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Senior Leadership Team

Principal News

Dear parents and Whānau 

Kia ora tatou e te whānau 

Mauri tū mauri ora

The whakatauki talks of an active soul being a healthy soul. I feel there has been time during my tenure as tumuaki at ANI that I have felt this more keenly than the start of this term. 

We have started the practices for the Adams family (production) and Mr Wilson, Ms Brodie and all of the rōpū supporting the production have been working feverishly to get accuracy around our production.

We have all the AIMs trials happening and teams being selected for another amazing year of ANI students following their sporting passions.

We have had multiple zone days where we have participated, with an amazing level of success be it Futsal, Waterpolo, Rugby, Chess. We have had half of our year 7 cohort attend camp. This week has seen our annual careers week, which has lit the fire of many students’ passions for the future. Weekly competitions for Netball, Futsal, Water Polo and Basketball have moved into full swing and we have finished this week with our Pink Shirt Mufti Day.

As we breathe in and acknowledge the realisation of the opportunities that our students have, I am also confronted by the business of their lives. For many the skills required to manage these lives are second nature but for some, there are times when it gets a bit much. I do encourage you to speak with your child(ren) and talk about how they are managing at the moment, balancing all of the opportunities with the key fundamentals of learning, connecting with friends and maintaining well-being. It can be a more complex life at certain times of the year and at the moment it seems to be a time where things are busier than usual. 

Off the back of this, I do want to point your attention to the term 2 parents evening which will be held next Wednesday on 22 May. The speaker is Jake Bailey. Jake first caused a global sensation aged 18, when his prize-giving speech as head boy at Christchurch Boys’ High School went viral. A week before this speech, Jake was diagnosed with the most aggressive form of cancer known to man and given two weeks to live if this went untreated. Jake persevered to give his speech from a wheelchair, the video of which went on to touch the hearts of tens of millions and draw praise from across the globe. Once in remission, Jake’s experience left him with questions: what exactly enables people to overcome adversity? Are we born with these skills, or are they trainable? And if so, what does it take to create people able to not only recover, but to grow from immense setbacks? Jake will be working with students during the day and with our community from 6.00pm on 22 May. 

You will be well aware that schools find it increasingly difficult to fund everything that they would want out of Government funding and often need extra funding streams. We are very lucky at ANI to have an active PTA who are about to start the biggest fundraising drive for the year. The Chocolate fundraiser is an essential way to ensure we meet the needs of our students so please support this initiative as well as you possibly can. If you do have any interest in supporting the PTA, please see our website for contacts of the PTA.

As I come to the end of this piece it is appropriate to recognise a huge milestone. Today will conclude the election of a school board for ANI. Over the last 18 months there has been a huge amount of work done by some very engaged parents to maintain connection and ensure that the community voice was heard, while we did not have a board. This group has been instrumental in ensuring that our school continued to operate at a good level so to Kapeneta Palmer, Lisa Divett, Quentin Reade, Murray Streets and staff representative Steven Van Nes I would like to publicly acknowledge their mahi and whakaaro, during a very challenging time. To the commissioner James Thomas who has led the process I also extend a massive ngā mihi nui. The legacy you have all left has allowed us to springboard to a place that we as a community can be suitably proud of. 

Kia haumaru te noho

Jason Pocock 

Tumuaki ANI 

Deputy Principal’s News

Kia ora from Scott, Ashley & Kieran,

A few updates in today’s newsletter surrounding Career’s Week, sporting and academic success, fundraising, literacy and the Values Consultation.

Career’s Week, sporting and academic success, fundraising:

Kia ora tatou

This week has been pretty full on with careers week for our Y8 students who enjoyed the talks, chats and presentations from a wide array of speakers from various backgrounds and occupations.

We also had some great success in sporting events over the past two weeks with our Y7 girls Futsal teams winning the Central Zones tournament and Y8 placing a well-deserved second. The exact same result for the boys with our Y7 crowned winners and Y8 a close second. Awesome mahi and a huge thank you to Miss Dillon and Miss Bello for their outstanding coaching and support. 

Our water polo team competed at Diocesan School and we were victorious, beating St Cuthberts in the final. Thanks to Harry Williams and Jordan Devery for their incredible support with the team. Love the mahi!!

On Tuesday evening I attended the PTA meeting where they approved to cover a shortfall of funding to finalise the imminent installation of netting around 3 sides of the shade sail. This not only reduces the chance of broken windows, but also enhances the delivery of our PE programmes and will allow that facility to potentially become one that can be rented to our community and/or sporting groups. A huge thank you to Mandy Tomlins, who secured 9K from grant applications that enables us to provide awesome spaces for our tamariki.

Today we celebrate Pink Shirt Day with a mufti day for students. Student leaders will run a short assembly at 12pm, followed by the PTA, who will introduce this year’s chocolate fundraiser to the school. On Monday, students will receive their box of chocolate to sell. We are encouraging payment via Kindo, where more chocolate is available to sell. Students are incentivised with awesome prizes for the best sellers, so encourage your child to get selling to raise money for our wonderful kura.

Enjoy your weekend and I hope to see you around school at some point

Ngā mihi nui

Scott Boniface

Deputy Principal – Wellbeing, Connection and Belonging

Values Consultation:

I am excited to share that we have finished the early stage of consultation and have finalised the 5 values for our next stage: testing and embedding!

The five values can be seen here, underpinned by the unpacking and the IB learner profiles from the consultation.


From the beginning of term 3, we have been testing the values with our staff, using our professional development on our teacher only day to begin identifying our strengths within these values. This week, at the commissioners meeting, we discussed with the parent advisory group where the incoming BOT can join this conversation and testing as key stakeholders for the future of ANI.

We will be moving into a phase of this project which will involve some marketing and branding and hope there will be some members of our community who can support us teachers to be successful with this.

Please reach out should you wish to bring your experience to the project!

Kieran Gleeson

Deputy Principal – Personnel

Structured Literacy

You have likely been hearing a bit about the teaching of reading in the news recently, and structured literacy in particular. What is structured literacy? 

Structured literacy is a teaching method that breaks down reading and writing into clear step-by-step lessons initially focusing on sounds, letters and how they fit together. 

This foundational knowledge then progresses into teaching about morphology, syntax and semantics. Essentially, it teaches the rules of language and has proven to be especially helpful for those who struggle with reading, such as students with dyslexia.

With the government stating that beginning in Term 1 2025, all state schools will teach reading using the structured literacy approach, you might be wondering how this impacts on teaching and learning at ANI. 

The short answer for this at this stage is that it doesn’t. The government focus for structured literacy is starting in years 0-3 initially, before moving on to years 4-6. 

As an intermediate school, we have started to explore how a structured literacy approach can be used to assist those students working below level 3-4 of the curriculum, with learning support programmes being set up by our SENCo. 

Other than this, ANI will continue to deliver a robust reading program that engages students with high-level texts and is contextually embedded in our IB inquiry themes. 

Ashley Triana

Deputy Principal – Achievement & Curriculum

ANI Board Parent Election 2024

Voting closed at 4:00pm today, Friday 17 May and results will be announced on Thursday 23 May.

The new Board will take office on Friday 24 May 2024.


Parents please download the app!!!

Only half of our parents currently have the Hero app and this is where all day-to-day information, events and updates will be communicated to you. It is also a very efficient way for you to report an absence and save calling the school.

Should there be a school emergency this is how we will notify you so it is essential you have the App installed.

For clear instructions on how to download please click here.


The Hero app and our school calendar is now synched, so for all information on upcoming events in and out of school, please search for the calendar on the Hero app as seen here:

Dental Van Visit for Term 3

The dental van will visit ANI in term 3 for 4 weeks from the 22nd of July until 16th of Aug.

Student Achievement

Principal Awards



Student Leader Corner

In every fortnightly newsletter, we will be featuring a little profile to introduce our wonderful 2024 student leaders.





Hi, my name is Tui, and I am from New Zealand and I have lived here my whole life. This year I am in room 10, with my teacher Mr Nicol and my ILE teacher is Miss Striebich. My hobbies are netball, waterpolo, performing art, travelling, and hanging out with my friends. I applied for leadership in 2023 because I wanted to make a difference at ANI. If you ever see me around the school feel free to say hello.





Hi, I’m Sammy, one of your student leaders for 2024. I am in the one and only Mr Houston’s classroom 6. Some of the sports I enjoy are running,hockey and badminton. Some of my hobbies include traveling, F1 and Tec. I applied to be a student leader to give  more student voice to the year 7. I look forward to meeting you all.


This week the chess team had an awesome start to their first tournament of 2024. (We qualified for regionals in the Chess Power tournament that took place in August, 2023). 

We came first place as school. Also, Grayson was first overall, Harrison, was second overall, and Ethan, was third overall. Fiona was the best girl in the tournament. 

Keep an eye out on those kids as much more is to come!

Cynthia Montesino

Teacher in Charge of Chess


Egg-citing Times at ANI!!!

ANI have been clucking with excitement this past week as we welcomed some very special guests – our very own fluffy little chicks! Thanks to our participation in the Living Egg program, our school received a special delivery of 11 fertilised eggs last Monday, and the magic has been unfolding ever since.

From the moment the eggs arrived, anticipation was in the air. Students and staff eagerly watched as the eggs were carefully placed in their incubator, eagerly awaiting the first signs of life. And oh, what a sight it was when by Wednesday, most of the eggs had already hatched, with our final chick making its debut on Thursday.

Since their arrival, our students have been given the incredible opportunity to interact with these adorable chicks, holding them gently in their hands and marvelling at their soft, fluffy feathers. The joy and wonder on their faces as they learn about the life cycle of these little creatures is truly heartwarming.

Beyond the sheer cuteness factor, this experience has been an invaluable learning opportunity for our students. From observing the hatching process to understanding the responsibilities of caring for these delicate creatures, the Living Egg program has provided hands-on lessons that simply can’t be replicated in a textbook.

So if you happen to hear a chorus of excited clucks echoing through ANI, don’t be alarmed – it’s just our little chicks spreading joy wherever they go. Here’s to many more egg-citing adventures ahead!

Candice Etzine

SENCo in Charge of Chickens

Tree Planting

On Tuesday  some of our Sustainability Leaders braved the cold and headed out to Windmill Park to plant 100 native trees. ANI have adopted this park and we hope to make more visits with the Auckland Council Ranger throughout the year.

We were impressed by our Sustainability Leaders knowledge of tree species and native animals.

They were super keen and  should be proud of their efforts to save the planet!

Nicola Redshaw & Cynthia Montesinos

Teachers in Charge of Sustainability


Year 7 Camp – Kauri Team

The Year 7 Kauri Team started the Term camping with Aotearoa Surf. We had fabulous weather and got to do all the wonderful activities. Students challenged themselves to try surfing, kayaking, dune surfing and paddle boarding alongside doing a coastal walk and playing beach games. We learned how to get along and work together plus how important it is to get a good night’s sleep!

Lee Smith

Kauri Team Leader 

Careers Week

This week, ANI have been engaged in our Careers Week. We have had visits from lots of professions from across the world of work. The children have taken a lot from all the talks they’ve had and has really guided conversations in class about what we want to do and how we can get to that point. It’s been a fantastic week full of wonderful future-focused learning!!!!

Sam Carruthers

Teacher in Charge of Careers Week

Kids’ Lit Quiz

Last Tuesday 14 May, we took 2 teams to the Kids’ Lit Quiz, an international competition, with over 84 schools competing in Auckland alone. It was rough going with the kids being put through their bookish paces with questions about poetry, Greek mythology, doors in books and middle names.  

The heats were tough and the tension was palpable! We had a round about captains where our kids scored PERFECTLY and they beamed with pride. We were also up against Northcross Intermediate during one of the sudden death rounds and I think I had war flashbacks.

Ryan C won 5 dollars answering a question I could not even fathom the answer to.

In the end we came 7th place and 13th place which I think is a stellar result! There was so little in it so please give our bookish bairns a huge ka pai when you see them walking around. It was no easy feat!

We will go again next year!!

Faiza Chowdhury

Teacher In Charge of Lit Quiz

DIY World Record Day 2024

Rooms 19, 20, 22 and 23/24C took part in a DIY Guinness World Records challenge to finish off our maths measurement unit.

Students had to use the formula of a superlative, something to do, a way to measure it and adding something silly to create their own world records that others could test out. There was a lot of measuring, defining, testing, recording and fun!


Rock Bands

Our ROCKSTARS have been working hard and sound incredible. Thank you to Tim Stewart for sharing his expertise with these lucky students. They look forward to performing on stage for you all soon.


The orchestra rehearsals are now well underway with Tomas, and in just a few weeks they have some incredible compositions coming together. It’s great to see so many talented musicians getting orchestra experience. Well done team!

Blake Wilson

Arts Coordinator


CZ Futsal

We had a very successful week in futsal CZ last week!

All teams, both girls and both, Year 8 and Year 7, were outstanding! We are so proud of their resilience, teamwork and determination throughout the day. 

Year 7 boys and girls both brought home the gold trophy and Year 8 boys and girls both brought home the silver. A fantastic result for a fantastic ropu of ākonga! Ka pai!

Farrah Dillon & Denisse Bello

Teachers in Charge of Futsal

Saturday Futsal

Well done ANI Blue! 11 vs 2 against St Peter’s!

Don Campbell

Teacher in Charge of Saturday Futsal

CZ Rugby

Well, yesterday we had it all. Rainbows, rain, wind and then sunburn.

These wee superstars beat the traditional ‘rugby schools’ such as St Peters, Royal Oak then Kōwhai to qualify top of the pool. They played some superb rugby and our support crew were very vocal with excitement.

Kōwhai were after revenge in the final and unfortunately we lost 7-0 in a tough battle which saw us down to no subs.

A brave effort by our very disappointed boys who were no doubt the best team in their grade.

We were so proud of their skill, sportsmanship and just being the coolest team there. An awesome bunch to spend the day supporting/holding drink bottles for

If any of them are in your class or you see them around school please congratulate them for the awesome way they represented ANI today.

Mose & Brooke Tuialii

Teachers in Charge of CZ Rugby

Blues Captains Run Outing

Talofa lava!

Last Friday some lucky rugby-mad students and teachers attended the Blues Captains Run.

We all enjoyed the experience and opportunity of watching their light training session and getting the Blues player’s autographs at the end.

A huge thank you to Mrs T for organising the admin and to Matua Steve for giving up his release time and to Scott for his last-minute Uber heroics, so grateful.

Mose  Tuialii

PE Teacher


ANI had a spectacular undefeated run at the Central Zones Waterpolo tournament held at Diocesan School for Girls last Wednesday. 

Game 1 started with a tough challenge against Remuera Intermediate which ended in a draw (4-4). The team was a little despondent after this match but was keen to keep giving it their all. 

Following game 1, they faced Royal Oak, where they won 7-2. A great turnaround from the team. After their win over Royal Oak, they faced Marist College, where they won 14-1. Confidence and momentum was building and they faced Ponsonby Intermediate, winning 14-1, then DIO, winning 8-2. 

After an anxious wait, the team found out they had made the final! In the final ANI faced St Cuths, who were a dominant force throughout the tournament. Going into the final, the team were nervous but in the zone. As a result, they won 6-4. 

It was awesome to see the team’s perseverance and confidence come to fruition in the final. Special thanks to the teams’ coach Quentin Smith and the parents who came out to support the team. A great day for ANI Sport.

Harry Williams & Jordan Devery

Waterpolo Coordinators


Introducing our Kaitiaki Kuri!

Meet Odell- the newest member of our student support team.

Odell is a remarkable five-year-old canine with a heart of gold. She trained as a guide dog and graduated from Harness training with flying colours. Rather than becoming a guide dog she entered the breeding programme and gave birth to 2 litters of 11 puppies. She’s now a grandma as one of her daughters has given birth to 10 puppies. She’s now retired and looking for her next challenge.

One of Odell’s most endearing qualities is her love for people. Whether it’s engaging in playful romps or offering gentle cuddles, Odell’s boundless affection knows no bounds when it comes to her humans and Pats and cuddles are her currency of happiness. She shares her home with two humans brothers, her human mum Kate, two cats and 5 chickens.

Odell works at ANI from Monday to Wednesday.

Candice Etzine


School Counsellor

Creating a calm box:

Everyone can feel dysregulated or stressed sometimes – those feelings are normal! Calm down boxes are a great tool to help your children, or yourself, regulate your body and mind so you can build resilience and cope during stressful moments.

A calm down box houses your child’s (or your) favourite items that can help them self-regulate, regain a normal heart rate, and centre yourselves. Calm boxes are focused on sensory exercises that can ground us by feeling, smelling, hearing, or practicing our breathing.

The golden rules of a calm down box:

  •         Make sure you and/or your child like what’s inside and that all items are age appropriate.
  •         Don’t include screen-time with the calm box (gaming systems, iPads, etc.).
  •         Calm boxes are meant to encourage independent play and self-regulation.
  •         You may need to model the calm down box for your child and show them how to use it the first few times.

Some ideas of what to put in calm down boxes:

  •         Fragrant kinetic sand or slime
  •         Journals
  •         Art supplies (favourite pen, adult colouring books)
  •         Small puzzles or crosswords
  •         Zen/sand gardens
  •         Noise cancelling headphones
  •         Essential oils
  •         Your favourite book or poem
  •         Glitter jar – such as this one: https://www.justonenorfolk.nhs.uk/media/jrumau4r/glitter-jar.pdf

Chloe Moore

ANI School Counsellor

ANI Community


Chocolate Fundraiser 2024

Our chocolate fundraiser kicks off on Monday 20th May. Every student will be issued one box containing 30 bars to sell. Each chocolate bar is $2, with the total per box is $60. We would prefer you pay for this via our online shop Kindo and retain the cash. However, we appreciate that sometimes this is not possible so sending the cash back to school is completely fine.

We will begin collecting money from next Thursday. If a student wants to sell more boxes, these can be purchased via Kindo and will be delivered to the student’s class.

There are a range of awesome prizes that the students can win, with fast sellers going into a draw for 1 of 6 $50 Westfield vouchers, and the major prizes of 2 go-pros and a Lenovo tablet. Every student who sells more than 10 boxes will receive a Westfield voucher, and every student who sells 2 boxes will earn a fundraiser badge. 

Luke Barnard
ANI PTA Chairperson

Upcoming Events for Term 2, 2024

Korean and Chinese Summary

In every newsletter we will add a short Korean and Chinese translation to assist families where English is not their first language. 

Please see below a summary in Korean:

Please see below a summary in Chinese:


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