May 2018 Newsletter


Welcome back to a new school term. I do hope the students managed to get some well deserved rest after such a busy start to the year. Term two comes with many new and exciting challenges whether it be the start of winter sports, the upcoming cultural festival or working on academic goals that were set last term – no matter what’s on the horizon it’s going to be a demanding few weeks and it’s full steam ahead.   I’m sure if term one was anything to go by our students are certainly up for the challenge and will cope admirably.

Today’s newsletter is slightly shorter than usual due to the holiday break. There will also be no Friday flyer this week as it is newsletter week.

Winter Uniform

With winter biting at our heels it’s time to be thinking about winter uniform – here are some reminders.

  • Only school rain jackets are to be worn to and from school. These are available at reception and cost is $70.
  • Hoodies may also be worn to and from school.
  • Appropriate footwear is important in wet weather. Leather or leather look alike shoes are a better option than canvas shoes. Please note high cut shoes (e.g. like Converse basketball style boots) are not to be worn.
  • Shoes and socks are to be worn in terms two and three. For boys, knee high school socks are to be worn and for girls it is white ankle socks or black tights.
  • Long sleeved polos are available at reception and cost is $55.
  • If a student wants to wear a thermal under their polo shirt they can so long as it can’t be seen.
  • We are in the process of ordering school beanies that can be worn to and from school as well as during the day. More on this once they arrive (cost is $21).

Thanks for your cooperation in making sure our students look smart on the street and  wear their uniforms proudly.

Lateness and  Absences

We accept that at times the Auckland traffic can play havoc with parents trying to get their children to school on time. To this end we accept that on occasions students will be late and we  simply ask you to make sure they sign in at the office if the bell has gone. Just remember however that being late 15 minutes a day adds up to 1¼ hours a week, 12½ hours a term and 50 hours over a year.  That’s a lot of learning time lost.

If you intend going on holiday during term time, please submit your request as early as possible through the absence page on our website, here is the link. We are usually supportive of these leave of absence requests as we appreciate that holidays can not always be taken in term time but official approval must be given. Thanks for your cooperation.

2019 Enrolments

Things heat up this term on the enrolment front. Applications for 2019 in zone and out of zone places opened on Monday 30 April (apply online) and we have a number of school tours scheduled throughout the term. Click here for further details about 2019 Year 7 and Year 8 enrolments.

Winter Sports

With the start of winter sports this term (club team or a school team) these friendly reminders about how, as a parent, you can be a good sport spectator is very timely:

  1. Set a good example of sportsmanship and show respect for  other team players (including the opposition), the coach, referee and spectators. Be positive and supportive at all times.
  2. The three main reasons kids play sports are to have fun, make new friends and learn new skills. Keep this in perspective.
  3. If a referee makes a questionable call, respect that decision and remain silent.
  4. Be on time for practices and for the game. It can be very stressful for your son/daughter if they don’t get the chance to warm up with the team and join in the pre-game strategy talk. Being on time also shows respect for the coach who is usually a volunteer.
  5. Accept that mistakes are part of learning the game and kids learn from making mistakes.
  6. Students come to the game with varying levels of ability therefore individual performances should not be up for comparison.
  7. Refrain from shouting out instructions – this tends to confuse the players so keep your comments limited to ones of encouragement for players in both teams.
  8. Keeping comments about the game positive will have a strong influence on your son/ daughters motivation and overall experience.

And remember…….

These are kids

This is their game

Positive cheering is encouraged.

Make this winter sports season a fun one.

CrashMats  The new crash mats arriving today …

ERO Publication

In 2017 ANI was asked by the Education Review Office (ERO) to take part in a study of Innovative Learning Environments (ILE).  The full report can be found here .

ERO visited 12 schools to find out how they were equipping  students with the knowledge, skills and qualifications required to set them up for their future. They also wanted to know how these schools were meeting the challenge of teaching modern learners.  Our school was selected because ERO was aware we were exploring innovative ways of using The New Zealand Curriculum, digital technologies and flexible learning spaces to educate our students for future success.

What did they do?

During the visit ERO observed in classrooms, spoke to students, interviewed teachers and  held meetings with the SLT.

They asked us questions around why we started this journey, what informed our decisions, how we managed the change and what difference it had made (in terms of teaching and learning, and student outcomes).

What did they find out ?

For a number of years ANI has  worked on shifting the pedagogy to be more student driven, revisited their curriculum to support the holistic development of their students, adopted an inquiry-based curriculum and introduced technology into the classrooms.

When school leaders started to open up learning spaces to create Innovative Learning Environments  many teachers were unsure how to best use them and a mixture of practices was evident. School leaders and teachers realised they needed to reflect again on their pedagogy. This led to changes in school systems for professional learning, curriculum design, teaching practice, Teaching as Inquiry, appraisal, the timetable, and, significantly, the involvement of students in school decisions.

Research, conferences and visiting other schools helped senior leaders and teachers to refine their philosophy for education. This philosophy combines their future focus with the approaches of the International Baccalaureate Primary Years Programme and the NZC to promote choice and agency for their students. Teachers used their Teaching as Inquiry cycles to build their understanding of what they wanted their Innovative Learning Environment to  look like. Middle leaders drew the elements together to provide a framework to guide teaching practice (the ANI way) across the school.

What difference has it made?

  • teachers have a strong growth mindset, they are committed to working in new ways,  share responsibility for all learners, work collaboratively and tailor their pedagogy  to individual learners.
  • student success is viewed as more than just academic achievement
  • effective teaching and learning always has a future focus
  • learning programmes are personalised  to meet individual student needs
  • continuous improvement is not only possible but necessary
  • teachers are well equipped to know where they need to focus improvement

Above all, the report reinforces that our teachers are confident practitioners who use evidence–based practices that equip our students well to be successful in their futures.

Have a good month (next newsletter date is Friday 1 June).


Jill Farquharson



Tuesday 1 May – Year 7 Boys Futsal Trials

Wednesday 2 May – Year 7 Girls Futsal Trials

Friday 4 May – Team Newsletters home

Monday 7 May – Lockdown Drill at 9.30am; PTA Meeting at 7.00pm; Relational Parenting Workshop at EGGS at 7.00pm

Tuesday 8 May – Boys Futsal Tournament; ICAS Digital Technology Examination

Thursday 10 May – Girls Futsal Tournament

Thursday 10 May – Chess Central Auckland Intermediate Qualifier

Thursday 7 June – School Social at 6.30pm (early notice)



Congratulations to ex-ANI students who have been made Prefects this year at the following schools:

Auckland Grammar – Callan Adams, Benjamin Carrington, Matthew Illing, Sean McKeown, James Peak and Max Smith

Epsom Girls Grammar – Jacqueline Alexander (Deputy Head Prefect), Summer Bradley, Ella Buchanan, Vivien Whyte and Jesslyn Wood

Northcote College – Claudia Weston

Mount Albert Grammar – to be advised



Term 2 is going to be exceptionally busy with practices taking place leading up to  the bi-annual Cultural and Performing Arts festival. This event will be held on the 21st of June from 6:30pm in the school hall. We encourage all students to be risk takers and sign up to be a part of this awesome event where they can showcase their talents to the school, families and the wider community. This festival is a major school event on the school calendar and any support you can offer leading up to it is appreciated. Some of the groups which will be represented on the night are hip hop, cheerleading, Samoan group, Indian dance, Scottish dancing, Irish dancing, Kapa Haka, rap and K-Pop. Sign ups for these groups will take place during the first week of term 2. Students will be able to express themselves and the cultures that make up the diverse community of ANI. Tickets for the event will go on sale closer to the date. Keep an eye on the Friday Flyer, newsletters and notices for more information.

Danni Cook and Rachel Halen




School Lockdown Exercise

ANI has engaged the services of an independent company, Harrison Tew®, who specialise in emergency management planning for schools.  The procedures developed allow us to respond safely and quickly to a range of circumstances.

As a component of the implementation of the emergency procedures into our school, specialised training is being conducted with senior management and our staff.  The students will also receive training directed at their respective age groups from Harrison Tew®.

The training consists of a low key but detailed approach to potential threats, and has been successfully implemented in a large number of schools throughout New Zealand.

After the training, we will be conducting a lock down exercise under the guidance and support of Harrison Tew®. The training and real life exercise will occur on Monday, 7 May.

The exercise will be as real-life as possible, which will mean that parents/families will receive notification by way of text and/or email.  The information passed will emphasize that this is an exercise/practice and will explain that all updated information will then be posted on the school website.

Prior to this occurring, can I please remind all parents and caregivers to ensure your contact details (mobile phone numbers and email addresses) are current as this will be our communication with you, should an emergency occur at the school.

In a genuine incident, should you hear of a lock down or evacuation at the school, please do not attend the school or phone us, as we will not be in a position to respond.  Your presence at, or contact with the school may make it more difficult for us to manage the situation and could potentially place your children and in fact yourself at risk.

We thank you for your support.



This term we have three summative assessments tasks week 1 – 4.  These include: Reading, Mathematics and Grammar/Punctuation.

The tests will be conducted online with teacher supervision and the results will be shared with the students and collated with other tests administered in term one.  Together this information will build a bigger picture of how a student is achieving against the New Zealand Curriculum (level 4 expectations) and also add much needed information for teachers to make informed judgements for mid-year reports.    


Ski Team Time Trials

In keeping with tradition, ANI will have our 2018 ski/board team trials on Friday, 8 June, week 6, at Snow Planet.

For those students who are interested you will need to see Mr. Devery, if you haven’t already, for a Ski trial permission slip so you can pay your money and get permission from your parents to participate.  Parents we will also need transport.

The time trial is the first step in selection for the school team that will go on and represent ANI school at the North Island Ski championships in August.   

If you are successful making the trial team you will be expected to attend 6 more trainings, taken by Snow planet instructors, and one more time trial to determine the final students in the two teams that will represent ANI.

Snowboarders are also asked to attend the same time trials in June.

Start getting your ski’s waxed and ready for another amazing ski/board season at ANI in 2018.


Year 8 Girls Self Defence Classes

Our Year 8 girls have been given the opportunity to take part in a Girls’ Self Defence Project course run by the Women’s Self Defence Network – Wāhine Toa, jointly funded by the Ministry of Social Development and ACC.

The facilitator is a qualified and experienced teacher of self defence to women and girls. She will help the girls learn ways of dealing with unsafe people and situations and threats to their safety, such as being followed, and issues relating to cyber safety. This includes learning how to give clear boundaries and messages to those known and unknown to her when feeling unsafe, trusting her feelings and listening to her instincts.

These skills will be reinforced through discussion, the development of verbal and physical skills, and developing instincts to help the girls keep themselves and others (e.g. friends / siblings) safe. This course offers each girl the opportunity to take a positive step to reinforce her ability to think confidently, speak strongly, and use her physical skills when necessary.

The course is free (no cost to parents) and starts this week.  It will continue for the next six weeks on a Thursday and Friday (each Year 8 girl will have a total of six hours training).


Shane Devery, Deputy Principal


Community of Learning – ACCoS

The Auckland Central Community of Schools (ACCoS) is making waves in our school. Each one of our partner schools have identified their focus areas and have partnered up accordingly. ANI are working closely with Maungawhau Primary School, Cornwall Park District School, New Market Primary School and Parnell District School in the areas of Mathematics and Writing. We are investigating both the “how we teach” and the “what we teach” to ultimately accelerate achievement for all learners. We are focussing on the following;

  • How we deliver feedback to our young students so that it enables them to own their next steps.
  • How we ensure coverage of Level 3, 4 and 5 of the Mathematics and English Curriculum across our schools – ensuring synergy across the partner schools.
  • Getting students to be part of the planning, teaching and assessment processes so that they take a greater level of ownership of their learning.

We are so fortunate to have teachers who are willing to trial new approaches to teaching and learning – thinking outside the box. It is this mindset that will allow for new possibilities in how we teach and how our students learn – staying on the cutting edge.

2018 is all about the ‘why’ at ANI. As educational professionals we are analysing our pedagogy and practice and asking the questions, “Is this making a difference to our learners and their achievement?”. It is from this position that we are beginning to rethink the way we do things and drawing on research and evidence from around the world. The old saying, “If you always do what you have always done, you will always get what you have always got” and this is so often the case in education. We have a dynamic team of leaders who are driving change in our school – change agents. They are on the pulse of what is happening globally and we are excited to see what they will bring to the table in 2018. Watch this space!


Bryce Mills, Deputy Principal



We have a number of academies up and running already this year. Academies are interest groups that children can choose to be part of.

Academies usually last for 45 minutes to one hour and children can participate in a maximum of two academies each term.  Academies run for the term then children can to re-sign into a new one for the following term to try something different.

The academies we had on offer in term 1 were, Cricket, Hip Hop, Distance Squad, Yoga and Kapa Haka.

These academies are taken by specialist tutors who have strengths and passion in a given area. We encourage children who are beginners to have a go and those that are experts to develop their skills in an area even further.

We have a number of academies planned for term 2 which include, Soccer, Basketball, Audio Visual Tech group, Boys Hip Hop, Girls Hip Hop, to name but a few. So, encourage your children to keep an eye out in the daily notices for sign ups. All academies are free of charge to students of ANI.


Extension Groups

We also offer extension groups for children who may be exceptional in a given area. In term 2 we will be offering extension programmes in Maths and Writing run by experts in these fields. Unlike academies where everyone has the chance to participate to be an extension group a child must display outstanding talent in the given area and they are recommended for the programme by their classroom teacher.


Accelerated Learning Programme (ALP)

Children who are involved in the accelerated learning programme are those that need a little bit of extra support in the core curriculum areas. Children are recommended for this programme by their classroom teacher and have targeted teaching in the given area in small group situations, outside of the regular classroom programme. The work in the ALP is not done in isolation but rather complements the classroom programme. In term 1 we ran groups in Maths as testing from the beginning of the year showed that this was the greatest need. In term 2 we will be continuing with Maths but also including writing groups to support those who need it.

Should you wish to discuss your child’s learning at any stage feel free to contact me


Tracey Hughes, Associate Principal



Chocolate Fundraiser

Thank you to our wonderful community, we have raised over $22,000 from the recent chocolate fundraiser.  We will let you know in future newsletters how this money is being spent to assist the school.



Boys Cricket – Post active Cup

The boys Cricket had a good start to the season in the post active cup tournament. We were placed in the “pool of death” against Kings, Remuera and Sacred Heart. In our first match we played Kings and beat them for the first time in a long time. ANI bowled and fielded extremely well and restricted Kings to a small total. In the second game we played Remuera Intermediate. ANI fielded well and managed to defeat Remuera by 7 runs in a close game. The win put ANI through to the semi finals which was pleasing as we missed out last year. In the final game of the season we sadly lost to Sacred Heart. With 2 wins and 1 loss it was a good start to the season. We look forward to Term 4 when we play in the semi-finals.


Interzone Swimming

After our central zone competition one of our students qualified for the interzone swimming competition. Victor Balgaradean qualified for the Year 8 50m backstroke. On the day he managed to beat his personal best time and finished 10th overall! Impressive effort by Victor.




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