We believe sport plays a key role in the development of our students. Children benefit from participating in organised, competitive and non-competitive activities involving both teams and individuals. Organised sport is essential for promoting our students Haurora, with a strong sense of belonging, friendship and team spirit in our school.

School-wide Sporting Events

  • Super Bowl (Term 1)
  • Swimming Sports (Term 1)
  • Cross Country (Term 3)
  • Athletics (Term 4)

Interschool Sport

We are a member of the Central Zone Intermediate Schools competition. We participate in the following interzone events.

Term 1: Softball; Cricket; League Tag; Swimming; Orienteering
Term 2: Futsal; Waterpolo; Football; Rugby; Hockey; Table Tennis
Term 3: Netball; Rugby League; Squash; 7s Rugby; Cross Country; Basketball; Volleyball
Term 4: Badminton; Touch; Athletics; Tennis

Sports Academies

ANI Sports programme – Sports-PRO

During the year the school runs a special sporting programme called Sports-PRO. All students have the opportunity to participate in this programme. We look for students who are not necessarily the elite in a specific sport but wanting an opportunity to participate and improve their skills in regard to that sport.  Lessons take place daily and they are of 45 minutes duration.  Anyone is welcome to join the Sports-PRO programme.

There is also an opportunity for students that are passionate about sports to be part of the management of that sport and become a leader. Working closely with the teacher in charge of Sports- PRO they will help organise and run sports assemblies and be the backbone of the ANI Sports-PRO.

In summary, ANI students have the following opportunities:

1) School of sports

To learn a new sport

2) Sports training

To train in a specific sports skill [related to a variety of sports]

3) Physical training 

To develop conditioning training through balance and stability

4) Sports management units

    To develop management skills and apply them to actions

5) Special needs sports classes 

Special lessons for students who have learning challenges or difficulties.

ANI Sports-PRO is a student-centred programme through which we aim to develop better students throughout sports.

ANI Sports-PRO is about:

  • Enjoyment – Fun sessions and support engagement and pleasure into their sports practices
  • Balance– To have balanced and well-organised sports classes throughout the entire year
  • Skills – Achieve better athletics skills
  • Variety– Practice a wide range of sports training during the year

All of these groups happen weekly and during school time.

Lunchtime Sport

These are organised, competitive round-robin events, where classes compete against each other in sports events such as Team Tactics, Basketball, Dodgeball. They are held during lunch breaks throughout each term. Any student from Year 7 or Year 8 is able to participate and there is a requirement for mixed teams.

Extra-Curricular Sport

These teams play in local school/association events outside of normal school hours.

  • Netball (Terms 2 and 3) – played at Mt Wellington Netball Courts
  • Basketball (Terms 2 and 3) – played at St Kentigerns
  • Cycling (Terms 2 and 3) – various venues
  • Water Polo (Terms 2, 3 and 4) – played at Epsom Girls Grammar and Diocesan