Term 4, Week 9 2015

Principal’s Awards
Congratulations Catrin Ogilvie (Room 1), Breearne Illing (Room 1) and Sophie Brown (Room 2) for showing the learner profile attributes of open-minded and caring when reaching out to their community. They showed empathy and respect when making a difference in their world. As a result of their learning and new knowledge, they took action and encouraged change in the feelings, beliefs and actions of their peers.

Principal’s News
As this is the last newsletter for the year there are a number of thank you’s, welcomes and a time for reflection.

Thank You’s
Students: you have been a vibrant and dynamic group, and the staff are in awe of your achievements. Good luck to our Year 8’s as they head off into the next phase of their education. To our Year 7’s returning next year we know you will continue with the same enthusiastic approach we have seen from you this year.

Parents: there are so many parents to thank that it’s too hard to single out particular groups. To all those who have been involved throughout the year we send our appreciation and sincere thanks.

Teachers: our teachers are a talented and motivated group of professionals. Thank you for your energy, commitment and clear focus on student achievement. You are an asset to the ANI community.

Office Staff: to our awesome administration team, thank you for your commitment to keeping ANI running smoothly on a daily basis.

PTA: to our hard working and enthusiastic PTA a very special mention. You are always behind the school providing support and encouragement not to mention fundraising for well needed resources.

Board of Trustees: and finally to our governing board who are an amazing group of dedicated parents, our sincere thanks for the many valued contributions you bring to our learning community. Each one of you are exceptional in this role.

New Staff
We have made some exciting appointments of permanent staff to commence the new year:

Kim Mackrell (from Murrays Bay Intermediate)
Kate Harland (from Learning Network NZ)
Jennie Tiers (from Otahuhu Intermediate)
Glen Vartha (from Royal Oak Primary)
Nathan Metzgher (first year of teaching)
Anna Major (first year of teaching)

We also have some fixed term teaching staff joining us to cover positions for teachers who are on maternity leave. A full staff list will be provided at the start of 2016 and will also be available on the website.

Student’s comments on a year that has been:

Room 1: “This year, Room 1 have become risk-takers, communicators, inquirers and shown open-mindedness to one and other in EOTC and classroom activities. We have learnt to be IB learners, take action in our inquiries and become involved in the wider community. We have all had an awesome year and we can’t wait to be leaders in year 8!”

Room 2: “What a great start to Year 7, from learning the inquiry process, to creating many interactive creative communications, Room 2 has grown in many ways. We cherish all the memories we have created this year, and look forward to all the opportunities we are presented with in Year 8.”

Room 3: “We have all really enjoyed being a part of Room 3. We have become great IB learners and are always striving to do our best. This year we really enjoyed taking part in Polyfest, EOTC and the Super Bowl, this is where we created many close friendships with each other. We are now ready to take on Year 8!”

Room 4: “We’ve had an eventful and fun year in Room 4. We’ve developed many friendships that we will cherish forever, we’ve celebrated each others successes and shown support for each other along the way.”

Room 5: “Room 5 was a fun loving learning experience, we went through twists and turns together to make a comfy environment with cookies each month. We are sad to depart from our supportive fab 5.”

Room 6: “This year in Room 6 we have learnt a lot about inquiry and gained a greater knowledge of IB. Being in a learning common has given us more opportunity to work with and learn from our peers, exploring a range of interesting ideas in our units of inquiry.”

Room 7: “This year in the Room 6, 7 and 8 learning common I learnt a lot of different things during our PYP inquiries. It has been really great being able to spread out around the learning common and make close friends in different classrooms.”

Room 8: “In Room 8, we have enjoyed being in a collaborative environment and working closely with rooms 6 and 7. We have had a lot fun experiences and have made great memories with our class.”

Room 9: “This year has been a great year in Room 9 and we have learnt all about the inquiry process which has deepened our learning in lots of topics. The big open classroom allowed us to engage and interact with everyone and we have all made really good friends.”

Room 10: “The children of Room 10 had a great year. We have taken on new and exciting challenges and learnt a variety of ways to tackle our learning ready for year 8. We made some really great friends and worked really hard to support and help each person in our class be successful in their own different ways.”

Room 11: “We have really enjoyed our time in Room 11, from learning about the inquiry process, to conquering our fears at EOTC. Mrs Hughes has made the whole learning process enjoyable, and I can happily say I have learnt a lot throughout the year.”

Room 12: “Life in Room 12 has been… crazily awesome, it’s a place to make new friends, learn new things, or just hang out. The people are great, the teacher is legendary, and to top it off…  the environment is so welcoming, you wouldn’t even think it was school”

Room 13: “In Room 13 we have become proud leaders in the school and made the best memories throughout the year with teachers, friends and of course classmates. We have had the best year and so excited to become year 8’s next year!”

Room 14: “This year at ANI, Room 14 has experienced new ways to learn such as inquiry and specialisation (where we get to choose what to learn about). The opportunities we have been given have taught us many new things and skills, whilst always having fun and making new friends.”

Room 15: “From our highs at camp to our lows and some funny but cringe-worthy moments, being a part of Room 15 this year has been an experience that all of us have thoroughly enjoyed. We will be very sad to leave, but I am sure that the things we have learnt will forever be in out minds as we continue our future journeys.”

Room 16: “This year, in Room 16, we have worked hard to gain skills that we will need in high school and beyond. Room 16 has been the best class because Miss Brock has encouraged us to aim high and keep a balance between our class work and our extra curricula activities.”

Room 17: “Our class has become a close knit family; connecting in and outside of the classroom. We’ve worked hard and played hard and will never forget our wonderful time in Room 17!”

Room 18: “This year was a year of bonding with other students, we learnt social skill that we developed throughout the year.  We also learnt many skills that helped us present our inquiries in unique and creative ways. Overall this year has been a great year at Auckland Normal Intermediate!”

Room 19: “Our year in Room 19 has been exhilarating, spectacular and entertaining. We have achieved a lot and had an amazing time doing so.”

Room 20: “Room 20 worked on our learning. We loved Exhibition and rose to the challenges through our use of specialisation. Dance Sport was a favourite as we prepared for our Graduation.”

Room 21: “Room 21 has made so many great memories. We are a class full of different personalities that made our year interesting and lots of fun. Through events such as camp, exhibition, provocations we have developed strong relationships with our peers. We have all progressed academically and grown in confidence and we are going to miss each other next year.”

Room 22: “This year in Room 22, we did more than learn, we thrived. We will all come away from Room 22 knowing that we have put all our effort into making this last year of ANI the best we could.”

Room 23: “It has been great having Mr G as our teacher this year. Room 23 has had a fun and exciting time. We’ve worked collaboratively through all units of inquiry and by doing so we were able to get out for a game of cricket most Friday’s.”

Room 24: “This year has been a crazy, fun-filled journey with the wild bunch in Room 24. Highlights were camp, exhibition, learning, production, trips and now graduating and moving onto high school in 2016.”

PE: “This year in P.E I have learnt so many new skills. There have been lots of opportunities to get involved in sport eg. basketball, netball, hockey etc. It has been a really fun experience and I can’t wait for next year.”

Technology: “Technology this year has been combined with fun and creating exciting products, as well as learning vital skills linking to the I.B. themes. It has made me more familiar with different tools and equipment and how to use them. I have particularly enjoyed planning and making my projects. It will definitely help me in the future, having the confidence to try new things.”

Spanish: “Español this year has been a challenging experience, I have learnt a lot about Español culture through to the inquiries. My favourite part was learning about the Imperio Español. (Spanish Empire).”

Science: “In science this year, Year 7s and Year 8s have dissected animal parts, learnt about the various scientific themes and used the resources to create their inquiries. Throughout the year we have learnt about the environment, pollution and the way things work, science at ANI is a fun learning experience and it prepares us for later life.”

Arts: “For the last term in visual art the Year 8 students have created individual parts of a mural, each expressing a different culture. This art work will hopefully show visitors, new students and former students that ANI is and will always be a school of fairness and equality. As we are leaving ANI we are honoured to leave our mark on the school.”

National Standards – End of Year Results
We have collated school wide information related to our achievement in National Standards for 2015. If you would like a copy please email Kristy Hulme by clicking here. This information was presented to the Board of Trustees on 9 December and is used by the school leaders and staff to monitor school wide trends, gaps and areas of positive progress. It is also sent to the Ministry of Education in the new year who publish it in the public domain as part of their achievement strategy.

Happy Holidays!

Jill Farquharson


Important Dates


Thursday 10 DecemberHelpers Morning Tea, 10:30am Staffroom
Service to School Awards Assembly, 11:00am
Year 8 Graduation, 6:30pm – 9:00pm
Friday 11 DecemberWhole School Picnic Day, Parnell Baths
Monday 14 DecemberReports Go Home
Year 7 End of Year Awards Assembly, 11:00am
Year 8 End of Year Awards Assembly, 1:30pm
Tuesday 15 DecemberTERM FOUR ENDS, 12:00PM

For more school events, click here.


International Student Lunch

On 27 November we had annual International Students’ lunch at Zool Zool Ramen in Mt Eden. Most of the students ordered teriyaki chicken with noodles followed by a Japanese sorbet. When the students returned to school, they selected a box of chocolates to take home for their parents or caregivers.

Kate Shin
International Student Advisor

International Student Lunch



Korean Delegation Visits ANI

Last week three groups of Korean delegation of Principals, Education Directors visited ANI to look at IB curriculum and MLEs and the way we teach at ANI.

The visits went really well under the arrangement of Kate Shin. All the visitors were very impressed with our school. ANI leadership team gave good outline of ANI and responded willingly to the questions raised during the meetings

Kate Shin
International Student Advisor


Korean Delegates

Red Team ‘How We Express Ourselves’

Red team have been looking into different ways people express themselves around global issues and the impacts it can have.

A discussion sparked in Room 12 around the recent acts of terrorism and how it was portrayed in the media. They looked into the Paris attack, the coverage it got from the media and the out cry from the world to pray for Paris. Room 12 did some further research into events that happened around the world and that no one heard about; an earthquake in Japan, a bombing at a funeral in Baghdad, a hurricane in Mexico – all taking many innocent lives.

Steming from the book ‘Sadoko and the 1000 paper cranes,’ the Red Team set out to make 1000 paper cranes as a symbolic gesture for peace and good luck. They then had to come up with a creative way to send a message around the issue with the cranes. We recorded a time lapse of their creative message ‘Peace for the world.’ Click on the link to see their inspiring work: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9EndO7CeM90&feature=youtu.be

Jessie Peat
Room 12 Teacher


Sports News

On Thursday 3 December, 12 students attended the Interzone Athletics Competition at Mt Smart Stadium. This turned out to be ANI’s most successful performance in athletics in the last six years. It is a credit to the high performing athletes we have within our school that they have achieved such creditable results.


Jole Naufahu7th Year 7 Boys 200m
Kate Duncan5th Year 7 Girls 800m
Chris U’Ren3rd Year 8 Boys 400m
Vika Aho2nd Year 7 Girls Discus
Tarin Love2nd Year 7 Boys Long Jump
Joshua Tepai1st Year 7 Boys Discus
Tamatoa Tepai1st Year 8 Boys Discus
Jamie Chambers – Steward1st Year 8 Boys Long Jump


2015 Class Trips/Activities

Breakdown of how the 2015 Class Trips and Activity money was spent
At the start of the year many parents paid $72.00 which covered the cost of trips, activities, visits and guest speakers at school. Below is a breakdown of how this was spent:

Polyfest Trip
Life Education
Friendship Factor
Science Roadshow
Athletics Day
Year Book
Picnic Day at Parnell Baths
X Factor Performance
Beauty and the Beast Musical
Polyfest Trip
Life Education
Friendship Factor
Science Roadshow
Athletics Day
Year Book
Picnic Day at Parnell Baths
X Factor Performance
Beauty and the Beast Musical
Life Education
Attitude Programme
Science Roadshow
Provocation Trip
Athletics Day
Year Book
Tahuna Torea Reserve Trip
Picnic Day at Parnell Baths
Life Education
Attitude Programme
Science Roadshow
Provocation Trip
Athletics Day
Year Book
Art Gallery Trip
Picnic Day at Parnell Baths


End of Year Awards Assemblies

Monday 14 December
Parents/Caregivers were notified by email on Monday 7 December if their child is receiving a certificate at our end of year assemblies.

We hold separate awards assemblies for our Year 7 and Year 8 students:
Year 7 Assembly, 11:00am, (parents/caregivers please arrive at 10:55am)
Year 8 Assembly, 1:30pm, (parents/caregivers please arrive at 1:25pm)

Please make your way to the Information Centre (opposite the school reception) where one of the Senior Leadership Team will greet you and escort you into the hall at the appropriate time.


PTA Term Four update 2015

On behalf of the ANI PTA we would like to thank the parents, students and wider community for your ongoing generous support of the PTA fundraising events held over the year.

I would like to personally thank our very small but committed group of PTA members for their continued support and help in making the PTA events the success they have been. Thank you to Sue Normanton (treasurer), Jo Kelly-Tuckey and we would like to farewell Sally Meikle and Julia Baker our long standing secretary.

The PTA would also like to thank Nigel Latta for his ongoing support of our fundraising events, our parent evening on ‘Raising Teenagers’ earlier in the year was the third presentation from Nigel for the PTA. This was a very informative and entertaining evening.

Year to date we have donated approximately $40,000.00 back to the school for additional learning resources, sporting items and other resources to benefit students, staff and ANI.

Socials (evening)$4,205.54
Mufti Days$2,237.00
Mufti Week$2,917.00
Nigel Latta$6,136.00
Staff jackets and t-shirts    $1,000.00
Repaint Chess Board$280.00
Sports Uniforms$6,291.00
Student Donation$1,500.00
Basketball Hoops$$1,585.00
TVs and Trolleys$4,249.00
3D Printer and materials$2,500.00
Headsets (production)$1,655.00
Student Donation$600.00
Food IB Night$200.00
Chrome Books$3,280.00
Library PCs$6,800.00
Mt Eden Art Exhibition$735.00
GRIP Leadership$495.00
Garden/Enviro Group$900.00
Year 8 Graduation$1,500.00
Lunch for staff athletics$459.00


WE NEED YOUR HELP for our fundraising events in 2016
We are actively looking for new parents to come and join the ANI PTA. Our first PTA meeting will be held in term one, week two on Tuesday 9 February 2016 at 7:00pm in the staffroom.

If you have any questions or can help us please contact Karen Humberstone ANI PTA Chairperson by clicking here.

Karen Humberstone


Last Day of School

The last day of the school year is Tuesday 15 December.  School closes at 12:00pm. Please arrange to pick up your children at this time or make arrangements for them to travel home safely.


2016 Start Date: Tuesday 2 February

Year 7 students start at 9:00am and our Year 8 students at 11:00am.  We stagger the start times to allow our new Year 7 students an hour or so to settle in without the Year 8’s being present.  It also allows us to gather the Year 8’s in the hall to call class lists.



The tuckshop will open from 3 February 2016.


Year 8 Stationery Boxes for 2016

Year 7 students can purchase their stationery boxes for 2016 before the end of the year from Reception. Cost is $40.00 and scientific calculator $25.00. Payment can be made by cash, cheque or eftpos.


Early Bird Discount for 2016 Year 8 Parents

This term we are offering an incentive to 2016 Year 8 families. If you make payment of your school donation, take home items, class trips/activities which normally totals $599.00 we offer you an early bird discount of 10%. This means a saving of $60.00 if paid before the end of term four (15 December 2015). Remember paying these amounts now means one less thing to worry about in the new year.

You can pay online ASB 12 3048 0291429 00 or at the school office with cash, cheque and visa. Please note this offer is not available in the online school shop.


After School Music and Leisure Classes

2016 classes are now now available, click here for more information and bookings.


2016 Uniform Shop Holiday Hours

Wednesday 20 January, 3:30pm – 7:00pm
Saturday 23 January, 10:00am – 3:00pm
Thursday 28 January, 3:30pm – 7:00pm
Saturday 30 January, 10:00am – 4:00pm


Community News

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School Newsletter

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Merry Christmas