28th June 2024 Newsletter

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In today’s newsletter we have the following:

Senior Leadership Team

Principal News

Dear parents and Whānau 

Mā te Whetūrangi o Matariki, e tiaki mai, e manaaki mai, i a koe, i a kotou ranei, mō te tau e taka mai ana. 

Almost halfway through the year and the crazy thing is the days are now getting longer. That is definitely making me smile. The whakatauki at the start talks of matariki ‘May the gentle light Matariki guide and inspire you all year’. When I think of matariki there are many things that I reflect on.

However, the biggest driver for me is the reflection of the people in the past who have helped our kura get to the place we are. I acknowledge the whakaaro (Experience and wisdom) that many people have left that ensures that we as a kura continue to be aspirational.

Matariki was a cool day for our school with the ability to welcome our community onto site. Share food and reflect on the year that has been and then think about what the future could look like. It was great to plant some harakeke to acknowledge the aspirational future and share the pumpkin soup with everyone. We are looking forward to being able to harvest the vegetables from our very own gardens in 2025 as we establish our garden-to-table program over the next terms. 

Next week on Wednesday, July 3 we have our Student-led conferences. They are a vitally important meeting for your child. Ultimately, fostering a strong school-parent partnership is about recognising that both parties share a common goal: to nurture the potential of each child. By working together, parents and schools can create an environment where children feel supported, valued, and motivated to excel. You have heard me say consistently that your (whānau) involvement matters deeply. Please embrace the opportunity to collaborate with your child’s teacher(s), advocate for your children’s needs, and celebrate their achievements, knowing that together, we can pave the way for their success both in school and beyond. What does the research say: 

The Harvard Family Research Project highlights that when parents are actively involved in their children’s education, students are more likely to have greater achievement, earn higher grades and have better attendance records. This involvement isn’t just about attending parent-teacher conferences or volunteering at school events; it encompasses a deeper collaboration where parents and educators work together to support the child’s learning journey.

As we complete the term you will be starting to see some more activity around the school from contractors and I think it is the right time to let you know of the building projects that are underway and about to start. We are currently completing the external painting of the school, with internal remediation taking place in the christmas school holidays. We are about to install some outdoor basketball courts on our hard service between our two new buildings as well as put a net around our all weather activity space (the shade sail). There is some drainage that will be being completed early next term and we will be completing some upgrades of our toilet blocks to ensure there is hot water available in all of our toilet areas.  Also in the Christmas holidays we will be re-roofing the majority of the older buildings here at school. As you can imagine this number of infrastructure projects requires quite the plan and in the current climate where schools building and remediation projects are very much under the microscope (as identified regularly in the media) we are thankful to get these started and potentially completed by the start of the next academic year.

This term in our staff PD (professional development) we have been focusing on the International Baccalaureate curriculum with our staff. It has been exciting for me as I come from outside this program at the power that it can give not only our staff but our students as well. The Primary Years Program (PYP) recognises the importance of fostering individuals (Students and Teachers) self efficacy, where individuals are active in their learning and take action in their learning community. One of the key milestones in this journey is Market Day where our Year 8 students take action to create a product and then sell this product to the community. It was great to see so many different products being offered by our students with much of the money raised going to support organisations which are in need. 

This week Luke Barnard from the PTA came and shared the results of our chocolate fundraiser with the students and gave out prizes for the students who excelled. The number sold by some students was exceptional and I thank all of our whānau for supporting where possible this drive for fundraising. We do recognise the extra pressure it puts on whānau. Unfortunately, running a school that is fit for purpose and the community can be proud of requires more income than we can source from central funding and therefore have to ask our community to support. 

As we start heading to the break. I do hope that you and your whānau have the opportunity to connect with each other and explore the things that make you happy.

Kia haumaru te noho

Jason Pocock 

Tumuaki (Principal) ANI 

Deputy Principal’s News

Teacher Profile:

A teacher profile has been created that aligns with our new school values. We had a great teacher-only day this term where we unpacked this with staff, celebrating the amazing things we are already doing that align with our values

Feedback from teachers was gathered – it highlighted that Kaitiakitanga needs to be further unpacked with staff as they found this āhua a bit difficult to connect to.

We are working with our student leaders to help unpack Kaitiakitanga and deliver this to our teachers and the ANI professional growth cycle is being reformatted to ensure alignment with our teacher profile.

Collaborative Practice:

Our Collaborative practice ISL has been working alongside her PLG group to action the collection of staff and student voice research into collaborative practice, review of what is already happening at ANI, creating a draft of a definition of what collaborative practice is at ANI and unpacking this as a group and planning for PLD meetings that will take place over term 3.

Student-Led Conferences:

Our student-led conferences are getting closer, bookings are filling up and students are starting to get ready to lead their conversations – but what can you actually expect from a student-led conference?

These conferences are a chance for your young people (alongside their teacher) to share their learning achievements and goals with you. In class, students will be creating a set of slides to present to you at their conference. These slides will detail what they are most proud of so far this year, what they know they can do (based off of their assessments and reports) and what their learning goals are for the second half of this year. In these presentations, they will also discuss how you can help them to achieve their goals. 
Our conference slots are 10 minutes in length and the student presentation will take up the majority of this time. There will be a portion towards the end where you can ask any questions of either your young person or their teacher, however, the time here is a little bit limited. 
If you feel like you would like a wider discussion, please get in touch with your child’s classroom teacher so that they can help you set up an additional meeting time or a phone call for this to take place. 
If you haven’t yet made a booking, please check out the school bookings section on Hero so that you can secure a place. We look forward to seeing you all then!

Ashley Triana

Deputy Principal – Curriculum

Values Consultation:

The ANI values have been confirmed as:

  • Whanaungatanga
  • Manaakitanga
  • Rangitaratanga
  • Kaitiakitanga
  • Maramatanga

We are in the development phase of how these values will underpin our identity as staff. The teacher profile is being refined based on the work we started at our teacher-only day recently.

Student Profile:

Work has begun on a student voice profile with our current student leadership council where the focus will be on unpacking these values through a student lens. This will lead to further student voice on our systems and procedures as we embed the values.

In term 3 there will be two additional focuses. One will gather a group of teachers and support staff to look at explicit teaching of these values. This team will incorporate observational and anecdotal data from staff and will also pull data from an upcoming whole school wellbeing review (NZCER) we will conduct in term 3 with students to gather some contextual data. 

The other group, led by our Deans, will conduct a review of our positive acknowledgement and celebration schoolwide to embed and streamline the values throughout all of these systems.


We are introducing the Mitey framework at ANI next term, a three-year collaborative project to implement mental health curriculum work within our own well-being framework. Discussions next term will look at how this will be connected to and informed by our values.

Kieran Gleeson

Deputy Principal – Wellbeing

Communication plan:

A communication plan has been created and implemented and the chocolate fundraiser has been completed alongside the PTA who are in the planning stages of creating a large-scale community connect event early in Term 4.

Hiring of School Spaces:

An audit has been done regarding the use of our facilities for hire to better understand improvements that could be initiated in the future.

Roadshows and Open Days

We have started our Roadshows for the 2025 enrolments and so far three Open Days at ANI have been held. The SLT has started a meet and greet each term with contributing schools and this term we met with Alan Jackson and the Mount Eden Normal SLT. 


Matariki celebrations took place on today and Student-led conferences will take place next week.

Scott Boniface

Deputy Principal – Wellbeing


Parents please download the app!!!

The app is needed to book for the Student-Led Conferences.

Only half of our parents currently have the Hero app and this is where all day-to-day information, events and updates will be communicated to you. It is also a very efficient way for you to report an absence and save calling the school.

Should there be a school emergency this is how we will notify you so it is essential you have the App installed.

For clear instructions on how to download please click here.


School will be closed this Friday 28 June for Matariki Celebrations.

학교는 6월 28일 금요일 마타리키 축제로 인해 휴교합니다.

學校將於 6 月 28 日星期五因 Matariki 慶祝活動停課。


Student Led Conferences take place next Wednesday 3 July from 11am until 7pm, therefore School will be closed that day. 

학생 주도 회의는 다음 주 수요일 7월 3일 오전 11시부터 오후 7시까지 진행되므로 해당일은 학교가 문을 닫습니다.

學生主導的會議將於 7 月 3 日下週三上午 11 點至晚上 7 點舉行,因此學校當天將關閉。



At ANI we want to ensure all students feel safe, comfortable and ready to learn when coming to school. 

If your young person shares an issue with you at home, please encourage them to speak to their classroom teacher as soon as possible. Their classroom teacher is the staff member who knows our students best and is in the best position to support them with any problems. If your child does not feel able to communicate, we encourage their adults to email their classroom teacher or arrange a time in advance to speak to them. 

Any information that is passed on is followed up on in a timely manner and if it needs to be escalated, this will be passed onto the Year Level Dean by the classroom teacher. 

Alice O’Sullivan

Room 16 Teacher/kaiako

Year 8 Dean

myKindo school shop

Have you seen our myKindo school shop?

It is open 24/7, so you can view and make payments at a time that suits you. No more having to find cash, search for bank account details or queue at the school office!

Registration is easy! New or existing user?

Use the QR Code or go to https://shop.tgcl.co.nz.

Go to the ‘my details’ page to update your information and your child(ren)’s details. 

Student Achievement

Principal Awards

Girls Chess Tournament

What a day our girl chess players had! It was a very challenging but fun competition and the purpose of this tournament was to make our female players aware of what tournaments look like and to get ready for our next competitions. 

They did a great job and although they were not in the top ten position, Fiona and Amarah will participate in the regional tournament in August.

Cynthia Montesinos
Teacher in Charge of Chess


Curriculum Corner

International Language Week

International Language Week is almost here!!! The entire school will be encouraged to dress up in the best garments from our countries! This is scheduled for Tuesday 2 July which will be a mufti day so bring a gold coin.

Gracias / Danke/ Xiexie / Merci

Cynthia Montesinos

Teacher in Charge of Language Week

Mānawatia a Matariki – Happy Māori New Year

This morning our school community celebrated Matariki with a planting ceremony followed by soup and bread rolls in the MPS.

An assembly was then held where each ILE shared their learning under some of the 9 Matariki stars.

The SLT would like to thank Brooke Tuialii for taking the lead in planning this wonderful event and all of the amazing teachers and staff that supported her.


German club celebrating Matariki

The German club had a great time celebrating Matariki with German food and drinks.

We will meet again in room 9/10 next Thursday at lunch time and everyone is welcome to join.

Bis bald!    

Ms Striebich

Teacher in Charge of German Club


AGS – Orientation Meeting for International Students

On Monday, June 24th, Auckland Grammar School held an orientation meeting for all international student boys in the International Student Office at our school. 

The session, hosted by the International Dean and the School Relationship Manager, offered valuable insights into essential aspects of school life.

We were delighted to welcome several parents of our international students who also attended the meeting.

Thank you to everyone who helped facilitate this event.

Kate Shin 

International Student Director


Visual Arts Hub Toi – Year 7

This term we have been incredibly busy! The year 7’s have been working with different techniques to create their own piece of abstract art using a squeegee painting technique and then adding zentangle patterns into them with indian ink. They then created their own animal silhouette to complete their piece.

Visual Arts Hub Toi – Year 8

The year 8s have been very busy working on their collagraph blocks and linocut NZ native bird prints, inspired by the New Zealand artist Susan Haywood. They have focussed so hard this term and produced some really beautiful work.


TOI Wearable Arts 

Thirty of our creative young designers entered the TOI Wearable Arts Competition at Aotea Centre on Friday 14 June. ANI had 12 entries across a range of themes.

It was a great day and seeing them on stage under the bright lights, in front of a vocal audience, was definitely worth all the effort. It was an awesome experience for everyone involved.

Gemma K & Harriet D won an award for Innovative use of materials which was very exciting.

A huge thank you to the parents who helped to make it happen, in particular Kathy Kivell, Marie McLaughlin and Han Zhang for staying with me the whole day to help supervise and get the models ready. Greatly appreciated.

Brooke Tuialii

Teacher in Charge of Wearable Arts

Children’s After School Music and Arts classes


Welcome to our Children’s After School Music and Arts classes which are administered by Auckland Normal Intermediate School.

These classes offer your children a wealth of enjoyable, educational and challenging activities for after-school participation.

The program is aimed at 6 –13-year-old primary school students from our local community. 

It is subsidised by the Ministry of Education and follows the New Zealand curriculum guidelines.

To enrol your child online simply browse our after school classes in our Kindo Shop and add items to your shopping cart linked here.

NDC Dance Competition

The annual National Dance Challenge dance competition was held on the 14, 15th and 16th of June with over 390 teams competing from all over the country. ANI students Annie H, Snowy Y, Lola R, Primrose G-J and Havana T competed with their respective dance studios and absolutely blew me away! 

They all danced amazingly and Havana’s lyrical team from Mount Eden Ballet Academy won the 2024 Supreme Winner title with their lyrical routine to “Piano Man”. 

I loved seeing these girls on stage and was very proud of the ANI representation.

Now to organise a team for the school section next year!

Maddie Brodie

Teacher in Charge of Performing Arts


School Production

The Aadams Family school production is set to run over three nights in August, Wednesday 14, Thursday 15 and Friday 16 August and is shaping up to be a spectacular event not to be missed.

Keep an eye out for tickets sales which will be available in term 3 via the online Kindo Shop.


Handball Tournament

Kia ora e te whānau

Farrah and I took the girls to Balmoral for a friendly handball tournament and they made us sooo proud! 

Both our teams won every game against the Balmoral Reds and Blues and ended up on opposite sides of the pitch in the finals. 

The ANI chicken nuggets won against the ANI fries in the end, but we are happy to say they are all still friends (Photo attached as proof)!

We also had quite a lot of awards for individual players: 

Aila T got the award for the Most Impressive Playmaker. Ka rawe!

Saige M won the Best Fastbreak Award. Amazing!

Eden B got the Best Trickshot Award, well done!

Matilda T was the Most Impressive Back Player Award, yay!

Havana T got the award for Most Impressive Defense, ka pai!

Valie N showed the best team spirit, sweet as!

Saisha C was the Best Pivot Player, great job!

If you see them or any of the handball girls, really – let them know ANI is proud of them 🙂 

Thank you all for your support and especially a HUGE THANK YOU to Farrah who is an amazing coach and really made this day so special for the girls (and me 🙂 )

Selina Striebich

Teacher in Charge of Handball



CZ Girls Hockey

The weather turned it on for CZ Girls Hockey on Tuesday 18 June. You wouldn’t have thought we hadn’t practiced as we were dominant in pool play beating Royal Oak 5 – 0, Balmoral 8 – 0 and Marist 2-0. 

This set the team up for a quarter-final spot against a well-drilled Dio team. This was a tough, fraught game with Dio scoring first, but with ANI replying early in the game. Was it a foot? Was it a stick, either way, it was disallowed. This would have been our winning goal. Instead, it went to overtime where no one managed to score.

We were told we had won due to having more penalty corners and celebrations ensued. These were short-lived as we were soon to be robbed of our deserved spot in the final due to the rule apparently being ‘first goal scored’ going through. Obviously the girls were devastated. A joke of a rule (it won’t be there next year), but a rule nonetheless.

Showing resilience, the girls stepped up for the 3rd/4th position game against Remuera showing that they should have been finalists winning 7 – 1. A great way to finish a solid day out for the team.

A massive thanks to the parents who showed up to support and help with transport.

Jacob Markham

Teacher in Charge of Hockey

CZ Boys Hockey

The boys had a solid day out at the lovely North Harbour Hockey Club facilities on Monday 17 June. For a team that had not had a chance to play together, they came out swinging against Ponsonby and came away with a one-all draw that built some confidence in the side. Up next was Waikowhai who felt ANI’s wrath with a 7 – 1 drumming, and some impressive goals being scored. Royal Oak proved tougher opponents in a close 3 -0 loss. Old rivals and tournament winners Remuera were well drilled and put 6 goals on us.  

The boys kept their spirits high going into lunch with the quarter-finals to look forward to. A tight 1 -1 battle and some of the better hockey of the day against Kowhai Intermediate saw us go through to the semis on Penalty Corners. The boys were stoked. Then Remuera proved once again too much going down by 4 to leave us playing off for 3rd and 4th against Royal Oak.

Unfortunately, we also lost this game, but a valiant effort from the lads and a great time had. Good sportsmanship was shown all day and continuous improvements in a sport new to quite a few. A big thanks to Heidi and Jacqui for transporting and helping a non-hockey player with the coaching.

Jacob Markham

Teacher in Charge of Hockey


Waterpolo Winter Festival Tournament

Kia ora ANI,

Over the weekend two ANI Waterpolo Teams took part in the Winterfestival Tournament.

Team Kakahi finished 12th in a very tough C grade and Team Taniwha finished 1st in the B grade winning 9-4 against a very scrappy Sacred Heart team. An awesome achievement!

It is great to see these students getting amongst it and giving it their all. Doing ANI proud!

Big shout out to the coaches for yet again leading our waterpolo teams to some wicked performances!


Harry Williams & Jordan Devery

Waterpolo Coaches


ANI V Royal Oak Intermediate friendly!

It was a pleasure to take along the AIMS netball squad to play against Royal Oak on Tuesday 25th June. The girls were competitive but showed excellent sportsmanship. We came away with a win, 17-10. Awesome game girls, ka pai!

Do you know someone who can coach netball?

Do you know any girls who would like to volunteer to coach a netball team? We are looking for a couple of coaches to support our teams in term 3, offering training sessions to get the students ‘game ready’! If you know someone who can help, please reach out to me! Email: khughes@ani.school.nz

Kayleigh Hughes 

Teacher in Charge of Netball

BNZ Kiwi Hoops Nominations – Basketball 🏀🏀🏀

BNZ are giving away 30 BNZ Kiwi Hoops programmes to primary and intermediate schools with a passion for basketball across Aotearoa. 

Of course, we would love for our school to win, however, your nominations are crucial in this process! Please share this out to extended whānau friends to help us in the process. 

You can nominate through the link here: https://www.bnz.co.nz/about-us/sponsorships/bnz-kiwi-hoops-nominations

If selected, up to 100 students will take part in four BNZ Kiwi Hoops sessions held at their school. Each student taking part in the programme will also receive a free BNZ basketball, and some schools may also get a special appearance from some of New Zealand’s basketball stars! 

BNZ Kiwi Hoops is Basketball New Zealand’s national basketball programme for tamariki. It uses basketball activities and games to support tamariki to develop their skills and confidence, and grow their love for the game. 30 schools will be selected. 

Nominations are now open and close at 11:59 pm on Wednesday 10th July



School Counsellor

Your mindset is a set of beliefs that shape how you make sense of the world and yourself. It influences how you think, feel and behave in any situation. 

You may have heard the term ‘growth mindset’ before. A growth mindset represents a particular way that you experience the world – it encourages the belief in our own power to learn, that we’re capable of changing and adapting to new information and that we become stronger and more resilient when we do difficult things, and particularly when we make mistakes. 

There are four general indicators that promote a growth mindset:

  1.       Effort and perseverance are key – praising and encouraging children for their effort and hard work, known as process praise, inspires perseverance. Process praise sounds like: “I’m impressed by how many strategies you tried until you got it!”; “I can see how much you practiced and look how you improved!”; “What a great improvement from yesterday!”.
  2.       Mistakes and failure are unavoidable parts of learning – a growth mindset sees mistakes as evidence of a developing brain. As parents, you can talk about your own mistakes (in particular, what you learned from them). Introduce ‘Failure Fridays’ – a day of the week when you read about a famous person who failed. Talk to your teen about how mistakes mean that they are trying – and how this is a great thing!
  3.       The power of ‘yet’ – encourage your teen to add ‘yet’ to the end of any statement about learning, this could shift their feelings about what they’re capable of achieving: “I can’t write a paragraph” to “I can’t write a paragraph YET’.
  4.       Resilience: resilience and the growth mindset go hand in hand, with a realistic, positive view of their abilities, children are better able to bound back and stand in the face of challenges. To increase resilience: encourage independent problem solving. Discuss the Circle of Control – in any situation, there are things I can control, and things I cannot. I can choose to focus on what I can control. Practice mindfulness. Watch movies and read books that model persevering through difficult experiences.

A growth mindset can help your teen to accept and even celebrate struggles and failures, which can help them develop a positive, realistic view of themselves and their abilities – providing them with resilience and risk taking values.

If you’d like to get in touch with our counselling team, please contact us at counsellor@ani.school.nz (Chloe) and studentcounsellor@ani.school.nz (Anna).

ANI Community


Chocolate Fundraiser: 

We held a special assembly to announce the prizes for the top sellers last Monday 24 June and many students received prizes.

Can we please have any outstanding chocolates and money returned to school next week.

Matariki Disco: 

The PTA held a very successful Matariki-themed school disco last night and the students had a great time with the awesome DJ Cadelis spinning the decks. 

Ngā mihi nui,

Luke Barnard
ANI PTA Chairperson
PARENTS!! – If you have some spare time and would like to come and help our wonderful PTA, please contact Scott Boniface sboniface@ani.school.nz

High School Applications

Kia ora whānau,

The majority of High Schools in Auckland are opening their out of zone applications for 2025. Each High School runs out of zone applications in a different way so please refer to their websites for key dates, procedures, documentation, ballots and any other information.  

Responsibility for enrolling students into High School lies solely with the parents and caregivers of the child. Please contact the High School directly with any queries around open days/evenings and enrolments. ANI is not responsible for student enrolment to 2025 High Schools.

Alice O’Sullivan
Year 8 Dean

Korean Translation:

오클랜드의 대부분의 고등학교는 2025년 학교 스쿨존에 살지않는 학생들의 지원서를 공개합니다. 각 고등학교는 다른 방식으로 진행함으로 주요 날짜, 절차, 문서, 투표 용지 및 기타 사항은 해당 웹사이트를 참조하십시오. 학생을 고등학교에 등록시키는 책임은 전적으로 자녀의 부모와 보호자에게 있습니다. 오픈데이 관한 문의사항은 고등학교에 직접 문의하세요.

Mandarin Translation:




Upcoming Events for Week 10, 2024

Notices from our community partners



We are running 2 Clinics this July school holidays – one at Botany College and one at Marcellin College – 15 and 16 July, Second week.

All players can register on the links below.


Registration Link

Botany College – 15th July 2024 10am – 12.30pm – Netball Skills / Strength and Conditioning


Lunch 12.30 – 1pm

Botany College – 15th July 2024 – 1pm – 3pm – Defence / Midcourt / Shooting clinics

Marcellin College – 16th July 2024 – 10am – 12.30pm – Netball Skills / Strength and Conditioning (Sulu Fitzpatrick)


Lunch 12.30 – 1pm

Marcellin College – 16h July 2024 – 1pm – 3pm  – Defence/Midcourt/shooting clinics


The wonderful K’lee (Monday session) will be providing lots of entertainment and games throughout the session.  Join the Central Starz Premier Youth Netball Team to sharpen your skills, improve accuracy, and master techniques.

We will also be joined by former Silver Fern Sulu Fitzpatrick for our Marcellin College Tuesday morning session from 10 – 12pm.

Your participation supports our Premier Netball team’s fundraising for the Netball in Paradise Rarotonga Tour as well as establishing / funding more clinics over 2024 and 2025 for our youth.

Cost: Only $35 per day

If you have any questions, please email Kat Alo on


follow us on facebook; https://www.facebook.com/ActivateHopeAcademy

Instagram:  https://www.instagram.com/activatehopesportsacademy/

Promo video: watch this space – we will upload this to our Facebook and insta pages.

If you have any questions please feel free to call any of the Starz Committee;

Kat – 021528966

Ang – 0212672509

Sonja – 0211891632

Marie – 0210424177

Have an awesome week, hopefully get to see some of your amazing young netball starz with us during the school holidays.

Mihi aroha,

Kat Alo and the wonderful Starz Committee




Just Smash It evolves into School Badminton Clubs

For many years, Auckland Badminton (ABA) has successfully delivered the “Just Smash It” program to thousands of girls and boys across Auckland. As part of ABA’s continual improvement, in 2023, the program evolved into both “Boys Smash It” and “Girls Smash It,” significantly increasing the number of girls participating. ABA doesn’t sit still and seeing the success of the newly introduced After School Badminton Clubs, which allowed students to stay and play after school, the ABA team, including over 30 contract coaches and 3 development coordinators who directly coach in this program, have evolved the programs to take the best of both and focus on participants having fun and playing.

The new School Badminton Clubs are 90 minutes long and include fun skill development exercises followed by over 60 minutes of organized play. All this, at a reduced price, to allow more people to access badminton without high entry fees being a barrier. ABA School Badminton Clubs are focused on fun every session. If a player wants to progress and sharpen their skills, ABA still has Shuttle Academies to help players progress towards representative badminton.

“School Badminton Clubs are for beginners and intermediate players who want to have fun indoors with friends playing the fastest racket sport in the world,” said Amanda Davies, Community Manager. “Don’t have a racket? ABA has you covered. Every person who signs up gets a free racket that they can take home and continue to play with friends and family.”

The new School Badminton Clubs start in Term 3 across Auckland. Registration is open now: https://www.aklbadminton.com/schools-1/school-badminton-clubs

We’d like to draw your attention to the amazing Play Along, Sing Along event led at Whau Pasifika Festival 2024 in the upcoming school holidays! Please share with your students, teachers, friends and whānau!
2pm Rehearsals
6.30pm Public Sharing
Thursday 11th July, Avondale College

Auckland Gospel Choir & Sistema Aotearoa invite young musicians and singers to create the cooolest community choir and orchestra – westside! A free learning & performance opportunity for music lovers from across Tāmaki Makaurau to come together to sing, play and connect!
For registration, information and sheet music see below!
Questions? Email: connect@whaupasifika.nz
Noho ora mai,
Auckland Philharmonia Learn & Participate Team
Learn & Participate
Auckland Philharmonia |
Te Rāngai Puoro Tuatini o Tāmaki Makaurau
P +64 9 638 6266 |