April 2018 Newsletter



As today’s newsletter will be the last one for the term, I hope you all have a very safe and happy term break with your children.

A reminder that school closes on the last day of Term One at 2.00pm.  During the term we start school earlier than the Ministry require us to (8.45am instead of 9.00am) so we “bank” 15 minutes a day which allows us to finish slightly earlier on the last day of each term.

A big thanks to all our students for making Term One so successful.  At numerous school meetings we’ve had staff comment on how energised and focused both year groups of students are and how they contribute so willingly.  It is an absolute pleasure and privilege to be guiding your sons and daughters through their learning.

The staff are very skilled at their jobs and in particular extending and deepening student learning.  Through the robust use of new pedagogies (teaching styles/approaches) they are always looking to improve their teaching practice especially around future focused skills.  How do we do this? As a school we provide extensive professional development opportunities to ensure staff are well versed in the dispositions and skills your children will need for tomorrow’s workforce.  A good example of this are our Professional Learning Groups (or PLG’s as we call them) where teachers from various teams and curriculum areas meet regularly to review their teaching practice, observe each other, provide feedback and resource support.  This is high level and engaging professional development for them. We also read widely and keep abreast of what’s happening globally. Recently a number of staff had the opportunity to listen to an international advisor (United Kingdom) on education, Sir Kenneth Robinson, who spoke about the importance of creativity in schools.  He has a number of Ted talks online where he discusses the importance of creativity for students and how this supports their learning – some excellent messages (see more here).

His live presentation was uplifting and sparked great conversation for the staff attending.  Creativity we all know helps you look at and consider things differently, it helps you become a better problem solver and think outside the square.  In our strategic plan, we focus on student creativity through student agency which Bryce Mills (Deputy Principal) explains later in today’s newsletter.

How do we encourage our students to be more creative?  On a regular basis our teachers:

  • Foster curiosity (it leads to creativity)
  • Encourage students (and staff) to have a work/life balance.  This ensures creativity doesn’t suffer
  • Promote a healthy lifestyle (nutrition and exercise).  This helps your mood which then supports creativity
  • Work collaboratively. Considering others perspectives encourages a creative approach
  • Tell students to walk away, take a break or come back to a problem you’re working on.  This “brain space” is great for creativity
  • Look for innovation, and take inspiration from others, don’t be afraid to ask
  • Use the arts (music, painting) to help your mood.  It’s amazing what can be achieved when you are in the right zone.




Here are some of the events coming up this term.  Events are put on our school website and can be found by clicking here (this includes Central Zone sports event dates).

Wednesday 4 April


Boys Hockey trials

Year 8 HPV #1 Vaccination for boys and girls

Thursday 5 April





Open Morning/School Tour #1 9.00-10.30am

Otago Problem Solving #1 Test

AAIMS Swimming Central

Central Zone League Tag trials

Active cup cricket at Remuera Intermediate

Friday 6 April






Mufti day, $2 donation to the PTA

Girls Hockey trials

Under 55kg Rugby trials

Active cup cricket at Sacred Heart College

Chocolate prize Assembly at 12.00noon

Sports Assembly at 1.30pm

Monday 9 – Thursday 12 AprilEOTC Groups 5 & 6
Tuesday 10 AprilCentral Zone Tag Rugby Tournament
Wednesday 11 AprilYear 8 HPV Vaccination #1 catch-up day

Friday 13 April



Year 7 Awards Assembly at 9.30am-10.30am

Year 8 Awards Assembly at 11.00am -12.00noon

Term 1 ends at 2.00pm

Monday 30 AprilTerm 2 begins at 8.45am
Monday 7 MayPTA Meeting at 7.00pm in the Information Centre



Mr Umesh Dayal has been co-opted onto our Board of Trustees, bringing with him experience and recent involvement on our PTA.

The Board also welcomed our new Staff Rep, Mr John Waller at its meeting last Wednesday.



What amazing support we get from this very small but dedicated group of parents.  To the new Chairperson and Treasurer Jo Beer, and Secretary Sally Lea, our congratulations on being elected to these positions.

The latest fundraiser has been a mammoth effort for committee members with both Jo and Paula at the helm.  Their commitment, energy and support is greatly appreciated. For an update on our chocolate fundraiser, see the PTA spot further on today’s newsletter.



On Thursday 23rd March the cultural leaders went across the field with Miss Cook to help the University of Auckland Early Childhood Centre celebrate their Pasifika week.

They sung the children a song in Samoan and told them a story about Sina and the Eel. The students represented ANI well and have been invited back for future cultural celebrations. We are very proud of this group of young leaders for organising and carrying out this performance.  They even got to partake in a kai with the kiddies.

Cultural Group  Cultural Group 1

Danni Cook, Cultural Leader/Room 23 Teacher



Our lockdown practise has been postponed to Monday 7th May – there will be more information in next months’ newsletter (3 May) and the Friday Flyer (13 April) regarding this.



Outdoor Education

Outdoor Education at ANI enables students to have experiences outside the classroom that reinforce learning by giving students opportunities to make connections between what they have learnt in the classroom and the world beyond the classroom. These experiences support learning in all areas of the curriculum and allow them to discover, enjoy, learn and develop in outdoor, leisure and recreational contexts.  We have two major outdoor education activities in Term One. Year 8s attend a five-day overnight camp and Year 7s participate in four days of outdoor activities from 9.00am to 3.00pm.


In Term One, Year 8 students attended camp at Tui Ridge in Rotorua. The aim of the camp was; to develop leadership, self-management, risk-taking, co-operation and independence, provide opportunities to work towards meeting personal goals and provide challenging educational opportunities in an outdoor setting.

Students were involved in a range of activities including a rope course, abseiling, rock climbing, mountain biking, archery, flying fox and orienteering.

A fantastic time was had by all and below is feedback from a number of Year 8 students about how camp went:

“Camp was awesome! We did so many fun activities as a group and I made heaps of new friends. We shared so many great memories and laughs as a class and as Rimu team. Camp taught us how to work together and that was one of the best parts. I will never forget Rimu team camp at ANI.”

“2018 Tui Ridge camp was one of the best experiences I have ever had. The activities were exciting and the food was delicious! Camp also helped me with coming up with some cool ideas for my class inquiry. Overall, camp was incredible.”

Sai Bangalore (Room 6)

There was a sweet feeling in the air, on the 26th of February as I walked into school. Mums and Dads kissing their kids goodbye, duffel bags and suitcases attached to the hips of ANI students. Our fifth week into school, and I was ready to let camp convince me that Year 8 will be the best year so far. Words alone cannot describe how amazing it felt to soar through the air on the big swing, or bump down the dirt tracks on the mountain bikes. It was amazing to see so many people overcome their fears of heights or being away from home. In the end, we all rocked all the activities. With all the laughs, pictures, food and great company all my high expectations were met.

Elisha Hong (Room 3)

We all sat patiently in the bus, waiting to arrive to Tui Ridge. As we screeched to a halt, excitement bubbled rapidly inside me almost ready to overflow! One of our activities was the Giant Swing. As I was being pulled up by my teammates, I was almost like a caterpillar, unsure of what to do. Once I pulled the lever for my free fall, I was no longer a caterpillar. I was a beautiful butterfly soaring through the air! Best feeling so far. The rest of the activities continued to put a smile on my face throughout my whole experience, and we were all exhausted at the end of it!

Estella Patterson (Room 3)


During Term One, Year 7 students participated in a four-day EOTC programme facilitated by Birkenhead Leisure Centre over three different locations on the North Shore (Birkenhead Leisure Centre, Milford Beach and Devonport). The programme structure allows for skill development in the following outdoor activities: team problem solving, low and high ropes confidence activities, kayaking, orienteering, rock climbing, raft building, adventure based learning activities and archery. Students are taught basic skills in each activity before working together to complete a challenging ‘real-life learning’ situation.

Here is some feedback from students about EOTC:

“The 4-day week of EOTC, off to a bumpy (and rainy) beginning, was a great experience, filled with laughter (and competition). Kayaking, Raft Building, Archery, Orienteering, Bush Survival, High Ropes, and Team Work. No matter rain or shine, we had a great day, finishing literally on a high with high ropes. Finishing with a challenge but the second we did finish, we wished we could do it again.”

– Caitlin Roberts (Room 11)

EOTC was an enjoyable experience which made me step out of my comfort zone in almost all the activities. My favourite activity was the amazing race because I had never done anything like it before and it pushed me to the limit. I took a lot of things out of it, like how to survive in the bush and how to build a raft and tie different knots.”

​- Harper​ Gatt (Room 11)

Tracey Hughes, Associate Principal



Student agency is alive and well at ANI. We are so fortunate to have such a passionate group of leaders who are poised to make waves in our school. We have a large group of leaders who are grouped around our 3 strategic goals. Each group then maps out and drives change in that area – far more than just student voice, we see action. Their role includes; Speaking to our parents at open days, presenting to our Board of Trustees, partaking in leadership training and development, networking with our schools and being the voice for the students at ANI. 2018 is set to be our biggest year to date with regards to student agency and we are so excited to see what our young leaders have up their sleeves.


Bryce Mills, Deputy Principal



At ANI we use two types of assessment to provide data and information of a student’s learning, both summative and formative. Summative assessment refers to evaluating learning at the end of a unit of inquiry or project through a test and comparing a student against a standard or benchmark, while formative assessments refers to a wide variety of more informal methods used to inform the teaching and learning process such as observations, peer evaluation, self-evaluation, rubrics, teacher feedback.

Summative Assessment at ANI

In term one the students completed four standardised tests; three online in reading, writing and maths, using Easstle and one maths test using GLOSS. The results from these tests help to inform students goals for the year, as well as identify what they can achieve, areas that they could improve and also provides information for teachers to group students according to the gaps that have been identified.

During Term Two we will have three new standardised tests administered to students.  These tests will be completed through the NZCER and are called Progressive Achievement Tests (PAT’s).  The students will be tested in math, reading comprehension and grammar & punctuation.  The results from the term two tests will identify areas that the students continue to achieve well at and will also provide additional information so teachers can work on areas that have been identified as a weakness and therefore need direct acts of teaching.

Formative Assessment at ANI

Sitting alongside the summative tests administered teachers also evaluate students in many different formative ways.  These include rubrics, where the students and teachers develop an overview of different criteria to be achieved within the learning context.  In addition, teachers also use observations, book work, group interactions, one on one conversations, the inquiry process and the students own self-reflection to provide a comprehensive overview of where a student is at and what they need to do to achieve at a higher level.

Both Term One and Term Two summative and formative assessment results will be recorded, shared with students and parents and will provide the necessary information teachers require to make an informed decision of where a student is at against the New Zealand Curriculum levels, using an overall teacher judgement (OTJ).  The expectation is a Year 7 student will be achieving ‘At the early stages’ of level 4 and a Year 8 student will be achieving ‘At’ level 4.

The classroom teacher will take into consideration all of the information that has been achieved over the two terms and a final OTJ will be made to provide a curriculum level and effort grade for the mid-year reports later in Term Two.

Specialist Assessment

This year the specialist team have developed two new assessment formats. The first being an assessment rubric, located in student’s books, to evaluate a student’s learning in the Arts, Science, languages, PE and Technology areas, and the second being a personalised specialist progress portfolio (called a “Wix”) were the students and teachers can add comments and evidence of their learning.

The assessment rubric will be used by the students and teachers based on what they have been able to achieve and will also provide next steps of what the expectations are to achieve at the next level.

The personalised specialist progress portfolio (Wix) will be a living document that both the teachers and students will contribute to on a regular basis and also provide links to what they have been doing (including photos and videos).  This is an exciting new development for our students that links the classroom theme with the specialist areas and parents will be able to go into their child’s Wix anytime or anywhere to get regular updates of their child’s learning progress.  (Please ask your child for their Wix link if they haven’t already shared it with you).

IB Curriculum Themes

Next term we see four new transdisciplinary themes being taught.  The year 8’s will be focusing on “Sharing the Planet” (week 1-5) and “Who We Are” (week 6-10) and the year 7’s will focus on “Who We Are” (week 1-5)  and “Where We Are in Place and Time” (week 6-10).

The themes will continue to be integrated, as much as possible, into all areas of the learning programme and make specific links in the specialist areas and within reading, writing and maths programmes in classrooms.

Students will continue to make choices based on the theme content and an area they would specially like to inquire into with a focus on a collaborative learning approach with their peers.

I am looking forward to the new provocations, decisions, collaborations and learning that will unfold in term two.

Shane Devery, Deputy Principal



It is with pleasure that we can report that all of the three overseas trips are able to proceed. We will have groups of children heading to Japan, Cairns and Noumea. Japan and Noumea are cultural exchanges and Cairns is an Eco trip. The overseas trips are a wonderful opportunity for children to participate in situations that they would not normally get to do. Now that deposits have been paid further information will come out around the final cost, when this has to be paid and other important dates that participants need to know.  Watch your inbox for messages from the teachers taking the trips.



School will finish early at 2.00pm on the last day of term – Friday 13th April.



To enable students to take part in as many lunchtime activities as possible, we have allocated sports/ performance group practices as follows:

Monday – sports practices

Tuesday – cultural/arts/performance groups

Wednesday – sports practices

Thursday – cultural/arts/performance groups

Friday – sports practices

We hope this helps them plan out their week to get the most out of what is on offer.


OPEN MORNING AT EGGS – Tuesday 10th April

Epsom Girls Grammar School would like to invite prospective students and their parents to an Open Morning on Tuesday 10th April 2018.  There will be guided tours at 8.45am and 10.45am. The tours are designed to show the school at work, so you will have the opportunity to observe what happens on an ordinary school day. To minimise disruption to their learning programme, we ask that students from Auckland Normal Intermediate School attend the 8.45am session. To register, please follow this link EGGS Open Morning or go to EGGS website www.eggs.school.nz  If you have any questions please contact the Enrolment Manager, Mrs Wendy Smith, telephone 970-6710 or email enrolments@eggs.school.nz.



Chocolate Fundraiser

The Chocolate Fundraiser prize assembly is this Friday, 6th April at 12.00noon.

Mufti Day

Also coming up is a Mufti Day this Friday (6th April). Students who wish to wear mufti day may do so for a $2 donation. Please pay your teacher and one of the student leaders will come to classes and collect.

Next PTA Meeting

The next PTA Meeting is on Monday 7th May at 7.00pm in the Information Centre – all welcome.



School Swimming Sports

Auckland Normal Intermediate held their annual swimming sports at the Auckland University pool on Friday 23 February. On the day we suffered a little rain but after that cleared we were treated to a lovely warm day. The competition was strong with a number of close finishes in the finals. The students who qualified for the Central Zone swimming tournament then attended on Wednesday 7 March. A big thank you to Mr Metzger for stepping in and running the event in Mr Kennelly’s absence.

Our overall Swimming champions for 2018 are:



 ClassPoints Total
Year 7 GirlsElisha Lam1440
Year 7 BoysWooyoung Wang1330
Year 8 GirlsSunnie Yan440
Year 8 BoysVictor Balgaradean734

Central Zone Swimming Sports

On Tuesday 7 March Miss Hughes and our swimming team competed at the Central Zone swimming competition at Diocesan Girls School. ANI competed well with a number of swimmers making finals. Notable results from the day were Victor Balgaradean coming 3rd in the 50m backstroke and our Girls and Boys medley relay teams placing 3rd. We wish Victor all the best for the interzones on Friday 6 April.

Central Zone Tennis

On Tuesday 20 and Friday 23 February, ANI hosted and competed at the Central Zone tennis tournament. Both days our teams were extremely successful with a number of players making the playoffs and finals in their respective age groups. The teams were guided by two wonderful teachers, Rebecca O’Neill and Darragh Kinsella. Special mention to the Sports Captains for their hard work on both days to ensure that the tournament ran smoothly. You showed excellent maturity in a stressful environment.


Year 7 Girls Doubles 4th (Maya Maginnes, Holly Still)

Year 8 Girls Doubles 4th (Georgia Brown, Tessa Swinson)

Year 7 Boys Singles 1st (Nikko Tuxford)

Year 7 Boys Doubles 2nd (Lachlan Barker, Haruki Miyata)

Year 8 Boys Singles 2nd (Ollie Anderson)

Year 8 Boys Doubles 2nd (Eamon O’Carroll, Noah Thomas)

CZ Tennis a

Central Zone Boys Softball

On Tuesday 27 February we took the Year 7 and 8 boys to the central zone softball tournament.  The Year 8 team had a tough day, not managing to win a game. They came close to beating the strong team of Wesley, but narrowly missed out. Importantly all players had a great day and showed huge improvement as the tournament progressed. The Year 7 team managed to go through to the semi finals with an unbeaten record, very impressive for a team who had not played together before. They narrowly lost in a controversial semi-final and ended up placing fourth overall. Great day had by all.


Central Zone Girls Softball

Softball was a new game to our 10 Year 7 girl players as we headed off to the Central Zone Tournament at War Memorial Park in Mt Roskill. After winning 3 games and losing only 1 in the round robin, we made the semi-final. We advanced to the final after some great batting and fielding. After a long day and great attitudes, our girls finished runners-up! Well done girls, you were amazing!

G Softball

Girls Post Active Cricket

ANI v Somerville Intermediate

ANI playing Somerville Intermediate school, lost the toss and were asked to bat first.

The girls got off to a great start with Georgia Lewis starring with the bat with a solid knock of 56, and with handy contributions throughout the ANI batting line up we scored 142 off our 20 overs. Sommerville in reply could only muster 30 runs in total, as our girls bowled with great discipline throughout the innings. Great win for ANI to start the competition.

ANI v Bucklands Beach Intermediate

ANI won the toss and put Bucklands Beach into Bat. Excellent bowling and fielding restricted to Bucklands to 53 all out with Simi Bajaj taking 3 wickets in one over. In reply ANI made light work of the total scoring 54 runs in under 8 overs without losing a wicket.

ANI v Remuera Intermediate

In the final game of the season ANI lost the toss and were made to bat first. ANI scored an excellent 108/2 off their 20 overs with an improved effort at running between the wickets. In reply Remuera reached 109/1 off 16 overs handing the girls their first loss of the season.

G Sftball 2

Boys Post Active Cricket

Our boys cricket team had a great win over Kings intermediate school. This was the first time we’ve beaten them in a few years. Kings won the toss, decided to bat first and put on 89 off their 20 overs, our boys bowled extremely well and took some good catches to restrict them. In reply the captain led the way with the bat, Noah Thomas top scoring for the game 28 runs and support from Raghav Rao scoring 26 got us the win!

B Cricket



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