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News from the Acting Principal and Deputy Principal

Dear Parents and Caregivers,

Tēnā koutou i ngā whānau o Te Ipu Kura o Matāaho

As we slowly approach the end of term 1 we have a few reminders for our akonga.


Take time to disconnect

Devices play a huge role in our lives. Whether it be emails, banking, social media or gaming, we are constantly connected which has positive as well as negative effects on our mental health. At ANI, we encourage our students to set aside time each day when they are not on a device. During this ‘disconnected’ time you might like to; walk the dog, play with a sibling, help in the kitchen, draw or practise a dance. Being ‘disconnected’ from your device from time to time will ensure that you develop a balanced understanding of the role devices play in our lives. 

Say “Thank you” to 5 people over the holidays

Gratitude is one of the most important traits to foster in young people today. In a world that encourages ego-centric thinking, having an attitude of gratitude allows young people to change the way they view themselves and the world around them. A good place to start is to get your young person to list 2 things that they are grateful for each day. This might be, “I am grateful to Dad for making my lunch each morning” or “I am grateful to Mum for taking me to Waterpolo each week”. This attitude of gratitude allows our young people to take the focus off themselves and onto those around them and ensures that they learn to appreciate the little things in their lives. 

Help around the house

It is important to help around the house to complete different jobs that your young person is responsible for.  It is important that our young people support their families at home when they can as it not only helps you as parents but also reduces your workload around the house. It also provided young people with an opportunity to contribute to the whanau and fosters a good work ethic for them as they develop into young adults. 

John Parsons

Please find linked here another insightful tip titled, Children & Online Games – A Nosy Parent is a Loving Parent”.

from John Parsons the Cyber Safety and Risk Assessment Consultant.

Other updates from around our school: 

Monthly Panui

We will not be producing a Monthly Panui for April due to the school holidays.

Teacher Only Day 

A Teacher Only Day will be held on Monday 24 April to align with our local ACCoS schools. ANZAC day is on Tuesday 25th April so our first day of term 2 is on Wednesday 26th April.

Kapa Kahui

What an amazing event we had on Thursday 30 March with our local ACCoS schools sharing their talented students at our inaugural Kapa Kahui event at Epsom Normal Intermediate School. Our group was fantastic on the night and represented the school proudly with a lot of strength and mana.  

We are also looking forward to hosting this event in 2024 at ANI and feel very honoured to receive the Taonga that was passed onto our school, which comes with the mana and blessing of the first successful event.

A huge thank you to Matua Steve and Whaea Brooke for their mahi with our group and for supporting them to ensure they were the best they could be on the day.

Ngā mihi nui

Shane Devery (Acting Principal), Bryce Mills (Deputy Principal)

Student Congratulations

This week’s Principal’s Awards are awarded to three amazing students for their support of the school in a variety of areas. 

Regards Shane and Bryce

Curriculum Spot:

End-of-Term Exams

The school is providing more opportunities for our students to succeed in their learning by sitting exams at the end of each term. 

The exams will take place in the last two weeks of each term and focus on Reading, Writing and Mathematics.  

The results/data received from each exam will help identify gaps in a student’s learning, while teachers will use this data to plan direct acts of teaching, to improve the specific skills and knowledge of students in their classrooms.

The exams are created on Education Perfect (EP) and the results from the exams are marked online so this enables students to access their data via their EP logins. We encourage our students to share their results at home with their parents.

Y8 students will also begin additional exam preparations in terms 3 & 4 including how to write a formal essay and answer multi-choice exam questions.

We think this approach will not only improve our student’s skills and knowledge but support students’ ability to cope in an exam situation, under time pressures and improve performance in external and internal examinations in the future.

Reading at ANI

Reading is hugely important to us at ANI! We recently celebrated the wonderful world of books with ANI World Book Day where we dressed up, hunted for quotations and wrote some incredible 500 Word Stories. We are continuing our celebration of Reading throughout the year in many ways. 

Staff are taking part in professional development sessions with the National Library of New Zealand which is sharing awesome resources, ideas and the latest books to engage your young people with reading. 

We are also taking advantage of the National Library Lending Service. This means we can borrow over 300 books a term to share in classes and keep our class libraries fresh and changing. We can request books on subjects related to our Literacy, Maths and Inquiry topics to have relevant books all year round. There will also be a variety of high-interest books for students to read. Students will be able to read these books in class and teachers will use them in learning sessions. 

You can engage with your child’s reading at home by: 

– encouraging your child to read! The best way to help your child become a reader is for them to develop a love of reading through interest and choice of books. Try to share with them a variety of fiction and nonfiction including news stories, poetry or audiobooks. There’s a book out there for everyone!

– discussing with your child what they are reading. What books have they read in class, from the School Library, or from their class libraries? 

– asking them to make predictions about what will happen in the next 5 pages, next few chapters or at the end of the book.

– asking them what alternative ending could they imagine when they have finished a book.

– asking them what interesting facts they have learnt from non-fiction books that they wish everyone in the world knew.

– asking them to add their own panel or speech bubble to a scene in a comic or graphic novel.

Please see the Reading at Home section on the National Library website for more ideas!

Year 8 Camp Reflections

Rimu team

From Tuesday 28th February to Friday 3rd March, Rimu Team had an incredible adventure at Tui Ridge Camp, Rotorua. We were blessed with blue skies and bright sunshine which definitely boosted our moods!

Students, parents and staff all faced fears, built relationships, met challenges, made memories and all in all had a fantastic time!

As always, the giant swing, indoor rock climbing and abseiling remained unforgettable activities with air rifles and air tag archery adding a bit of friendly competition to the mix! Our exhilarating visit to Adrenalin Forest was most memorable! 

In the evening, we trekked through the darkness on the Burma Trail and were wowed by many skills, impressions and performances at Rimu’s Got Talent. 

All students impressed us with their amazing attitudes all week, demonstrating and developing all school values and IB learner profile aspects. Thank you again to the staff and parents who made it all possible!

Alice O’Sullivan

Team Leader

Matai team

On Tuesday 7th of March, the Matai team set off for 4 glorious days down at Tui Ridge Camp, Rotorua. We were expecting rain but were so thankful it managed to hold off until our last day, allowing us blue skies and sunny days for all our activities.

Matai students and parents definitely hit the ground running, arriving and jumping straight into our first round of activities. It’s no surprise that the giant swing and the flying fox remained firm favourites but there were definitely so many more honourable mentions.

Abseiling presented us with a worthy challenge, air rifles encouraged patience and determination, mountain biking tested our endurance and the archery attack provided some much-needed fun, laughter and a bit of payback!

Our evening activities delivered a good deal of entertainment and a little bit of Census trauma. With our first night at camp being Census night, we had everyone filling in the census forms where we quickly learned what a complex task this was and how patient Matua Steve can be! Our Matai talent show was a hit, we definitely have some amazing dancers and actors in the team Burma trail produced some pretty impressive screams yet strangely most Matai students insisted that they had not been scared.

We were fed well which helped keep energy high and we even managed to get a few nights of sleep – although maybe not as much sleep as the teachers had hoped. Matai team had an absolutely amazing time away, filled with risk-taking, collaboration and stepping out of comfort zones.

We feel so fortunate that we were able to successfully get to camp, have a great time and leave having made new friendships and lasting memories. A huge thanks to all the students, parents and staff for helping to make this year’s camp such an amazing place to be. Go Matai Team!

Ashley Triana

Team Leader


Central Zone Tag

It was a beautiful day to be outside in the sun watching some of our talented students face up against some skilled opposition.

We had some tough losses but also some great wins.

We are very proud of this awesome bunch of kids who tried their best in every game.

Brooke Tuialii & Xavier Rice

Teachers in Charge of Tag

Futsal Tournament

The students had a fantastic day at the Futsal Tournament at Dilworth.

Our two Futsal teams ended the tournament with 1st and 2nd place!
A massive achievement!

Carlos Kucera



If your young person has begun the trial process in order to play Netball for ANI in 2023, please read the information below. 

If your young person would like to play Netball this year but has missed the sign-ups and trials, please email Miss Mitchell (mmitchell@ani.school.nz) and Mr Houston (nhouston@ani.school.nz) with your young person’s name and room number. 

Trials Information

We carried out trials in Weeks 8 and 9 for both Year 7 and 8 students. They showed an incredible amount of resilience and determination. The selections were carried out by independent selectors. Team selection will be finalised within two weeks of the final trial date, if possible. The selector’s decision is final.

Teams will be notified and full details regarding fee payments and uniform collection will be provided by the end of the term. 

Competition Information

Competition Venue: Windmill Park

Competition Day: Monday Afternoon/Evenings. 

Start Term 2 – May 1st. Finish Term 3 – August 21, 2023.

Game Times: 4:15pm. 5:15pm. 6:15pm. (TBC by team manager weekly).

Umpires: ANC Umpires are currently being organised by ANI (this cost is included in the netball fees below).

Transport: Parents/Players are responsible for organising transport to and from the courts at Windmill Park. 

Player Fees: The player fee for the season is $120 per person, which includes registration, selectors and umpires for the trials, as well as weekly umpires, team equipment and uniform cleaning, at the end of the season. There is also an additional cost of a $30 BOND for netball uniform hire, this will be refunded when the uniform is returned at the end of the season.

Total Fees: This brings the total fee to $150 which must be paid in full into the school account by Friday 14th April. Note: Payment is not required until after trials. Make sure to include your young person’s name, room number and ‘Netball’ in the reference. 

Coaches/Managers: Each team is responsible for arranging their own coach and manager for the season.

Please note: If you have any other queries, please do not hesitate to contact us through email (mmitchell@ani.school.nz) and (nhouston@ani.school.nz). 

Maddy Mitchell & Nick Houston

Teachers in Charge of Netball


ANI Ski & Snowboard Team

We have decided to go ahead with ski training at Snow Planet in terms two and three so our students are better prepared to be involved in the North Island Primary School Ski (NIPSS) championships.  

At this stage, we have not heard from RAL with regards to NIPS but fingers crossed they find a way to run the events for 2023.  If they are unable to run an event, Snowplanet will do its best to create an alternative.

As an alternative event to NIPS, ANI will enter a team(s) into the Snow Planet event occurring on Tuesday 1st August for the Auckland Primary & Intermediate Schools Ski & Snowboard Championships.

Watch out for more information early in term two.

ANI Trips

Expressions of Interest

We are in the process of offering overseas travel options for our students between Saturday 9 September and returning no later than Friday 22 September. 

The destinations include Cairns, Japan and Singapore. Please have a talk with your young person and discuss if they might be interested. We are in the early stages of getting an expression of interest, at this stage, to get an understanding of the potential numbers attending each trip. Students can indicate if they are interested in more than one trip but will be required to put down their first and second preferences.

The google form below is for you to indicate your interest in a certain trip(s). The school will not hold you to the trip but we ask that once you make a firm commitment a non-refundable deposit of $300 will be requested to hold your child’s place. (There are minimum numbers for each trip to ensure it can go ahead, however, if more students indicate they are attending the price will be lower).

Cairns (Eco Trip):  Approximate cost: $2900 – $3300

Japan (Culture and language Focus):  Approximate cost: $5400 – $6000

Singapore (Cultural):  Approximate cost: $4600 – $5100

The following trips will be based on 5 – 7 days which includes accommodation, flights, food and transport. Spending money will be extra.  

A full itinerary will be available once we know the numbers and receive board approval.

Please fill out the google form to indicate your interest. 

Mr Devery


Please see below for information regarding ANZAC Day

PTA News

School Socials

It was great to have our first school Social in the new hall. Thanks to all the students, teachers and parents that made it a success. The students had a great time and the PTA raised a great sum of money for the school. The date of the term two disco has been confirmed for Thursday 22 June, 6-8pm.

Chocolate Fundraiser

We have our Chocolate fundraiser coming up in week three of term two starting with a school assembly on Monday 8 May and the distribution of chocolates to all students on Friday 12 May. We would love to have more helpers to support the distribution of the chocolates that first week and each day starting from Monday 15 May from 8.15-9am to receive chocolate money and give out more boxes at the same time.

Next PTA Hui

Our next meeting will be held in term 2, on Monday 1 May in the school library at 6pm. We hope to see you there! 

If you would like to help out at the next PTA social or chocolate fundraiser, please do contact us.

We would love to hear from you, if you’re interested in taking on the role of Chairperson, Secretary or Treasurer of the PTA next year. Please do contact us if you are able to help or have any questions: pta@ani.school.nz

Korean and Chinese Summary

In every newsletter and Monthly Panui we will add a short Korean and Chinese translation to assist families where English is not their first language. 

Please see below a summary in Korean:

학기말 시험   

학교는 매 학기 말에 시험을 치르면서 학생들이 학습에 성공할 수 있는 더 많은 기회를 제공하고 있습니다.   시험은 매 학기의 마지막 2주 동안 진행되며 읽기, 쓰기 및 수학에 중점을 둡니다.  시험에서 받은 결과/데이터는 학생의 학습 격차를 식별하는 데 도움이 되며, 교사는 이 데이터를 사용하여 직접적인 교수 활동을 계획하고 교실에서 학생의 특정 기술과 지식을 향상시킵니다.   시험은 Education Perfect (EP)에서 생성되며 시험 결과는 온라인으로 표시되므로 학생들은 EP 로그인을 통해 데이터에 액세스 할 수 있습니다. 우리는 학생들이 집에서 부모님과 결과를 공유하도록 권장합니다.  

Y8 학생들은 또한 공식 에세이를 작성하고 객관식 시험 질문에 답하는 방법을 포함하여 3 및 4 학기에 추가 시험 준비를 시작합니다.   우리는 이 접근법이 학생의 기술과 지식을 향상시킬뿐만 아니라 시험 상황에서 시간 압박을 받고 향후 외부 및 내부 시험에서 성과를 향상시킬 수있는 학생의 능력을 지원할 것이라고 생각합니다.

ANI 트립

9 월 9 일 토요일부터 9 월 22 일 금요일까지 학생들에게 해외 여행 옵션을 제공하는 과정에 있습니다.  목적지에는 케언즈, 일본 및 싱가포르가 포함됩니다. 우리는이 단계에서 각 여행에 참석하는 잠재적 인 숫자를 이해하기 위해 관심을 표명하는 초기 단계에 있습니다. 학생들은 하나 이상의 여행에 관심이 있는지 표시 할 수 있지만 첫 번째와 두 번째 선호도를 적어야합니다. 아래 Google 양식은 특정 여행에 대한 관심을 표시하기위한 것입니다. 학교는 귀하를 여행에 보류하지 않지만 일단 확고한 약속을 하면 자녀의 자리를 유지하기 위해 $300의 환불되지 않는 보증금이 요청될 것입니다. (각 여행마다 최소 숫자가 있지만 더 많은 학생들이 참석하고 있다고 표시하면 가격이 낮아집니다.)

케언즈 (에코 여행) : 대략적인 비용 : $ 2900 – $ 3300

일본 (문화 및 언어 초점) : 대략적인 비용 : $ 5400 – $ 6000

싱가포르 (문화) : 대략적인 비용 : $ 4600 – $ 5100

여행은 숙박, 항공편, 음식 및 교통편을 포함하는 5-7 일을 기준으로합니다. 돈을 쓰는 것은 추가 될 것입니다. 관심을 표시하기 위해 Google 양식을 작성하십시오. 이 링크를 따르십시오 : 링크


Please see below a summary in Chinese:



1. 希望我们的同学们控制上网时间,每天一定时间段下网,和父母兄弟姐妹,朋友们一起开心玩耍,画画,锻炼身体等,以培养身心健康。

2. 懂得感恩以培养孩子们的爱心,比如感恩父母准备旱餐,中餐等。

3. 帮忙做家务以培养孩子热爱劳动,懂得父母的辛苦,减轻父母的负坦。


期末考试:学校为提高同学们的学习成绩,每学期最后两星期进行阅读,写作及数学考试。考试在网上Education Perfect进行。学玍们的EP登录可查看成绩,与父母分享考试结果。八年级的同学们还会在第三、四学期进行额外的写作和选择题试训练,以确保他们快乐地进入高中学习。


Upcoming Events for Term 4, 2022

Please subscribe to the ANI school App as information will also be updated regularly via this online platform as will the Week Ahead.

Community News

The MG Mystics are taking on 2022 ANZP Champions Te Wananga o Raukawa Pulse and they need all the support they can get. Matchday partner Barfoot & Thompson are celebrating their Centenary and have plenty of fun activities to entertain the whole family, including an awesome Kids Play Zone.

Tickets include the curtain-raiser match between the Northern Marvels and Central in the Synergy Hair Netball League.

Doors Open:                                         1.30pm

Marvels vs Central Game Begins:     2pm

Mystics vs Pulse Game Begins:         4pm

Check out the Team of 10 Pass, great value at $150 for 10 Tickets: Linked here

Sunday 23 April – MG Mystics vs Avis Magic

It’s back to back games for the MG Mystics this ANZAC weekend with plenty of netball action across two days, including a fun activities Kids Zone to entertain the young ones thanks to Match day partner Debt Managers, there’s no better way to spend your Sunday.

Sunday sees the MG Mystics take AVIS WBOP Magic and tickets include the curtain raiser between Northern Marvels and WBOP in the Synergy Hair Netball League.  

Doors Open:                                          1.30pm

Marvels vs WBOP Game Begins:       2pm

Mystics vs Magic Game Begins:         4pm

Check out the Team of 10 Pass, great value at $150 for 10 Tickets: Linked here



SCHOOL CLOSES AT 2PM (Except for Kauri team at 3pm)
Have a safe and Happy Easter


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