NL feb 2024

News from the Principal

Dear Parents and Whānau

He waka eke noa 

We are delighted to have our whole school in action for the 2024 school year. The first week went smoothly with students back in droves and getting everything underway. The School is a large community made up of all sorts of people which requires a vast array of logistics and agility to function. There have been some changes to classes due to a large number of enrolments occurring post the last day of 2023. We do want to thank all students and parents for supporting and being flexible at this time. We are cognisant of the impact of these large numbers but do take the very positive view that this increased number is due to the continued positive impact of the school and the reputation that ANI is held in by the community.

We have seen the impact of a very positive transition to the school year, built around amazing relationships and creating opportunities for all of our students to connect and feel a very strong sense of belonging to ANI. This is based on what they are able to do for others and what others are able to do for them. The learning setup for many staff and students is well underway with robust learning environments and tasks being generated already. It has been great to see classes where students are able to learn and flourish. 

We know there are a lot of moving parts that need to be managed at home too, so we thank you for your support in helping set up and reassure students about the schoolside as well. If any student is experiencing issues, please encourage them to talk to their classroom teacher or dean as most matters can be resolved at a pretty minor level. If you feel that your child is unable to have the conversations feel free to contact your child’s teacher directly. 

With well over 700 students at ANI this year. It has been important to be clear of expectations so I do want to share with you what I articulated at our first school assembly. 

  • Being at school on time and respecting education is vitally important. 
  • Getting your work done at a level that you are proud of, through effort and dedication shows that you respect both yourself and the education offered. 
  • Wearing the uniform with pride shows to everyone that you respect  our kura and the people in it. 
  • Having an understanding of what things will help make individuals better and the collective is essential. (Sometimes you will have experience which will help support others growth and sometimes you will need others experience to help you grow and being open to this is essential) 

Finally the whakatauki that I used at the start of this passage talks about being in the waka (canoe) together and with our collective experiences we can flourish. I hope that you will feel connected to our school and the desire to connect and talk about the things that we are doing well as well as if you see things we can do better. We very much value the partnership between home and school and look forward to continuing to strengthen this over the year. 

Ngā mihi nui 

Jason Pocock 

Tumuaki (Principal)

Student Leader Assembly

Monday’s assembly marked the formal introduction of the 2024 student leadership group: a group consisting of 20 students who were successful through the application process back in term 3 of 2023.

This leadership group is so excited to get started and run all the initiatives they were so passionate about during their interviews last year.

During the same assembly, we announced the 4 Head Students from within this group. We are already so proud of this entire group and are raring to support them with their leadership journey this year. Keep an eye out in future newsletters for some student leadership voice!

The 2024 student leaders are:

Louisa A

Joneeta F (Head Student)

Zoe F

Saane M

Tui R

Lucy H

Eleanor M (Head Student)

Saisha C

Anastasia M

Angelina Y

Razan H

Edan M

Dane J

Awais S (Head Student)

Sohum K

Aariz A

Toby M (Head Student)

Matthew B

Sammy Y

Flynn W



Meet the Teacher Evening

Kia ora whanau
On Monday 19 February, we are holding a “Welcome to ANI” evening. This is for our community to connect with us and listen to the outlines of what your tamariki will experience this term. 
People are welcome from 5.30pm in the MPS (Multi Purpose Space). Jason Pocock will begin the evening at 6:00pm to welcome everyone, and upon completion, will invite our whanau to visit their tamarikis learning space. 
There will be individual presentations lasting approx 30 minutes, with a chance to ask any questions. The evening will conclude around 6:45pm, where key people will be available for further discussion if required, in the MPS.
We look forward to seeing you all there!!
Scott Boniface
Deputy Principal

Curriculum Corner

Kia ora e te whānau & welcome to our first Curriculum Corner!

We’ve had an amazing start to 2024 and it has been such a joy to walk around classes and see all of our ākonga engaged in such a diverse range of learning experiences already. 

For this first team, our entire kura is inquiring into the IB theme, Who We Are

The Central Idea: Our values are an integral part of who we are, influencing how we live our lives. 

Our lines of Inquiry:

  1. What are values and what do I value?
  2. Personal values are influenced by many factors
  3. Our values influence how we live our lives

This is an amazing opportunity for our students and community to explore the ideas of values, especially allowing us to connect and contribute to ANI’s value refresh. 

Our staff kicked off the learning within this theme on our teacher only day. Each team took part in what I have coined, The Great Provocation Race of 2024, where they had to create a provocation for students connected to the theme. The catch, is they could only resource it from found materials or second-hand stores with a VERY limited budget. 

The presentations from our staff were amazing and all of our students will soon be engaging with the provocations before beginning their own inquiry into the themes. 

Make sure to check in with your young person throughout the term to see how their inquiry is going. 

A brief outline of our core learning programme for the term is below. For further details, check in with your child’s classroom teacher.

Catch you again in the next newsletter!

Ashley Triana

Deputy Principal – Curriculum

Upcoming Parent Evening

John Parsons  

Event details: John Parsons CyberSafety Talk for Parents

When: Thursday February 22nd – 6pm

Where: ANI Multi Purpose Space

We are extremely excited to welcome back John Parsons, a renowned Cyber Safety and Risk Assessment Consultant, to work with ANI again in 2024. John will spend a full day with our kura working alongside students in sessions throughout the day, running staff professional development after school and running a parent evening from 6-7pm

You can find out more about John Parsons here.

This parent evening is a great opportunity to come and learn from John through this interactive workshop where he encourages debate and audience participation. Parents leave with knowledge that helps them relate to and build strong relationships with their children and school. As an intermediate school in this growing technological world, these sessions help to empower school staff and parents to support our young people navigating online presence. Social media is a growing contributor to social and emotional development and we look forward to welcoming some strategies and support from John.



All day-to-day information, events and updates will be communicated to you through Hero.

The school newsletter (published fortnightly) and any other notices will all be sent to you via the Hero App. This app can also be used to report an absence.

Should there be a school emergency this is how we will notify you so it is essential you have the App installed.

For clear instructions on how to download please click here.

Celebrating Lunar New Year

As we approach the festive season, we want to take a moment to recognise the upcoming Lunar New Year celebrations from tomorrow.

This occasion holds great significance for millions of people around the world, marking the beginning of a new lunar calendar year and symbolising renewal and family reunion.

Lunar New Year is celebrated not only by the Chinese but also by various other cultures and communities across Asia and beyond. The diversity of traditions and customs associated with the Lunar New Year reflects the cultures that observe this joyous occasion.

In addition to China, Lunar New Year is celebrated in countries such as:

  • Vietnam: Known as “Tết Nguyên Đán,” the Vietnamese Lunar New Year is a time for family gatherings, feasting, and paying respects to ancestors.
  • South Korea: Referred to as “Seollal,” Lunar New Year in South Korea is a time for families to come together, share traditional foods, and perform ancestral rites 
  • Japan: While Japan has shifted to the Gregorian calendar, Lunar New Year, or “Shōgatsu,” is still celebrated by some communities with traditional rituals and ceremonies.

These are just a few examples of the diverse celebrations that take place during the Lunar New Year across different cultures.

As we embrace the spirit of the Lunar New Year, let us take this opportunity to reflect on the values of inclusivity: 

ANI has international students from China, Korea, Japan, Vietnam, and Malaysia.

Kate Shin

International Student Director

Y8 Camp

Year 8’s will be attending camp during term 1 and we ask parents to confirm their child’s attendance no later than Friday 16 February.

As you are aware, we will require at least 15 parents to attend camp to ensure the activities run smoothly and Health & Safety ratios are adhered to. Parents who attend the camp and stay overnight will have to follow the MOE guidelines and complete a Police Vet.

A separate notice will be sent out via the Hero app with links to these three files:

  1. Recording of Y8 Camp Parent Evening 
  2. Slides from the presentation containing links to google forms
  3. A Police Vetting application form

Rimu camp dates: Tuesday 27 February – Friday 1 March

Matai camp dates:  Tuesday 5 March – Friday 8 March

Y7 Camp

Year 7’s will be attending camp during the last week of term 1 and we ask parents to confirm their child’s attendance no later than Thursday 28 March. A holistic, fun, educational & dynamic 3 day overnight camp adventure at Mangawhai (Mangawhai Holiday Park) provides our students with great opportunities for skill development in outdoor water activities and promoting a healthy and active lifestyle. Camp activities include surf lessons, paddleboarding, kayaking, hikes, coastal exploration & sandboarding, beach & team building challenges, camp Olympics, an Amazing Race (whole group), and movie or games nights. 

Totara camp dates:  

Camp 1: Monday 8 April – Wednesday 10 April

Camp 2: Wednesday 10 April – Friday 12 April

Kauri camp dates:

Camp 1: Monday 29 April – Wednesday 1 May

Camp 2: Wednesday 1 May – Friday 3 May

Sports Programme

ANI Olympics

ANI Olympics was a roaring success this year. We kicked off the day with a beautiful waiata sung underneath the shade sail which set the tone for a glorious day. 

All the students brought such a positive attitude with everyone getting stuck in, whether that was in the pool chasing barrels, playing Egg Toss with lacrosse sticks or dancing our way over to multi-sports. Students and staff alike left the day with beaming smiles, knowing that ANI is definitely the best place to be.

Below is a wonderful observation of the day by Year 8 student Milan P.

It started off as a very amazing day, spirits were very high and students and teachers were ready to have some fun. The 12 sports were all set the day started with the morning karakia and Mr Rice’s Briefing after that. The Olympics was officially started they had 15 mins for every game firstly we had a game where they had to push the barrel to the other end in the school pool. This game required strong communication and great teamwork and that’s exactly what rooms 6/7 showed. A couple of students said they had so much fun doing that activity the teachers hosting this event was the fantastic. 

Mr. Houston and Matua Steve next we had to balance the tennis ball on the paddle this was very fun because of the difficulty and concentration some may say that wouldn’t be considered fun but to me it is a little bit and obviously if you drop it you are out the class that nailed this was ILE 23/24, ILE 4/5.

Capture the flag this is probably the most popular sport in the ANI Olympics the key aspect in this sports is fitness teamwork and fair sportsmanship we’ve got some pretty fast kids in our school the students argued over who was the fittest.

Sports & AIMS Parent Meeting

On Wednesday 7th February we held a Sports Evening to explain everything relating to sports at ANI and the upcoming AIMS Games.

Please see this link for the slides that were presented and this link for the summary.

Xavier Rice

Sports Coordinator


Dear ANI Waterpolo Parents / Caregivers and Players,

This is to inform you of everything that you will need to know about term 1 water polo.

Trials for ANI water polo will be on Tuesday the 13th of February. Year 7s will be from 7pm-8pm and year 8s will be from 8pm-9pm. The location of these trials will be held at the Epsom Girls Grammar School Aquatic Center. This year we have introduced trial requirements that help enhance the health and safety of your children in the water. They are as follows:

  1. Able to swim 75 meters without stopping (can be any stroke) 
  2. Able to stay a float without any flotation devices for a minimum of 2 minutes 

Note: If you think that your child may struggle with these requirements, we encourage you to come and speak to a water polo coach, as they can point you in the right direction on how to improve their ability and skills in the water. 


  • Please arrive at least 10 minutes early before the start time, to sort out number allocations.
  • Children with hair below their shoulders will have to bring a swimming cap.
  • Trials will be run by four experienced coaches to ensure the best judgment for team selection.


  • After trials are complete we will start organising teams. Kids will be placed into the 7pm-8pm session or the 8pm-9pm session that will run every Tuesday until the end of term. 
  • Teams for the competition will be chosen before the end of term.
  • Term 1 training dates: 20th of February – 9th of April (8 sessions in total).
  • Training Venue: Epsom Girls Grammar School Aquatic Centre.

 Cost for term 1

  • The cost for term 1 will be $100. This cost will cover coaching, pool hire and lifeguard.
  • Payment details are below.


  • Once training teams are confirmed you are able to purchase a pair of ANI togs for the competition.
  • Note: these togs are compulsory for the competition starting in term 2.
  • Prices: Female $115 : Male $70.
  • Any questions regarding uniform please contact Harry Williams.


  • Team communication will be held through our TeamReach app.
  • If you have not done so already please add the code; ANIWP24
  • Information will be emailed if there are documents not applicable through the app.
  • Other concerns can be directed to the coordinators (Jordan or Harry).

Payment can be made to:

Name: Auckland Normal Intermediate

Bank account: 12 3048 0291429 00

Reference: WPOLO 2024

Code: Childs Name & Room Number

Any questions, queries or concerns regarding Water Polo for 2024 please get in touch with us at:

jdevery@ani.school.nz or hwilliams@ani.school.nz

Kind regards,

Jordan Devery & Harry Williams

ANI Waterpolo Coordinators 2024

Netball Trial dates

Netball trials are due to take place in mid to late March during weeks 7, 8, and 9 and the dates will be confirmed soon.

Distance Squad

International Department

A message from the International Department.



School Production

See below a teaser regarding our ANI production this year.

Blake Wilson

Arts Coordinator

School Counsellor

Introducing our new school counsellor: 

All children and families face challenges throughout their schooling. Adolescence is a time of growth and change, which can inspire ambition and hope in our tamariki and at times can also cause overwhelm and difficulties in coping socially, emotionally or academically. 

To support our students’ well-being, a fully qualified and registered counsellor is available onsite at school, alongside our wonderful team of teachers and members of senior management.

Who is the school counsellor at ANI? 

My name is Chloe; this is my sixth year as a school counsellor (working in primary and intermediate schools) and my first year at ANI. I am fully qualified (up to Masters level) and am fully registered with the national membership group – NZAC. I feel immensely privileged to hold the role of school counsellor, and am looking forward to getting to know the students and staff of ANI. I believe in working in a client-led, strengths-based way – ensuring that my clients feel heard, valued and supported. I provide developmentally appropriate, flexible and engaging mental health support to our students here at ANI, while encouraging involvement from families and teachers. 

How do counsellors help? 

Counsellors listen to people talk about feelings and problems, without judgement. Counsellors can help people better understand themselves and their feelings, solve problems, reach goals, improve relationships with friends and family, and feel more confident and content in their identities. 

Counselling sessions take place on school premises, in school hours – the timing of sessions will be decided with input from the student’s teacher so that interruption to in-class learning is minimal. The length of sessions vary, with the usual duration of 30 to 40 minutes. The frequency and duration of counselling will depend on the child’s needs. 

Attending counselling is entirely voluntary – no student will be forced to attend if they do not want to. Students are welcome to change their minds and stop counselling sessions if they wish. 

There is no fee associated with attending counselling. 

The sessions will include elements of talk-therapy, play, games, art, drawing, written work (and much more depending on the child’s interests and strengths) while scaffolded within the relationship of trust and safety between myself as the counsellor and the child.

How do counsellors protect the privacy of their clients? 

Counsellors are obligated to maintain the privacy of their clients – this means not sharing information from client sessions with others. There are exceptions to this: if the child is in serious and imminent danger or if your child agrees on something particular that they would like shared. I practise counselling collaboratively and so find that it is most supportive of a child’s wellbeing if all the important people in their life are on the same page. 

Where should I go for further information? 

Please feel free to contact me at: counsellor@ani.school.nz. My working days at ANI are Thursdays and Fridays, so you are also welcome to drop by my office for a chat. 

Chloe Moore

ANI School Counsellor

PTA News

The ANI PTA are an active and awesome group that support the school in a number of ways from helping out at events to hosting parent information evenings and the odd bit of fundraising. 

The main planned events for term 1 are:

Monday 26 February – PTA AGM Wine & Cheese Evening:

We will be voting to elect officers and new members are very welcome.

Thursday 14th March – St Patrick’s Themed Social:

Monday 8 until Friday 12 April – Mufti Week:

PTA help required

Luke Barnard

ANI PTA Chairperson

Korean and Chinese Summary

Korean Summary

교장 선생님의 메시지

사랑하는 학부모님, 모든 교사와 학생의 공동 노력으로 2024년 새 학년도가 순조롭게 시작되었습니다. 학교는 제대로 운영되기 위해 많은 노력이 필요한 크고 다양한 커뮤니티입니다. 수강생 수가 급증함에 따라 강좌를 일부 조정했습니다. 모든 학생과 학부모님의 지원과 협조에 감사드립니다. 학생 등록 ​​증가는 학교의 긍정적인 영향과 지역사회에서의 좋은 평판을 반영합니다.

새 학년이 시작되면 학교에서는 모든 교사와 학생이 좋은 관계를 형성하고 강한 소속감을 가질 수 있는 다양한 기회를 제공합니다. 탄탄하고 안정적인 학습 환경이 구축되어 있으며, 학생들이 수업에서 열심히 공부하고 지속적인 발전을 이루는 모습을 보니 매우 기쁩니다.

우리는 아이들의 학습에 가정에서 부모님들의 도움과 협력이 필요하다는 것을 알고 있으며, 여러분의 지원에 감사드립니다. Haoguo 학생들에게 문제가 발생하면 담임 선생님에게 연락하도록 격려하십시오.

올해 학생 수는 700명이 넘으므로 반 친구들에 대한 명확한 기대치를 갖는 것이 중요합니다. 제가 학교 조회에서 강조한 내용을 여러분과 공유하겠습니다.

정시에 학교에 가고 교육을 존중하십시오.

노력과 헌신을 통해, 자랑스러워할 수 있는 고품질의 작품을 완성해 보세요.

자부심을 가지고 교복을 입고 학교와 교사, 학생을 존중하십시오.

개인을 더 나은 사람으로 만드는 요소와 협업의 중요성을 이해합니다. (다른 사람의 성장을 돕는 경험이 있을 때도 있고, 자신의 성장을 돕기 위해 다른 사람의 경험이 필요할 때도 있습니다. 열린 마음을 갖는 것이 중요합니다.)

마지막으로, 함께 일하고 함께 발전합시다.

제이슨 포콕 교장

교사 만남 및 인사: 2월 19일 월요일에 학교는 학교 공동체가 우리와 연락을 유지하고 이번 학기 아이들의 학습에 대한 개요를 얻을 수 있도록 환영의 밤을 가질 것입니다. 5시 30분에 다목적홀에 오신 것을 환영합니다. 6시에 교장이 모든 사람을 환영한 후 자녀의 학습 공간을 방문합니다. 파티는 6시 45분에 종료되며, 필요하다면 보안부에서 추가 논의가 이뤄질 수도 있다.

학부모 사이버 안전 세미나: 2월 22일 목요일 오후 6시. 이번 강의는 네트워크 보안 및 위험 평가 컨설턴트로 유명한 존 파슨(John Parson)이 진행했습니다. John은 2월 22일 낮 동안 아이들을 가르치고, 방과 후에 교직원을 교육하고, 오후 7시부터 8시까지 학부모 저녁 모임을 가질 예정입니다.

교육 코너:

주제 탐색: 우리는 누구인가? 가치는 우리가 누구인지에 없어서는 안될 부분입니다. 우리의 생활 방식에 영향을 미칩니다. 탐구되는 구체적인 내용에는 가치관이 무엇인지, 내가 가치 있게 여기는 것이 무엇인지, 개인적인 가치관은 여러 요인의 영향을 받으며, 가치관은 우리가 살아가는 방식에 영향을 미칩니다.

쓰기: 문법 계획, 문장 구조, 쓰기 과정

읽기: 텍스트 기반 질문에 답하기 위한 이해 전략.

마오리: 소개, 환영 및 수업 용어

수학: 측정과 숫자

Chinese Summary






  1. 准时上学,尊重教育

  2. 通过努力和奉献,完成高质量,令自己自豪的作业。

  3. 穿着校服自豪,尊重学校及师生。

  4. 理解如何使个人变得更好及合作的重要性。(有时你有经验帮助他人成长,有时你需要别人的经验帮你成长,持开放态度很重要。)


校长 Jason Pocock


家长网络安全讲座:星期四2月22日下午6点。该讲座由著各的网络安全及风险评估顾问John Parson演讲。John 2月22日白天给孩子们上课,放学后给教职工培训,晚上7至8点举办家长晚会。


探索主题: 我们是谁。价值观是”我们是谁”不可缺少的一部分。影响着我们的生活方式。探索的具体内容包括什么是价值观,我看重什么; 个人价值观受多种因素影响; 价值观影响我们如何生活。

写作: 语法规划,句子结构,写作过程

阅读: 理解策略,回答基于文本的问题。

毛利语: 介绍,欢迎及课堂用语

数学: 测量及数字

Upcoming events for Term 1

Community News