Welcome to ANI – 3 days to go!



A couple of useful tips from the Ministry of Education to help get into the swing of back to school routines. 
If your child is new to the school, visit the school grounds to help them get familiar with their new surroundings.

Walking, scooting or cycling to school is a great start to the day. Practice the safest route to school over the weekend – don’t forget a helmet if they’re on wheels. (unfortunately, skateboards are not allowed at ANI)
It’s easy to let bedtimes slip during the school holidays. Get your child back into their regular bedtime routine a few days before school starts so they’re rested and ready.

If your child is anxious, make time to talk to them about their worries. Ask them how they feel and really listen to what they say, rather than telling them not to worry.

Help your child get their clothes, sun hat, shoes, lunch and backpack ready the night before school starts to reduce stress in the morning.

Make sure you’ve labelled ALL your child’s belongings including lunchbox, drink bottle and sun hat.