June 2018 Newsletter


The current cold spell of weather has certainly signaled winter is just around the corner.  It has also meant an increase in the sale of hoodies and jackets which has unfortunately meant we have run out of a few sizes.  We were aware that stock levels were low and put in our order mid-way through May. Our suppliers are working as quickly as they can to fill back-orders and we will advise you once we are fully stocked again.  In the meantime, if your son/daughter needs to wear a non-uniform sweatshirt to stay warm, please drop by reception and ask Helen or Kim for a uniform pass. Carrying this means they won’t get asked why they are not in correct uniform.

A reminder that in winter boys wear knee-high black socks and girls have the option of black stockings or white ankle socks.  No leggings or footless tights please girls – opaque pantyhose only.

Evaluating Learning at ANI

In today’s newsletter we have provided an update on what is happening around assessment now we are no longer required to report using National Standards.  We have included detailed information about the way we measure students progress and what this will look like in the mid-year reports. If you would like further information about how we evaluate learning please feel free to drop us a line (jfarquharson@ani.school.nz; sdevery@ani.school.nz; bmills@ani.school.nz; thughes@ani.school.nz).  We are here to help you come to grips with the number of assessment tools and tests our school has on offer.  A copy of our assessment schedule can be found here.

In addition to formal testing such as EasTTle, PAT tests, Gloss Tests and Star Tests, we also emphasise with the students the importance of a number of competencies they will require to thrive in a 21st Century work or learning environment.

These competencies are embedded in the IB learner profiles:

  • Risk taker
  • Inquirer
  • Thinker
  • Communicator
  • Knowledgeable
  • Principled
  • Open-minded
  • Caring
  • Balanced
  • Reflective

In our learning programmes we emphasise different ways students can approach complex challenges, apply core skills to everyday tasks and manage a changing learning environment as we know how important they are as life skills and also to help our students to succeed.

The assessment discussion as we move from National Standards to new forms of measurement will continue to feature in our newsletters.  Regular updates will be provided so you are informed and have an understanding of the tools we will be using to measure your son/ daughters progress.

What does the Ministry of Education say about Years 1 – 10 assessment:

“When the National Standards and Ngā Whanaketanga Rumaki Māori were removed last year, we signalled that the Ministry would work with the sector, parents, whānau and communities on an approach to assessment and reporting that would focus on students’ progress and achievement across the national curricula.

To ensure that every child gets the right support and opportunities to learn, we are working to develop an approach to assessment, aromatawai, and reporting for students in Years 1 to 10 that focuses on progress and achievement across the national curricula.

The foundations for an approach based on progress are already in place for literacy and numeracy, and te reo matatini and pāngarau, but it will take time to fully embed this approach across the curricula.  We’ll work together with school leaders, teachers, kaiako, and other members of the sector, and with parents, whānau, and communities to ensure schools and kura have the right approaches and tools. You will have the opportunity to contribute to this work.

A Ministerial Advisory Group that includes experts and practitioners in education from both English medium and Māori medium perspectives, as well as those with Pacific, disabled and learning support perspectives, will provide advice to the Minister.

All of the feedback received will inform the development of preliminary recommendations to the Minister of Education, which he will consider before reporting back to Cabinet in September.”

A few tips on testing for students


  • What are the main ideas of this lesson?
  • Is anything confusing or difficult?
  • If something isn’t making sense, what questions should I ask the teacher?
  • Am I taking good notes?
  • What can I do if I get stuck?

Prior to test:

  • What will be on the test?
  • What areas do I struggle with or feel confused about?
  • How much time should I set aside to prepare for this test?
  • Do I have the necessary books, supplies, technology, online access and a quiet place to study?
  • What study strategies will I use?
  • How can I test myself to be sure of what I know and fix what I don’t know?
  • Should I study with a friend?  Use note cards?
  • What grade would I get if I took the test right now?

Post test:

  • Which questions did I get wrong?  Why?
  • Were there any surprises?
  • Was I well prepared?
  • If not, what could I have done differently?
  • Am I receiving useful, specific feedback from my teacher to help me progress?


A number of parents have asked about how to access class homework on Education Perfect.  It can easily be accessed by logging on using this link.  All students (Year 7 and Year 8) have 30 minutes homework Monday to Thursday.  In Term 3 our Year 8s have their homework increased to 45 minutes and in Term 4 it increases to one hour.  This is in preparation for secondary school.




Assessment at ANI

Assessment Information Evening

It was great to see so many parents at the recent Assessment Information Evening on Wednesday 30 May. The evening was split into two parts; the first part talking about the difference between formative (conversations/ evaluations during the learning process) and summative (more formal types of assessment such as diagnostic tests or evaluations that take place at the end of an activity) assessment, how ANI teachers use data collected to provide an ‘Overall Teacher Judgement’ (OTJ).

The second area focused on how assessment is collected in specialist areas using a Specialist Student Portfolio we call a Wix.  It was great to have the following students, Tessa, Alex, Felix and Eamon present their own Wix to the parents while Mr Wooding explained the benefits of these progress portfolios.

Click on here to access the slide show that was presented on the night.


Information about how we assess learning at ANI

At ANI we understand and appreciate that schools are no longer required to report against or use National Standards, and we would like to keep parents informed of how we now assess students learning.

What will we be using to assess student learning?

ANI will continue to use the Maths, Reading and Writing Standards as a resource that indicate benchmarks required by our learners at each year level. In addition to this, we will combine two other assessment tools called Learning Progression Frameworks (LPF’s) and the Progress and Consistency Tool (PaCT) to help us make consistent and robust decisions of what curriculum level a student is at in their learning.

This will enable ANI to continue to report to parents with accurate and valid data related to student progress which will be measured against National Curriculum Levels – http://nzcurriculum.tki.org.nz/The-New-Zealand-Curriculum.

What does “Curriculum Level” mean?

Learners at Intermediate schools are typically operating in the New Zealand Curriculum (NZC) at level 4. This means that when they enter Intermediate they are usually operating at early level 4 and will leave us in Year 8 at the end of Level 4.

What does a Level 4 learner look like?

The NZC defines very clearly what skills and attributes are expressed when learners are operating at Level 4. They are mapped out and exemplified within the Learning Progression Frameworks (LPF’s) and the Progress and Consistency Tool (PaCT tool). This gives the learner, teacher and family guidance as to next steps on their learning journey and what it looks like to achieve at the next level.

What are the Learning Progression Frameworks (LPF’s) and Progress and Consistency Tool (PaCT)?

The learning progression frameworks illustrate the significant steps that learners take as they develop their expertise in reading, writing, and mathematics from years 1 to 10. Teachers can use the frameworks to identify students’ reading, writing, and mathematics knowledge, skills, and attitudes. Teachers can also use the frameworks to plan programmes that provide learning opportunities which will enable students to succeed at secondary school and beyond. The PaCT tool provides teachers with a means to measure these steps and report on them.

For more information regarding the terminology mentioned above, please visit the following sites;

Shane Devery and Bryce Mills, Deputy Principals

Mid-Year Student-led Conferences 2018 – Reminder

As part of our mid-year reporting process we will be holding Student-led Conferences over two afternoons/ evenings;

  • Monday 2 July 2018 (3.15pm – 5.00pm)
  • Tuesday 3 July 2018 (1.00pm – 7.00pm)

Throughout Terms 1 and 2 students have had the opportunity to reflect on their learning.  The student-led conferences are a time for students to share with you their successes, the progress that they are making towards their learning goals and what their goals are for the remainder of the year. This is a great opportunity for you to talk about your child’s learning. These are 15-minute conferences.

Throughout the student-led conferences, specialist teachers are also available and form a vital part of the students learning programme. When booking a time to see the class teacher you’re also able to book in with one of the specialist teachers and find out more about your child’s learning.

Please note that on Tuesday 3 July from 1.00pm, we will have no supervision at school as all the teachers will be involved in the interviews. Please make arrangements for your son/daughter so they can leave school safely at 12:30pm.

Bookings open Monday 18 June at 12.00pm and close at 12.00pm on Monday 2 July.

You can book your triadic interview by going to https://parentinterviews.co.nz/ and using event code G5CYBKB4

Bryce Mills, Deputy Principal

Learning at ANI

There have been a number of awesome learning happenings in the classrooms so far this year. To date each team has completed 3 of the 6 IB Themes that we cover each year.

The IB programme encourages students to become active, compassionate and lifelong learners, and develop into people who are internationally minded. All learning at ANI is transdisciplinary which means that where possible all learning is connected to the theme the students are studying. For example, the material used in reading supports what is happening during Inquiry as does the writing and where applicable the maths. Underpinning all the knowledge there is also a focus on the attitudes and values of the learner and this is what the children refer to as the learner profile, these 10 attributes are what the students strive to be and the values we hope they leave our school with.

Here are some thoughts from the students around their learning this year:

This year in Room 7 we have been learning a lot of new subjects and interesting things! Subjects such as Literacy, Numeracy, Physical Education, Te Reo Maori, Japanese and Inquiries. We are looking forward to How We Express Ourselves which is exhibition, everyone seems to be nervous yet excited for exhibition, it will certainly be tough for most of us but it would be a good learning experience. In literacy, we are learning to use our creative writing skills to write different forms of stories including different language features in our writing.  For our numeracy, we are learning to collect and display data using different types of charts and graphs. In the language subjects, we are focusing on drawing the characters for Japanese and communicating with others as well as learning about the culture of the country. Finally, for Physical Education we have been concentrating on passing and invasion games and learning lots of important ball skills. Overall it has been fun learning in Room 7 and we think everyone is looking forward to the rest of the year.

By Jadeyn Morris & Noah Thomas (Room 7, Year 8)

So far, this year, I have really enjoyed all learning being done in Sharing the Planet. I know more about climate change, pollution and inequality which is eye opening. In maths, I have really loved learning new strategies and extending my own knowledge. I can even help other people which is awesome. It has been an extremely productive term and I look forward to the next two!

Raghav Rao (Room 3, Year 8)

This term at ANI, I have enjoyed Provocations that Matai team presented. These are strategies that teachers are using to engage us and provoke us in our thoughts for Sharing the Planet. I had fun learning through different reality, real life games and scenarios. It made you think about what it would be like being in another person’s shoes. So far, I have had fun and it is all very interesting.

Basil Sulaimi (Room 3, Year 8)

Intermediate is very different from primary school. We, learnt that as soon as we first stepped through the doors of our brand-new classroom. ANI is an IB school, which means when we learn we use scaffolds like the inquiry process and the learner profiles. The inquiry process is a step-by-step guide that helps us complete an inquiry.

During our inquiry, we visit the different technology and arts areas. The specialization areas we have at ANI are Hard tech, Digi tech, Soft tech, Food tech, Performing Arts and Visual Arts. We have to create something in one of these areas of spec by the end of the inquiry. At the end of the inquiry, we present what we have learnt.

When we are not in specialization, French or P.E., we are usually completing maths and literacy sessions with Mr Waller, our classroom teacher. These sessions include writing skills, geometry workshops, strategies and text reading. In Room 15, we split into four groups for literacy and two for maths. We go around a literacy tumble with our groups and by the end of the week, we have usually completed four literacy tasks.

We have both made an amazing start to ANI, and love what we are doing so far. We have joined in many groups such as – Epro8, Science fair, Wearable arts and much more. We love learning as IB students, as it opens up so much more. We are super excited to see what the rest of this awesome first year at ANI will bring!

Abbie Mackay and Amy Liang (Room 15, Year 7)

So far at ANI has given us a unique learning experience. We have done lots of amazing things. We have made lots of new friends and have made unforgettable memories. As well as doing work in the classroom, we have learnt lots of new things at EOTC and Polyfest. At EOTC, we got to know the people in our class and ILE in a different learning environment doing really fun activities. At Polyfest we learnt about different cultures, while watching amazing performances and eating great food.

We also have a lot of fun just doing everyday work in our open learning environment. We are independent learners and are caring towards our classmates and teachers. We are always open minded about others ideas and show empathy towards our classmates. Here at ANI we celebrate lots of different cultures and there is an endless amount of chances to join cultural and sport groups. Learning about different cultures is very important to us, Year 7’s is learning French and Maori. A lot of us are also doing culture performances in The Greatest Show.

Overall so far, ANI has been a great experience we have met so many knew people, learnt so many new things and we are all super excited and ready to take on the year ahead of us.

Elise Edwards and Brianna Thomas (Room 19, Year 7)

Tracey Hughes, Associate Principal



This year, the CoL leaders at ANI have been working with teachers to develop their understanding of the writing and mathematics standards. Unpacking the learning progressions framework, teachers were able to use this in their classes to help students set their own goals for maths and writing. At the start of the term, there were two staff meetings, one focusing on writing and the other on maths. Teachers from Cornwall Park District, Maungawhau Primary, Newmarket Primary and Parnell District also attended the meeting so teachers across our community could develop strong connections with an aim to make the transition of our students smoother.  

Clara Kim, Across School Leader and Room 7 Teacher



Monday 4: Queen’s Birthday Holiday (school closed)

Tuesday 5: AIMS Netball team trials

Wednesday 6: EOTC catch-up day for Rooms 21, 22, 23 & 24; AIMS Boys Football team trials; AIMS/Central Zone Girls Basketball team trials

Thursday 7: AIMS Girls Football team trials; Whole school Social at 6.30pm in the Hall

Friday 8: Attitude talk to Year 7 & 8s

Monday 11 – Thursday 14: Auckland Rowing Association indoor rowing programme at school

Monday 11: Year 7 Interzone Football; PTA Meeting at 7.00pm

Tuesday 12: Open Morning – School Tour #2 from 9.00-10.30am (RSVP on website); Year 8 Girls Interzone Football; Parent Information Evening #1 6.00-7.00pm

Wednesday 13: Year 7 Boys Interzone Football

Thursday 14: ICAS Writing Examination; Year 8 Boys Interzone Football

Monday 18: Central Zone Boys Hockey

Tuesday 19: Central Zone Girls Hockey

Wednesday 20: Board of Trustees Meeting at 6.00pm

Thursday 21: Open Morning – School Tour #3 from 9.00-10.30am (RSVP on website); Central Zone Table Tennis; Parent Information Afternoon #2 – 4.00-5.00pm (please note change to earlier time); Cultural and Performing Arts Festival at 6.30pm (doors open at 6.00pm)

Thursday 21 – Friday 22:  Science Roadshow at school

Friday 22: Mufti Day

Friday 29: Reports sent home



We now have ANI winter beanies in stock, these cost $21 and are available at school reception.



Year 7 & Year 8 Social – Thursday 7 June, 6.30-8.30pm, School Hall – $6.00 entry fee (door sales only)

The PTA are planning a fun evening full of music, entertainment and dance for the students.  A permission slip has been sent home for you to fill in and send along with $6 on the night to be paid at the door.

All children MUST be collected by 8.30pm from inside the School Hall.  No child will be allowed to leave the hall or walk to the car park without a parent.  We would appreciate prompt pick up. Failure to be on time may mean your child will not be allowed to attend future socials.

Guest appearance:  Mr Hiko will return to play the beats for the night!

Drinks $2 / Lolly bags $1 / Glo Stix 50c for 1 OR $1 for 3


SPORTS NEWS by Mr Kennelly


Congratulations to Liam Costley and Jonny Thomson (both Year 8s) who have made the Walter Dixon Eden wider training squad for Rugby.

AIMS Sports

Many of the teams for AIMS are going to be selected for this year’s tournament in the coming weeks. Last year the school was successful in receiving grants to support the students to attend the AIMS tournament which reduced the costs. This year we have again applied for a number of trusts and await the outcome. At this stage, we cannot confirm the exact cost for the teams as it is dependent on how successful we are with our grant applications and what team your son/ daughter is in. We do hope to keep the cost similar to what we charged in 2017 but please expect the cost to be between $500-$600 for the week. If you have any questions regarding the event please contact Patrick Kennelly via email pkennelly@ani.school.nz.

Auckland Central Chess Tournament

Our school Chess team competed at the annual Chess Power Auckland Central tournament. The students competed well and finished 4th meaning that we have qualified for the Auckland Regional tournament being held at ANI later this year. John Liu was our top player and finished  in 2nd place. We are looking forward to competing at the Auckland Regionals.

Chess2 Chess1 Chess3


Central Zone Futsal


Our two girls Futsal teams attended the Futsal tournament at the Auckland Netball Centre.

Our Year 8 girls had an extremely tough draw, starting with a bye and not playing until later in the morning then meeting the two finalist teams one after the other without a break. They lost two and won one game, drawing for fourth place, in the playoffs. Games were close and tough with a high level of skill in all games. Our girls never stopped trying even when behind with the clock counting down, their attitude in winning and losing was excellent.

Our Year 7 girls won all of their three games in pool play, drew their semi final and proceeded to the final on the basis of their pool play record. They improved hugely as the tournament proceeded, only losing by a late goal in the final. Also good winners and and also good losers we can be proud of these girls.

Thanks to the parents who transported and came to support the girls. Well done to Auckland Futsal who ran an excellent tournament.



ANI had a great tournament at the CZ competition last week. The Year 7 teams placed second overall and the Year 8 teams came in the middle of the pack. It was a great day with lots of teamwork and sportsmanship displayed on the day. Thanks to all the parents who supported the boys teams.

BoysFutsal2 BoysFutsal1


Pukekohe Race Series Round 1

Our cyclists had their first race Pukekohe team cycle series. For our team of many this was their first competitive racing event. Despite the rain the team all had a great day with Zane Wyllie placing 2nd place in the Under 13 grade. A big thanks to Logan Townsend for organising the event and to all the parents for their support on the day.

Cycling3 Cycling2 Cycling1

Pukekohe Race Series Round 2

ANI entered 2 teams into the Under 13 team time trial. In tough wet conditions our teams did extremely well coming 1st and 4th overall. A great performance by all. A huge thanks to the parents for all their work especially Leanne Johnston for organising the teams. We look forward to the final round.

Cycling6 Cycling5 Cycling4

Mountain Biking

Hamish Bolland competed at the 2nd Round of the Auckland Schools Mountain Biking competition. On a muddy and wet track he placed 7th out of 26 other students from other schools. A great effort and we look forward to hearing about more results.


Central Zone Water Polo

ANI took a team of ten Year 8’s to a mixed Central Zone water polo tournament on Monday 14th of May. This event was held at Diocesan School for Girls and ANI was represented in Pool A.  The team consisted of Adam He, Alex Bell, Andrew Lu, Felix Wilton, Jamie Eickhoff, Libby Patterson, Mihimere Hope, Neila Halstead, Phoebe Rundle and Ramanujan Madhusudhan.

The students played with enthusiasm, determination and an abundant of effort throughout the day. They missed out on keeping top spot in their Pool after drawing in their match against Diocesan School for Girls. All participants should be commended for their efforts throughout the day and representing ANI in the highest of manner. A big thank you also goes to Gabryel Oloapu who coached the side and for the support on the sidelines by friends and family. Overall, ANI placed 5th out of 11 teams. Well done!


ANI v Mount Roskill (11 – 1)

ANI v Waikowhai (7 – 2)

ANI v St Marys (2 – 3)

ANI v Balmoral (7 – 2)

ANI v Diocesan (4 – 4)


Central Zone Football – Year 8 Girls

ANI competed at the annual Central Zone Girls Football tournament. Last year as Year 7’s, the team won the competition so and were very keen to defend their title. After two good wins early on in the pool we lost our final match to Remuera Intermediate and finished 2nd in the group. We managed to comfortably win our quarter final and semi final match to progress to the final. In the final we played a physical Royal Oak side and managed to ground out a 2-0 victory to be crowned Central Zone champs for 2018. We will now compete in the interzone competition in a couple of weeks. Well done team on a great performance!

GirlsFootball2 GirlsFootball1

Year 7 Boys Football

Our Year 7 boys competed hard at the annual central zone tournament and we couldn’t be prouder of them. They lost one game in the pool play and won their penalty shootout to finish in 3rd, a very good placing against some very strong teams. Some great play by all the boys and a really fantastic team spirit. More ANI students that we can be very proud of. Thanks to Nathan Metzger for supporting and coaching the boys.

BoysFootball2 BoysFootball

Year 8 Boys Football

The Year 8 Boys traveled to Seddon Park on Thursday to compete in the CZ Year 8 Boys Football Tournament. They played with skill, grit, and determination all day, winning 5 of their 6 pool games and drawing 1. This enabled them to go straight to the final, where they came up against a very good St Peters side. At the end of a very even game where both sides had multiple chances, the final score was 0-0. The ANI boys scored 6 fantastic penalties (unfortunately for us St Peters scored 7). A fantastic result for the boys and a trip to Interzones awaits with the top 2 finish. Jess and I were very proud of all members of the team, they played for each other and completely deserved their result.


Interzone Orienteering

Orienteering is Alive. Congratulations to the Year 7 boys who finished second on Tuesday 15th May at the Auckland orienteering champs. Great effort by a fantastic group of young men. Well done boys what a fabulous achievement. Thanks to all those involved including Mr Boniface!




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