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In today’s ANI Guild we have the following:

Kapa Kāhui

Kapa Haka Festival 2024

As the beautiful performances went by, the crowd was ecstatic. Eight schools (Parnell District School, Cornwall Park District School, Kohia Terrace School, Maungawhau School, Epsom Normal Primary School, Victoria Avenue School, Meadowbank School and the lovely Auckland Normal Intermediate took weeks to prepare for their astonishing performances for this delightful event.

ANI was very prosperous to host this year’s Kapa Kahui.

What is Kapa Kahui, you might ask? Kapa Kahui is a celebration where eight schools come together to share enthralling waiatas and intimidating hakas.

Let’s start from the beginning…


Each individual school was greeted to the MPS by our wonderful student leaders. While walking through the gates of the MPS, ANI’s charming Kapa Haka welcomed the schools with open arms.

Once everybody was seated, there were many speeches which were spoken. Once all the speeches were completed, Epsom Girls Grammar School performed a beautiful waiata. 

Afterwards, some confident kapa haka leaders of the schools recited their karakia. Along with the karakia there was a short introduction of the school. Finally, all the schools went to their designated classes to enjoy some delicious hot dogs, cotton candy, coffee, hot chocolate and others.

When all the food had disappeared, everybody went to their dressing rooms to have a final rehearsal before they had to perform the performance they had been practising for weeks.

Some students went to their dressing rooms to interview them which was awesome. (Linked here). Everyone did a fabulous job with their performances. We hope we can host this wonderful show again. Till then, goodbye.

Written by Sohum K, Aariz A, Awais S and Saisha C

Pictures by Miss Chowdhury and Sohum K

Edited by Aariz A

German Week at ANI

Celebrating German Week: Embracing the Richness of German Language, Culture, and Traditions

German Week was underway at ANI, uniting students and faculty in celebration of the diverse and vibrant facets of the German language, culture and way of life. From language workshops to cultural exhibitions, this week-long event provided a comprehensive exploration of Germany’s rich heritage.

The primary objective of German Week was to foster awareness and appreciation of the German language and culture among students. Throughout the week, a variety of activities and events were organized to engage students and deepen their understanding of German traditions, customs and values.

One of the highlights of German Week was the EP Language Learning Competition, where students had the opportunity to showcase their German language skills. This competition encouraged students to actively engage with the German language and put their linguistic abilities to the test in a fun and competitive setting. Participants had the opportunity to demonstrate their speaking, listening, and comprehension skills, with winners being acknowledged for their linguistic talents. This competition not only added a competitive element to German Week but also emphasized the importance of language learning and fluency in German.



Furthermore, an exciting German handball tournament captivated participants and spectators alike, highlighting the exhilarating nature of this dynamic team sport.

German handball is a fast-paced and dynamic team sport that originated in Germany in the late 19th century. It has a widespread degree of popularity in Germany, boasting a rich history and a tradition of success in international competitions. Played on a court with six outfield players and a goalkeeper for each team, the objective of German handball is to score goals by throwing the ball into the opposing team’s goal. Known for its physicality, speed, and strategic gameplay, German handball is an exciting and thrilling sport to watch and play. With a dedicated following in Germany and growing global popularity, it truly embodied the spirit of sportsmanship and competition.

During the tournament, students formed teams and competed in fast-paced matches, showcasing their skills and teamwork in a spirit of friendly competition. The tournament aimed to promote not only the sport of handball but also the values of sportsmanship, camaraderie, and active participation in physical activities.

It proved to be an exhilarating addition to the lineup of events during German Week, providing a platform for students to engage with a popular aspect of German culture while fostering unity and healthy competition within the ANI community.


In conclusion, German Week at ANI was a celebration of the richness and diversity of the German language, culture, and way of life. Through a series of engaging activities, workshops, and events, students were encouraged to embrace and appreciate the multifaceted aspects of German heritage and identity. As we came together to celebrate German Week, we seized the opportunity to learn, explore, and connect with the vibrant world of German language and culture. Prost to a week filled with learning, fun, and celebration!

Written by William

Edited by Ayesha 

Pictures and clips by Leo


Let the Games Begin!

After school many boys and girls met at the shade sail for the annual netball trials – the winter league at Windmill Park. Netball is a popular sport across the world, gaining more and more popularity in these recent years, especially at ANI.

Our school is training the next generation of rising netball stars! 

From 3:30 to 5:30pm intense and competitive netball trials started. Many students new to netball still came and gave their best under the guidance of their more experienced teammates. We had Year 7s trialing on a Wednesday and the Year 8’s on a Thursday.

Each and every player had 30 minutes of game time to show off their skills and team play. The teams are ranked from A, being the most experienced in this sport to F, being the least experienced. This year there were many talented and wonderful players training for a place to represent ANI. It was a hard decision to pick the teams considering the amount of amazing people who came to trial.


Thank you Mrs Hughes and Mrs Tuiali’i for coordinating everything related to the trials. Again this year’s netball trials went very smoothly and successfully.

A thank you as well to all the students that gave it a try! You all did an awesome job on those two days. If you didn’t get chosen this time then there are many other amazing opportunities later in the year, and of course, the Year 7s can try again next year.

Written by Selene Q

Edited by Ayesha S & Avni B

Photos by Mrs Hughes

Matai Team Camp at Tui Ridge Park

Ah, remember the heart-pounding adventures such as the Burma trail, the giant swing, and orienteering at Matai Team Camp? We just wish we could relive the epic times at Tui Ridge Park.

On Tuesday, March 5, we all hopped on the bus, ready to dive into a whirlwind of fun! From settling into our dorms to conquering tight ropes, orienteering, indoor rock climbing, archery, and much more – it was a crazy 4-day camp packed with thrills.

The excitement of exploring the great outdoors and challenging ourselves with various activities still lingers. From the initial settling into our dorms to the adrenaline rush of conquering tight ropes, indoor rock climbing, and hitting each other with arrows in archery, each moment was filled with joy and excitement.

And let’s not forget the delicious breakfast, lunch, and dinner that awaited us each day! From savouring Chicken Curry with garlic naan to indulging in deep pan pizza and Thai green curry, these foods kept us fueled for the exciting adventures ahead.

The best part of it all was the activities consisting of orienteering, team building, high ropes, rock climbing and much more, but everybody’s favourites were the Burma trail and the giant swing. During the Burma trail students tiptoed across the forest with mysterious surprises awaiting them like creepy teachers and 2-meter drops! On the other hand, the giant swing was both terrifying and fun. It was exciting to pull the rope while being high above the air and launch yourself like a bird. Have a look at these photos yourself!

Written by Awais S, Aariz A and Saisha C

Edited by Aariz A and Fatima Z

Basketball Trials

Basketball is an amazing sport that is played all around the world and is great for fitness and other important skills to stay healthy. Plus anybody can play basketball! Never dribbled a ball? Never scored a shot? Try it anyway! Just because you’ve never played a sport doesn’t mean you can’t try. 

Let me tell you a story. It’s about a famous Indian actor named Rajinikanth. In the Tamil cinema scene, he is recognised as a superstar. Maybe you’ve heard of him, maybe you haven’t. He worked as a bus conductor for 25 years before he started acting. Now mind you, he had not acted in any sort of film before. Normally you wouldn’t see a bus conductor acting in a film, would you?  Unless he was acting as a bus conductor. His movies were not always a success though; he had his fair share of failures. With determination and hard work, plus incredible style and suave, he became famous. He is a billionaire and is known all over the world, even in countries like China and Japan! All that happened with one little idea. What if I tried?

Even if you haven’t played basketball or whatever you want to do, just put your hand up. Who knows maybe it’s your destiny. Maybe you could become the next Michael Jordan. The most important thing is to enjoy it, something another hero of basketball always does, Steph Curry.

At the trials for the ANI basketball team everybody did a fantastic job. So what was the coach looking for during the trials? Let’s hear it from the coach himself, Mr Ng:

Me: What were some of the qualities or values that you were looking for in the candidates during the trials?

Mr Ng: Well, I was looking for a team player. Someone willing to learn, a knowledgeable player, someone who can adapt, and finally, has a love of the game.

Me:  My next question for you is this. I have been hearing about how there are two different teams, one social and one competitive. What is your reasoning behind this?

Mr Ng: My reasoning for having two teams was that not everybody wants to play competitively. Some people just want to have fun and give it a go, which this year is something we want to encourage. Overall, we are trying to increase basketball interest and encourage kids to play basketball.

The people who got into the teams were announced on Wednesday (Week 11), so congratulations to those who succeeded. However, for those who didn’t, it’s not the end of your basketball journey. There will always be new opportunities, if not now, then later in your future to get back at it. 

Written by Kushaell R P

Edited by Sohum K and Russell JH


The Tuc Shop! Most visited landmark in the reign of ANI. With 200+ kids showing up every day. Don’t you think you’re sick of the same menu all the time. Or when you have to wait in the bizarre long lune, Well introducing EZ LUNCH! The ultimate website to order your favorite delicious foods, consisting of appetizing wraps,  succulent burgers, mouth-watering pies and many more.


Did you know that ordering from EZ Lunch means you’ll never have to wait in long lines again? Moreover, their menu differs from the Tuc Shop, offering Wraps, Chips, Rice, Chicken (roast/fried), Pies, and exclusive lightning deals. These deals feature combinations like nuggets and fries, as well as piping hot Chips smothered in your favourite sauces.

If you’re wondering whether the food is suitable for your cultural or religious needs, you’ll be pleased to know that EZ Lunch caters to halal and those who prefer vegetarian food. EZ Lunch are committed to serving everyone with equal happiness and satisfaction.

If you wish to place an order for the Exciting EZ Lunch for your child, kindly download the Hero App and proceed to place your order through it, Payment can be made securely via Kindo.

If you have ordered EZ Lunch, you may collect it from the MPS Cafe at 12:30. We kindly request that you inform your teacher before leaving the class. This will ensure that your learning is not disrupted and that you can enjoy your meal in a timely and efficient manner.

Written by Awais S and Aariz A

Edited by Griffin C and Aariz A


The ANI 8: 8 questions. 1 student. 1 staff member. Heaps of fun!

Mr Carruthers and Kushaell R – linked here