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Welcome from the Principal 

Nāu te rourou, nāku te rourou, ka ora ai te iwi 

Tihei mauri ora

Tēnā koutou katoa kua tae mai nei

Ki te tautoko te kaupapa o tēnei wā

No reira tēnā kouto tēnā kouto tēnā tatou katoa 

Nau mai haere mai, Malo e me’a mai, Fakatalofa atu, Bula, Afio Mai, Welcome

To our whānau, I hope the summer has allowed you to connect with friends and whānau and energise after what I am sure was a busy and complex 2023. 

I do want to draw attention to the whakatauki that I started this piece with. It talks about collaboration, with groups and individuals bringing their strengths to the table. At ANI, we strongly believe in the importance of the relationship between everyone in our community, ensuring that our young people get the wisdom and experience of many, rather than a singular view. I hope that you as whānau will feel comfortable engaging with us and collectively growing each other. 

Your child’s teacher (kaiako) will be in touch early this week (Week starting 22 Jan) and I do want to draw your attention to the open afternoon which will give you and your child an opportunity to come into school and look around your child’s classroom/ILE and meet the teacher that will be teaching your child this year. It is an informal meet and greet and will not necessarily be about speeches/ presentations but an opportunity to connect with the teacher and our school (Kura).

As we start the year I do want to remind you of some absolute priorities for us as a school. We want three main things to be evident throughout the year. 

1) Connection – we want students to connect with activities and opportunities that grow their understanding and skills to be a better person.

2) Belonging – we want our students to feel a sense of belonging where they know that they add value and where others add value to them. 

3) Strength-based – Although we are not good at everything, we want to celebrate the things we are good at, use them to help support our understanding of the things we are not nailing yet and have good plans about how we are improving. 

Please feel free to contact your child’s teacher or one of the SLT if you feel like there is something that you are not aware of. 

Jason Pocock 

Tumuaki ANI

Introducing our ANI Staff

To get to know our senior leaders, teachers and support staff please view our website linked here then click on their ‘read more’ tabs.

Open Afternoon

Thursday 25th January from 2pm – 3pm.

We will be holding an Open Afternoon for all incoming students and their families from 2-3pm. All our teachers will be in their classrooms ready for students and their families to pop in, meet them in person and learn where their new classroom is on the ANI campus. There will be staff around the campus in high-vis jackets to guide you to your classroom.

The uniform shop will be open on the following days:

Monday 22 January 2024: 9am – 3pm

Tuesday 23 January 2024: 9am – 3pm

Wednesday 24 January 2024: 1pm – 5pm

Thursday 25 January 2024: 9am – 3pm


Getting Ready for the First Day

Excitement is building and Tuesday 30 January is only just over a week away. Here are a few useful tips from the Ministry of Education to help you swing back into the school routine:

  • If your child is new to the school, please attend our Open Afternoon or visit the school grounds over the weekend to help them get familiar with their new surroundings.
  • Walking, scooting or cycling to school is a great start to the day. Practice the safest route to school over the weekend – don’t forget a helmet if they’re on wheels.
  • It’s easy to let bedtimes slip during the school holidays. Get your child back into their regular bedtime routine a few days before school starts so they’re rested and ready.
  • Help your child get their clothes, sun hat, shoes, lunch and backpack ready the night before school starts to reduce stress in the morning.
  • Make sure you’ve labelled ALL your child’s belongings including a lunchbox, drink bottle and sun hat.

Starting times for the first day of term 1, 2024

School opens for term one on Tuesday 30 January: 

All Year 7’s start at 8:45am 

All Year 8’s start at 10am

On Wednesday 31st January all students start school at 9am

On Thursday 1st February and Friday 2nd February, all students start school at 8:45am

School hours for the remainder of the year are as follows:

School starts at 8:45am everyday, except Wednesday where we start at 9am.

Interval: 10:30am – 10:50am

Lunch: 12:30pm – 1:25pm

School ends: 3pm

What do students need to bring on their first day?

There are several things to remember to bring on the first day:

– your morning tea, lunch and a drink

– sunscreen and hat or cap

– your P.E. gear as you might be taken out for a game (this includes sneakers)

– swimming togs for a lunchtime dip

– your signed ICT agreement form

– your stationery (it can be covered if you like), pens, pencils and your device

– a lock for your bike or scooter, if you travel to school using this form of transport

– a smile and a great attitude as that’s exactly what your teacher will be bringing!

Where do students meet on their first day?

The plan for Year 7’s

Parents will receive an email with the room number and name of their child’s classroom teacher for 2024 within the next few days. 

The email will also contain a map so students can find their way to the classroom. 

School begins at 8:45am on Tuesday 30 January for year 7’s.

Please go directly to the classroom. The school day ends at 3.00pm for all students. 

The plan for Year 8’s

Parents will receive an email with the room number and name of their child’s classroom teacher for 2024 within the next few days. 

The email will also contain a map so students can find their way to the classroom.

School begins at 10am for our Year 8 students on Tuesday 30 January.

Please go directly to the classroom. The school day ends at 3pm for all students. 

We realise that students will be feeling anxious on the first day but we know from experience that this will change quickly once they settle into the new class. 

We ask that parents do not request a change in class placement until after the first two weeks of school which will allow a settling-in time to adjust to their new teacher and classmates. If there are genuine reasons for a student to move classrooms, please contact the SLT after Monday 12 February.



Hero, School Website and Facebook: 


All day-to-day information, events and updates will be communicated to you through Hero.

The school newsletter (published monthly), the Monthly Panui (published fortnightly on a Friday) and any other notices will all be sent to you via the Hero App. This app can also be used to report an absence.

Should there be a school emergency this is how we will notify you so it is essential you have the App installed.

For clear instructions on how to download please click here.

School Website:

The school website has a great amount of important information so do take time to become familiar with it. From teachers’ profiles to accessing the Parent Portal and excellent curriculum detail, it is a great resource for parents.


ANI also has a presence on Facebook with news and information about school life and our community – Search: Auckland Normal Intermediate

A message from our finance team

School Payments and Donations for 2024

To those families who have already paid their school donation in addition to other payments a great big thanks. Your support of our school makes such a difference to the education we can provide for your children in addition to all the extras we have on offer that make ANI such a great place to learn. 

What do I need to pay?

School donation – a voluntary payment of $450.  We encourage you to make this payment to maintain the high standard of education we provide and help us employ additional specialist teachers to benefit your children.

Activity fee – a payment of $80 to pay for all class trips and activities at once, rather than per trip. This is a good option to save you time during the year.

Yearbook – a payment of $20 to pay for the yearbook with lots of good memories for your child.

School Specialist Material Contribution – a payment of $100 to cover the materials students use during the year (all four terms) in our specialist programs as well as other subjects that have a practical component. In these classes, students work with a variety of materials such as wood, Perspex, 3D printing supplies, textiles and other components. In addition, your young person will participate in regular cooking lessons and your contribution ensures we can offer a variety of ingredients to complement the programme.

Education Perfect – a payment of $60 to pay for the computer program we use for your child’s homework. To access the homework you will need to subscribe to this program.

Y7 camp – a payment of $420 to pay for a holistic, fun, educational & dynamic 3-day Overnight Camp Adventure at Mangawhai (Mangawhai Holiday Park). The camp provides our students with great opportunities for skill development in outdoor water activities, and promoting a healthy and active lifestyle. Camp activities include surf lessons, paddleboarding/kayaking, hiking/coastal exploring & sandboarding, beach & team building challenges, camp Olympics/Amazing Race (whole group), and movie or games nights.

Y8 camp – a payment of $450 to pay for a four-day camp at Tui Ridge Park, Rotorua. The camp provides our students with great and challenging educational opportunities in an outdoor setting to develop student leadership, self-management, risk-taking, cooperation and independence. Students will be involved in a range of activities including a rope course, abseiling, rock climbing, mountain biking, archery, flying fox and orienteering

PTA donation – a voluntary payment of $50. The ANI PTA has supported the school for many years.  They provide financial assistance and additional resources to ensure our students have the best facilities and resources that in turn help all students succeed in reaching their full potential. Please help us to continue that support by donating $50 to the ANI PTA.

How can I make these payments?

Our preferred payment method is Electronic bank transfer

1. Electronic bank transfer

  Account Name: Auckland Normal Intermediate

  Account No: 12-3048-0291429-00

  Reference: Student name and purpose of the payment

2. Cash or EFTPOS payments 

These can be made at the office during opening hours (8:00 am – 3:30 pm)

3. HERO online payment:

Hero uses Stripe to allow parents/caregivers to pay their accounts using a Debit or Credit Card. Please be aware that the online payment incurs a credit card processing fee. The confirmation screen clearly shows the fees incurred.

Please make a bank transfer directly to the school bank account (12-3048-0291429-00) if you want to avoid the credit card processing fees.

HERO Login instructions:

  1. Click on the Hero login link:
  2. Enter the email address you supplied to the school
  3. Click on Forgot Password. An email will then be sent to your email inbox.
  4. Click on the link within the email to set up a login.

Hero Payment instructions

  1. When you log into Hero, you will be presented with the Caregiver Menu. Click the Finance icon to view the statement and unpaid items.
  2. To pay online, please click the slider on each line item you wish to pay followed by PAY SELECTED ITEMS. Part payments are not able to be made at this stage.
  3. The payment processing screen will be displayed. This includes the fees applied.
  4. You can complete the payment or cancel.

Please email us if you are having any problems.

Ministry Donation Scheme: 

You may be aware that some schools with EQI (Equity index) of 432 or above were given the opportunity to opt into a Ministry of Education Donations scheme where schools would qualify to receive $154.13 donation per student per year and parents would not be asked for a donation. Unfortunately as a EQI 374 school, we do not qualify for this scheme.

Why do we ask for a voluntary donation?

If you have already paid your voluntary school donation and other associated costs, we thank you once again as these payments allow us to provide the quality education your son/daughter needs to be successful in the future. At this time of the year, there is always media hype around how schooling in New Zealand is free. In an ideal world, this would be wonderful, however, the reality is, we receive significantly less funding in our Ministry of Education operations grant than a higher EQI school. It is expected that because we are a low EQI school, we have the capacity through fundraising and donations to meet the shortfall. In today’s newsletter, we have provided information explaining how the costs associated with your child’s learning are spent to ensure we maintain our high-level programmes and great facilities. Our Commissioner prioritises the budget to make sure areas such as learning resources, ICT, and quality staffing levels are maintained as they have a direct influence on student progress and achievement.

Like most schools, there are costs associated with schooling that can not be met by the funds we receive from government grants and this is why we ask our parents for a school donation. 

The funding range is from $0 through to over $1,000 per student per year. Schools with an EQI of 380 and above receive equity funding, however, we do not get any equity funding as our equity index is 374 (<380).

For a school of 700 students like ours, this equates to a difference of $700,000. The government believes we have the capacity in our community to raise these funds through donations.

This is why we ask parents to make a voluntary School Donation of $450.00 for 2024. As a donation, the full amount is tax deductible and a receipt will be issued by the School. These funds are essential as they help to meet the shortfall between Government funding and the cost of resources that are required to provide the high standard of education that is expected by our community. We thank you for your contribution.

Donation receipts

Please log into Hero, and click the Finance icon to view the statement and unpaid items. view all the payments, and view and print payment receipts.


Year 8 Camp

Year 8’s will be attending camp during term 1 and we ask parents to confirm their child’s attendance no later than Friday 16 February. As you are aware, we will require at least 15 parents to attend camp to ensure the activities run smoothly and Health & Safety ratios are adhered to. Parents who attend the camp and stay overnight will have to follow the MOE guidelines and complete a Police Vet. This request will be added to the application form and information we send out with all camp details.

Rimu camp dates: Tuesday 27 February – Friday 1 March

Matai camp dates:  Tuesday 5 March – Friday 8 March

Year 7 Camp

Year 7’s will be attending camp during the last week of term 1 and we ask parents to confirm their child’s attendance no later than Thursday 28 March. A holistic, fun, educational & dynamic 3 day overnight camp adventure at Mangawhai (Mangawhai Holiday Park) provides our students with great opportunities for skill development in outdoor water activities and promoting a healthy and active lifestyle. Camp activities include surf lessons, paddleboarding, kayaking, hikes, coastal exploration & sandboarding, beach & team building challenges, camp Olympics, an Amazing Race (whole group), and movie or games nights. 

Totara camp dates:  

Camp 1: Monday 8 April – Wednesday 10 April

Camp 2: Wednesday 10 April – Friday 12 April

Kauri camp dates:

Camp 1: Monday 29 April – Wednesday 1 May

Camp 2: Wednesday 1 May – Friday 3 May

PTA News

The PTA will have their first meeting in early February, the date to be decided. They are an active and awesome group who support the school in a number of ways from helping out at events to hosting parent information evenings and the odd bit of fundraising. 

Please contact Luke Barnard the Chair if you’re keen to be involved.

Email: pta@ani.school.nz

Korean and Chinese Summary

In every newsletter and Monthly Panui we will add a short Korean and Chinese translation to assist families where English is not their first language. 

Please see below a summary in Korean:

1월 25일 목요일 오후 2시 – 3시.

모든 입학생과 그들의 가족: 2시부터 3시까지

모든 선생님들은 자신의 교실에서 학생들과 가족들을 맞이하고, 직접 만나고 ANI 캠퍼스에서 새로운 교실이 어디인지 알게 도와줄 준비가 되어 있습니다. 

첫 날을 위해 준비하기.

1월 30일 화요일은 겨우 일주일 남았습니다. 교육부에서 제공하는 몇 가지 유용한 조언은 다음과 같습니다..

  • 학교까지 걷거나 스쿠터 또는 자전거를 타는 것은 하루를 멋지게 시작하는 방법입니다. 주말에 학교로 가는 안전한 길을 연습하세요 (헬멧을 잊지 마세요).
  • 방학 동안 취침 시간을 놓치기 쉽습니다. 학교가 시작되기 몇 일 전에 자녀를 규칙적인 취침 시간에 맞추어 휴식을 취하도록 도와주세요.
  • 학교 첫날 아침에 스트레스를 줄이기 위해 자녀의 옷, 썬햇, 신발, 점심 도시락 및 배낭을 학교 첫날 전날에 준비해주세요.
  • 자녀의 물건, 런치박스, 물병, 썬햇을 포함하여 모든 물건에 라벨을 붙이세요.

1학기 2024년 첫 날 시작 시간.

1월 30일 화요일:

7학년 – 오전 8시 45분

8학년 – 오전 10시

1월 31일 수요일, 모든 학생은 오전 9시에 학교를 시작합니다.

첫 날에 학생들이 가져와야 할 물품은 무엇인가요?

첫 날에 기억해야 할 몇 가지 물건이 있습니다:

  • 아침 식사, 점심 및 음료수
  • 선크림과 모자 또는 모자
  • 체육복 (운동화 포함)
  • 점심시간에 수영복
  • 서명된 ICT 동의서
  • 문구용품 (원한다면 덮어도 됨), 펜, 연필 및 기기
  • 자전거 또는 스쿠터에 타고 학교에 오신 경우 자물쇠
  • 미소와 좋은 태도!

Please see below a summary in Chinese:










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七年级露营:Totara 4月8日至4月10日,Kauri4月10日至4月12日。请在3月28日之前确认是否参加。

Upcoming Events for Term 1 2024

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