March 2018 Newsletter

A Note from the Principal

Welcome to the newsletter for March. A reminder there is no Friday Flyer this week as it is the same week we have a full school newsletter. What a great time our Year 8 campers have had, even the weather managed to stay cooperative and the campers stayed dry. A big thanks to parent helpers as without you we could not make camps happen. Our appreciation also to the teachers who gave up a week of their own time to support students in these EOTC activities.

All in all, a great experience with many lasting memories.

A Few Reminders …


Please remember that students need to be dropped off at both school entry points – the Poronui Street entrance and Disraeli Street entrance. No parent cars in the car parks please.
We have had a number of students starting to climb our lovely trees in the playground. For safety, we ask them not to do this during the school day as a fall could cause significant injury.


If your son/ daughter is going to be away from school for an appointment or if they are not well please advise us using the school website: Contacts / Report an Absence. We request you do not email the teacher directly as they may also be away sick that day and not check their emails resulting in us not knowing about your son/ daughter’s absence.

Social Media

The school encourages students to bring their device to school as we have a BYOD learning environment. Students are aware that they are not permitted to use their devices to go on social media during the school day. As most social media sites do not allow students to have an account until they are 13 years old they shouldn’t be using apps such as Instagram or Messenger anyway. We do monitor the sites students use in class as part of the schools focus on developing students as safe digital citizens.

National Standards

As you are aware National Standards have been removed. This will not disrupt the day to day teaching and learning experiences of students at ANI. Information about students’ progress and achievement will still need to be collated at a school level and it will be used to inform our classroom programmes, support planning and assist with resource allocation.
We will continue to report to parents at least twice a year on the progress of students across the curriculum including literacy and numeracy. You will receive good quality information about your child’s progress and achievement and we hope that this information will encourage discussions at both home and school about how well they are doing, if there are any areas of need and what are we doing about it. Local schools in our CoL are also working closely to ensure that the tools we develop to measure student progress are consistent across our community, provide a seamless transition pathway for students and are robust and reliable.

Want to know more …..

  • In today’s newsletter Deputy Principal Shane Devery has shared additional details about assessment at ANI.
  • We have planned a series of curriculum evenings for later in the year to keep you abreast of developments at a local and national level.

Board of Trustees News

Congratulations to Simonne Eldridge who has been elected as the Board Chair for 2018. Simonne is a great supporter of our school and we look forward to working with her.

Congratulations to staff member John Waller who is the new Staff Trustee. John is looking forward to working alongside board members to progress the school in its future focus.

CoL Update

In our next newsletter (Wednesday 4 April, as 1 April is during Easter) we will provide a full update of the work that is happening in our Community of Learning (CoL). There are a number of initiatives happening in our local schools that we can’t wait to share with you. ANI is involved in the maths and writing groups working alongside Mangawhau, Cornwall Park School, Newmarket, Parnell and Epsom Girls Grammar.

And finally, things your adolescent needs to know …

The start of school can be an exciting and a frightening time for many adolescents. Here are five things you should be mindful of:
1. “Everyone else isn’t doing it.”
There’s a lot of talk about all the things adolescents claim to be doing. The truth is, many of those claims aren’t true. The notion that ‘everybody’s doing it’ can fuel poor choices in school. Set the record straight and explain how some adolescents exaggerate and fib to be perceived as cool.

2. “I expect good grades from you.”
While it’s not healthy to put too much pressure on your adolescent, it’s important to set your expectations high enough that you’ll encourage them to do their best. Reassure them that the workload will be manageable. Stay involved in your adolescent’s education and take steps to ensure they motivated to get good grades.

3. “Kindness matters.”
Many adolescents believe their parents want them to be smart, more than they want them to be kind. Talk to your adolescent about healthy values. Make it clear that you want them to be successful, but explain that you want them to show kindness and compassion.

4. “You can earn freedom by showing you can make good choices.”
Explain they can have more independence but extra responsibility must be earned. They can show you when they are ready for more freedom by doing well with the independence they already have.
If they can’t arrive home on time, why would you allow them to stay out later? Explain to your teens that their ability to gain more freedom depends on their behaviour.

5. “The decisions you make now can affect the rest of your life.”
Adolescents need to know that many of their decisions can impact them forever. Whether it’s an inappropriate post on social media, or a risky decision that doesn’t turn out well, there can be serious consequences for their choices. You can’t be there to see what they’re doing when they are at school or out with friends. Show confidence in them to think before they act and make healthy decisions. Be their staunch friend and supporter.

Upcoming Events

Here are some of the events coming up this term. Events are put on our school website and can be found by clicking here (this includes Central Zone sports event dates).

Monday 26 FebruaryYear 8 Camp – Matai Team (Mon – Fri
Thursday 1 MarchCentral Zone Girls Softball at Wesley Intermediate
Year 7 Girls Football trials
Monday 5 MarchYear 8 Netball trials after school
Year 8 Boys Football trials
Tuesday 6 MarchGoal Setting Evening, 3.00-7.00pm (in classrooms)
Table Tennis training
Wednesday 7 MarchGoal Setting Evening, 3.00pm-6.00pm (in classrooms)
Overseas trips talk, 6.00pm – 6.30pm (in library)
Central Zone Swimming at Diocesan
Thursday 8 MarchVaccination talks at school
Year 8 Boys’ Football trials
Friday 9 MarchCentral Zone Boys Cricket at Ponsonby Intermediate
Monday 12 MarchYear 7 Netball trials after school
PTA AGM, followed by a regular PTA Meeting at 7.00pm
Tuesday 13 MarchYear 8 Girls Football trials
Table Tennis training
Wednesday 14 MarchIB Parent Evening, 6:00pm – 7:00pm (Information Evening held in Rooms 1, 2 and 3)
Year 8 Girls Football trials
Thursday  15 MarchCentral Zone Orienteering at St Mary’s College
Girls Cricket – Post Cup and Shield
Friday 16 MarchPolyfest in Manukau
Overseas Trip applications to be returned to school
Rugby trials
Monday 19 MarchYear 7 EOTC – Groups 1 & 2 (Mon – Thurs), Rooms 15, 16, 12 & 11
Tuesday 20 MarchCentral Zone Girls Cricket, St Cuthbert’s
Table Tennis training
Wednesday 21 MarchAAIMS Boys Softball, Harbour Northcross
Year 8 Netball trials after school
Thursday 22 MarchAAIMS Girls Softball, Harbour Northcross
Monday 26 MarchYear 7 EOTC – Groups 3 & 4 (Mon – Thurs), Rooms 19, 20, 13 & 14
Tuesday 27 MarchTable Tennis training
Wednesday 28 MarchBoard of Trustees Meeting, 6.00pm (staffroom), all welcome
Friday 30 MarchGood Friday – SCHOOL CLOSED
Monday 2 AprilEaster Monday – SCHOOL CLOSED
Tuesday 3 AprilEaster Tuesday – SCHOOL CLOSED
Wednesday 4 AprilYear 8 HPV #1 Girls and Boys
Girls’ and Boy’s Hockey trials
Thursday 5 AprilAAIMS Swimming Central, Diocesan
Friday 6 AprilPTA Mufti Day, $2
Monday 9 AprilYear 7 EOTC – Groups 5 & 6 (Mon – Thurs), Rooms 21, 22, 23 & 24
Lockdown practice
Tuesday 10 AprilTable Tennis training
Friday 13 AprilTerm One Ends, 2.00pm

Note: Netball Trial – Change of Date

The netball trials for Year 7 students on the 6th March has been postponed. The first trial will now be Monday 12th March, date for second trial to be confirmed.

Financial Payments

Many thanks to those families who have paid their take home component of materials used in technology ($195.00) and have paid in advance for the school activities that will take place during the year ($75.00). We also appreciate the number of school donations (voluntary payment of $330.00) that we have received already.

The income generated by these payments provide additional resources and extra specialist teachers over and above what the government provides. They also enable us to offer lower class sizes and state of the art learning environments including ICT equipment. As a decile 9 school, we receive considerably less funding ($929.58 per pupil per year) than we would if we were positioned in a lower decile area. This means that your contributions, whether they be compulsory costs or the voluntary donation, are essential to meet this shortfall. Many thanks in anticipation of your payments.

Payment can be made using any of the following three options:

  1. Online using internet banking (12-3048-00291429-00)
  2. EFTPOS or cash payments made at School Reception
  3. A parent portal that is very user friendly and linked to our student management system called Edge. On this portal you can log in and check your personal details, make payments and see what costs are outstanding. On the parent portal you can pay for:
    School donation ($330)
    Take home materials used in technology ($195)
    School trips/ activities paid in advance ($75)
    Education Perfect for homework ($40)
    To log into the parent portal it is very easy – follow this link for instructions:

1. Click on the above link
2. Click on ‘Manually Enter Login’
3. Enter the email address you supplied the school
4. Click on ‘I don’t know my edge password’ to create one

Payment Instructions
1. Click on your child’s name
2. Select ‘School Payments’ tab to see a list of items due.
3. If you wish to pay all outstanding amounts, click ‘Pay All Items’. To pay an individual item, enter the amount you wish to pay against the relevant item.
4. When you are happy with your selection, click ‘Make Payment’. This will direct you to the POLi™ site, where instructions guide you through the payment process.
5. From the ‘Payment Pending’ page, click ‘Proceed using POLi’, confirming your bank details and you will be required to log into your Bank (drop down box with an arrow on the right – next to iBank).
6. Once you have clicked OK, success and print options are given before logging out on the left. Enter your email address and click ‘Send’ if you require the receipt (recommended) to be emailed – and print options for hard copy receipt. On completion of payments made, click ‘Return to Edge Caregiver Portal’ where a success or failure screen is provided.
7. From Wednesday 7 March we will also have a credit card payment facility available on the school portal.

You will receive an email for you to access the portal separately today (Thursday 1 March). Please email us if you are having any problems accessing your parent portal. The student management system that hosts this portal allows you to pay via credit card (from next week) or internet banking all charges and costs during the year. It also provides ongoing financial statements and balances.

Be in to WIN

We are offering all families who have already paid take home materials used in technology ($195.00) and school trips/ activities ($75) one last opportunity to go into the draw for some great prizes. We will provide your son/ daughter with a week of school lunches at the tuckshop (we have 5 of these prizes).

Imagine that – no lunches to prepare for a week!

If you’ve already paid then you are already in the draw. If you have yet to pay your take home materials used in technology ($195) and school trips/ activities ($75) you have until Monday 12 March to take advantage of this special offer. Winners will be contacted via email on Friday 16 March and published in the Friday Flyer.

School Website Shop

In addition to payments being made through the parent portal, we also have an online shop on the website under ‘Home’ where you can pay for uniform items, stationery and calculator. You can also book and pay for after school classes via the website.


At ANI we gauge student progress in a variety of ways – through observations, discussions, interviews, self-assessment and standardised tests. The purpose of assessment is not simply to measure, it is meant to fuel learning for our students, to advance it, inform innovation, provide a point of where the student is currently at and give direction for next learning steps. Teachers use assessment data to inform their learning programmes in Reading, Writing and Maths. When we develop assessment tasks we:

· Go beyond standard checklists about teaching and learning;
· Ensure students are not alone in the process (they are supported and scaffolded);
· Understand that failing and risk taking is part of the learning.
The school year has just started and already students have undertaken a reading and a mathematics numeracy test. As the year continues students will experience more summative tasks (formal styles of assessment e.g. PAT’s and E-asTTle tests) and more formative tasks (informal styles e.g. observations, self-assessment) to support their learning. These elements of assessment are used by the students and teachers to identify gaps in their learning, set goals and new learning pathways as well as evaluate how student progress is developing. Teachers use all the assessment data to make informed judgements related to the curriculum level a student is working at and how they can get to the next stage in their learning.
We will be having an assessment evening in Term 2 (Wednesday 9 May at 6.00pm) where additional information and examples of assessment tools and tasks are shared, please lock this date in your diary. If you have any questions in the meantime, please feel free to contact Shane Devery via email

Parent Information Evening: International Baccalaureate/ Innovative Learning Environments/ DIGITAL

Wednesday 14 March, 6:00pm – 7:00pm (3 sessions on the one evening)

Please RSVP for this evening by completing this Google Form:

We are holding a parent information evening in Rooms 1, 2 and 3 on Wednesday 14 March at 6:00pm. The purpose of the evening is to provide parents with a 20 minute snapshot of information regarding three important areas that make up our school.
These areas include: International Baccalaureate Primary Years Programme (IBPYP), Innovative Learning Environments (ILE’s) and Digital learning at ANI.

The focus for each workshop is highlighted below.

Session 1 Focus Area: International Baccalaureate (IB) – Primary Years Programme (PYP)

  1. What is IB and PYP?
  2. The Learner Profile and the six IB themes
  3. The five essential elements of PYP: Concepts, Knowledge, Skills, Attitudes, Action

Session 2 Focus Area: ILE’s

  1. Why – The Theory behind ILE’s
  2. ILE’s at ANI
  3. What you will see in our learning environments

Session 3 Focus Area: Digital Learning at ANI

  1. BYOD
  2. Digital learning language of the classroom
  3. Empowering parents to better support their child at home with their inquiry or homework

There will also be a chance to ask questions in each workshop. We look forward to seeing you all there. (This evening is suitable for parents only).
Please RSVP for this evening by completing this Google Form:

Goal Setting Triadic Interviews

Tuesday 6 March – School closes at 3pm
Wednesday 7 March – School closes at 3pm
Following the recent Meet the Teacher evening, we have another opportunity for you to meet with your child’s teacher at the upcoming Goal Setting triadic interviews on Tuesday 6 March, (3pm – 7pm) and Wednesday 7 March, (3pm – 6pm).

At these interviews teachers, parents and students discuss the learning goals for the year ahead. Students lead the interviews and will talk about their progress, the changes they would like to make to their learning and how you as parents can help.
Following the interview, students will use the notes taken during the interview by the teacher to write their goals which will then be emailed to you so you can support your child in their learning.
Being part of the process shows your child that you support them in their learning.
Each interview is 10 minutes long. Please ensure you arrive on time.

Booking your interviews:
The booking website is now open, and will close Tuesday 6 March at 12:00pm
1. Go to, enter the event code 372CPRF5 and click Go.
2. Enter your name, email address and the names of the students you wish to make bookings for.
3. Select the teachers you’d like to book by ticking the checkbox beside their name, and then click the Book Interviews button at the bottom of the page.
4. Using the timetable, click the Book button beside the time slot you’d like to book for the teacher. You’ll be asked to confirm your booking.
5. Continue until you’ve booked all teachers.
Once you’re finished, you can view your timetable by clicking My Interviews at the top of the page. You can also print a PDF timetable to take to your interviews.
Before your interviews, you’ll receive an email reminder containing your timetable. If you need to cancel any interviews, you can do so by following the link in the email you received when you first signed up.
School closes at 3pm each day as usual. Please make arrangements for your son/daughter so they can leave school safely at 3pm.

Interviews will be 10 minutes and held in the following learning commons:

Matai Team Year 8 Team: (Rooms 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5) and ESOL Teacher
Including: Jill Farquharson (in Room 1), Dani Biddle (in Room 4), Linton Rathgen (in Room 2) & Graeme Smith (in Room 5)
Interviews will take place in your child’s classroom

Kauri Team: Year 7 Team (Rooms 11, 12, 13, 14, 15 and 16)
Including: Shane Devery (in Room 15), Megan Earley (in Room 11), Niamh O’Reilly (in Room 16) & Patrick Kennelly (in Room 13)

Rimu Team: Year 8 Team (Rooms 6, 7, 8, 9 and 10)
Including: Bryce Mills (in Room 7), Drew Daldy (in Room 6), Jasmine Hanwy (in Room 8) & Kim Elliott (in Room 10)

Totara Team: Year 7 Team (Rooms 19, 20, 21, 22, 23 and 24)
Including: Tracey Hughes (in Room 19), Oliver Wooding (in Room 21), & Rebecca O’Neill (in Room 23)

Polyfest – Whole School Event

On Friday 16 March from 9.00am – 3.00pm, the students and teachers of ANI will be attending the ASB Polyfest at Manukau. This is a very important trip for many cultural and educational reasons. The students will get to experience various performances from Pasifika groups, such as Cook Islands, Māori, Niue, Samoan and Tongan. There will also be performances from other groups on the diversity stage, including Fijian, Tokelau, Chinese, Korean and Indian nations. Students can also sample traditional food and visit various stalls selling traditional goods.
The Polyfest experience links very closely with the two IB themes students are currently investigating. During the How We Organise Ourselves theme, the students can investigate and appreciate the organisation and a well-run event that is provided for them and also identify different cultural traditions. During How the World Works theme students will link the key concepts of how cultures interact with each other, how decisions made influence the future, how effective systems are used in society and how they have changed over time.
Each class will require parent support on the day so if you are free please consider providing assistance on the day.
A notice will be sent home on Monday 5 March asking for trip permission and providing further details.

Education Outside the Classroom

Education outside the Classroom (EOTC) is an important element of the New Zealand Health and Physical Education Curriculum. EOTC opportunities aim to develop personal and physical skills and provide students with opportunities to take part in activities and events that promote a healthy and active lifestyle.

During Term One, Year 7 students will participate in a four-day EOTC programme facilitated by Birkenhead Leisure Centre held over three different locations on the North Shore (Birkenhead Leisure Centre, Milford Beach and Devonport). The programme structure allows for skill development in the following outdoor activities: team problem solving, low and high ropes confidence activities, kayaking, orienteering, rock climbing, raft building, adventure based learning activities and archery. Students will be taught basic skills in each activity before working together to complete a challenging ‘real-life learning’ situation.

Classes will participate in the programme as follows:
GROUPS 1 & 2: Rooms 15, 16, 12 & 11 will attend Monday 19, Tuesday 20, Wednesday 21 and Thursday 22 March
GROUPS 3 & 4: Rooms 19, 20,13 & 14 will attend Monday 26, Tuesday 27, Wednesday 28 and Thursday 29 March
GROUPS 5 & 6: Rooms 21, 22, 23 & 24 will attend Monday 9, Tuesday 10, Wednesday 11 and Thursday 12 April

Birkenhead Leisure Centre have a number of trained instructors to provide expert teaching for your child to make this experience even more enjoyable. In addition we will require parental support with the following:

Supervising students in activities at Birkenhead Leisure Centre
Assisting at Milford Beach – getting students in and out of kayaks and at raft building
Assisting with the orienteering activity
Supervising students during the ‘real-life learning’ situation (Amazing Race) Devonport

A notice went home on Friday 23 February providing trip details and costs. If you have forgotten, the cost for the Year 7 EOTC programme is $175.00 per child. We request payment by Friday 9 March. If paying online please complete particulars, code and reference fields with your child’s name, room number and Year 7 EOTC. A reminder that the cost of EOTC is additional to the Class Trips/Activity payment. If you would like to discuss payment options please contact me by email or phone 630 1109.

Japanese Homestays Needed

Could your family offer a Japanese student an opportunity to experience our Kiwi culture in your home?
ANI is looking to provide homestays between 17 – 20 August for 12 Japanese students as part of a cultural exchange and with our sister school Wajiro Higashi Elementary School in Fukuoka.
The home stay will be for four nights and will involve a school experience at ANI as well as a unique kiwi experience with their homestays. The Japanese students do not need to have their own separate room and can share a room with your child. This will also be a good opportunity for those students going to Japan in September, from ANI, to reciprocate the offer of a homestay to experience what it will feel like being in a new home and environment, and a totally different culture.
At this stage we are asking for expressions of interest and once we have enough homestays we will be sending out more information. Please note that all homestays (adults over 18 years) will need to complete a police vet.
Please email Mr Devery if you are able to homestay a student and provide a kiwi experience for them. He can be contacted by email at

Overseas Trips Timeline

In 2018 the school will be offering three overseas trips, one to Japan (sister school cultural exchange), the second to Cairns (ecological/sustainability focus) and the third is to a new destination: Noumea (French experience and connecting with a local IB school).
These trips are open to all students attending ANI. The students were provided with application forms on Friday 23 February and these need to be returned to the SLT on Friday 16 March. Confirmation of each trip proceeding will be given on Monday 19 March if there are enough students interested. If a student was unable to collect an overseas application form, please come to the SLT office.
The following timeline highlights the key dates for all trips in 2018:

Friday 23 MarchStudent applications given out to students
Friday 16 MarchStudent applications returned to school
Monday 19 MarchConfirmation trip will proceed and successful applicants notified
Monday 26 MarchDeposits required $500. First trip meeting with students
Please Note:There will be two parent evenings and a date set for final payments to be paid once each trip is confirmed with those attending the trip.

We are looking forward to providing three exciting overseas experiences for the students this year.
The Senior Leadership Team

Overseas Trips Parent Information Evening

On Wednesday 7 March there will be a parent information evening regarding the three overseas trips being offered to students in 2018. The trips include: Japan, Noumea and Cairns.

The SLT will be highlighting the itineraries for each trip and answer any questions parents may have on the evening, including the approximate costs for each destination.

Where: Information Centre (School library)
When: Wednesday 7 March
Who: Parents considering their child attending an overseas trip in 2018
Time: 6.00pm – 6.30 pm (after goal settings interviews)

We look forward to talking with you on Wednesday 7 March.

Immunisations: Year 7 & Year 8

The ANI students will continue to be offered the opportunity to be immunised in 2018.

Students in Year 7 are offered a booster vaccination against diphtheria, tetanus and whooping cough to complete the NZ childhood immunisation schedule, this is called BOOSTRIX while the Year 8 students are offered the HPV vaccination to immunise against papillomavirus, this is called GARDASIL and is provided in a series of 2 injections over 6 months.

On Thursday 8 March the Starship nurse for our school will be talking to all students about the vaccination and they will be bringing home a form for parents to complete and return to school.

This form will give the nurse information on whether:
You wish your child to be vaccinated at school
Your child has already received these vaccinations from their GP
You do not want your child to be vaccinated

The first date for injections will be Wednesday 4 April as long as the form has been returned before this date.

An immunisation letter was sent home on Wednesday 21 February to outline more information including video’s links and people to contact, however if you have any further questions please contact the Starship Community Service-School Based Immunisation Programme on: 09 639 0200.

Lock Down Practise

On Monday 9 April, at 11am, ANI will be undergoing a lock down practise involving the whole school. The practise is necessary as we require all staff and students to understand what they are required to do if for any reason the school is required to go into lock down. Lock down can be for a number of reasons including: intruders into the school or an incident occurring in Mt Eden, or even a swarm of bees in our area.

The lock down exercise is performed as a live response. This means parents of students will be notified before and at the end of the drill (via a text), along with information updates on the website. The Police will also be informed that the exercise is being conducted, to ensure that any concerned neighbours or parents are advised that it is a practise should they contact the emergency services.

All personnel at ANI including the Senior Leadership Team (SLT), teachers, support staff and students will be provided with training before the drill begins at 11am. The lockdown and evacuation exercise will take approximately 30 minutes.

If you have changed your email address or have a new mobile phone number please contact the school office by emailing ( so we can update your personal details before the drill commences, the sooner the better.

PTA Notices

The School Social held on Thursday 22 February was a huge success. We had a great turnout of students attend and lots of happy faces at the end of the night.

Our next event is the annual Chocolate Fundraiser is kicking off shortly. We still need some volunteers to help us please. We need assistance allocating the boxes of chocolates from 8.45am-noon on Friday 9 March and counting the money the students return, weekdays from 8.00am-9.15am on Monday 12 until Monday 26 March. Please email us with the day(s) you can help Please click here to find out more about the Chocolate Fundraiser and thank you for supporting this.

We are having our AGM (followed by a regular PTA meeting) at 7.00pm on Monday 12 March in the Information Centre, all welcome. The purpose of our PTA is to raise funds for extras for the school and its students. We are a small group and could really do with some new members to help. Come along to find out more about how you can get involved.

Also coming up is a Mufti Day on Friday 6th April. Students who wish to wear mufti day may do so for a $2 donation. Please pay your teacher and one of the student leaders will come to classes and collect.


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