The ANI Guild: Issue #6

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In today’s ANI Guild we have the following:

World Book Day

On Monday, Week 7, the school was filled with people dressing up as their favourite characters from many different genres – from people in comics to novels.

Not only this, we had a few activities as well – such as making your own bookmark, and even voting on the best dressed teacher!

Ms Brodie won with her Jim impression who (in the book)  owns a lot of different companies. She took photos of Jim doing his different jobs around the school!

Mr T also won with his Mexican wrestler costume. Of course, these weren’t the only activities for the week, there was also a quotation hunt from books such as The Hobbit and more. The quotes were taped to places around the school for students to find and list down what book it was from! We saw some very interesting quotes!

But what else? We’ve had costumes, quote hunting… What else did we do? Of course, we created our own Super Villains and found creative ways of telling stories! World Book Day can’t be complete without freshly made bookmarks – we saw a lot of very creative designs from budding artists! All in all, World Book Day has been a huge success this year at ANI! A huge shoutout to those who took part, and of course, to Miss Chowdhury! This was an amazing experience and I hope the new students and the Y7’s of this year at ANI get to enjoy it again next year!

Written by: Avni

Edited by: Leo

Photos by: ANI Teachers 


I walk around the corner. An ANI student stands there with a box of chocolate …


The chocolate fundraiser has been a very popular topic of discussion. With the temptation of awesome prizes, many students have improved their sales skills (and waited in the extremely long line in the MPS). The temptation of awesome prizes has motivated students to sell more, leading to many more sales and boxes going out. 

The irresistible temptation of chocolate has proved itself hard to get rid of. Even so, miraculously some very disciplined students managed not to open the box and take a peek! It is very hard to ignore the lure of that box of chocolate sitting in your backpack, so many students have surely delved little by little into that sweet gold? Of course, they later paid for that small treat… 

Fellow students walking around the neighbourhood has been a common sight. Some were sold at school sports games, others at malls. We were everywhere. But sometimes even taking a short stroll around the neighbourhood streets can be a bit of a hassle, so enter…the parents. Our loyal caregivers have taken these boxes to work, selling them by the tens, meanwhile saving us a lot of time. 

Each day, after a long week of selling, a large line would form at the MPS: the queue for more boxes. Day after day, money in, chocolate out, the lines gradually got larger with the higher chance of prizes. But this line was actually nothing compared to the 12:40 TuckShop line as we know it! The awesome prizes on offer have motivated many to sell as much as possible, some reaching up to 11 boxes!

The chocolate fundraiser has had many effects on the family. Boxes of chocolate at home have proved an effective decoy from your secret lolly stash (we won’t tell anyone). With parents owing money to their children for chocolate, and a couple of extra runs needed to work off the calories, this fundraiser has proved very irresistible for many. 

Written By: Leo

Edited By: Ayesha 

Photos By: Leo & Ayesha


Toi – Wearable Arts

This term, on Friday of week 7 we had around 30 year 8 students attend a competition in Auckland city.

ANI entered in WOW wearable art with 11 awesome garments.

The girls did a great job, and 2 garments even won an award.

One was  Gemma K’s group with an award for use of reflective materials, and the other was Harriet’s group with an award as well.


Although we were all locked up in the jokingly nicknamed underground area the ‘dungeon’, for most of the time, it wasn’t all too bad down there.

Mostly we chatted with each other, prepared our garments – but that was just the start ……

Later on it was a bit more relaxed- we had a LOT of time after 3 pm once the professional photos and rehearsal was done. So we chilled…and once, we got to see the sun!

Wow, what a shock it was! Most of us thought that it was going to be dark outside, but uh…definitely not. It was only like 5 pm. But it was good to stretch our legs and get some Vitamin D before we had to start getting ready in a few hours.

All of the costumes were absolutely amazing- we did have quite a few red-colored and fire themed costumes but they were all unique in their own way, despite having similar color palettes.

The rest of the costumes ranged from a couple of silver, futuristic creations to one inspired by Toothless, and another inspired by the Mad Hatter!

Now- the Toi Wearable arts show wasn’t the only thing happening that day – Showquest was too! Although ANI didn’t participate, the schools that did had some amazing items.


Thanks to Ms T and the parents who came with us to help out! It truly was a memorable experience that I’m sure we won’t forget. Especially eating pizza before the show! 😀

The actual show went on well – we cheered on for our school’s garments way up from the balcony. What a view that was!  A perfect spot for both lighting and enjoyment.

It was just pure excitement the whole day, although there were a few mishaps with streamers trailing everywhere and quick touch-ups , other than that it was a great day. 

And … Did you know Toi means art? We basically went to Art – wearable arts! Ha! Well, can’t wait to see how the production ANI’s been working on turns out, speaking of art performances …

Anyway, both new groups and old had a great day. From chilling in the DUNGEON  to eagerly watching the show, that was just pure happiness. Albeit a few things that needed fixing, it all went down well.

Written by: Avni      

Edited by : Ayesha

Buy 'nd Sell

Have you ever been to a market?

Well, what if you went to school one day and saw a huge market all around the campus? How amazing would that be? Guess what — it actually happens here at ANI!

Market Day is a special event where Year 8 students sell various products to Year 7 students. The Year 8s have worked diligently since the beginning of Term 2 to develop their skills and survey the Year 7s to understand their preferences.

Each group has its own stall, either in an ILE or outside, where they sell items such as candles, bookmarks, bracelets, sweets, drinks, and more! Meanwhile, the Year 7s had the fun job of buying and enjoying the creations from their hardworking peers.

This event is a fantastic opportunity for students to gain experience in running a store. The Year 8s have to advertise their stalls to attract customers, putting up posters on classroom windows, in the MPS, and even sending out emails.

On Market Day, many students roamed around the school with money in their pockets, eagerly waiting to buy delicious treats. The atmosphere was electric with excitement!  

 Thankfully, Market Day starts at 10:35am and ends at 12:30pm, perfectly timed so that lunch follows immediately. This scheduling helps students burn off the energy from all the tanghulu, candy apples, cakes, cookies, and other sugary delights they’ve consumed.

Market Day is always a huge success. Students went home with jars overflowing with hard-earned money and lots of prizes from lucky dips. Now, the Year 7s are eagerly waiting for their turn to sell products next year.

Written by: Snowey, Ayesha, Fatima

Edited by: Ayesha

Photos by: Snowey

Another day…

This year at ANI has been filled with lots of sports. And came the most dreaded day of all time. Cross Country at ANI…

The most common reaction was the long, drawn out groan from the unsuspecting students. A grueling 3.5 kilometer route the innocent kids had to run. Uphill, downhill, uphill and down. This was one gruesome run. Some ran, some sprinted and some did the common walk. Most groaned the entirety of the route.


“This has got to be the worst cross country ever”

“This was the best run I’ve ever done!” (he won first place)

But let’s stop the complaints and“look on the bright side of life!”

It was a brilliant and sunny day filled with joy, dancing and a whole lot of running. From the very beginning of the day the upbeat music and raw energy of the crowd kept everyone going. A huge effort was made by everyone from staff and students alike. Every single one of the students showed house spirit whether it was dressing up in house colours or just cheering for their housemates. Endless running was sprinkled with games of tug of war throughout the day. Intense games of tug of war happened left and right.

Ending the joyous day with a final game between Wai Vs Teacher tug of war. Which, undoubtedly, the teachers won. 

Even after a long, sweaty, tiring day, everyone left school with big smiles on their faces and a sense of accomplishment. And yet another excellent day at ANI. 

Written by Selene, William, Awais

Photos by Sohum

Edited by Ayesha

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