14th June 2024 Newsletter

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Dear parents and Whānau 

Kia ora e te whānau 

Whāia te mātauranga hei oranga mō koutou

What a busy time for our tauira (students). There is so much learning going on and at times it can be pretty challenging. But challenging is good, when tauira are challenged it can open their eyes, it can intensify the effort and it can grow more openness to learning, maybe even connections to others that are going through the same struggles. 

For me there is nothing more challenging than speaking in front of people and our ANI speech contest challenges all students to step out of their comfort zone and challenge them to deliver on something they are passionate about.

By the time we got to the final 12, what we saw was a master class of oral language with some complex themes and many complex oral strategies to try and persuade the audience to believe in the speaker’s stance. Although all 12 were masterful, I do want to pay special attention to the four tauira who delivered their speeches, with English as their second language. Not only were they amazing, the extra resilience and persistence required for these tauira is a blueprint for all of us when things look challenging. Congratulations must go to the winners:

Year 7 Winner – Ethan P – Room 19

Runner up – Griffin C – Room 28

Year 8 Winner – Flynn W – Room 14

Runner up – Yunxi H – Room 5

ESOL Winner – Pabasara G – Room 26

The last week has seen our student leaders along with our Vocal ensemble, Kapa Haka, and Samoan dance group head to some of our contributing primary schools and share the kaupapa of ANI to prospective students. It has been a really proud experience for me, seeing our amazing tauira represent themselves, their whanau and ANI with such passion and ability. Our tauira are so capable and it has been awesome sharing their expertise and knowledge with the students from our contributing schools. 

In the last week we also have been focused on reading. The importance of reading for children cannot be underestimated. Reading for pleasure can benefit a child’s education, social and cognitive development, their wellbeing, and their mental health. As whānau you can support your child by talking about reading, sharing your passion for reading and just reading yourself and modeling that it is what we do. If you have any questions about reading and or other strategies to support your child reading please contact your child’s teacher. 

As we look to the future we have a couple of things looming large in our eyesight. Our year 8’s will be completing their market day preparation, and actually selling stuff to their schoolmates. The skills that year 8’s are learning are so important, strategic thinking, collaboration, financial literacy, globalization are a few of the many skills that they have already been exposed to.  In week 10 we have our student-led conferences (3 July). It is really important for this to be a priority for our whānau as it allows there to be conversations amongst the important people in your child’s education journey. We know that the success of a child is dependent on the engagement of all parties involved and these robust conversations allow the learning journey of your child to be explicitly discussed and clarity of the next steps to be aligned for everyone. So please if possible make 3 July a priority. 

Our big PTA fundraiser is almost complete and I do want to thank all of our whānau for supporting the PTA. I know it is an inconvenience. However, the funds that we raise will support the school to deliver education that we can be proud of.

Kia haumaru te noho

Jason Pocock 

Tumuaki ANI 

Deputy Principal’s News

NZAIMS conference, painting and new basketball/netball goals.

Kia ora koutou

Last week I attended the NZAIMS conference along with 5 members of staff who have leadership roles at ANI. The course was focussed on leadership and the impact this has on organisations and schools. We listened to addresses by the Minister of Education, Hon Erica Stanford and ERO Director Elana Moretti, who outlined significant changes and developments within the education sector.

Keynote speakers included Mike Allsop, Tracey Ezard, Gavin Grift, Dave Wood and Stacey Morrison who provided transformational insights into strategic planning, taking risks, dreaming big, warm/intelligent leadership, resilience building and looking after yourself. The three-day conference was well attended and gave us all the opportunity to network with other senior leaders of schools across the country.

I managed to organise a visit to Queenstown Primary School for us on Friday morning, where a rebuild of their senior school has just been completed. The opportunity to look through the new spaces and how classrooms are being designed and utilised, gave us all plenty of food for thought, and how this relates to our pedagogy at ANI. I must admit, it was pretty special and such a breathtaking setting (at the bottom of the gondola), where their celestial compass centres the school in sight of 4 maunga of the  Queenstown area.

The exterior painting of our school is underway with the admin block, the back of Rooms 4-8, 19-22 already completed. This will continue over the next few months and has already made a huge difference, with the new colour scheme updating and modernising our kura. 

We have secured a grant to install 4 reversible basketball/netball goals on our court area. The sockets for these will be installed on the 26th June, with the goals installed a week later. These will prove invaluable for our sports teams as they practise and get prepared for AIMs games and their respective leagues in Term 3.

Have a great week

Nga mihi

Scott Boniface

Student Led Conferences:

Our student led conferences are getting closer, bookings are filling up and students are starting to get ready to lead their conversations – but what can you actually expect from a student led conference? These conferences are a chance for your young people (alongside their teacher) to share their learning achievements and goals with you. In class, students will be creating a set of slides to present to you at their conference. These slides will detail what they are most proud of so far this year, what they know they can do (based off of their assessments and reports) and what their learning goals are for the second half of this year. In these presentations, they will also discuss how you can help them to achieve their goals.  Our conference slots are 10 minutes in length and the student presentation will take up the majority of this time. There will be a portion towards the end where you can ask any questions of either your young person or their teacher, however, the time here is a little bit limited. If you feel like you would like a wider discussion, please get in touch with your child’s classroom teacher so that they can help you set up an additional meeting time or a phone call for this to take place.  If you haven’t yet made a booking, please check out the school bookings section on Hero so that you can secure a place. We look forward to seeing you all then! 

2024 International Competitions for Schools (ICAS)

ANI is offering to administer the ICAS exams again in 2024, here at school. The ICAS exams school competitions, organised by Educational Assessment Australia of the University of New South Wales, will be held at ANI in Term 3.

This is an optional Assessment exam for students to take part in. 

The closing date for entries to the ICAS exams is Friday 5th July.  We cannot accept any entries later than this date.  

The aims of the competition are to:

  • Promote higher-order thinking, problem-solving skills and attain greater academic success
  • Motivate, stimulate and challenge students to think beyond the classroom
  • Provide students and parents with a comprehensive analysis of performance
  • Give students an opportunity to practise exam techniques, recognise and reward excellence

Please see more information linked here

Ashley Triana

Deputy Principal 


Parents please download the app!!!

The app is needed to book for the Student-Led Conferences.

Only half of our parents currently have the Hero app and this is where all day-to-day information, events and updates will be communicated to you. It is also a very efficient way for you to report an absence and save calling the school.

Should there be a school emergency this is how we will notify you so it is essential you have the App installed.

For clear instructions on how to download please click here.

High School Applications

Kia ora whānau,

The majority of High Schools in Auckland are opening their out of zone applications for 2025. Each High School runs out of zone applications in a different way so please refer to their websites for key dates, procedures, documentation, ballots and any other information.  

Responsibility for enrolling students into High School lies solely with the parents and caregivers of the child. Please contact the High School directly with any queries around open days/evenings and enrolments. ANI is not responsible for student enrolment to 2025 High Schools.

Alice O’SullivanYear 8 Dean

Korean Translation:

오클랜드의 대부분의 고등학교는 2025년 학교 스쿨존에 살지않는 학생들의 지원서를 공개합니다. 각 고등학교는 다른 방식으로 진행함으로 주요 날짜, 절차, 문서, 투표 용지 및 기타 사항은 해당 웹사이트를 참조하십시오. 학생을 고등학교에 등록시키는 책임은 전적으로 자녀의 부모와 보호자에게 있습니다. 오픈데이 관한 문의사항은 고등학교에 직접 문의하세요.

Mandarin Translation:




myKindo school shop

Have you seen our myKindo school shop?

It is open 24/7, so you can view and make payments at a time that suits you. No more having to find cash, search for bank account details or queue at the school office!

Registration is easy! New or existing user?

Use the QR Code or go to https://shop.tgcl.co.nz.

Go to the ‘my details’ page to update your information and your child(ren)’s details. 

Student Achievement

Principal Awards

National Youth Theatre Production featuring 2 ANI students!!!

The National Youth Theatre brings the much-loved, award-winning musical Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat to the Aotea Centre, 21 -23 June, a short season of four shows only! This beloved musical tells the timeless story of Joseph, a young man with a remarkable coat of many colours.

With lyrics by Sir Tim Rice and music by Sir Andrew Lloyd Webber, this musical offers a vibrant and energetic take on the tale of Joseph, his scheming, jealous brothers, and his journey from hardship to triumph. 

Vibrant costumes, catchy songs, a mix of musical styles, dynamic choreography and a timeless message of forgiveness – Joseph’s a family-friendly production not-to-be missed! Tickets from Ticketmaster, click here

Curriculum Corner

Book Week

What a fabulous book day we had on Monday! It was wonderful to see so many students dressed up and celebrating reading and writing.

The Kauri Team teachers went with the Inside Out 2 theme:

Ms Bello – Sadness, Mr Christie – Anxiety, Ms Dillon – Disgust, Ms Smith – Embarrassment, Miss Sharon – Envy, Mr Rice – Anger.


“Mystery in the Forests” – Author talk

On Sunday Ms Smith was awed and inspired to meet her favourite author, Nalini Singh, and learn about the techniques that 3 highly successful, published NZ authors use when they write.

Dark and bubbling Auckland is the only volcanic city built since Pompeii, this makes a wonderful setting for novels but surprisingly each author would describe Auckland completely differently. It doesn’t stop there, each of the authors, Nalini Singh, Rose Carlyle and Michael Bennett have a completely different process when they write. From detailed plot planning, to telling each character’s story first, to writing the key points jigsaw style, each author weaves the story together considering how the characters relate to each other, what happens to them and why. One thing they ALL do is copious amounts of editing. This is the boiler room where the story is refined, enhanced and reworked. Stories don’t have to be perfect at the beginning, get down your ideas then read over them and edit them. Mastering this skill can be the difference between someone who enjoys writing and becoming an award winning author.

What else makes a good author? Letting your imagination flow. Creating evocative sensory worlds, relatable, interesting characters and dynamic, well thought out plot. Good writers are vampires, sucking up the essence of ideas that they come across and entwining them into their work in their own unique way.

So what does this mean for our ANI students? There’s no one way to write but there are key features of successful writing. Paint pictures with your words using lots of detail and powerful vocabulary. As with books you are inside the characters, unlike movies where you are looking from the outside with everything, even your reactions laid out for you.


Our bees have worked super hard this year, providing us with yummy honey. Don’t miss the opportunity to try it as the stock is limited. Get a jar (or two or three) from $7 each to fundraise for our bee friends.

Come to reception to get yours. 

Ms Montesinos & Ms Redshaw

Sustainability Leaders


Children’s After School Music and Arts Classes

Welcome to our Children’s After School Music and Arts classes which are administered by Auckland Normal Intermediate School.

These classes offer your children a wealth of enjoyable, educational and challenging activities for after-school participation.

The program is aimed at 6 –13-year-old primary school students from our local community. 

It is subsidised by the Ministry of Education and follows the New Zealand curriculum guidelines.

To enrol your child online simply browse our after school classes in our Kindo Shop and add items to your shopping cart linked here.


School Production

The Aadams Family school production is set to run over three nights in August, Wednesday 14, Thursday 15 and Friday 16 August and is shaping up to be a spectacular event not to be missed.

Keep an eye out for tickets sales which will be available in term 3 via the online Kindo Shop.


Cross Country – A sweaty day…

This year at ANI has been filled with lots of sports. And came the most dreaded day of all time. Cross Country at ANI…

The most common reaction was the long, drawn out groan from the unsuspecting students. A grueling 3.5-kilometer route the kids had to run. Uphill, downhill, uphill and down. This was one gruesome run. Some ran, some sprinted and some did the common walk. Most groaned the entirety of the route. 

“This got to be the worst cross country ever”

“This was the best run I’ve ever done!”(he won first place)

“But let’s stop the complaints and “look on the bright side of life!”

It was a brilliant day filled with joy, dancing and a whole lot of running. From the very beginning of the day the upbeat music and raw energy of the crowd kept everyone going. A huge effort was made by everyone from staff and students alike. The running was sprinkled with tug of wars throughout the day ending with a final Wai Vs Teacher tug of war. Which, undoubtedly, the teachers won. 

But moods were not low, in fact everyone went home with big smiles on their faces and a sense of accomplishment. Another excellent day at ANI.

Upcoming Sports

Next week we will be taking our Hockey teams to Central Zones in North Harbour. We will also take 6 of our best table tennis players to their Central Zones tournament on Wednesday! 

Last Thursday we took 25 awesome PE leaders down to the Maungawhau Primary School Cross Country! Our students had a fantastic team supporting the young tamariki running, playing games and going through obstacle course. 

How cool is it to see our ANI ākonga being leaders in our community? 

Oh and … these ANI leaders want more! Have you got any connections with schools that would like some awesome young leaders at their sports events??? Get in touch. 

Email: sports@ani.school.nz


Kia ora e te whānau,

Last Friday I had the best day, watching 19 boys playing their hearts and souls out at the inter-school handball tournament at Barefoot & Thompson stadium! ANI #2 placed 3rd and got the top effort award and there were even more prices awarded: Rico got the overall team spirit award, ka pai!

ANI #1 won the fair play price, so proud! Steve is now officially the “most impressive goalie” and Elliot the “most impressive play maker”, ka rawe boys!

Muhammad and Elliot scored most goals for ANI, Aariz was a great team player and Tane made sure everyone was okay – no matter what team or school they belonged to.

Incredibly proud of them all!

Ms Strebich

Teacher in Charge of Handball




School Counsellor

Some ideas on how to help our kids feel grateful and kind:

Feeling grateful and kind significantly boosts our mood, helps us manage more fulfilling social relationships and promotes self-reflection. Below are a few ideas on how to support our tamariki to learn skills of gratitude and kindness:

Model kindness:

Our children learn how to be kind mostly by watching their parents/caregivers and other significant adults in their lives, along with their peers – so keep helping others, being friendly, giving compliments and sharing little bits of love, and talk about what you’re doing and why you’re doing it. Doing so is a win-win, as it’s good for your wellbeing too!

Examples of kindness and gratitude:

Bring attention to examples of kindness and gratitude in your kids’ favourite movies, tv shows, and books. Kindness and gratitude are social skills that tamariki need to see, learn and practice, so explicitly talking about examples helps children recognise and learn the skills.

Empathy starts with emotions:

To develop empathy, children need to:

  1.       Feel kindness and safety from those around them.
  2.       Be free to discover and express their emotions.
  3.       See and recognise a wide range of emotions in others.
  4.     Learn how to take others’ perspectives while drawing upon their own experiences.

Love for nature:

Spending time outdoors is scientifically proven to be good for us! Teach your kids to look after and appreciate our special outdoor spaces and whenua. Take time to notice and appreciate the sun on your skin, the feeling of the breeze or the experience of fresh air. Picking up litter, recycling, upcycling and growing plants are also good ways to show our appreciation for our environment and can help us create caring whānau traditions.

A gratitude journal:

Create a family or individual gratitude journals where you and your tamariki can record things that you’re grateful for. The Sparkles website has a great idea on how to start this: linked here.

At ANI, we have 2 counsellors available to offer support for our students: senior counsellor Chloe (counsellor@ani.school.nz) and our counsellor-in-training Anna (studentcounsellor@ani.school.nz).

A message from our SENCo:

Fidget Tools vs. Toys in the Classroom: Ensuring Focus Without Distractions

Sensory tools, such as fidget spinners and cubes, have become popular in classrooms as aids for students who need help maintaining focus. As a neurodiverse learner myself, I make use of multiple sensory aids to help me concentrate and focus. However, it’s important to understand the difference between sensory tools and regular toys to ensure they serve their intended purpose without becoming distractions.

Sensory Tools: Enhancing Focus

Sensory tools are specifically designed to help students stay focused and calm during lessons. These tools provide a subtle outlet for excess energy, making it easier for some students to concentrate on their work. These can range from stools that rock to chewable jewelry, alongside cubes and stress balls.

Key Points to Consider

Purpose: Sensory tools are meant to aid concentration, not serve as a source of entertainment.

Approval: Always check with the teacher or SENCO before bringing a sensory tool to class. They can help determine if it’s appropriate and beneficial for the student’s needs.

Use: Use sensory tools quietly and unobtrusively. The goal is to help maintain focus, not to draw attention.

Respect Others: Ensure that the use of sensory tools does not distract or disturb other students.

Toys = Potential Distractions

Unlike sensory tools, traditional toys are primarily designed for play and entertainment. Bringing toys to the classroom can be distracting not only for the student using them but also for their classmates.

Balancing Benefits and Distractions

The key to successfully using sensory tools in the classroom is balance. They should enhance focus and learning without becoming a source of distraction.

By distinguishing between sensory tools and toys and using them appropriately, we can create a classroom environment where all students have the support they need to succeed.

ANI Community


Chocolate Fundraiser: 

I would like to say a huge thank you to the PTA members who have helped with chocolate money collection in the mornings. 

We are tracking really well with sales and have seen some very impressive young sellers. Can we please have any outstanding chocolates and money returned to school next week. There will be a special assembly to announce the prizes for the top sellers in week 9 on Monday 24 June at midday.

Matariki Disco: 

The PTA will be running a Matariki-themed school disco on Wednesday 26th of June from 6-8pm in the MPS.  Tickets will be on sale soon!

Ngā mihi nui,

Luke BarnardANI PTA Chairperson

Auckland Schools Mountain Biking: 

A message from Jon Hasler, Auckland Grammar School.

Please find information on this race here:

Event Manual:


Race Course Vs Hazards Vs Marshal positions:


Registration (entry): https://my.raceresult.com/293329

Please note that the rider name may appear in the pre-registration section as they have raced before, that does NOT mean they are registered to do Race 3.

You must still register them, and of course pay, to be registered to race. 

  1. Can we please have more people volunteering as marshals, especially for ‘Race 2’ (U16, U17 and U20 males, and all female riders). We are also looking for help at the start finish line to manage DNF (did not finish: injury, mechanical, illness) Vs those who have been timed out (did not start last lap before cut off time).
  2. There will be a working bee at Totara on Saturday 22 June to groom the trails we will be using (so they will be well drained etc.). Please check Facebook for details. Usually Totara MTB puts on BBQ for the helpers.

Upcoming Events for Week 8, 2024

Notices from our community partners