Term Three, Week 7 2016

Principal’s Awards

Congratulations Jasmine Cho, Huzefa Malik and Richard Gan (Room 16) for showing creativity in their writing and using appropriate language to fit the purpose and audience.

Congratulations Phoebe Carter (Room 18) for excellence in written language and interpretation of a text.

Congratulations Billie Rose Smaill (Room 11) for being a principled, caring, reflective and strong communicator in her learning.

Congratulations Aidan Bishop (Room23) for showing high levels of engagement, enthusiasm and energy in the cultural festival and displaying a strong sense of leadership.

Congratulations Bessie Li (Room 20) for her engagement and contribution to the school.


Principal’s News

A number of exciting events and activities are shared in the September newsletter including a reminder to check out our Facebook page for pictures and videos of these…  Click  here.

What’s happened since the last newsletter?
Education Review Office
In June we had a visit from the Education Review Office (ERO). They spent a week onsite evaluating the school’s effectiveness and progress. The confirmed report is now available (click here). The Board of Trustees and staff are exceptionally proud with the content of this report and the positive comments made by ERO about the boards strategic direction, the strong focus on improvement and the all round capability of our students. The next review is scheduled to take place in another 4-5 years. Congratulations to students, staff, board and our community on this outstanding outcome.

Community of Schools Update
Over the past month we have gained quite a bit of traction in the community of school’s work, here’s what we have been up to from our in-school teachers and across school teachers.

In-School Teachers
Mr Ben Griffiths:  We have been using learning maps as a non-cognitive tool to assist students and their teachers in understanding how they best learn. The outcome of this were co-constructed individual learning plans for our priority students (Maori and Pasifika). The trends that came out of these learning maps were that students use Youtube as a platform for their learning. As a result, the school is currently in the process of setting up a Youtube channel that provides students with tutorials to assist their learning.

Miss Clara Kim has been looking into writing moderation and transition from intermediate to high school. Across the CoS, the in-school leaders have identified focus groups to target the five Achievement Challenges. At the last meeting, a group of in-school leaders from a range of intermediates and EGGS moderated students writing across the curriculum.

Mrs Alicia England attended a focus group at Maungawhau Primary looking into Mindfulness and Student Agency. The discussion was rich and ANI was able to share many ideas that were have in place around student lead learning. Ben has been looking into the transition of students between primary and secondary and had an interesting meeting with EGGS at ANI where they used Individual Learning Plans created by the In-School Leaders to assist students and teachers with their transition into high school.

Across School Teachers
This term has seen the emergence of the across-school teachers establishing a bridge between the in-school teachers and the principals of each school within the community. Six teachers, myself (Kim Mackrell) included, have been fortunate enough to be appointed to these roles. A two-pronged approach has been implemented so to best provide us with the foundational knowledge and skills needed in these new and exciting roles. Firstly, we have been working alongside education consultant, Allan Powell, to develop our understanding and ability to facilitate ‘Open to Learning Conversations.’ Based on the work of Professor Viviane Robinson, these conversations are centered around building high-quality trust in order to improve teaching and learning. Additionally, we have been attending meetings with the in-school teachers, trying to build connections with our fellow colleagues as well as ascertain any patterns that are emerging within the community. Increasing numbers of ESOL students in our schools and the identification of sharing writing resources have provided the basis for many rich discussions. As the term continues, so too do the discussions around how our across-school roles will take shape in order to meet the achievement challenges as well as best utilise our skills. Always in focus, however, is how to foster deep and meaningful learning within all our students toward meeting the achievement challenges.

What’s been happening nationally for Community of Schools?
Here is a National picture of where community of schools are located, the number of schools involved and the number of students that are effected. A very good news story!


School Paint
You may have noticed the school looking a bit spotty lately. This is the pre-paint work in preparation for a full school paint. The colour scheme we have decided on with the help of our school architect is not too different to what we currently have. The wall colour is slightly lighter and the trim colours move more into hues of grey rather than the current taupe. Work should be completed in the next few weeks and the school will be looking fresh and smart ready for spring.

Building Project
If you have visited school lately or driven down Disraeli Street you will have seen a bit of action behind Rooms 19-22. Our building project to renovate these single cell classrooms into innovative learning environments has commenced. Over a period of six weeks (between now and the start of term four) our builders will:

  • Clear these spaces
  • Demolish some internal walls
  • Install fire walls (internal and external)
  • Construct breakout rooms
  • Move Room 22 to align with Room 21
  • Tidy up the eastern boundary area
  • Paint and re-carpet the interiors

As you can imagine the students from these classrooms are very excited about moving into the new spaces once term four commences. We have popped a few photos on Facebook showing our progress with the renovations.

School Badges
Just a reminder that badges are willingly distributed by the SLT for a number of reasons. Click here to see how the system works. Recently we adjusted the criteria for a Premier Badge as we felt it gave an unfair advantage to students who were good academically or at sports. If your son/daughter is due a badge, please send them along to the SLT office any time of the school day.

Art Exhibition
On Monday 22 August I felt very proud to attend the opening of school art exhibition in Mt Eden Village.  A number of students had work on display for the public to view – check out Facebook to see the photos. It was a great experience for all involved and thanks to our art teacher Nicole Rakete for organising this annual event.

What’s coming up?
Year 7 Head Boys/Girls for 2017
At this time of the year we start looking at leadership positions for 2017. Four of these leadership positions are our Head Boys and Girls (two Year 8 boys and two Year 8 girls)

Head students at ANI represent the Student Body. This student will be a confident well rounded student who is approachable and reliable amongst their peers. They are a positive role model who demonstrates the qualities of an inclusive and open minded learner. With efficient time management and communication skills, Head Students will need to be able to confidently speak in front of small and large audiences of both adults and peers.


  • Give speeches in public
  • Make informed decisions that impact positively on students
  • Represent the student body for guests and visitors
  • Attend leadership events and training
  • Work with SLT to solve problems that affect students
  • Attend meetings and be punctual
  • Be willing to sacrifice time for the role
  • Work in own time
  • Be prepared to show initiative, be creative and innovative
Term 3, Week 7
5 – 9 Sept
Teachers (both classroom and Year 7 Specialist teachers) to nominate possible candidates and give their details and reason for nomination to Caylee Dyer by the end of the week.
Term 3, Week 8
12 – 16 Sept
Year 7 Deans Sarah Nicolson and John Waller as well as current Year 8 Head Students to look over nominations and provide comment on who should be shortlisted.
Shortlist will be created by end of the week.
Term 3, Week 9
19 – 23 Sept
SLT to make final decision from shortlist and select the four Head Students for 2017 after interviewing those on short list.
Term 4, Week 1
10 – 14 Oct
Parents are notified of their child’s successful appointment as Head Student for 2017.
Term 4, Week 2
17 – 21 Oct
Short assembly to announce Year 7 Head Students and introduce them to the rest of the school.

Parent Consultation
In terms three and four we have a number of areas where we will seek your views on a variety of topics through surveys, one-on-one interviews or parent forums. Areas we are seeking feedback on are:

Term Three: School Reports, Digital Safety and Devices
Term Four: Student Wellbeing and School Culture

To date we have completed an analysis of the data gathered on school reports and a summary of responses is available here.

The digital safety/devices survey results were collected during parent interviews and at the NetSafe evening on 17 August. Results and the action we will be taking from your suggestions will be presented to the Board of Trustees at their September meeting. Following their input to the recommendations we will share our findings with the community.

Overseas Trips and NZ AIMS Sports Competition
Safe travels to all our teams travelling whether it be overseas or within NZ. On Sunday 4 September 100 students head off to Tauranga to compete in an annual intermediate sports tournament. Good luck to all competitors and a big thank you to teachers, parents and supporters who will accompany them.

On Sunday 11 September, eight students and two staff head off on a cultural exchange to our sister school Wajiro-higashi Elementary School in Fukuoka, Japan. We hope you enjoy this exchange and gain lots from experiencing Japanese culture first hand.

On Sunday 18 September we farewell 20 students and four staff to Cairns who are doing a sustainability study on the Great Barrier Reef in Cairns, Australia. All the best to you for a great trip with lots of different water based experiences.

And to finish with…
The new roles of a teacher:
Providing students with lots of guidance to navigate the wide variety of instructional tools available to them.

Being aware that student’s individual needs depend on their particular context and the teacher needs to mentor with differentiation.

Helping students make sense of the feedback they are getting from multiple sources.

Ensuring students see their teacher as a learner, especially with new technologies.

Knowing students want their teacher to be knowledgeable but they also want their teacher to be able to access a variety of tools and platforms to help them in their learning.

Have a great month ahead.

Jill Farquharson


Health and Safety Issue

We seem to be having some Health and Safety issues with the way student absences/appointments are being reported to the school. As you can appreciate it is EXTREMELY important to report absences correctly to ensure the safety and well-being of your children.

ALL absences/appointments/leave requests must be reported through the office and NOT the classroom teacher. Please use the school website absence notification (under ‘Contact’ on the homepage) or call the office on 630 1109. When you use either of these methods the classroom teacher will be advised and the office can immediately mark your child away with the correct reason.

If you only email the teacher please be aware they can be absent due to sickness or away on a course and their emails are not checked. This means we don’t know why your child is not at school and you will receive a phone call from our office causing unnecessary panic and stress for all concerned.

We appreciate your support with this important matter.


Morning Tea and Lunch Eating

We have had an ongoing issue with litter in the school, around the buildings and on the field. We are attempting to manage this issue by limiting the areas where students can eat food.

The morning tea break has been extended so students can stay in class and eat their food, they are then released to play. If they haven’t finished they take their food to the amphitheatre and eat it there. They can stay as long as they like in this area. If it’s wet they stay in the class and eat.

At lunchtime all students go to the court area to eat their lunch. They do this for ten minutes and then the duty teacher releases them. If they are still eating they move from the courts to the amphitheatre and continue to eat there until they have finished. Tuck shop purchases are also eaten in this same space.

If it’s a wet lunchtime they stay in the class and eat, supervised by the teacher.

Students can take as long as they like to eat at both break times, there is no time limit.

Already this has made a huge difference to the amount of litter in the school. We feel it’s a far healthier option for the students to sit down and eat as opposed to eating on the field or while they are playing – we intend to continue this organisation into the summer months.


Upcoming Events

Thursday 8 SeptemberNZ AIMs (Tauranga)
 Snowboard Champs
Friday 9 SeptemberNZ AIMS (Tauranga)
 Snowboard Champs
Monday 12 SeptemberJapan Trip (Mon – Sun)
Tuesday 13 SeptemberYear 8 Immunisations
 Netball Prize Giving, 5:00pm – 6:00pm School hall
Wednesday 14 SeptemberCentral Zone Gymnastics
 Board of Trustees Meeting, 6:00pm Staffroom (all welcome)
Thursday 15 SeptemberInterzone Cross Country
Friday 16 SeptemberMufti Day



NetSafe Parent Evening Update

The NetSafe parent evening on Wednesday 17 August was a great success and we had a good turnout with a number of parents who were interested to learn more about online safety. There were three key messages and three websites recommended by the facilitator, which are highlighted below.

Three main messages from the evening:

  • Ensure parents are having conversations and are engaged with their children so they know what they are looking at and who they are interacting with in any online environment.
  • Maintain boundaries at home and monitor your child’s time using digital devices and when online
  • Parents need to ask questions and seek advice if they are finding it difficult to support and monitor their child in an online environment.  Use websites such as NetSafe, Google or family and friends for support.

Three recommendations of websites that offer support to parents and caregivers include:

NetSafe is an independent non-profit organisation with a focus on online safety and security. Its purpose is to enable all New Zealand internet users to confidently access digital opportunities and prevent online harm. They provide support, education and advice to New Zealand internet users and help resolve many online safety and security complaints.

This site provides information such as:

  • practical advice for digi savvy parents and parenting tools
  • guidelines for how long is practical for children and users to be online
  • Links to other helpful resources (NetSafe/The Parenting Place)
  • Articles to read


The Common Sense Media
This site provides ratings and reviews for movies, books, CD’s, websites and App’s, has a section on parent concerns and a blog facility to ask for advice or support from other like-minded adults who are often in a similar situation as other parents.

Shane Devery
Deputy Principal



All the Year 8 students are busy working on their inquiries as we head towards exhibition, on Wednesday 12 and Thursday 13 October.

This year students have been able to work across their team, with groups based on interests so children are working with like minded peers who have the same passions.  Group sizes are variable with 3 to 5 students in most groups.

Each student is on an individualized timetable and are working on the core curriculum areas at differing times depending on their needs.  Children must book in sessions with their classroom teacher for reading, writing and maths. Children with a higher need will have three sessions each week and those more able will have two sessions each week. Total of four lessons in each curriculum area of reading, writing and maths per week.

This method has allowed students to develop their self management skills by organising their time in the week with their group members. It’s also great preparation for secondary school. Sessions for PE and Languages are booked in according to the availability of group members.

In the Specialist area children have decided which areas they need to go to in order to support their inquiry, it may differ from week to week depending on what their requirements are and it is the groups responsibility to book into the area where they need to be.

Exhibition 2016 is an exciting time and we can’t wait to see the final products on 12 – 13 October.

Tracey Hughes
Associate Principal


Learning through ‘Maths as Inquiry’

‘Doing maths’ at ANI is looking a little different and we have adopted a more collaborative approach. Maths as inquiry is a way of teaching maths that helps students solve everyday maths problems in contexts that are engaging and meaningful.

The students in Room 8 have shared their thoughts about Maths as Inquiry.

What does a Maths as Inquiry look like?
“Math as inquiry is a way for us to learn from each other. It is a process of learning new strategies or clarifying what you already know. Math inquiry helps us communicate and lets us learn how to explain maths in a way that other people understand.

There are three steps in Math as Inquiry and they are: first, we have some time by ourselves to try to figure out the problem. This is called, ‘Independent Time’. Second, we share our ideas in a small group of three. We all share, so that we have time to talk through our thinking. Third, one person from each small group shares what they consider to be the best strategy for solving the problem. Lastly, the whole group decides on the best solution (the quickest or most efficient way) for solving the question.”

Miranda Zhang

How does Maths as Inquiry benefit students?
“If I can’t understand my teacher, my friends can explain it in a way to me that’s easy to follow, giving me strategies for solving difficult problems and then we can talk about the best one to use”

Jack Bessey

“I like that we can get other people’s opinions on how to solve problems. We can then evolve it into our knowledge bank, so we can learn new strategies for tackling a problem”

Margaret Su

“I think Maths as Inquiry is good because my friends help me when I don’t understand the teacher. They say things in their own words which can make more sense to me because sometime the teacher uses too many technical ones”

Alisha Braun

“I like it because we get to share with our friends. We get to share our opinions and show our group our own strategies. We then get to agree or disagree with others and talk about which strategy is most efficient and will help us to solve the problem quickest”

Ines Stoev

Lucy Naylor
Deputy Principal


School Counsellor

Staying SREEN in September!!
September is the time when we begin to realise that the end of the school year is fast approaching. This can be a stressful time for many families. Our Year 8’s are now focused on their Exhibition, older siblings will be sitting final exams and there are all the end of year activities to plan for.

Like an athlete preparing for an Olympic event we need to take care of ourselves and set up some good routines to minimise family stress and individual anxiety. Here is a useful checklist…

SLEEP – make sure everyone is getting a good quantity and quality of sleep
RELAX – take time each day to stop, close your eyes and breathe deeply
EAT – food that is fresh and nourishing
EXERCISE – daily…walking, taking the stairs… do something you enjoy
NATURE – get into it…plan to do one thing a week together as a family outside

I hope you all have a very sreen September. Remember as parents what we model to our young people speaks far more than the words we say!!

Graeme Smith
School Cousellor


NIWA Auckland Science and Technology Fair

On Friday 27 August the leading science and technology minds of Auckland’s Year 7 – 13 students converged on St Kentigerns Boys School for the annual NIWA Auckland Science and Technology Fair. ANI was represented by 20 inspiring students, ready to share their knowledge, ideas and innovation with the 30+ judges. Every one of our students spoke with passion and conviction, explaining their investigation into the realms of science and technology. Congratulations to you all!

This all round excellence was highlighted with over half our entries receiving an award. To the following list of students, an extra congratulation goes to you in recognition of your success.

Blake Stevens (22) and Geeshan Kumararathna (22)Diamagnetic LevitationPhysical1st
Varsha Maharaj (16) and Laknavi Jayamanne (18)Shower TimerTechnology3rd + Special Prize
Nivedita Tewary (13) and Edward Pawson (13)The Universal Life CycleEarth & BeyondHighly Commended + Special Prize
Jenna Parkin (16)A Better BrolleyMaterialHighly Commended
Eashan Garg (4) and Jonathan Velpula (4)Generation of Energy from
Fruits, Vegetables and Waste
MaterialHighly Commended
John O’Malley (5) and Finn Reynolds (5)Laminated PaperTechnologyHighly Commended


Science Fair

Daniel Robertson
Science Teacher


Sports News

Click here to view our Sports news.


Community News

Maungawhau School Fair
Saturday 15 October, 11:00am – 3:00pm
73 Ellerton Road Mount Eden.

Come along for amazing rides, cool prizes, and divine food! http://www.maungawhauschoolcommunity.co.nz/

Blended Family Success: Expert Advice
ONE DAY ONLY.  Essential information for every couple on how create a united, supportive home life and help children adjust in a step family.

Overcome common challenges and learn practical strategies from author, relationship coach and New Zealand’s leading Stepfamily Presenter, Adele Cornish.

Live happily ever after in your stepfamily! Last workshop this year. Numbers limited.

Saturday 10 September 8.30am – 3.30pm
Venue: The Parenting Place, Greenlane, Auckland

For tickets go to: www.blendedfamilysuccess.nz/events    email:adele@stepfamilyhelp.info

Click here to see what’s happening in our community.