Term Two, Week 10 2016

Principal’s Awards

Congratulations Caleb Aish, Christine Wang, Felicia Chen and Oscar Carson (Room 17) for completing an exceptional inquiry on how to be a happy teen.

Congratulations Jeyden Charles (Room 22) for outstanding imagery in his poem called ‘Insanity’.

Congratulations Harry Anderson (Room 15) for high levels of creativity in technology.

Principal’s News

It’s hard to believe that we are half way through 2016 and well into the winter months. With the holidays just around the corner we hope you have a relaxing couple of weeks with your children and enjoy the snow or sun if you are travelling out of NZ. If you are staying put in Auckland click here for some exciting activities happening in the holidays.

Electronic Devices and BYOD
Over the past few weeks we have set up a lunchtime technology club for students where they can bring their devices or use the school computers to take part in gaming competitions or play their favourite computer game. It is providing to be very popular and growing in numbers by the day. We have also introduced coding lessons where students are learning programming skills and are now in the process of extending this to the development of apps (further details can be found in Mr Devery’s spot in the newsletter).

As a result of suggestions from our community we have booked a NetSafe information evening with facilitator Lee Chisholm who will cover a variety of cyber safety issues.

The staff will also have a session with NetSafe on 8 August covering what it means to be a responsible digital citizen so they can share this with teh students.

To help us manage the appropriate use of devices brought to school we ask that you regularly check them to ensure ‘R’ rated apps are not loaded. On most smart phones there is a parental security lock where you can manage what is downloaded.

We look forward to seeing you on 17 August at the parent information evening held in the library.

Community of Schools
In each newsletter I will provide a brief update on the work of our community of schools.

It is important to know what is happening as it will impact on your children as they move from one school to another. Recent activity has included:

  • Five key themes have emerged from the work schools are doing around our achievement challenges. These include writing (junior primary and senior primary/junior secondary), transition, Gifted and Talented, ESOL and student/staff wellbeing.
  • The beginning stages of moderating across our schools in the area of National Standards (ensuring what at the standard looks like for Year 8’s at ANI is the same for Year 8’s at Remuera Intermediate). This is important work for the community to ensure the learning pathway for our students is smooth and the data we share is consistent and accurate. This will certainly support them through the transition process.
  • The appointment of six across school teachers who will facilitate and lead various work streams in schools. Congratulations to Kim Mackrell from ANI who has one won of these positions.
  • The other successful candidates were Catherine Palmer Kohia Terrace, Mark Hassall Remuera Primary, Joanne Pascoe Epsom Girls Grammar, Sue Spencer Epsom Girls Grammar and Lisa Murphy Epsom Girls Grammar.
  • Sessions are planned for in school leaders and across school leaders to get together and share how we can tap into best practise in each school and learn from each other.

There are still a number of joint initiatives on the horizon for us with exciting times ahead for teachers, parents, students and leaders as we work together to improve achievement levels for all 7963 students in our 11 schools.

Success for students
We often underestimate the importance of perseverance in helping students to succeed whether it be in academic, sporting or cultural pursuits. This is especially important as our students face the adolescent challenges ahead.

There are four key beliefs that build perseverance:

  1. I belong in this academic group/sports team/cultural activity
  2. My ability and competence grow with my effort
  3. I can succeed at this
  4. This is of value to me

If we want students to maximise success, to persevere through challenges, to delay gratification, to control their impulses – we need to consider what might motivate them to take those difficult steps. By creating an environment that fosters competence, autonomy, and connection, students are much more likely to feel motivated to work hard and succeed.

The environment teachers create in the classroom motivates students to start making better decisions – to show up to class, to persevere longer at difficult tasks, and to deal more resiliently with the countless small-scale setbacks and frustrations that make up the typical students’ school day.

So what can parents do?

While some children are more likely to persist in tasks or exhibit self-discipline than others, all children are more likely to demonstrate perseverance if the help they get at home encourages them to develop positive mind-sets and effective learning strategies. You may never be able to get them to be gritty, in the sense of developing some essential character trait called grit. But you can probably make them act gritty – to behave in gritty and those behaviours will help produce the outcomes that parents, students, teachers and society are hoping for.

The good news is that effort spent getting students to build perseverance, believe they belong and are of value, does increase their chance of success.

And finally a few things that you will find successful people do not…

  • Believe that their past dictates their future: where you’ve been, what you’ve done, your past is just training. Your past should inform you, but never define you.
  • Decide to say yes when they mean no: saying no is sometimes very hard but rarely does saying no go over as badly as you may think. If you agree to something when you really don’t want to, you make it more difficult for yourself in the long run.
  • Think it’s OK to interrupt: Listen to what people say. Focus on what they say. Interrupting is really saying I’m not really interested in what you are saying, only what I want to say.
  • Think it’s OK to run late: When you run late, people think your time is more important than theirs.
  • Indulge in or harbour resentment: when you hold on to ill will, the only person who loses is you.
  • Decide they don’t have the time: Figure out what’s important then make it happen.
  • Fit in just to fit in: fitting in to make an impression will not mean that people will like you.

(Adapted from Jeff Hayden)

Happy holidays.

Jill Farquharson


Important Dates

Thursday 7 JulyReports to go home and parent interview bookings go live
Friday 8 JulySki team training, 11:00am @ Snow Planet
Year 7 Awards Assembly, 11:00am
Year 8 Awards Assembly, 1:30pm
Monday 25 JulyTerm Three begins, 8:45am
Wednesday 27 JulyParent Interviews, 1:00 – 5:00pm – SCHOOL CLOSES AT 12:00PM
Thursday 28 JulyOtago Problem Solving #4
Parent Interviews, 3:30pm – 7:00pm
Friday 29 JulyCentral Zone Girls Netball
Year 7 Attitude Talk
 Ski team training, 11:00am @ Snow Planet


Triadic Interviews

As part of our ANI mid-year reporting process triadic interviews will be held on Wednesday 27 July and Thursday 28 July.

Throughout the mid-year reporting process, students have the opportunity to reflect on their achievements so far this year. It is a great time for students to celebrate their successes and review the progress they are making towards their learning goals.

The triadic interviews provide an opportunity for students, parents and teachers to work collaboratively to review current learning and set challenging new goals for the remainder of the school year. Triadic interviews are a special part of our curriculum because they are led by students.

What do our students have to say about the upcoming triadic interviews:

 “During the conference, students get to tell their parents about their learning progress with their teacher guiding them and supporting them. I think that this is a very good learning opportunity because we students actually get to explain to our parents about our own learning and successes, which can help us, develop and strengthen our communication skills. This is also very good because we can learn to be more independent”. – Felcia Fong Room 23

Finally, please note that on both days (27 and 28 July) our specialist teachers who form a vital part of the students learning programme are also available for an interview. When booking a time to see the class teacher consider booking a meeting with one of the specialist teachers to find out more about your child’s learning in the these areas.

We look forward to welcoming you to the Triadic interviews.

Triadic Interviews – Wednesday 27 July and Thursday 28 July
As part of the mid-year reporting process we will be holding triadic interviews over two afternoons/evening; Wednesday 27 July, 1:00pm – 5:00pm and Thursday 28 July, 3:30pm – 7:00pm

Please note that on Wednesday 27 July from 12:30pm, we will have no supervision at school as all the teachers are involved in the interviews. School will close at 12:00pm, please make arrangements for your son/daughter so they can leave school safely at 12:00pm.

On Thursday 7 July you will be sent a link and event code to book your interview. There are enough spaces for every student and their parents to have a 10 minute interview with the teacher.

Triadic Interviews (Room 18 ONLY) – Wednesday 3 August
Due to unforeseen personal circumstances, Room 18 triadic interviews will be held on Wednesday 3 August, 12:00pm – 6:00pm. Please note that this will be a ‘normal’ school day and Room 18 students are to remain at school until 3:00pm. Room 18 students also stay until 3:00pm on 27 and 28 July when the rest of the school have their interviews.  On Thursday 7 July you will be sent a link and event code to book your interview for Wednesday 3 August. There are enough spaces for every student and their parents to have a 10 minute interview with the teacher.

If you have any queries, please contact me by email lnaylor@ani.school.nz

Lucy Naylor
Deputy Principal


Student Lateness

Recently we have had a lot of students arriving late to school, after the bell at 8.45am.  Can I remind parents that we require all students to be at school by 8:40am so they can get to class and start the day ready to learn (classes are open for students from 8:15am).

If students are late three or more days in a week their names are recorded into a Google doc and at the end of each week I will be following up with a phone call home.

If there are genuine reasons for a student being late please let the administration officer or the classroom teacher know via email or phone call.  I appreciate your support on this matter.


Technology Club Update

The technology club operates each day at lunch time Monday to Friday and has been a great success. Students turn up voluntarily and can engage in some fun activities and apps that they have selected to play at the beginning of each session, once they have signed into the club.  The club is taken by teachers and located in classrooms so students can gain access to computers if they need to.  The students are interactive and often challenge each other to online games and work together to overcome challenges.  We have also had some feedback from the students of ways to make improvements to the club in terms three and four.



With the assistance of some talented students we have introduced coding to ANI.  The first step has been to develop a basic instruction sheet for students to complete, once completed they receive their coding ticket which enables them to develop more complex codes on sites such as ‘Scratch’ in a safe digital environment. This programme has only been operating for 3 weeks but the ground swell is growing.  I am looking forward to see how far the students can take this initiative with the intention is to start connecting with other schools who also use coding as a teaching and learning tool.


Building Project Update (Rooms 17 – 22)

Over the last two months we have been planning with an architect to turn the last 6 single cell classrooms into innovative learning environments.  I am pleased to say the final outline of works (concept plans) have been developed in consultation with teachers, students, structural engineers and the architect, Garry Cullen.

Our next stage in the process is to get expressions of interest from potential contractors. Click here to view plans.


Y8 ‘How We Express Ourselves’ Art Gallery

Parents and Caregivers are welcome to come along and view Year 8 Art in the school library on Thursday 7 July, 11 – 12:30pm. This is a celebration of the ‘How we express ourselves’ unit they have completed.

Nicole Lewis
Green Team Leader


Digital Safety Parent Evening

We have been in touch with NetSafe NZ and have organised Wednesday 17 August for a parent workshop evening to go over some key issues related to digital safety.

The workshop will be held in the school information centre at 6:00pm. The evening will cover the following online safety areas:

  • Safe and secure online habits at home and beyond
  • What young people are doing online
  • Some challenges presented by using social media
  • Conversations you might have with children about online practice
  • A chance to ask questions

All parents are invited to attend this informative cyber safety evening.

Shane Devery
Deputy Principal


IB Evaluation

Form the 9 – 11 May we had two international IB evaluators in our school.  They were here to complete an audit on the implementation of the International Baccalaureate programme in our school. Below is a summarised version of their findings:


  • Students are provided with a variety of opportunities to inquire and construct their learning using a diverse range of critical thinking skills.
  • Students are able to talk confidently about their work and share examples of critical thinking strategies they have used.
  • The school promotes open communication, understanding and respect across the school and its wider community including embracing local language, culture and protocols.
  • Displays of student work and classroom observation reveal that differentiation is incorporated through a variety of learning experiences for different learning styles.
  • Discussion with teachers revealed workshops targeting leaning needs based on previous units of inquiry are provided for students
  • Discussion with teachers and students highlight that student learning groups are adjusted based on teacher reflection on learning needs of students
  • Conversation with students finds that they are part of the planning process and are able to articulate this.
  • Teaching and learning strongly aligns with the requirements of the programme while meeting New Zealand mandated curriculum requirements.
  • The school provides learning experiences that engage, support and enable students to succeed as inquirers and thinkers.
  • Students develop their learning independently or collaboratively and chose their preferred learning style to demonstrate their understanding whilst meeting assessment criteria.
  • The school has effective strategies in place to support students to be successful in taking responsibility for their own learning.
  • Teaching and learning uses a range and variety of strategies across teaching and learning and this was strongly evident from interactions and observations in classrooms
  • Students can give examples of reflection on their learning and how they have used this information to improve their learning.
  • Classroom furniture is designed in such a way that it encourages opportunities to work both independently and collaboratively.
  • Students are responsible for their own learning and demonstrate their understanding in diverse and dynamic ways, making full use of the schools facilities and technologies.


We only had two recommendations and they were:

  • Introduce more digital resources into the library/information Centre
  • Develop an understanding of academic honesty and the associated practices and a policy to ensure consistent practice across the school.

This is a really positive report and reflects on the wonderful teaching and learning that occurs in the school. The next evaluation visit will be in 5 years’ time, 2021.


Community Links – Visit to the Play Centre

Every second Friday a group of students from ANI go to the Eden-Epsom Playcentre to work with the parents and children. We teach them Maori waiata, waiata ringa and te rakau. We are learning what activities work the best and what they like to do the most. They are teaching us as much as we are teaching them. We have learnt the importance of the children leading the learning and how play is crucial to their development. Next, they would like us to perform some items to them including a haka.

Tracey Hughes
Associate Principal


End of term round up from the Team Leaders

Green Team
Term two was full of excitement, energy and exploration for Green Team as we inquired into ‘Who We Are’ and ‘How We Express Ourselves’. A big focus has been taking action and sharing our knowledge with the community. Highlights of this were students visiting Ronald McDonald House and Room 4’s “Survival Guide” for their buddy class. As part of our ‘How We Express Ourselves’ unit, Green Team were fortunate to Skype with New Zealand actress and World Vision Ambassador, Kimberly Crossman. Students posed challenging and thoughtful questions to Kim, helping them become more knowledgeable about different art forms, influences and motivations. Along with Orange Team, we also visited House of Natives, Maori Art specialists, as part of our provocations. Artist, Gordon Toi, shared his expertise in ta moko, stone carving, wood carving and paintings. His passion and knowledge of the role arts plays in culture, place, nature and time was inspiring. We are all looking forward to challenging ourselves even further next term and embracing the excitement around Exhibition.

Nicole Lewis
Green Team Leader

Orange Team
Orange team has had an enjoyable but very busy term two. The students have shown that they are improving in their ability to communicate their learning in a variety of ways. They have been very enthusiastic about both the themes this term. We started with ‘Who We Are’, learning how to enhance all areas of our lives. Students are beginning to take action about what they have learnt, with many continuing to apply what they have learnt to their lives. Orange team finished with ‘How We Express Ourselves’ where the students enjoyed being provoked in their thinking by all the Year 8 teachers. They all were excited to discuss what they’d learnt in these workshops, with activities ranging from Maori art to creating a Samoan sasa using the learner profiles. These have led to some very interesting communications being put together to present what they have inquired into for the last five weeks. All students are keen to get into the Exhibition next term and are already showing great enthusiasm toward this.

Megan Hughes
Orange Team Leader

Blue Team
Term two has been busy and exciting in Blue team. We have made our way through two inquires, relating to the world we live in, ‘Sharing the Planet’ and ‘How the World Works’. The students are becoming very accomplished at working through the inquiry process and it has been great to see the thought processes and the communications they have produced. In science we have discovered tectonic plates by using golden syrup and learnt about rocks by climbing Mount Eden. All the students are working on finding interactive and engaging ways to share their learning and the results have been creative and innovative. We are all looking forward to starting our term three inquiry into ‘Who We Are’ and the new experiences that electives will bring.

John Waller
Blue Team Leader

Red Team
Red team has had a busy and exciting term two. We kicked off the term at the first assembly by issuing a challenge to the school to express their team colour through song and dance. This has led to a term full of surprises and laughter as teams took up the challenge – check some of the performances out on our school Facebook page. How the World Works was a theme that engaged the students with their first time in the Science lab. Investigations into the natural systems of the planet were carried out and a lot of new scientific knowledge developed. We then moved onto Sharing the Planet and the students learnt to take action in some way to make a difference in their world. These forms of action are related to resources on our planet and what we can do to protect and care for them. The students are really growing and developing in their learning and continuing to wow us! We look forward to moving into term three where students will investigate Who We Are.

Sarah Nicolson
Red Team Leader

Specialist Team
It has been a very busy and exciting term in the specialist areas. Activities included:

  • Creating wearable arts to participate in the Epsom Girls Grammar School Wearable Arts show on Thursday 7 July
  • Food technology students’ entering the MAGGI Showdown
  • Year 7 classes tramping up Mount Eden with Science
  • Investigating the geological history of Auckland and how different types of rocks are formed.

It has also been great having a variety of external educators visiting ANI this term and being able to showcase the fantastic skills, knowledge and understanding our students have.

We are all looking forward to term three with major sporting events such as ANI Cross Country, Waikowhai Exchange and AIMS tournament with a large number of our students being involved.

Rachael Hancock
Specialist Team Leader


Sports News

Click here to view.



In term three each year we give our students the opportunity to participate in a programme that encourages them to develop new skills in activities they may not have tried before and this programme leads nicely into our term four theme of ‘How We Express Ourselves’. As in previous years, the programme will be offered to Year 7’s only as the Year 8’s will be busy with their exhibition programme. There will be a range of activities which will include sporting, technology, crafts, social and educational activities. Last year we had handball, scrap booking, cartooning, stop motion and crazy team tactics. We will have four sessions on a Friday afternoon from 1:30pm to 3:00pm. Dates are Friday 12 August, 19 August, 26 August and 2 September.

For some groups there will be a cost involved to cover materials used, which will be no more than $10.00 and some groups will require students to bring various items to compliment the programme.

On Friday 29 July this information will be shared with the students at an assembly and an information sheet and list of activities will be sent home on the same day. It will also be available on the school website. Students will then be able to select what activity they would like to participate in for the elective programme, the following Friday 5 August.

Sarah Nicolson
Year 7 Dean


2017 Enrolments

All application forms (In-Zone and Out-of-Zone) for 2017 enrolment are available to download from our website now. Click here. (Only Year 6 students need to enrol. Our current Year 7 students do not need to re-enrol for 2017)

If you have any queries about our enrolment process please contact our Administration Officer Megan Brookman on (09) 630 1109 or enrolments@ani.school.nz


Cultural Festival

As you are aware the bi-annual cultural festival event is fast approaching and many of your children are directly involved in a variety of exciting cultural items. We look forward to sharing these with our community next term. Diarise this date as tickets always sell out fast:  THURSDAY 18 AUGUST 2016, 6:30pm.

We are very proud to be presenting the following performances at the event:

  • Kapa Haka
  • ANI Choir performance
  • ANI Orchestra
  • Hawaiian dance
  • Irish dance
  • African dance
  • K pop performance
  • Bollywood dance
  • Pasifika dance
  • Chinese orchestra
  • Hip Hop performance
  • A dance perspective

There are over 200 students, a number of community members and all staff involved, working towards making this event the colourful, energy-filled, vibrant, thought-provoking evening of entertainment. Over the coming weeks we will be updating and sharing with you how things are progressing and how you could assist in helping this be the best ANI Cultural Festival ever.

Can’t wait to see you there.

Kate Harland
Coordinating Teacher

Cultural Groups


Year 8 Skype with NZ Actress and World Vision Ambassador, Kimberley Crossman

As our provocation for the unit ‘How We Express Ourselves’, Green Team got the chance to Skype Kimberley Crossman, a Kiwi actress who has starred in many popular films and TV shows, and is also a World Vision Ambassador. Within our classes, we came up with several questions that helped us gain knowledge of her journey into success, as well as advice on how to follow our dreams. It was really interesting to hear her perspective on the differences between NZ and American culture, what inspires her when acting, the purpose of her World Vision trip to Syria and hear about some of her experiences when acting.

– Rhea Sabnis and Charlotte Johansson Room 15


Interview with Kim

Year 8 ‘How We Express Ourselves’ Provocation to House of Natives

We were lucky enough to be able to visit the House of Natives at Mangere Bridge. There were many ways that the artists expressed themselves through Maori art including tattooing, stone and wood carvings and other wonderful masterpieces. We were stunned at the bold details and the stories that were told through the arts. The trip was really inspiring and gave us lots of ideas to go crazy and express ourselves. Special thanks to the House of Natives artists, especially Gordon and Yvanca Toi, for inviting us to learn more about Maori Art and the role of the arts in cultures and time.

– Alex Ogilvie and Zoe Casadebaig Room 15

House of Natives


ANI Waste Audit

On Wednesday the 25 May,  ANI enviro group and Auckland City Council conducted a waste audit on our rubbish. We collected all the rubbish in the school over a 24 hour period and sorted it into the four main streams of rubbish sorting we have at school. These are paper recycling, composting, recycling and waste.

These are our results:

Waste Audit


We really enjoyed our day and learnt a lot about how much of our waste doesn’t have to go to landfill – Cindy and Richard


The waste audit was a real eye-opener for the school on how much rubbish we collect in one day. The enviro group had a wonderful two blocks collecting, sorting and weighing all the rubbish. The overall results were good but we should do more work to keep so much of our waste going to landfill.

– Tejas, Luis, Hayden and Damien


Old Books Wanted

Old books wanted! For the Y7 electives in Term 3, I am taking an option which transforms old unwanted books into works of art. If you have any books (100 – 1000 pages) that will no longer be read, please drop them off to Room 12. Hardback books work the best, but I will happily use paperback books too. As the books will not be read, they can be in any language.

Kim Mackrell
Room 12 Teacher

Book Art


ANI Facebook Page

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