31st May 2024 Newsletter

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In today’s newsletter we have the following:

Senior Leadership Team

Principal News

Dear Parents and Whānau 

Te piko o te mahūri, tērā te tupu o te rākau.

A big focus for us so far this term has been our values refresh and starting to share the work with our community.

Manaakitanga has been central in our discussions. In the initial whakatauki above it talks about how looking after the young sapling determines how the tree will grow.

Another way to think about that is if I take responsibility for supporting and respecting others they too will develop into the best version of themselves.

This idea of supporting others to be better and how we can influence this by our behaviour towards them is the key kaupapa (philosophy) of this value. 

The last week has seen a momentous day for our School. You as whānau had an opportunity to elect the ANI School board (A set of parent representatives that will be your voice in governing our school). I do want to acknowledge these people and say ngā mihi nui for putting their hands up and becoming constructive voices for our school.

  • Jason Mackie (Presiding member) 
  • Ateli Tovio 
  • Bronwyn Hantz
  • Leon Clement
  • Murray Streets 
  • Blake Wilson (Staff Representative) 
  • Lynley Sheweiry (Board Secretary)

I also want to acknowledge the mahi that the parents advisory group have done to ensure that over the last 18 months Auckland Normal Intermediate has continued to run smoothly and offer amazing experiences to the tauira (students) of ANI. Both in terms of diversity and aspirational excellence. In particular to James Thomas the Commissioner who has led this group with calmness, passion and with tauira at the centre of the conversations.

We as a kura (school) were extremely fortunate to have Jake Bailey visit us on Wednesday 22 May. Jake’s story is extremely inspiring. From his battle with cancer to all of the other things that people face in our complex world. Jake spoke to the tauira in a year level assembly and shared his story and process of managing resilience. Jake shared the 4 ‘S’ model. 

  • Slow down – Break up big issues into smaller more manageable chunks
  • Salvage – Deliberately seek out positive outcomes that the negative situation has resulted in
  • Streamline – Participate in the things which bring you happiness, you have passion for and or at least take your mind off the challenges you are facing (90-120mins p/day) 
  • Stand-alone – Share challenges with others (don’t bottle it up) 

The model is pretty simple and tauira were challenged to see how they could use this model in their own contexts. This discussion is something I believe is worth talking with your child about and asking how they are managing the 4S. It was also great to have a number of parents come to the parent evening that Jake ran, which also touched on his model as well as some extra nuggets to support whānau in this space. At ANI we look forward to putting on an expert who will be able to support the things we and you are doing with our tamariki each term. Look out for information around term 3’s expert soon. 

This week we also completed our celebration assembly for term 2. This allows us to celebrate all of the amazing things that are happening in our school. The centrepiece of the assembly was the acknowledgement of Fatima (Rm 6)  who won the Asthma Association Art Award and $1,000 for our school. Supporting her were our sports acknowledgements. The amount of sports achievements has been a little overwhelming. Our central zone teams have been tearing up the opposition and winning or gaining places in their competitions regularly and I do want to thank the amazing staff from ANI that continue to offer our tamariki a variety of activities. As I head around to support these teams I am also taken by the camaraderie, enjoyment and pride the tauira display. As a community we should be proud of how they represent us. We were also able to give out another 5 Principals awards to tauira that have displayed the attributes that we value at ANI, so congratulations to these tauira.

  • Rico (Rm 21) 
  • Mimi (Rm 23/24A)
  • Ranumi (Rm 20) 
  • Katherine (Rm 3) 
  • Aarohi (Rm 19)

I also want to acknowledge the mahi that is going on with the chocolate fundraiser appeal. There are many tauira working hard to raise money for our kura. Behind the scenes the PTA is allowing this process to run smoothly so to Luke and PTA ngā mihi nui and a plug for them. They are always needing support and with the big fundraiser almost complete, the rest of the year gets a little more manageable and maybe you would have some time to assist them and their mahi. If so please contact Luke Barnard (details in this newsletter) anything no matter how big or small will assist the PTA to continue to do important work. 

Yesterday also saw our second school tour for prospective students and their whānau. It was great to allow people to experience ANI and see what we are about. If you know of any one who is looking to come to ANI next year please ask them to enrol so that we can be accurate with numbers and ensure that we have the school staffed appropriately. We do seem to be getting large levels of enquiries. 

Kia haumaru te noho 

Jason Pocock 

Tumuaki ANI

Deputy Principal’s News

Kia ora from Scott, Ashley & Kieran,

A few updates in today’s newsletter surrounding the chocolate fundraiser, second-hand uniform shop, property, student reports, student-led conferences and values.

Chocolates 2024

I have been working hard alongside the PTA to drive our chocolate fundraiser this year. The students have been selling this really well and we have taken around 25k so far. We make a good amount of profit from this and look forward to seeing which students end up being our top sellers, winning some amazing prizes that are on offer. 

Yesterday I had Gabi from the office draw out the 6 Westfield Voucher winners. These were for the fast sellers of two boxes of chocolate or more, and are the winners of $50 gift cards. They are Kenize R22, Saisha Rm4, Donald Rm30, Matt B Rm 13, Khathija Rm10, Savannah Rm29. Congratulations to these students and I hope you thoroughly enjoy your well deserved reward.

The fundraiser ends next Friday, June 7th and we look forward to seeing a big push on sales over the upcoming King’s Birthday weekend.

Ways to pay for the chocolate are:

  • Kindo 
  • Cash
  • Deposit to school PTA bank account: 12-3048-0259939-00, using your child’s name as the reference and ‘chocolate’ as the code

Second hand uniform shop is coming soon!!!!

Please donate any unwanted items of uniform to the box at reception. We are aiming to initially open twice a term where you can purchase items for low prices. Please get behind this awesome initiative that will be run by volunteers from our wonderful community.

Any questions please contact Scott Boniface  – sboniface@ani.school.nz or Janice on 0279304128

Property update

This is the largest part of my DP portfolio, and one that I really enjoy. There are numerous projects underway: 

  • We await the installation of netting around the shade sail by the Y7 quad, so that the classrooms are protected and that area becomes a more usable and maintained space. 
  • Exterior painting of all buildings. This weekend sees the cleaning of all roofs at ANI and the washing of all exterior faces. The complete painting of all buildings begins next weekend and should take approximately 6-8 months. Initial works are on the rear of all classroom areas and will be done during school hours, then changing to front facing sides, whereby this is done mostly outside of school breaks, after school and the weekends (weather permitting). This will make a huge difference in the appearance of our kura. 
  • The interior painting will begin toward the end of Term Two. This will all be done outside of school hours, and over the weekends. This is due to be completed by the middle of Term Four.
  • The installation of hot water cylinders in the toilets in Rooms 4,5,6,7,9,10,13 and 14 will provide warm water for all students to wash their hands and improve cleanliness. This has been scoped and works ready to begin during Term Three.

Yesterday we had our second open day of 2024. It was very well attended and led brilliantly by Mr Gleeson and the student leaders, who did a fantastic job. The weather played ball and there were plenty of great questions from prospective students and parents alike.

Next week, 6 school leaders are heading off to the NZAIMS (New Zealand Association of Intermediate and Middle Schools) conference in Queenstown. There are a number of keynote speakers who provide educators of emerging adolescents with quality professional development programmes. This is an excellent opportunity for us to connect, collaborate and learn how we can improve our ability to lead our tamariki at ANI. 

I hope you have a relaxing and enjoyable long weekend and get to celebrate the King’s birthday with family and friends. 

Ka kite

Scott Boniface

Deputy Principal – Property & Community

Mid-Year Student Reports

Our teachers have been hard at work getting started on our mid-year reports. These will look a little bit different this year as they will be shared through Hero. A printed copy of the report will not be going home so it is important to make sure that you have access to Hero so you can engage with this celebration of learning. If you have any questions or difficulty accessing Hero, please get in touch and we can help you get connected. 

Reports will go live on Monday the 24th June 2024. We will be sending out some further information on how to access and read these closer to this date, so keep an eye out for this in the coming weeks.

Student Led Conferences

With reports going live in week 9 of this term, we will be hosting our student led conferences in week 10. These conferences are an opportunity for your young person to sit alongside their teacher, share their learning with you and set some goals for the second half of this year. Our student led conferences will be held on Wednesday the 3rd of July from 11am – 7pm. School will be closed for instruction on this date to allow for these meetings to take place. Booking in for a conference will be done through the Hero app so watch out for the notification that will come through to help you do this.

Ashley Triana

Deputy Principal – Achievement & Curriculum

Values Refresh Update!

With our values confirmed and work underway embedding these values into a teacher profile, the focus of this term is gathering student voice to achieve two important milestones:

  1. Gather valued student voice on the proposed teacher profile. Kaitiakitanga was the most discussed and debated value during our teacher session and the students will soon be tasked with a creative task to bring their voice to the table. We are hoping this will support our shared understanding as a kura.
  2. Reflect and explore the possibility of requiring a student profile and what that might look like.

Kieran Gleeson

Deputy Principal – Wellbeing, Connection & Belonging

Important notices:

  • For parents dropping off students near the kohanga by the university, please do not speed down the driveway. This is especially dangerous as the tamariki often walk through there.
  • Please help us with attendance issues. Any student that arrives late to school MUST sign in at reception and if they are leaving early, they MUST also sign out at reception. 


Parents please download the app!!!

Only half of our parents currently have the Hero app and this is where all day-to-day information, events and updates will be communicated to you. It is also a very efficient way for you to report an absence and save calling the school.

Should there be a school emergency this is how we will notify you so it is essential you have the App installed.

For clear instructions on how to download please click here.

Student Achievement

Principal Awards

Samoan Language week

Our Pasifika group were invited to Mt Eden Normal Primary School to teach Samoan dance as part of their Samoan Language week celebrations. The students were amazing, displaying great leadership and communication skills.

The group then performed at our ANI celebration assembly. Sharing aspects of Samoan culture with their peers. They learned and performed a Siva and Sasā. Very proud of them all.

Fa’afetai lava.

Brooke Tuialii

Teacher in Charge of Samoan Group

World Book Day

The time is nigh. 

We are coming up to ANI’s Wickedly Wonderful World Book Day! 

It’s a time for creative juices to be let loose! Staff and students alike should be dressed up as their favourite book characters. We want to see books of all genres represented with prizes up for grabs, and a special guest appearance from a Māori poetry group. 

We’re looking forward to seeing all the fabulous outfits!


School Production

Our production of The Addams Family is well underway and shaping up to be an awesome show!

To help us out with costuming, we are on the lookout for all white, grey and cream coloured clothing to costume our 30 “ancestors”. These are ghost-like members of the Addams family from all different types of eras. Anything you have that you can donate would be very helpful! These can be dropped off to Mrs Brodie in the Performing Arts room. The older and more dishevelled, the better! These ancestors are dead after all! 

Thank you so much!

Mr Wilson and Mrs Brodie


Y7 CZ Girls Football – 2nd Place!

Tuesday 21 May was an exciting day. Following in the footsteps of the premier league’s biggest challengers this season (Arsenal), our Y7’s made it all the way to the final, losing by the slimmest of margins to a physical Kōwhai team. 

The 1-0 result was all the more impressive considering it was the ONLY goal we conceded throughout the entire tournament.

The team was made up of some keen footballers and some keen athletes, all excited to be missing a day of school! Our group stage saw three wins against Royal Oak, Marist and Waikōwhai and a draw against our eventual finalist opponents. Topping the group, we played Dio in the semi-final, beating them by a scoreline of 2-0.

It was a typical NZ day. Wind, torrential rain, midfield puddles which were swimming pools by the semi-final stage and then sunshine that the Irish coach managed to get burnt under – typical!

Go Girls Football Go!

Kieran Gleeson

Teacher in Charge Girls Football


Y7 CZ Boys Football 

Lots of positives to take from the day with some displays of real quality on display from the boys in Year 7. Passing was good, defending was solid and attackers played a quick game. 

After topping our group, we faced Pasadena Intermediate School, in the semi-final. It was a close game and we were playing some beautiful football until we conceded an unlucky goal from a corner and we lost 1-0. 

Then in our 3/4th playoff game, we lost 2-0 to a good Remuera side, ultimately ending the day in 4th. Just like the famous and wonderful Leeds United Football Club (perhaps I shouldn’t have worn the top today)

The boys played out of their skin and did themselves, and the school proud, and they should be really happy with the way they played and held themselves at all points of the day!

A big shout out to Eddie and Edison and Muddasir H, who played amazingly and had a great attitude throughout the day and have really given me something to think about in terms of AIMs squads.

Year 8 CZ Boys Football 

Another good day out at Western Springs yesterday, watching some fantastic football played by ANI. Some injuries, some contentious calls by officials and some chopping and changing of players made it a difficult but fun day. Pipped at the last by St Peter’s in the semi-final, the boys finished a respectable fourth after losing to Remuera in the 3rd/4th play off.

All boys were unbelievable and played with skill and passion for the game but sometimes the footballing gods just don’t shine.
Big shout out to Henry Bell who played in goal when Nevi was injured, Matthew Bills’s leadership on the pitch, Santiago for being amazing at football and Matthew Smith for leaving everything out there. 

The boys are pretty gutted because we deserved more but it is what it is! 

Onto the next …

Sam Carruthers

Teacher in Charge of Boys Football


How We Organise Ourselves Learning – ILE 21/22

ILE 21/22 have been looking into how societal decision-making impacts humankind and the environment. Each week, we have been exploring a different country and looking into: 

  1. What decisions have been made
  2. How do these decisions impact humankind and the environment 
  3. How we can take action in a range of ways  

So far, we have looked into decisions made in New Zealand, America and Japan and we plan to explore three more countries! At the end of each week, our students have solidified their learning by taking part in a mini summative task (see the pictures below). This is a great way to round off what we have learnt and allows our students to work in collaboration and show us their understanding. 

The first picture explored the concept of ripple effect and how one decision can create a chain of events leading to significant impacts. They created flow charts on an issue to show their understanding of this. 

The second picture is our students exploring how they can take action to contribute to change, our focus being on taking positive action. 

We are proud of all our work so far and can’t wait to see what our wall looks like at the end of this term! 

Saasha Jolley and Ben Christie (ILE teachers)

A message from our Deans: Positive Comms Home – Hero

We are excited to share that our teachers are using Hero to send positive messages home throughout the week about your students’ achievements, how they have displayed the ANI or class values and their great attitudes. We want to ensure you don’t miss out on these wonderful updates about your child’s successes.

Please download the Hero app and check it regularly to see the amazing things happening in our classrooms. Your involvement and encouragement mean the world to our students and Hero is a great way to stay connected and celebrate their hard work together

Any questions, please reach out to your child’s classroom teacher.

Saasha Jolley (Year 7 Dean)

Alice O’Sullivan (Year 8 Dean)

Nick Houston (Assistant Dean)

A message from our SENCo

We all want our children to succeed both in school and in life. One of the key factors in their success is something called executive functioning skills. These are the mental processes that help us plan, focus attention, remember instructions, and juggle multiple tasks successfully. Let’s dive into what these skills are and how we can support our children in developing them.

**What Are Executive Functioning Skills?**

Executive functioning skills are like the brain’s management system. They help us:

– Plan and Organize: Setting goals, making plans, and figuring out the steps to achieve them.

– Focus Attention: Staying on task and ignoring distractions.

– Remember Instructions: Holding information in mind while using it.

– Manage Time: Estimating how long tasks will take and meeting deadlines.

– Control Emotions: Keeping emotions in check to make thoughtful decisions.

– Adapt Flexibly: Adjusting to new situations and solving problems creatively.


Why Are These Skills Important?

Children use executive functioning skills every day to:

– Complete homework and projects.

– Follow instructions from teachers and parents.

– Manage their time effectively.

– Stay organized and keep track of their belongings.

– Handle stress and cope with challenges.

Neurodiverse students, such as those with ADHD, autism spectrum disorder, dyslexia, or other learning differences, often struggle with executive function due to the unique ways their brains process information. Executive functions are the mental skills that help with managing time, paying attention, switching focus, planning and organizing, remembering details, and controlling impulses. 

How Can We Help Our Children Develop These Skills?

Here are some practical tips for nurturing your child’s executive functioning skills at home:

  1. Create Routines: Consistent routines help children know what to expect and when, making it easier for them to plan and manage their time.
  2. Use Checklists and Planners: Encourage your child to use checklists for tasks and planners for keeping track of homework and activities.
  3. Break Tasks into Steps: Help your child break larger tasks into smaller, more manageable steps.
  4. Set Goals: Work with your child to set short-term and long-term goals, and discuss the steps needed to achieve them.
  5. Practice Mindfulness: Activities like deep breathing or mindfulness exercises can help children improve their focus and emotional regulation.
  6. Model Organization: Show your child how you organize your tasks and manage your time. Children learn a lot by observing adults.

By supporting the development of executive functioning skills, we can help our children become more independent, organized, and resilient. These skills are crucial not just for academic success, but for life beyond the classroom. Let’s work together to give our children the tools they need to thrive.

ANI Community

Upcoming Events for Term 1, 2024

Notices from our community partners

Mt Roskill Grammar School 2025 Enrolment – Open Now

We are now accepting applications for In-Zone and Out-of-Zone places at MRGS in 2025. You can make an application online or pick up a paper copy from Reception at MRGS. Paper forms may also be available from the Office at your child’s Intermediate school. 

Information about how to apply and what documents you need is on our website under the Enrolment tab at: https://www.mrgs.school.nz

You can also check our In-Zone street list at: https://www.mrgs.school.nz/schoolzone

If your street is not on this list, please apply using an Out-of-Zone form.

 Out-of-Zone enrolments close at 4.00pm on Wednesday 4 September. Enrolments received after this date will not be included in the ballot and will go on a waiting list.

For all enquiries, please email enrolment@mrgs.school.nz or call Reception on 621 0050

Ngā mihi nui

Glenda Haines


Mt Roskill Grammar School | Frost Road | Auckland, 1041 | New Zealand

E: admin@mrgs.school.nz | P:  +64 9 621 0050 | F:  +64 9 621 0055