The ANI GUILD: Issue #2

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In today’s ANI Guild we have the following:

Cinderella Cases

Does it fit?

It’s a regular Monday morning and you’re excited for the day ahead. You head into class for a fun first block. The bell rings for morning tea and you run out the door to get your shoes…

Only to discover that they have been lost among dozens and dozens of them. Which ones belong to you?

Here’s a thought for you. Imagine 800-900 blue sheep and all of them have black hooves! How would you find yours?

As stated in our school dress code; shoes need to be in black. That’s cool. Black shoes are stylish and easy to get. No problem. That is until the time comes when you have to seek your own pair of shoes out of the 60-90 other pairs in your hubs. Then it becomes a real challenge. 

Just about a week ago the ANI press team were called in for an urgent meeting. We all rushed over only to see Miss Triana solving the case of a shoe swap! We all began checking our shoes and when it came time to check mine, I realised that the investigation was all because of me! So we brought the shoes together, and they were completely identical. It was the same brand and design!  Okay, I have to admit, one was slightly smaller than the other. 


This is what happens school-wide almost every week, whether it’s a shoe swap, or a pair of missing shoes it’s proving to be a big problem. 

I say that we all put our names on our shoes from now on.

However, this problem has another simple solution. Just ask yourself first: Does it fit?

Written by Kushaell

Edited by Awais



Smashed for 6!

Our year 7 and 8 cricket teams were all set to head out for Central Zones with their gear but unfortunately, the event was canceled due to rainy weather conditions. However, a catch-up match was arranged for March 11th, pitting the year 7 team against the year 8 team. 

Mr. Markham and Mr. T officiated the match, with students offering their assistance. The Year 8 team won the toss and chose to bowl first. Despite a bit of wind towards the end, the match proceeded smoothly under the sunny weather.

The year 7 team faced some challenges and managed to score 89 runs in 15 overs. The year 8 team then needed to chase 90 runs to win and they successfully achieved a score of 110 runs in 15 overs, securing victory.

The Year 7 team put up a good fight but the Year 8 team emerged victorious in the end. Special thanks were extended to Mr. Markham for his efforts in organizing the match and keeping score and to Mr. T for umpiring alongside Mr. Markham. The students who participated also deserve praise for their performance.

ANI offers a variety of sports beyond cricket including: netball, water polo, basketball, badminton and tennis. Stay updated through daily notices for sign-up opportunities. Take advantage of the diverse sports and activities at ANI and strive to excel in all your endeavors. Let’s hope our future sports events are not affected by rain!

Written by Aariz and Avni 

Photos taken by Sohum 

Edited by Aariz 

CZ Orienteering

The sun bathed the landscape in warmth as 30 eager students gathered for the intermediate orienteering tournament. The promise of adventure hung in the air, whispered by gentle breezes that revealed hidden trails.

As the participants arrived, their eyes widened at the sight of the 2-kilometer course stretching out before them. The map, meticulously detailed, held the key to their success. This was no ordinary race—it tested skill, strategy, and endurance.

With a collective breath, the teams set off. Their sneakers kicked up dust as they sprinted toward the first post. The trees enveloped them, its cool shade a welcome relief from the sun’s intensity. Each team had a mission: find 16 hidden markers scattered across the wilderness.

The midday heat bore down on their backs, but they pressed on. Sweat dripped, and legs burned, but the thrill of the hunt fueled their determination. The compass swung wildly, pointing them toward the next checkpoint. Through trees and over hills, they navigated, relying on their wits and teamwork.

One by one, the teams crossed the finish line, triumphant and exhausted. Mr. Nicols, Miss Dale, and Miss Hodder stood there, beaming with pride. Their meticulous planning had paid off—the event ran like clockwork. The students collapsed onto the grass, times clenched in hands, and shared stories of their adventures through Monte Cecilia Park.

The intermediate orienteering tournament was a day etched in their memories—a blend of challenge, camaraderie and triumph.

By Saisha

Edited by Griffin

Hey Honey!

On the thirteenth of March, we experienced the first honey extraction of all time at ANI. Our sustainability team members were pleased to extract honey from our school beehive. After carefully removing the honey-filled frames out of the boxes, the team of boys and girls along with experts carried everything to the MPS kitchen. We had 21 girls and 4 boys participating in this memorable event for the sustainability club and our school.

This beehive was placed in our school 2 years ago. We had never had anything like this happen at our school, so we invited some experts with honey and bees! And in this period of time our beautiful honey bees had collected almost 20 liters of delicious multi floral honey. Huge shout out to beez thingz for helping us and guiding us through this wonderful journey with our bees.

Written by Fatima

 Edited by Selene

 Photos by Ms Redshaw

Auckland Blues!

The sun shone, beaming in the clear sky. The overlapping sound of  700 students, eager to meet their idols, echoed throughout the school. “Can I please get your autograph?” Roared the whole school. On Thursday the 22nd of March, ANI was incredibly fortunate to have members of the Auckland Blues rugby team visit the school. They were John Ricky Riccitelli and Finlay Turner Christie.

The amazing team were very kind and hospitable, as they gifted the hundreds of students with refreshing juicy ice blocks and some healthy fruit to keep us energetic throughout the whole day. We were all excited as 100s of signatures were flying around the place, plastered on all our posters and flags. All this excitement was overwhelming and wholesome but the most thrilling segment was ………….


When 4 of the ANI Media Team including : Aariz, Awais, Saisha and Sohum held a fiery interview digging deep down to the depths of the stars and discovering some interesting facts about them. Aariz did an awesome job executing a splendid interview with the amazing players. Please watch the interview linked at the end of this article.

Written by Awais, Aariz, Sohum and Saisha 

Edited by Aariz 

Interviewed by Aariz 

Photography by Sohum 




The ANI 8: 8 questions. 1 student. 1 staff member. Heaps of fun!

The Auckland Blues and Aariz A:  linked here