic success
  • Motivate, stimulate and challenge students to think beyond the classroom
  • Provide students and parents with a comprehensive analysis of performance
  • Give students an opportunity to practice exam techniques, recognise and reward excellence 

If this sounds like something you would like to have your child be involved with, click on the link to the letter here. Or please ask your student to collect the ICAS letter from the office.

This week’s Principal’s Badge is awarded to Maazz K for exhibiting the IB Learner Profile of a Principled learner. He demonstrated this during the school day and also when in school uniform outside of school hours. His thoughtfulness and initiative in helping members of the public is to be applauded. Well done Maazz.

ANI Trip Expo 2022

This year at ANI are proud to offer one local trip to Queenstown and three overseas travel opportunities (Cairns, Gold Coast and New Caledonia).  

How can my child sign up for a school trip?

A travel form for each trip, proposed, will be available in the office for students to pick up or -please click on the links below to download a student travel form.

When will the trips take place?

The trips will depart Auckland during late September 2022. However, depending on the number of students who sign up for each trip these dates may change due to factors out of the schools’ control. If dates do need to change parents and students will be the first to know.

When is the parent evening, so I can learn more?

We have set aside Tuesday 7 June at 5pm for a Zoom meeting (Zui) so parents can be better informed of each trip and what the package will include. Here is the zoom invitation. Please click on this link below, just before the meeting starts. It will be recorded so if you do miss the Zui we can send it to you.

Join Zoom Meeting


What will each trip cost?

Each trip has an estimated cost attached to it but until we secure flights, accommodation and activities we will not know the final cost. The travel agent has given a price range to work within which is also dependent on currency fluctuations and minimum numbers. These cost estimates are provided below for each trip.

Parents will know, as soon as the school knows, the final cost for each trip that has the green light.

Progress payments and a schedule of payment dates will be finalised once a trip gets the green light. Final payments will be due 60 days before departure.

How do I know if the trip will go ahead?

The costs are based on minimum numbers to each destination. These numbers are based on a minimum of 20 students for each trip. This means students pay their deposit to secure a spot on the trip they have chosen.  

If the trip does not have enough numbers, the school will contact the parents and students to ask if they have a second destination in mind and transfer them to a trip that has the correct minimum numbers. You can also indicate that you would like to go on another trip on the student application form you hand in.

Do we fundraise for the trips?

If you have paid a deposit and the trip has the correct numbers attending the group will not fundraise together but students in the past have done their own fundraising with their whanau to raise the funds. 

Unfortunately, there are no scholarships for any trips.

So what do I do now?

Families need to choose a trip that best suits their child’s needs / that they are interested in. You will need to fill in the travel form, to secure a trip spot and pay a $200 (non-refundable) deposit, no later than 10 June at 3pm.  Payments can be made online or paid in the office.

The trip destinations for students to choose from in 2022 are:  

Queenstown (New Zealand)  

  • This trip will provide an experience to explore the remarkable Queenstown region, including: Gold Mining, a Jetboat ride, Eco Zipline tour, Skyline Gondola/Luge rides, Ice skating and indoor Skydiving, to name a few.
  • Approximate Cost: NZ$1299 – $1459 
  • Dates for trip: Sunday 18 – Thursday 23 September (5 Days)
  • Click on this link to download the student application form

Cairns (Australia) 

Gold Coast (Australia) 

New Caledonia 

  • This trip will explore a French language speaking country and give our students opportunities to enhance what they have learnt in Year 7 French language classes at ANI.
  • Approximate Cost: NZ$2699 – $2899 
  • Dates for trip: Wednesday 21 – Wednesday 28 September  (7 Days)
  • Click on this link to download the student application form



If your child would like to trial for the 2022 ANI Ski team with the opportunity to represent our school at the North Island Primary School Ski Championships please read on. 

The North Island Primary School Ski Championships are happening from Sunday 11 September and returning on Friday 16 September (Competition dates are Monday 12 – Thursday 15 September) – Link here for info

I have organised Tuesday 5 July for the first ANI Ski team trials. The students will leave school at 8:15am, meeting in the library, in order to get to Snow Planet and prepare themselves for their first timed ski trial.  We intend to return to school before 2:00pm but this will have to be a flexible time arrangement (due to traffic) and if we are running late we will contact you.

The cost for the trial will be $55.00 paid by Friday 24 June. This cost includes paying for 1½ hours on the slope between 10:00pm to 11:30pm, race track configuration, digital timing equipment and 1½ hours with a race Instructor/Coach. The Coach will be teaching correct Race Lines, how to navigate around racing gates and provide advice in order to make our students learn the correct race techniques.

Students are required to bring their own ski clothing, skis, poles, goggles and helmets – (compulsory). Students’ ski gear can be stored in the SLT office on the day of the trial. If required, students can hire their own skis, poles and boots for $22.00 per session (2021 prices), Jacket and pants $19 and gloves $10, this will be additional to the $55 and at their own cost. (Helmets are compulsory on the snow – $6 to hire).  

We will be traveling to Snow Planet using the school van and will also require parents to provide private transport to and from the trial. Mr Devery will contact parents directly to ask to take transport on the day. 

Students will race against the clock through a course using gates to simulate real race conditions. The 15 fastest skiers will make it through to the additional 6 training sessions, starting on Monday 1 August. On Monday 15 August, we will hold one last time trial and the 10 fastest students and 1 reserve, will represent the school at the North Island Ski Championships. Those students who do not make the top 10 (+1) positions will continue to attend the last three training sessions just in case someone is injured and can no longer represent the school.  

The approximate cost for the 6 training sessions will be $330, if your child makes the ANI training team.

If there are any questions please contact me at school 630 1109 or email me at sdevery@ani.school.nz

Mr Devery

High Perforamnce Ski Team Manager


ANI is proud to present its first Online Art Festival!

At the start of the school year, we asked the students of ANI to show us their creativity by sending us their drawings, paintings, photography, and digital artworks.

To our surprise, we received over 90 unique and original images!

Our Arts Leaders have worked tirelessly to present these artworks on a beautiful website that celebrates the visual talents of ANI.

It is our pleasure to share this website with you now. We hope that it amazes and inspires you.  Arts Festival Website.

Ngā mihi nui,

Mr. Allen”


We are pleased to announce the dates for our School Production of “Into The Woods Junior” to be held at the Centennial Theatre, Auckland Grammar School.

November 19th – Dress Rehearsal

November 22nd – Production

November 23rd – Production

Ngā mihi nui,

Mr. Marshall

Music Teacher

Building update

Building Project Comms

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through School Apps or on our website

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School Counsellor Spot

Kia Ora, ANI whanau, 

I am Rachel the ANI school counsellor. My role in the school is to support students’ well-being and work with them through any adversities they may be experiencing. 

I feel these two intermediate years are such a developmental and transformational time in a young person’s life with changing schools, bodies changing, figuring out who they are as a person and most recently learning how to navigate through this ever-changing society we live in!! It can get tough and confusing at times no doubt!

I will provide a safe space for your child to explore these emotions and work with them so they can continue being the best versions of themselves. 

I believe that emotions should not be labelled as “negative” or “positive” as all the emotions we experience are helping us better understand something – This even includes feelings like anger, disappointment, and sadness! 

As a counsellor, I hope to work with your child to better understand these emotions and work on different strategies on how to cope with everything that life throws at them.

Seeing a counsellor does not have to be just in moments of crisis, it can be just to come and have a chat. 

Students can book an appointment by emailing me counsellor@ani.school.nz


While we know that PINK SHIRT DAY was on the 20th of May, we have decided to celebrate during the whole of week 7: Monday 13th until Friday 17th June.

Lots of different activities will be held and staff and students are encouraged to wear as much pink as possible. (HOUSE POINTS ARE UP FOR GRABS) 

SLT, Team leaders and 4 randomly picked staff will be required to do a catwalk in assembly on Monday 13 June, where the students will decide which staff they want to award house points to. This is not to be missed!

PTA News

ANI PTA ‘Knowledge Athon’ – Timeline

During May and June, ANI students will be invited to take part in 

‘The Great ANI Knowledge-Athon’. 

This annual quiz is a PTA fundraiser with the goal to raise funds for new equipment within our

Multi Purpose Space and our 10 Teaching Spaces – this includes café seating and sports equipment.

23rd May to 6th June Students learn the questions and answers

Tuesday 7th June – QUIZ TEST DAY at school facilitated by the classroom teacher

8th – 12th June Students collect sponsorship/donation money

13th -17th June – Sponsorship forms and money returned

Monday 20th June – Last day for sponsorship money to be returned to go in prize draws

Monday 4th July – Prizegiving assembly

Please support your student by helping them to learn the answers

to the 100 questions and gain sponsors.

PTA SOCIAL: Years 7 & 8

The first school social date has been announced and the date is Thursday 16 June.  

We look forward to sharing more information in the following weeks so parents can encourage their children to attend. 

The venue is Greyfriars Hall on Mt Eden Road, at 6pm with lots of food and drinks available to be purchased on the night.

Kia ora ANI whānau,

This term Year 8 students are looking at the theme of ‘How We Organise Ourselves’. In this theme, students create a company in order to sell a product or service at an end of term event called ‘Market Day’. 

The company will need to conduct market research, design, create and advertise a product or service, and manage their budget to hopefully turn a profit!


Group members must acquire any supplies needed for their product or service that are beyond the standard supplies at school such as paint or hot glue gun sticks. Teachers will support students to ensure this is done fairly.

Students can claim any money spent on supplies from the money they make on Market Day.  

All receipts must be given to a staff member as soon as possible. The amount they spend will be recorded so that this money can be returned to the correct group member. If necessary, highlight relevant items on the receipt.


The float will need to be provided by group members in coins to be able to provide change to customers.

The amount each group member provides for the float will be recorded by their classroom teacher and locked in a safe place until the morning of Market Day. 

Group members can then claim back their float at the end of the day.


Any profit the students make will be donated to a charity or cause that is nominated by and then decided by the students.

The only exception to this is the teams who make the most profit from each Year 8 team. As a prize, the profit each of these teams makes will be split equally amongst the group members. 

Market Day will take place between 10:30am – 12:30pm, on Wednesday 6th July. The Year 7 students, our target audience, will be touring the stalls and spending their pocket money on some fantastic products and services at this time!

Whānau are welcome to attend at these times and are required to wear a mask when on the school site. 

As COVID conditions are ongoing and changing the organisation for Market Day may need to be adapted. We will keep whānau updated through the school app.

Ngā mihi nui

Year 8 teachers

Enrolments 2023

Enrolments for 2023 are now open for new applicants.

Should you wish to enrol other children with us or have family members/friends who are considering enrolling at ANI, please follow this link – https://ani.school.nz/enrolment/

For further information on enrolments please email our enrolment officer Ula on uhe@ani.school.nz.

Upcoming Events For Term 2, 2022

Please subscribe to the ANI school App as information will also be updated regularly via this online platform as will the Friday Flyers.



Central Zone Football – Y8 Boys

Thursday 2nd June

Teacher Only Day

Friday 3rd June – SCHOOL CLOSED

Queen’s Birthday

Monday 6th June – SCHOOL CLOSED

ANI PTA – Knowledge Athon

Tuesday 7th June – QUIZ TEST DAY

ANI Travel Expo

Tuesday 7th June  (5 – 6pm)

Parent Information Evening and School Tour: Zoom Meeting

Tuesday 7th June  (6 – 7pm)

School photo catch up

Tuesday 7th June (9 am)

Y7 Boostrix session #1

Wednesday 8th June (9am onwards)

Y8 HPV Immunisation catch up

Wednesday 8th June (9am onwards)

Central Zone Rugby – U45, U55, Open – Girls & Boys

Wednesday 15th June (All day)

ANI PTA – School Social

Thursday 16th June (6pm-8pm)

Central Zone Hockey – Boys

Monday 20th June (All day)

ANI PTA Meeting

Monday 20th June (7 pm)

Central Zone Hockey – Girls

Tuesday 21st June (All day)

School Tour for prospective parents and students for 2023

Tuesday 21 June (11am – 12pm)



Friday 24th June – SCHOOL CLOSED

Teacher Only Day

Monday 27th June – SCHOOL CLOSED

Central Zone Waterpolo

Monday 27th June (All day)

Central Zone Table Tennis

Thursday 30th June (All day)


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