ANI Student Leadership Update


What an amazing process so far, a cohort of 153 students applying for leadership from our Y7 ākonga. In an ideal world with a school of 4000 students, I could offer every applicant a leadership opportunity but such is life and this has been a really valuable learning curve for the students. These interviews mirror so many formal processes in life from future leadership applications to job interviews and we hope our students have learned a few things and have developed some skills to support them in future.

Today marked a key step in the process where we shortlisted the 153 candidates down to approximately 50 candidates who will now attend a second and final round of interviews. We understandably had some disappointed students and will always encourage them to keep their heads up and pursue alternative options to grow their leadership. 

“You do not need a leadership position to be a leader” – wise advice I have heard many times on my own journey.

We had some absent students at today’s briefing and wish to pass on this very important message to our parents of our Y7 applicants. For those students who were absent, there are two possible outcomes:

  1. If they have been shortlisted, they will receive an email from Mr Gleeson by the end of day Friday, September 22nd.
  2. If they have not been shortlisted, we are grateful for their application. They will not receive any communication from Mr Gleeson on Friday September 22nd.

Thanks again for your continued support and we wish all our shortlisted candidates the very best of luck in their next round of interviews.

As always, learning today, leading tomorrow!

Mr Gleeson

Coordinating Teacher