The ANI Guild: Issue #5

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In today’s ANI Guild we have the following:

Embracing The Green

You know what the sustainability team did in the ‘Adopt a Park program?

Such an amazing day to relax, have clear oxygen, feel nature – YES, THAT’S RIGHT,  THEY WERE PLANTING TREES! What a great opportunity to have the experience to plant such a beautiful, balanced and blissful plant. Listen, this sentence is for the people who have a spacious, green backyard. You definitely should know how to plant a tree, because how can you be so relaxed without trees?!

When the team arrived at the park, everyone was greeted warmly by two Auckland Council members. Everyone was bursting with excitement!

There weren’t just trees. The instructor also introduced some of the native plants in New Zealand such as Harakeke, Kawakawa and even more rare plants that you wouldn’t often see.

One fun fact is that even lizards live there and eat the trees! Then, the instructors taught the team to chuck the blade to dig a hole in the dirt. Use your whole body’s energy to push it in so it will be way easier instead of splitting a little bit of mud on the side for ages, especially when we put the plant in. It needs to be parallel to the surface of the ground.

Soon, everyone was full of facts bulging in their brain and got to work. They managed to plant 100 in only an hour!

After a while, the place started looking fresh and beautiful. It seemed like everyone was making lots of progress. Some birds even came to check it out! Most people also screamed wildly if someone found a worm – and there were quite a few screams… 





A few people had to collect them to put nearby the plants. But no matter what, everyone still had loads of fun. 

Written by: Cici and Amarah

Edited by: Ayesha

Photos by: Fatima

As students of ANI, we look forward to the changes in our learning that will help us in our future. Helping students to adapt to the new world will be a key part in our education which schools need to prepare for.

By Kushaell Roshaan P

Celebrating Literary Excellence

ANI Shines at Auckland Lit Quiz Heat


On Tuesday, May 14th, Auckland Normal Intermediate participated in the Auckland Lit Quiz Heat.

The Lit Quiz reading competition attracted participants from diverse literary backgrounds, showcasing their impressive knowledge and passion for literature.

The Auckland heat was hosted at St Cuthbert’s College, featuring a wide range of questions that tested the participants’ understanding of literary works, authors, genres, and literary history. From classic literature to contemporary masterpieces, the quiz covered a diverse array of topics, challenging the contestants to demonstrate their comprehensive knowledge of the literary world.

Participants engaged in friendly yet intense competition, showcasing their love for reading and literature. The atmosphere was vibrant as contestants deliberated over the answers, drawing from their extensive reading experiences and literary insights.


The Lit Quiz not only celebrated the joy of reading but also fostered a sense of camaraderie among the literary community, providing a platform for bibliophiles to come together, exchange ideas, and celebrate their shared passion for literature.

Our school sent two exceptional teams of avid readers to represent our school at the Lit Quiz competition, both achieving outstanding results, with Team 1 coming 7th and Team 2 coming 13th.

ANI is incredibly proud of our students’ exceptional performance at the Auckland Lit Quiz Heat. Their dedication to literature and their outstanding results are a testament to their hard work and passion for reading. We are delighted to have been a part of such a stimulating and enjoyable event that celebrates the love of literature and brings together like-minded individuals.

Authored and Edited by William

The Beautiful Game

A few weeks ago, the Year 7 ANI football team came second in the Auckland Central Zones competition, losing to Kowhai Intermediate by only one goal in the final.

The day began with the team arriving at Seymour Park with all of their gear ready to play. There were six teams in the competition. ANI played against St Cuthberts, Royal Oak Intermediate, Dio, and Waikowhai Intermediate to qualify for the final. ANI was awesome. None of the teams could score a goal against them in the qualifiers. Each game was fun and quite challenging in different ways. There were fast teams, crowding teams, physical teams, and many other different techniques that each team used. ANI won all of its games to get to the final.

In the final they played against Kowhai Intermediate. ANI had played against this team before, so they knew very well what to expect from them. Kowhai was a very strong, fast and physical team. They would tackle us without being afraid.

ANI played very well in the first half, although Kowhai scored a great goal. Before we played, we had a quick meeting and said that we will concede a goal. When it happened, we were disappointed but also ready for the second half. We defended very well but still missed the chance of a goal. Since the weather was not that great, well, actually terrible, it was much harder to play. After all of the games ANI played, the sun started shining and one of the parents brought the team hot chips which everyone enjoyed. What a great way to end the day.

Written By: Yume

Edited By : Ayesha




Tornado Of Minds

There’s always been problems, problems and problems but you can’t just leave them there. You need to solve them by using YOUR MINDS!!! TOM stands for Tournament of Minds, more like Tornado of Minds because sometimes it’s hard. Very hard.  


Tournament of Minds is a problem-solving project for teams of primary and intermediate school students.

The aim of the Championship is to enhance the potential of young people by developing diversity skills, initiative, time management, and the discipline to work together in a challenging and competitive environment.

They will be asked to solve demanding, open-ended challenges in one of the following disciplines: Arts, STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics), languages, literacy, and social sciences.

In term 3, they will be going to a regional tournament on the 31st of August at Diocesan School for Girls, pretty exciting right? However, there’s always been something way more exciting coming next— They are taking the New Zealand National Final in Victoria university of Wellington on 21st September!!! In Term 4 they are going to take the TOM international final in Sydney on 31th October – 3th November!!! Who doesn’t want to travel around by being chosen to go to the precious tournament?! Well, our school didn’t win last year, but this year, we need to be on fire so after our hard work, we can be happy and relax. There are 15 people participating in TOM from our school. A few year 7s joined, hoping we will get stronger next tournament. “We will fail when we fail to try.” That’s a really encouraging quote by Rosa Parks, we need to keep on trying, no matter how hard it is. So keep trying your best ANI!!!

Teams are required to complete a six-week long challenge together without the help of teachers, parents or peers. Encourage them to explore possibilities and try out ideas in an effort to develop the best solution. They develop a creative and original way to communicate the solution to others and work within predefined parameters such as limited materials, complex challenge criteria, and competition day deadlines.

Students present the results of their ideas—their solutions to the challenge—to judges and an audience on competition day. They have 10 minutes to present and must do so within a 3m x 3m performance area. They must also participate in an unseen spontaneous challenge on game day. This challenge requires the ability to communicate ideas quickly, think creatively, and have good teamwork skills.

The judges for the Long-Term and Spontaneous Challenges are professionals selected from various fields of education, art and industry. They are fully trained to evaluate both the creative performance and technical aspects of presentations.

Tournament of Minds is a celebration of the talents and capabilities of our youth. Thousands of parents, educators, and interested public flock annually to watch and enjoy the exhilarating spectacle of the presentations and the ingenious solutions created by motivated students who have accepted the Tournament challenge.

Written by Cici G.

Edited by  Fatima


The ANI 8: 8 questions. 1 student. 1 staff member. Heaps of fun!

Coming soon – Watch this space!!!