Term Three, Week 1 2016

Principal’s Awards

Congratulations Brittany Townsend, Room 10 for her outstanding creativity and excellence in Visual Arts.

Principal’s News

Hello and welcome back to term three. I hope you all had a good holiday break and are ready for the exciting and busy nine weeks that will make up term three.

Student leave requests
From time to time we realise that travel arrangements for families can not always be managed within the holiday period. The school has a legal requirement to ensure all students attend school or if they are not at school we have appropriate documentation to advise us of their whereabouts. We are not wanting to pry into family circumstances asking parents to write to us requesting leave during term time but we do need a record of where students are and for how long they will be away. We complete electronic rolls twice a day and on these rolls we record the reason for absence. The Ministry of Education can at any time request this data or complete a roll audit. If we don’t have the correct information we can incur a financial penalty.

Your support would be greatly appreciated, all leave requests need to be addressed to our Administration Officer Megan Brookman who keeps a log of this data. You will receive a formal acknowledgement of your request within a few days.

Parent consultation – survey on student wellness and digital safety
At the mid year triadic interviews we had a number of staff circulating around classrooms gathering feedback on your son/daughters  level of enjoyment of school, their wellness, engagement and progress. In the digital safety survey we gathered your views on how we can improve student use of technology tools ensuring they are used appropriately and in a controlled environment. If you did not get the opportunity to speak to a staff member and provide feedback, please email the school (ani@ani.school.nz) and we can send you the survey form.

The results of the surveys will be collated and presented to the community in due course. As always we appreciate any suggestions you might have to help us improve and address every student’s needs. Please feel free to email, call or drop into school for a chat.

Student consultation – satisfaction of schooling
In the next two weeks all students will complete a “Me and My School” survey. Questions are centred around engagement, school culture and connections to learning.

The results will provide us with some rich information about how they feel about school, their teacher, learning programmes and levels of safety. Once we have this data we can set some goals around improving certain aspects of school operations and learning programmes.

Student well being
There are a number of pressures that students face on a daily basis whether at home or at school and some students cope quite well while others can become quite stressed or anxious. We are aware of a number of situations that can trigger discomfort and hope to manage these more proactively with the data we collect from the above surveys.

National and international trends in adolescent mental health show some worrying statistics in depression and anxiety. Teachers are being upskilled in how to recognise symptoms by our counsellor Graeme Smith who is also providing guidance in relaxation and breathing exercises for teachers to do with classes. He is also available to support parents (with or without your child present) if you have any concerns about their well being.

Other strategies the leadership team have discussed are introducing yoga classes, meditation, time management, quiet spaces to retreat to and managing work load including homework. We believe it is really important to prepare our students with a tool box of strategies to select from depending on the situation they are facing. It is important to set students up as best we can and not ignore or trivialise the associated risks of well being.

……. and to finish with a short but very powerful article I read by Linda Hill  over the break about how schools cultures are changing toward shared networking and collaboration at all levels (similar to the  approach we have adopted in our community of schools).

Linda Hills says “Innovation is not about solo genius but collective genius.” She goes on to outline how the most successful organisations build organisational structures and cultures that are “iterative, inter-related and quite frankly messy.” She also highlights that investing in all the people to give them time to develop and collaborate around new challenges and ideas. It is also critical to build a culture where everyone, and I mean EVERYONE, feels they might have something to offer in improving the operation of or output from the organisation.

I hope you have had a great start to the term and I look forward to catching up with you at the many events we have planned including the cultural festival evening which is our first whole school activity for the term.

The remainder of this months newsletter has bits and pieces of news from other members of the SLT, team leaders and a number of students.

Jill Farquharson


Important Dates

Thursday 4 AugustDental Van onsite
Y6 Student and Parent Open Morning #1, 9:00am – 10:30am
Y6 Parent Information Evening #1, 6:00pm – 7:00pm
Friday 5 AugustCZ Boys Netball
Ski Team Training, 11:00am @ Snow Planet
ANI Science and Technology Fair Judging
Tuesday 9 AugustCZ Girls Netball
Y6 Student and Parent Open Morning #2, 9:00am – 10:30am
Y6 Parent Information Evening #2, 6:00pm – 7:00pm
Wednesday 10 AugustCZ Boys Basketball
Board of Trustees Meeting, 6:00pm
Friday 12 AugustSki Team Training, 11:00am @ Snow Planet
Peace Week Mufti Day
Year 7 Electives, 1:30pm – 3:00pm


SLT Spot

Sexuality Education
Sexuality education is part of The New Zealand Curriculum, and it is a requirement that it is taught as part of the Health and Physical Education learning area from Years 1 – 10. The purpose of sexuality education is to provide students with the knowledge, understanding and skills to develop positive attitudes towards sexuality, with a focus on their changing bodies and how to best care for their emotional and physical health in the time of adolescence.

In Year 7 and 8 sexuality education is taught by your child’s class teacher with a focus on well being. In Year 8, sexuality education is taught in term one during the ‘Who We Are’ inquiry with a focus on personal hygiene, decision making and taking responsibility for yourself.  In Year 7, sexuality education is taught in term three during the ‘Who We Are’ inquiry and aims to provide students with the knowledge, understandings, and skills to develop positive attitudes towards the changes that they will experience during puberty.

You are welcome to contact your child’s class teacher to discuss the programme or to view any of the teaching materials used. We respect the role of parents as first teachers of our students and want to work together with you to ensure our students receive appropriate messages.

Sexuality education is a valuable part of a child’s learning, so we hope all children in that class will be present for this programme. However, if for religious or moral reasons you do not wish your child to participate please let the Principal know in writing before the programme starts.

We look forward to working with the students through this exciting programme and hope that you take the opportunity to have many interesting discussions at home regarding the content of the programme that your child/children will be taught in the coming weeks.

Lucy Naylor
Deputy Principal


Advanced Coaching

The advanced coaching group started in 2016 following the success of the student coaching group in 2015.

A group of 12 Year 8 students were chosen to join the advanced coaching course. ANI is the only school in NZ to have this opportunity so we feel very lucky to be involved. The purpose of the advanced coaching workshops is to learn new coaching techniques such as, expanders and scaling.  Expander words are used to make the coaches think more in depth about their goals/actions to give them a more descriptive goal and valid action plan. Scaling is when you ask the coaches a question of how they rate their goal/action plan between 1 to 10 and what it would take to move forward a higher number, on the scale.

“The advanced coaching workshops look deeper into the stages of the GROWTH Coaching model (used for the Student Coaching Group) which takes coaching to a whole new level”. – Alex Wang

“From coaching last year I learned the basics like the GROWTH Coaching model that helps form and shape a goal. The new advanced coaching programme takes coaching to a whole new level for me and these skills will transfer over to EGGS in 2017”. – Breanne Illing

Shane Devery
Deputy Principal


International Baccalaureate and Year 8 Exhibition

So far this year, our units of inquiry have been extremely fun. In ‘Who We Are’ we looked at the different elements of hauora. This unit was linked closely with the specialist areas and languages, mostly Maori. We looked specifically at te whare tapa wha, which is the four sides of the house; physical (taha tinana), mental (taha hinengaro), social (taha whanau), and spiritual (taha wairua). We had to use self management skills by using our time wisely in our communications. Some of us organised lunchtime  workshop for our peers, confidently presenting our findings on our total well being. Learning respect was great to when we looked at children in countries round the world and their living conditions. We compared and contrasted this to ourselves.

For our second unit of inquiry we looked at ‘How We Express Ourselves’. For our provocations, we looked at different art forms such as rap, poetry, Samoan sasa, and Chinese masks. It was brilliant to look at different ways of responding to self expression. Going to the House of Natives was great because we looked at different art medium and interpreted time, place, experiences, culture and nature in different art forms. We had to be open minded to different people’s ideas  and we were trying to communicate in a nonverbal way our emotions. Term two was an awesome term.

On Monday and Tuesday last week, Year 8 students did provocations for our up coming Exhibition. We rotated around 6 activities such as Operation Space, and Smoke Signals to Snapchat. Provocation this term was to inspire our creativity and help us come up with ideas that can be used for exhibition.

– Serina McCarthy, Amelie Thomas and Mrs Hughes


Team Updates

Term 3 will be another busy but exciting term. Blue Team students will begin a brand new inquiry ‘Who We Are’. We are eager to learn and explore the changes that we go through during puberty and how it affects our relationships with others. We are also looking forward to the one and only…. CULTURAL FESTIVAL! This is a night where a wide range of cultures will be expressed through dance, art, music and singing. Students have been working exceptionally hard on these performances, and we can’t wait to see the final product!

– Paige Grant and Caitlin Bell

This term we are learning about ‘Who We Are’. I’m looking forward to learning about puberty. We’ve got electives coming up and we’re excited to try out the cool activities and work with other teachers. As the Year 8’s prepare for Exhibition we are excited to grow our relationships with the year 8s and make new friends. Some students will get the priviledge of going to AIMS, the Ski trip, Cairns and Japan. They will experience new cultures and represent our school well. We are really looking forward to the upcoming events this year and next year at ANI.

– David Lee and Zacharey Naidu

The first two terms of Year 8 has been a very full on and exciting part of our time at ANI. We have been challenged to step outside our comfort zone and explore our strengths and abilities. For the next 2 terms, we need to focus on making the most of our time at ANI. With exhibition coming up, our hard working teachers have been preparing us for the limitless amount of responsibility and commitment we’ll be taking on for the next 9 weeks.

A message that we would like to give to students of ANI is to be risk takers, and make the most of all the opportunities here, so that you can leave ANI knowing that you achieved to the best of your abilities with no regrets, or doubts. For the next two terms, we Year 8’s will be grasping every opportunity, ensuring we continue to be curious and ‘think outside the box’.

– Rhea Sabnis and Alex Wang

This term is a big term for the Year 8’S, we are doing our Exhibition! This is where we showcase what we have learnt in the last two years in the PYP. I’m really looking forward to cooperating with others to work on our ‘Where We Are In Place and Time’. I am excited to show how I can be a risk taker, facing new challenges and overcoming them to produce work to the highest standard. I will feel proud when the public comes and looks and sees what the students at ANI can do.

– Sophie Brown

Specialisation is going to be really exciting in term 3 as it is the term we do ‘Exhibition’ and we get to do a variety of specialist areas. Each week our groups get to decide what specialisation area we want to be in and we are all going to have to be really organised as we need to book into one of the areas each week. We have already started skill building and our teachers provided us with a range of provocations, to start us thinking about the different ways we can develop our theme of ‘Where We Are In Place and Time’.

– Max Hancock


Cultural Festival

Thursday 18 August
The ANI Bi-Annual Cultural Festival is just around the corner and we can’t wait to share the stunning and creative performances with you!

Tickets are $5.00 and go on sale: MONDAY 8 AUGUST and can be purchased from the school office between 8:15am – 9:00am and 3:00pm – 3:30pm on school days. There will be No door sales, so get in quick before they all sell out!

With over 200 students, all the ANI staff and a number of community members involved, we know this event is one not to be missed.

Kate Harland
Coordinating Teacher



Year 7 Electives are coming up this term. They will begin on Friday 12 August and run every Friday through to 2 September. Attached here is the list of electives the students can choose from. There are varying costs, so please have a discussion with your child about which ones they think would be interesting and teach them some new skills. Sign-ups will be on Friday 5 August. You will then be notified by letter, which elective your child has been allocated to.

Sarah Nicolson
Year 7 Dean


2017 Enrolments

All application forms (In-Zone and Out-of-Zone) for 2017 enrolment are available to download from our website now. Click here. (Only Year 6 students need to enrol. Our current Year 7 students do not need to re-enrol for 2017)

If you have any queries about our enrolment process please contact our Administration Officer Megan Brookman on (09) 630 1109 or enrolments@ani.school.nz

Year 6 Student and Parent Open Mornings (School Hall)
Thursday 4 August and Tuesday 9 August 2016, 9: 00am – 10:30am

The open mornings focus on giving students a taste of what next year will bring making sure the transition experience is a positive one. Parents and students of Year 6 are invited to attend one of the mornings. Please note that the content is the same on both days and you will need to arrange transport to ANI and back to their school.

Parent Information Evenings (Information Centre)
Thursday 4 August and Tuesday 9 August 2016, 6:00pm – 7:00pm

The Senior Leadership Team presentation will outline programmes of work, events and activities for the year and the structure of the school in 2017.  This is an opportunity to hear about the challenges and opportunities ANI can provide for your child.  There will be a time for questions and answers.

Parents of Year 6 students are invited to attend one of the evenings. Please note that the content is the same on both evenings.

Megan Brookman
Administration Officer (Enrolments)


Sports News

Click here to view.


International Guest Powhiri

On Monday 24 July, we started off the term with a powhiri from the ANI Kapa Haka group welcoming the Hong Kong and Chinese students.

It was kind of nerve racking performing but a warm welcome, giving our guests a traditional Maori Powhiri and a taste of the ANI culture.

We welcomed our international visitors into the school hall with a karanga from Hiwa Majurey and Amelie Boyd, this was followed with Aidan Bishop doing a wero. After that Aidan Bishop and James Cherrington lead the action song Toia mai, that was followed with waiata lead by the kapahaka group. After some speeches from both sides we had a traditional hongi with Kapa Haka representatives and the senior leadership team.  This made the powhiri official and the visitors are now part of the ANI whanau.

We all had a great experience welcoming our guests and it provided us with a great leadership opportunity. We are looking forward to welcoming more visitors later in the year.

– Aidan Bishop, Callum Shutes and Eden Neueli




The Robotics group is led by Tejas Lamb, Arun Lamb and Dominic O’Flaherty. So far this year the Robotics group has been a fun experience and the students have enjoyed improving their coding skills by challenging themselves to build a robot. The workshops are highly independent where students have to build their own Lego Mindstorms robot, from scratch, and learn how to code and program it. The group meets once a week during class time as part of our G&T programme. After five workshops a new group of students will be selected.

Students are then challenged to code a “performance”. The performances have been of a surprisingly high standard, given that most students have had little or no coding/programing experience at all.

All of the workshops attendees have benefited from their experience in Robotics and we would like to thank the PTA for funding this great initiative and look forward to working with more students in the future.

– Arun Lamb and Dominic O’Flaherty


Art Exhibition

‘Rua’ is Auckland Normal Intermediates second exhibition of student artwork due to be showcased at the Mt Eden Village Centre from the 22 – 26 August.

The stunning art works created by our year 7 students are in response to the transdisciplinary theme: ‘How The World Works’.

Congratulations to the following students whose works have been selected for the exhibition:

Kelys Witty
Brittany Townsend
Diana Fakharinia
Michelle Ngan
Isabelle Tsoi
Vicky Huang
Kelvin Xiao

RUA (1)


Year 9 Enrolment

Kings College
Applications for admissions can be obtained from the Kings College website www.kingscollege.school.nz or by contacting the College to request an application. The College is providing three Campus Tours on the following dates:

Thursday 11 August, 9:30am
Thursday 22 September, 9:30am
Thursday 20 October, 9:30am

 Diocesan School for Girls
Open Day on Saturday 13 August, 1:00pm – 3:00pm

Visit www.diocesan.school.nz to find out more and register.

St Cuthbert’s College
Conversation with the Principal. Talk to Principal Lynda Reid about a St Cuthbert’s education.

1 September, 6:00pm

Register online at www.stcuthberts.school.nz   


ANI Facebook Page

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