News from the Principal 

Dear Parents and Whānau,

He waka eke noa

Literally translated we are all in this together or we are learning alongside each other. I use this whakataukī because we had a parents meeting for whānau who are interested in being part of the next board of trustees for Auckland Normal Intermediate.

It was great to see such passion and enthusiasm from whānau, with a view to becoming an even better place for our children to learn. More information will come out from our commissioner (James Thomas) in the next week around timelines and as the Principal, I am very excited about this stage of our school’s evolution.


I do want to congratulate our year 7 Students who have successfully transitioned into the ANI way of “learning today, leading tomorrow”. They have been fully engaged in the robust academic program, including the completion of classwork and homework. As well they have been involved in the many extra curricular activities, be it arts or sports that ANI has to offer. A continuation of this positive and growth minded attitude will continue to develop our students to be the leaders of tomorrow.

The year 8’s have taken on the mantle of tuakana (older or more expert) for our year 7’s as they continue their journey of evolution and success. This is evident from my experience of these students at camp. I have just returned from the year 8 camp at Tui Ridge (Rotorua) where the students have been exposed to a plethora of activities challenging their skills, confidence and knowledge and the majority of the students have taken this opportunity with both hands and with a huge thirst to learn and better themselves. I do want to thank all of the amazing staff that have led this opportunity for our year 8’s and know that your children are better for the experience. 

As a parent you will be aware of the new legislation around phone usage at schools. At ANI we have historically had a robust policy around phone usage at school which fits the new legislation. However, I do want to draw your attention to the challenges that our students are facing online and ask you to continue to be involved with your child’s digital footprint and their wellbeing. Please talk to them about how much time they are spending on their phones and what they are accessing on these phones. Most of our popular social media platforms have a minimum age of use of 13. This is in place because these are complex places where young people often find themselves trying to navigate with very little skill and knowledge. Unfortunately, there are no fences or barriers and so what might happen online and at home often can be brought into places like schools and can cause tension. So please be aware of exactly what your children are on and whether it is negatively impacting their wellbeing. 

Another piece of legislation that the new Government is bringing into place is what they are calling the one hour of reading, writing and mathematics. The Media and they have not been totally clear with this so I did want to give clarity to our community. What the legislation says is there must be 10 hours of Literacy (reading and writing) each week and 5 hours of Numeracy (Mathematics) over a week. I am confident that ANI surpasses this expectation. 

Lastly I wanted to discuss the political hot potato that is school donations. I am well aware of the cost of living crisis that Aotearoa is facing at the moment and this is not immune to any community and we are feeling it as well. The reality is that we are funded on a model which allows only the basics of education to be recognised and the staff including i believe our community are aspirational about what education should look like for our students and need support from our community to help and where possible paying the school donation does help. It is not possible for everyone, but where it is please think about paying the school donation. 

Ngā mihi nui e te whānau 

Jason Pocock

Tumuaki (Principal)

News from the Deputy Principals

Kia ora, e te whānau,

Today’s message from the DP’s is about camp and how our EOTC programmes look to create lasting connections amongst our tamariki. Last week, at the RIMU camp, Scott and I (Kieran) were lucky to attend and got stuck into activities on the sunny, fresh days at Tui Ridge. As I was hoisted up the giant swing by chanting kids, Westlife’s classic “Flying Without Wings” blaring from the speaker, I kept repeating the instructor’s mantra to myself: Challenge By Choice. This referred to the choice I had to release myself into the swing at any stage of my choosing. Of course, to the kids, this was not an option. Mr G had to make it to the top or else. Anyway, what ensued was a lot of high-pitched screaming and some wobbly legs as I walked back to base camp.

The “Challenge By Choice” mantra really stood out as the reason we have Education Outside the Classroom. The students spent the week pushing themselves past their comfort zones to take on the rock climbing wall, the flying fox, the Burma trail and much more. What we saw were determined grimaces and so many students being supportive of old friends and new friends alike. These challenges help the students to know what their limits are, to grow in confidence, to build resilience and to show kindness. Our classrooms allow for wonderful learning but not always in this physical way and it solidified why camp is such an important part of the intermediate learning journey. If only we had a camp every term!

This week the Matai campers are away and I can’t hear their stories about pushing their teachers and parent helpers to face these challenges head on. Ms Chowdhury, you have to go on the giant swing…..or else!

Scott, Ashley and Kieran

Deputy Principals

A Message From The Commissioner

Kia ora ANI Community,

It has been a pleasure to be onsite a number of times this year and sense the positive start.  The staff are so committed to providing the best experiences and outcomes for their students; who in turn engage well with the opportunities.  My thanks to Jason Pocock and the whole team.

In the next week or so we will start the process of forming a new School Board for ANI by calling for nominations.  Nominations will close near the end of March, and voting papers will be distributed early in April.  Voting will take place over the following four weeks, with the poll closing early May.  With this proposed timeline we should have a new ANI School Board in place by mid-May.  

On Wednesday evening we had a meeting for people who are interested in being on the Board or learning what it involves.  Thank you to those who attended. If you were unable to be there and have questions about being on the Board, please get in touch with me, via the school office.

The formation of a School Board is the exciting next step for our fine school.  When you receive the voting instructions, which will include information about candidates, please vote and encourage others to do likewise.

Nga mihi nui

James Thomas

ANI Commissioner


Hero: Parents please download the app!!!

Only 1/3rd of our parents currently have the Hero app and this is where all day-to-day information, events and updates will be communicated to you. It is also a very efficient way for you to report an absence and save calling the school.

Should there be a school emergency this is how we will notify you so it is essential you have the App installed.

For clear instructions on how to download please click here.

If you would like to see a teacher or any member of staff, please contact them directly by email to arrange a time to meet. Staff emails are on our website, linked here.

Student Achievement

Principal awards

Y7 Camp Parent Information Evening

The information evening was held on Wednesday 28 February and the slides are linked here.

Y8 Camp highlights

Last week, Year 8 Rimu went to camp at Tui Ridge. We had a phenomenal time with lots of great activities, including the flying fox, a giant swing, archery attack and indoor rock climbing. They were all amazing and every single child pushed themselves to try new things, things that scared them and worked together to ensure that everyone had a good experience. Shout out to all the parents who helped out! 

“The flying fox was a lot of fun because you weren’t dropping down, you were flying through the sky! This made me feel excited and I really loved the speed it went!”, said Jeannie C. 

“I liked the giant swing because you get pulled all the way up and then fall down, really fast! It made me feel brave because I went all the way to max height, and even though I don’t like heights, I conquered my fear!”, explained Terry L.

Sam Carruthers

Y8 Matai Team Leader


Curriculum Corner


In this term our young learners have enjoyed some interesting activities.

Year 7 students are doing their research based on Lifecycle, Cell structure, Body systems, Human

Impact Inquiry, Solar system, Natural disasters.

Year 8 students are focusing on some basic concepts of Electricity, Magnetism, Newton’s Laws of Motion, Ecosystem, Genetics.

Values Consultation

Early data is in! It was really enjoyable to collate the below data and hear from teachers who had some pretty epic discussions in their hub spaces around what this data means and how their parents/caregivers see these values playing an integral role in their lives. I am hopeful that some conversations took place around the table at home and would love to hear from you if so!

The following table outlines the breakdown of the value rankings with the current data. We have not yet completed the community consultation and these numbers will be updated.

What have we done to support interpreting this data?

In the next table, we have assigned each rank a point value as follows: Rank 1: 5pts, Rank 2: 4pts, Rank 3: 3 pts, Rank 4: 2 pts and Rank 5: 1 pt. This allowed us to add the sum of ranking points to represent our values and show which values had the highest connection with our community.

What does this baseline data tell us?

It shows that our community clearly values the key components of ManaakitangaTaking care of myself in order to take care of others. Rangatiratanga, to grow myself and others, endorses our mantra: Learning Today, Leading Tomorrow. For now, this data is exciting to see and we look forward to further analysing this.

Next steps:

  1. Continue the community consultation at our upcoming Hui/Fono
  2. Begin analysing student voice from classroom treaties and agreements with the student leaders
  3. Select a student consultation group to run the same consultation
  4. Select a staff consultation group to run the same consultation

As always, please reach out with your thoughts/feedback!

Kieran Gleeson

Deputy Principal – Wellbeing

Student Leader Corner

In every fortnightly newsletter, we will be featuring a little profile to introduce our wonderful 2024 student leaders.


Hello, I’m Saisha C and I am thrilled to have the opportunity to represent ANI as one of the student leaders this year! I’m in room 4 with Miss Chowdhury. I’m from India, but moved to New Zealand when I was six years old. I applied for leadership in 2023 because I wanted to give back to the ANI community and make a difference. I believe leadership is all about showing respect and kindness to others. If you see me around school, come and say hi!


Hi! My name is Louisa A and I am one of the student leaders this year! I am in Room 16 with Ms.O’Sullivan.

I applied for leadership in 2023 because I wanted to help with the school and make it even better than it was last year. If you have any ideas or questions about what we do or can do at ANI, feel free to ask me about it!




Mālō e lelei! My name is Ilaisaane M, I am half Maori and Tongan and I am in the amazing room 4 with my teacher Ms Chowdhurry. Here are some things about me. My hobbies include getting involved in my culture, music, dance and netball. I am a very proud Student Leader at ANI and I am so grateful to have this position. In 2023 I applied for this role because I wanted to lead and get more involved at ANI. Leading is also something I like doing and also sharing with others. I hope to put smiles on peoples’ faces and make them feel comfortable and welcome.



Hi, my name is Anastasia M and I am in room 15. My classroom teacher is Miss Francig and my ILE teacher is Ms O’Sullivan. I am very passionate about being a leader at ANI because it allows me to inspire and encourage everyone around me while helping me develop my skills as a leader. In my spare time I enjoy practicing Netball and Tennis as well as spending time with friends and sharing a meal with family. If you ever see me around please come say hi.


Dear whānau,

The sustainability club has started with an exciting plan for our matariki, staff members and community. The purpose is to become a more sustainable school by having a series of projects for a more sustainable school by creating healthy, peaceful and sustainable activities for our wellbeing and health for us and our planet.

It is designed for tamariki to connect, explore and take action in the environment along with their communities. There will be 5 principles which are to empower learners, learning for sustainability, Te Hao Mãori, respect, for diversity and sustainable communities.

The projects we have outlined are as follows:

“From garden to table” program.

It is of great importance to learn in schools to grow organic vegetables from seed and seedlings using local resources. The tamariki will benefit as they will learn the importance of hard-work and patience, which are values we are losing with the current technology world. Then, they will be able to learn to harvest and finish in the preparation of the produce harvested from the garden in Food tech.  In the school, the gardens will be attractive and a source of pride to the children and community. We need you in this project!!

If you are interested in helping in this project with:

  • Sponsorship 
  • Donating tools for our gardens
  • Volunteering
  • Materials to build raised beds composts

Send us an email to: cmontesinos@ani.school.nz

Bees and harvesting programs

Bees play a pivotal role in the environment and tamariki will continue to understand their key role in the ecosystem. Our tamariki will continue learning from beehive health data as a learning tool and how to take care of bees with internal and external help. Additionally, they will learn how to harvest honey step by step and later it will be enjoyed by our community.

This is a wonderful opportunity for students to learn about their local park and its habitats, get out of the classroom and do something good for the community and the environment. We have adopted Windmill Park located just a few minutes away from school on Windmill Road. 

Activities will include:

  • flower planting and mulching
  • pest monitoring and control
  • weeding (plant pest removal)
  • litter collection
  • monitoring wildlife
  • reporting issues in the park
  • stream monitoring and care

Waste program

Separating waste properly is our responsibility, although it would be ideal to be a zero waste school, we are learning how to separate waste and monitoring the proper use of bins so gradually the waste becomes as minimal as possible. The learning process would imply talks, videos and a campaign to encourage students to do the right thing and why it is important to do it.

Chalk campaigns

The poster making club is ready to start our sustainable campaigns using chalk. Tamariki have brought amazing ideas to advertise our clubs using only chalk.

Ngā mihi,

Cynthia Montesinos, Spanish teacher, and Nicola Redshaw, ESOL teacher.

Cyber Safety Talk With John Parsons

A few weeks ago we were very fortunate to engage John Parsons who is a NZ Cyber Security expert. John’s presentation focused on the issues and dangers associated with the inappropriate use of computers, mobile phones and the internet, while protecting a person’s digital footprint in an increasingly cyber world.

As promised, below are the links to John’s videos on a range of topics:






















Rock Bands

Last week we had 30 students audition to be in 1 of our 2 ANI Rock Bands. The administration and comms for these bands will be Mr Wilson and the bands are run by the incredibly talented Tim Stewart. He stated, “This year the quality of every musician was incredible.” I am in no way surprised that we have so much talent within our school, and the bravery every student who auditioned showed by simply putting their hand up is admirable. Congratulations to every one and a special congratulations to those selected.

School Production

The Addams Family – We Need You!

Kia ora e te whānau,

We are looking for some volunteers who have some time and expertise they could donate to our 2024 musical, The Addams Family. The bulk of the work would be throughout term 2 with the production happening within the first four weeks of Term 3.

If you would be interested, please email me directly at bwilson@ani.school.nz. From there I can provide you with more information and share our vision before confirming your availability.


Netball 2024 

Trials will begin in week 7.

Trials will be held at school at 3.30-5.30pm on the following days. Please arrange for your child to stay at school on these days, parents do not need to be at trials. 

Wednesday 13th March Year 7

Thursday 14th March Year 8

Wednesday 20th March Year 7 

Thursday 21st March Year 8 

Please remember to download the Team Reach app and use the following code: ANINETBALL24

This will soon be the main point of communication for all Netball related queries. 

Kayleigh Hughes

Netball Coordinator

Auckland Netball

Kia Ora Junior School and Club Community,

Auckland Netball would like to invite your wider community to attend our FREE ‘Netball is back, Give It a Go Day’ this coming Saturday 9th March, and the following Saturday 16th March at 1pm.  This is an exciting opportunity for all children from Year 1 right through to Year 8 to come along to one of our venues at ANC St Johns, or Windmill Park, Mt Eden and see what Netball is about. Even if you have played before, we would love to have you along.

We will have lots of fun activities planned and some game time to ‘Give It a Go’. There will be chances to have all your questions answered by our expert Umpire lead and Game Day advisors. There will be spot prizes, a fun atmosphere, free ice creams, and most importantly – lots of netball!

We would love your support with this by sharing the invitation in your daily notices, and/or newsletter, and to all your community where possible. We want everyone to feel welcome to attend and would love to see as many of your families on Saturday as possible. Thanking you in advance  

Ngā mihi,

Sasha Halstead

Auckland Netball

CZ Orienteering

We will be taking 30 students to CZ Orienteering on Tuesday 19th March. Trial’s were conducted today and then a catch up for Matai is next Monday (as they are on camp this week).

CZ Boys Softball

It was a challenging day out for the Year 7 & 8 boys today at softball today. With it being the first actual game for almost all involved, we struggled to gain momentum and lostour first few games against some pretty serious competition.
As confidence with mits, and at the plate grew, both teams managed to put some plays together and get runners home.
As the saying goes, you are only as good as your last game….. so we are winners, albeit only one game each year level.
Thanks to Rach for helping out and fielding some of the 4000 questions I was asked and to Cooper’s, Gunner’s and Rico’s mum for transport and support.

Jacob Markham

Teacher In Charge of Softball

CZ Girls Softball

The girls had a great day out at the CZ softball tournament today. With a sport that was fairly new to all those involved, they picked up the jist of it quickly, and both teamsmanaged wins early in the day.
As the day progressed the Year 7’s continued to show improvement not only on the pitch but also with handshakes and chants and ended up winning 2 of their 4 games. Agreat job from Mrs T who had to answer no shortage of questions from a fresh and eager side who displayed great enthusiasm and teamwork throughout the day. We are stillwaiting on their final placement, the girls desperately hoping it will be badge-worthy.
The year 8s had a few more games and got some much-enjoyed wins over Remuera and Pasadena finishing 2nd in their pool. This put them in a Semi-final against Ponsonby,a game we all wanted to win. It went down to the wire and with time being on our side, we managed to be up 5 – 3 as the hooter went. We were outplayed in the final by KōwhaiIntermediate, but the girls were all stoked about making it that far. 2nd was not expected.
A massive thanks to Brooke for all the organising and the girls for displaying a great attitude throughout the day.

Jacob Markham

Teacher In Charge of Softball

CZ Cricket

The girls had a great day out at CZ cricket today. They got off to a flying start with a satisfying win over Remuera Intermediate 44 – 34 showing that they weren’t there just to make up numbers. Dominating wins over Dio and St Cuths had the girls as solid favourites going into the semis.

Some great keeping from Aila and batting from the Ceaens twins and Lucy made for an easy run into the final against RI. There they learnt that just because you have beaten a team once, does not necessarily mean you will again. RI made a flying start with the bat and set us a total of 61 (10.2 an over) to win.

A valiant effort with the bat had us regretting some of the wides we bowled chasing down to be within 7 at the end of the innings. Great skill and spirit shown all day. A shout out to Janice Cearns and James Hantz for coming and helping out with the day.

Jacob Markham

Teacher In Charge of Cricket

Counsellor Spot

Navigating friendships for pre-teens:

Friendships are hugely valued by pre-teens and positive friendships can give them a sense of belonging, confidence, and support. At the same time, students of this age are still developing their relational skills and growing their sense of self, which can present some difficulties in their friendships. Below are a few ideas on how adults can provide support their preteens in friendships, remember no one size fits all for every family – so take what resonates for you and leave behind what doesn’t.

Talk about friendship values with your kids:

To have good friends, you must be a good friend. Talk with your preteen about the things they value in friendships – what they bring to and what they would like to receive from friendships. For example, honesty may be very important to them in friendships – feeling like you can be your true self around your friends without being judged. Encourage your preteen to think about the ways they can show their friendship values to others, and how they can identify the values in others.

Remind your child that there are different types of friendships:

Not everyone can be a friend for all situations, and that’s okay. Talk through what this means with your preteen – for example, some friends are easy to talk to about feelings, but they don’t share the same interests. Some friends are not good at remembering commitments, but they’re heaps of fun to be around. Explain to them that just because someone isn’t their ‘best friend’, that doesn’t mean they can’t be a friend – it just means there are particular limitations to that friendship and that’s okay!

Explore new ways that your preteen can make friends:

Sometime students feel stuck in their current friendship circles, thinking that the only people they can make friends with are those in their class. Joining in-school clubs, sports teams or after-school activities will connect them with people who share similar interests. Encourage your child to come up with conversation starters (compliments work wonders) to further their connections with others.

Talk about behaviours that can damage friendships:

As pre-teens grow and develop their relational skills, inevitably mistakes will be made. Be open and honest with them about what they need to know to avoid hurting a friendship. For example, friends sometimes need space and can’t always hang out together. They may each have other friends that they want to see sometimes. This can bring up uncomfortable feelings of rejection – however, it is important to avoid friendship damaging behaviours in response, like name-calling and disrespect. Friends can disagree without hurting each other, friends need a chance to talk about their feelings, what’s important for them, and how they can negotiate an outcome they’re both happy with.

Set a good example:

Be open with your preteen about your own friendships (in an age-appropriate way) and set an example of how you treat and interact with your own friends. Show them how friendship requires nurturing and care, talk about some ways you and your friends support each other, include your preteen in events that involve good friends, like barbeques, birthdays, picnics and other events.

PTA News

The ANI PTA are an active and awesome group that support the school in a number of ways from helping out at events to hosting parent information evenings and the odd bit of fundraising. 

Next Thursday the PTA have planned a social for both year groups and the theme is St Patricks Day.

Korean and Chinese Summary

In every newsletter and Friday Flyer we will add a short Korean and Chinese translation to assist families where English is not their first language. 

Please see below a summary in Korean:

학교 카운슬러
십대 초반의 친구들을 위한 우정 탐색하기: 우정은 십대 초반에게 매우 중요하며 긍정적인 우정은 그들에게
소속감, 자신감 및 지원을 줄 수 있습니다. 동시에 이 연령대의 학생들은 여전히 관계 기술을 개발하고 자아 감각을
키우고 있어 우정에 약간의 어려움이 있을 수 있습니다. 다음은 성인이 십대 초반의 우정을 지원할 수 있는 방법에
대한 몇 가지 아이디어이며, 모든 가족에게 맞는 것은 아니므로 공감할 수 있는 것을 취하고 그렇지 않은 것은
행사를 돕는 것부터 학부모 정보의 밤 주최 및 이상한 기금 모금에 이르기까지 다양한 방법으로 학교를 지원하는
적극적이고 멋진 그룹입니다. 
다음 주 목요일 PTA는 두 학년 그룹을 위한 사교 모임을 계획했으며 주제는 성 패트릭의 날입니다. 3 월 목요일
14th – 세인트 패트릭 테마 소셜 :
존 파슨스(John Parsons)와의 사이버 안전 대담
몇 주 전, 우리는 뉴질랜드 사이버 보안 전문가인 존 파슨스(John Parsons)를 만나게 되어 매우 운이 좋았습니다.
John의 프레젠테이션은 컴퓨터, 휴대폰 및 인터넷의 부적절한 사용과 관련된 문제와 위험에 초점을 맞추는 동시에
점점 더 사이버 세계에서 개인의 디지털 발자국을 보호했습니다. 약속 한대로 아래는 다양한 주제에 대한 John의
비디오에 대한 링크입니다

Please see below a summary in Chinese:


亲爱的家长们: 您们好

He waka eke noa 







校长:Mr Jason Pocock

Upcoming Events for Term 1, 2024

Community News



Want to walk or run in your own time, but also be part of a fantastic event? Then we would love you to join us.

The Cape Egmont Virtual Half Marathon offers three distance options – 5 km, 10 km and 21km. Which can be completed any time anywhere from the 1st to the 31st of July 2024. Simply record your time via Strava, Map my run, Fit Bit or screenshot and upload through ourwebsite. Every finisher receives a medal and all money raised goes to the Taranaki CancerSociety and the Taranaki Men Can Exercise Group. To help those in our province affected bycancer.

ENTER AT: www.capeegmonthalf.com
ENQUIRES capeegmonthalf@gmail.com