December 2017 Newsletter

Principal’s Awards

Congratulations Sophia Xu (Room 18) for developing a series of interactive games, and starting up a book club that challenged, engaged and motivated her class mates.

Principal’s News

To the students of ANI

As we approach the end of another year, we have an abundance of things to celebrate and reflect on.

Spend some time thinking about what you were like at this time last year. How much have you changed? How has your life changed in that time? Think of the good things that have happened. Think about your hopes: for this summer, for next year.

Give thanks for your growth and the increase in your knowledge. Say a big ‘yes’ to all that will be in the year ahead.

We farewell our Year 8 students in a few days time and watch them move on to the next, unfamiliar, daunting but extremely exciting next stage of their lives. We are so impressed with the way they have all kept rising to challenges this year. The staff and I have thoroughly enjoyed sharing this journey with you and are quite confident that you will go on to do great things and have many successes throughout high-school. Don’t forget to come back and share them with us.

To our Year 7 students returning next year, we know you will all make the most of your final year here and will embrace every opportunity and adventure we have planned for you.

At ANI we have a group of wonderful staff who are not only committed and exceptional at their jobs but they are also great role models for you all. Unfortunately, every year we have to say our goodbyes to some of them as they move on.

To our permanent teachers Sarah Nicolson (moving to Associate Principal positon at St Josephs), Nicole Lewis (moving to Diocesan School), Emma Madgwick (moving to Whangaparoa to live), Betty Tafa (moving to teach in South Auckland) and Anna Major (moving to Tauranga to live) good luck in your new positions whether they be in Auckland or further a field. To our part time and fixed term staff who have their contracts coming to an end in December we also wish you well. Thank you all so much for being a part of our team and being great teachers and advocates for our students. Good luck for your next endeavours.

In our first newsletter of the new year we will introduce to you the talented new teachers and support who will be joining us. We know you will make them feel right at home.

Behind the scenes, our Board of Trustees are a vital part in the life of ANI, supporting us with all decisions whether it be setting strategic direction or encouraging us to pursue future focused initiatives. Thank you Dr Richard Sullivan (BOT Chairman) who is stepping down as chair for your exceptional leadership, encouragement and guidance.

To our parents a special thank you for your unfailing support of our school and giving us the privilege of teaching your children.

With some outstanding academic results, successful performances in sport, art and drama we can honestly say what a fantastic year it has been. We can pride ourselves on having dedicated learners who know how to learn and want to develop their learning further. We are confident that students leave ANI with a strong foundation that has prepared them well for their next educational steps.

Merry Christmas to you all and happy holidays.

As you are aware, National Standards have been the central measure of performance of students and schools since 2010. They are used as a standardised approach to measure progress and for schools to report at a school level, locally and nationally.

With the change of government and a new policy direction this has meant National Standards will no longer be used to measure student progress. Instead our new Minister of Education, Chris Hipkins has indicated that in the future there will be more of a focus on the individual student, the progress they are making and reporting this to parents in clear and simple terminology.

This shift in direction is a new approach and at the moment there is uncertainty in the detail. This uncertainty could continue for some time until policy details and changes are confirmed. As information becomes available we will share it with you through the school newsletter or by email.

In the meantime, it is business as usual and our assessment measures will remain the same. These include:

  • e-asTTle
  • PAT tests
  • STAR tests
  • Learning Maps
  • Overall Teacher Judgement
  • Mid-Year and End of Year Reports
  • National Standards

We will continue to use these tools to measure student progress and keep parents informed of how well their son/daughter is progressing. A number of these measures are norm referenced which will provide parents with comparative information and a measure of student progress over time.

I will certainly keep you informed of policy progress and timelines as they come to hand.

National Standards
At the end of every year we collate our National Standards data, analyse it and make recommendations for the following year. Our Year 7 National Standards information is passed to the Year 8 teachers and the Year 8 information is sent to secondary schools.

As mentioned above we will continue to share this information with you in addition to our plans for 2018 to advance students academic progress until we hear otherwise from our Minister of Education.

Click here for National Standards data.

And finally a few tips for parents to help you survive the holiday season by psychologist Juli Fraga:

If there’s one time of year when we feel responsible to provide happiness for everyone, it’s the holiday season.

Every Christmas, parents feel pressure to make the holiday memorable for their children. They start shopping early, start organising festive activities, plan for the holidays and stock up on food. In the midst of all the fun and happiness there are many aspects of the season that parents find stressful. We set ourselves such high standards it’s no wonder many parents burn out. Burnout can affect your emotional and physical well-being, causing feelings of inadequacy and resentment.

When we begin to dread the demands of parenting then it’s time to look at different ways of celebrating.

To create a less stressful holiday, try reaching out to family, friends and neighbours to co-ordinate child-care swaps, freeing up more time to shop and wrap gifts. To avoid endless hours of cooking, organise a potluck Christmas dinner so the load is shared and buy as much as possible ready prepared.

Enlist the family ‘team’, allocating jobs to everyone, even the little ones.

And, before filling the December calendar with multiple activities, outings, baking and shopping, try to be realistic about what’s doable.

Being distracted, running around frantically and neglecting self-care may teach children that celebrations are burdensome and make us miserable. We lose the true message of Christmas.

We may feel like Scrooge for saying no, believing we’re ruining our children’s fun. But when we let go of holiday expectations by setting realistic goals, reducing the number (and expense) of gifts and simplifying catering, it helps us remain grounded and ensures the enjoyment of everyone during these festive days.


Happy Holidays!

Jill Farquharson


Deputy Principal’s and Associate Principal’s News

This year, at ANI, we have had a very successful year in sport, cultural and learning opportunities. I personally have had a fantastic year and enjoyed learning alongside the students and teachers and being part of the ANI community.

Term one started with a hiss and a roar with the students being provided with a multitude of opportunities from sports, to cultural and academies. This set the platform for the rest of the year for supporting our students with the necessary skills and strategies so they could make appropriate decisions to be a successful learner at ANI.

Highlights in 2017, for me include: going on camp with the year 8 students, managing the ski trip, taking 23 students to Japan to experience a new and exciting culture, attending the V8 Super Cars, with 55 students, the school production of ‘High School Musical’ and of course the Year 8 IB PYP exhibition in term four.

During 2018 I am looking forward to hosting a Japanese group from our sister school in August and getting to know the new year 7’s and their families. I also want to wish our year 8 students all the best in their college careers and into their future endeavours.

Overall, I think 2017 had been a busy yet successful year in with many opportunities that have occurred during the year, so a big ‘Well Done!’ to all those that participated in any event or activity at ANI is year.

I would also like mention and thank the teachers, coaches, managers and parents for their continued support in all of the sporting codes, cultural and school events that have taken place in 2017, as without your support each team these teams and events would not have been able to take place, so thank you all.

I hope everyone has a well-rested and enjoyable holiday break, while you recharge your batteries for the excitement of what 2108 will bring and finally I wish you all have a fantastic Christmas with your families.

Shane Devery
Deputy Principal

As we approach the festive season it is a great opportunity to reflect on the year, and what a year we have had at ANI! One only needs to walk around the grounds to see the results of a year’s worth of hard-work and dedication – our students are engaged and excited about their learning.

They call the Intermediate years, 11-13, the age of discovery and this is certainly the case for the learners at ANI. We couldn’t be prouder of our young people as we have watched them grow into critical thinking, creative individuals. Their teachers speak very highly of them and the atmosphere and vibe around our school is one of excitement and enthusiasm for learning.

I want to leave our young people with 3 tips going into their summer break;

  • Have a dream – it’s so important to have a passion or dream that you are aiming for. Whether it be to make an AIMS team, to become a lawyer or to get into your favourite dance school, a dream is vital to keep you fueled and moving forward. It is the engine that drives you!
  • Connect with the right people – make sure you are mixing with the sort of people who add value to your life and who motivate you to achieve greatness.
  • Be a host and not a guest – Don’t have inward eyeballs! Our heart for our young people is that they are hosts of their world and not guests. Hosts think, speak and act differently to guests, and it is this difference that we encourage in our students at ANI.

To our Year 8’s leaving, we wish you well for your exciting futures ahead! To our Year 7’s returning, we are excited about partnering with you all again in 2018!

Merry Christmas!

Bryce Mills
Deputy Principal

Wow – I cant believe we are already at the end of the school year. This year has just flown by and what a fantastic year it has been. When I look back at the beginning of the year it is always so hard to believe how much our students grow in the time they are with us.  The growth both academically and personally is huge and it always makes me proud to see what they achieve, every year I am amazed by what your children are capable of  and the depth of thinking they display. I know that as the year 8’s leave us and head off to their secondary education they are well placed to succeed in their new schools, and the year 7’s will return in 2018 prepared and ready to build on all they have learnt this year. I wish you all a wonderful and safe Christmas time with your family and friends and look forward to a new year.

Tracey Hughes
Associate Principal


Year 8 Exhibition

This years Exhibition has been incredible, the calibre of the work that the students have completed was outstanding. The students worked independently with like minded peers for 7 week to complete a self directed inquiry in to the theme of ‘Who we Are’. The students were able to work across the whole year 8 cohort managing their own timetables to develop their self and time management skills.

Below are some thoughts from the students around how they felt about exhibition:

“I have thoroughly enjoyed Exhibition this term. It has been a great opportunity to independently plan our term and set daily goals with little guidance from teachers. Exhibition has summarized my learning at intermediate and also prepared me for high school as I have developed strong time management, communication, co-operation, thinking skills and more.”– Hanna Brathwaite, Room 2

“Exhibition. During exhibition I have learnt so much, I have gathered lots of valuable information as well as learning the skills to become internationally minded. I have learnt how to manage my time by creating our own timetables, I have learnt how to be a confident communicator by sharing my knowledge to others around me and I have learnt how to show my creativity from the specialization areas. Overall exhibition has been a fun time and a good life experience. I can’t wait to see what the year 8’s produce next year.” – Taylah Harris, Room 3

“Exhibition was a great way to showcase our learning creatively and present our knowledge to both the year 7’s and our parents. 7 weeks of independence has helped me to improve my self managements and time management skills. I loved how we could come up with an idea and all the teachers were supportive and made it happen. Exhibition has stretched our creative and critical thinking and completing our action outside of school was fun and new. Overall I loved the experience and will always remember the fun I had.” – Sophia Webb, Room 5

“My exhibition was an escape room that made you experience stressful environments and calm environments and compare them. One of the reasons it worked well was the music we created in specialist. It really made the experience and made our room fell stressful when it needed to be. Another thing that worked well was our table outside our room that had a display of our action on it. It gave people a better understanding of our topic and why it mattered. I really enjoyed exhibition because it gave me a chance to share the new knowledge I gained with it.” – Kaitlyn, Room 5


Sports Round Up by Students

This year at ANI we have had a very successful year in sport which included a variety of different sporting events from the AIMS games to the central and interzones competitions, some new ideas and also the sports that carried on for one term or more.

At AIMS we showed perseverance and good sportsmanship, coming 67 in Netball, 5 in boys Soccer, 20th in boys Basketball, 2nd in Squash, 20th in girls Tennis and 16 in boys Hockey. We also came 1st in Golf and 1st in Trampolining.  Overall we had a fantastic time in Tauranga with 100 students who participated not including all of our coaches, managers and support from parents during the week.

CZ/IZ Sports
Over the year we did well in many central zone and interzone sports such as: Orienteering, Basketball , Mini Ball, Boys and girls Cricket, Tennis, Soccer, Netball, Badminton, Swimming, Cycling, Skiing, Athletics, Cross-Country , Water polo, Rugby,  Touch Rugby, Futsal, Table Tennis and many others.

We were well represented at the inter zone competitions this year and although we didn’t always come home with a gold, silver or bronze the student represented the school in a admirable way.

Before and After School Sports
ANI continued to be active after school in a variety of sports including: miniball, water polo, running club and netball.   The students and staff made a huge commitment to be part of these teams and continued to turn up for trainings even when the weather was wet and cold.  It was great to see the different teams compete and great to have the staff support the teams each week.

New to ANI
This year we offered Yoga to the students and many students took up this opportunity to get involved on a Tuesday morning.  We will be getting some feedback from the students and ask if this is something they want to continue in 2018.

Our new Sports/PE coordinator
Mr Kennelly has taken over PE for the last part of this year, term four, and he has done a stunning job. We look forward to learning more skills and strategies next year.

The final wrap up
We have had a very successful year in 2017 with our sport so a big ‘Well Done!’ to all those that participated in any sporting activity, at ANI is year.

We would also like to thank the teachers, coaches, managers and parents for their support in all of the sporting codes as without you there to help each team they would not have been able to take place, so thank you all.

We hope the Year 7’s continue to make the most of their opportunities in 2018 and we leave you in the capable hands of Mr Kennelly to lead you into another exciting sports year.

– Sasha Tuxford and Ben Skelton


2018 Start Dates

The school office opens at 8:00am.  Uniform sales also available from this date.

Please note on Wednesday 24 January all staff will be off site at a team building event.

School starts for Year 8 students only.

School starts for Year 7 students only.

Year 7 students need to be at school by 9:00am, please go directly to the HALL. There will be an official Maori welcome and introductions followed by the teachers calling the class lists. Parents you are most welcome to attend.

We split the start days for Year 7’s and Year 8’s so the introduction to Intermediate school is not overwhelming for new students.

All students (Year 7 and Year 8) attend on Thursday 1 and Friday 2 February.


End of Year Reminders

Thank You Morning Tea for Parents
Location: Library
Time: 10:30am

Service to School Assembly, 11:00am
Students involved in service activities throughout the year e.g. librarians, kapa haka are acknowledged and receive a certificate. Students only attend this assembly.

Year 8 Graduation Practice Assembly, 1:30pm
Students have a run through of what will happen at the graduation dance. Year 8 Students only.

Year 8 Graduation Dance
Location: Hall
Time: 6:30pm—9:00pm

6:30pm, Parents arrive and are seated in the hall
6:30 – 7:15pm, Presentation of Graduation Certificates
7:15 – 7:30pm, Refreshments provided for students. Parents leave by 7:30pm
7:30pm, Dance commences
8:30pm, Parents arrive and join their son/daughter for final dances
9:00pm, Evening finishes. Parents are asked to collect their son/daughter promptly from the hall

Dress is semi-formal. School uniform should not to be worn. Year 8 students and parents attend this event.

Whole School Picnic Day at Lagoon Pool and Leisure Centre, 9:00am – 2:45pm

Students can wear mufti and need to bring an appropriate hat. Lagoon Pool stipulates that students are not allowed to wear t-shirts, singlets or undergarments in the pool.

All students will need protection from the sun. It will be the responsibility of each student to be sun safe for the day i.e. a hat, rash vest and sunscreen.

Students will need to bring snacks, lunch and a drink or they can purchase food from the cafe. The cost for this trip is covered in your Class Trips/Activity fee.  If you have not paid the class trips/activity fee the cost will be $10.00. A separate notice has been sent home. Students of ANI only attend pool day.



Reports go home on Tuesday 12 December, 3:00pm. Please do not request your son/daughter’s report earlier as they will not be finalised before this date. For students who are not at school on this date we will post your report to your home address. (Please call the office to check we have your correct address).


Last Day of School

The last day of the school year is Thursday 14 December.  School closes at 12:00pm. Please arrange to pick up your children at this time or make arrangements for them to travel home safely.


Class Trips/Activity Fee

At the start of each year we ask parents to pay a class trips/activity free for trips, guest speakers and whole school events. At the end of the school year we provide a breakdown of how these funds have been spent. The Class Trips/Activity fee for 2017 was $75.00.

Rooms 1, 2, 3, 6, 7 and 8Rooms 4, 5, 9, 10, 11 and 12
Polyfest TripPolyfest Trip
Athletics DayAthletics Day
Zoo TripZoo Trip
Community experts for exhibition provocationCommunity experts for exhibition provocation
Year BookYear Book
Picnic Day at Lagoon LeisurePicnic Day at Lagoon Leisure
Amazing RaceAmazing Race
Rooms 13, 14, 15, 16, 17 and 18Rooms 19, 20, 21, 23 and 24
Polyfest TripPolyfest Trip
Science RoadshowScience Roadshow
Athletics DayAthletics Day
Motat TripMotat Trip
Year 7 Problem Solving/Team ChallengesYear 7 Problem Solving/Team Challenges
Year BookYear Book
Picnic Day at Lagoon LeisurePicnic Day at Lagoon Leisure


School Payments and Donations for 2018

Yes it’s that time of year again where we ask parents of our Year 7 students to pay their:

a) 2018 donation
b) class trips/activity fee
c) take home materials

Paying it now will not only be a saving for you but it will also mean one less bill at the start of the year when there are so many other school related expenses to pay. So what are we offering if you make the three payments above before 15 December?

No credit card fee if you pay before 15 December
A discount of 5% on activity fee and take home materials (note we cannot offer a discount on school donations it is tax deductable
Go into a draw to win one of these great family prizes if you make all three payments (donation, activity fee and take home materials).

  • Two uniform top up packs consisting of: One sun hat and one short sleeved polo or One sunhat and one pair of culottes or shorts|
  • A stationery pack (4 prizes)
  • Education Perfect Subscription (4 prizes)s

Be in to win!

Class Trips/Activity$71.25(normally $75.00)
Take Home Items$185.25(normally $195.00)
TOTAL AMOUNT$586.50(normally $600.00)

Thank you, we appreciate your financial support of the school which enables us to provide high quality education for your sons and daughters. The winners will be notified by phone on Thursday 14 December at 9:00am.


Sports News

Central Zone Touch Rugby
Girls Touch Rugby – Tuesday 31 October
Boys Touch and Mixed Touch Rugby – Wednesday 1 November
The annual Central Zone Touch Rugby were held at Cox’s Bay Reserve over 2 days. Both days we were treated to warm sunny days, ideal for players and spectators. There were large entries from school and stiff competition. The Girls team overall had the most success placing a strong 4th place overall narrowly going down in the semi-finals. The Boy’s team also had a lot of success and had a close loss in the quarter-finals to place 5th overall. The Mixed side played in a round robin style tournament and also came a commendable 5th place. A huge thanks to the students who were fantastic on the day both in behavior and performance. There were also a number of parents who attended and assisted the teams. We really appreciated your support and assistance on the day.

Athletics Day
Auckland Normal Intermediate held its annual athletics day at Mount Smart Stadium on Thursday 9 November 2017. After a cloudy start to the day and the threat of rain, the sun came out making it ideal conditions for track and field events. Over 600 students travelled by bus to compete in a variety of athletics events. The day started with the gruelling 1500m race with a number of students challenging themselves at this event. Once completed the students moved through the field events and track events.

The competition for the top student in each age category was fierce and every student was attempting to be part of the finals programme. It was evident from the results that some students performed well in field events like throwing and jumping while other students had greater success in the track events. Some students preferred the sprints while others enjoyed the longer distance.

The event was a successful day due to the hard work and support from our teachers coordinating the events. We then sent 45 athletes to represent ANI at the Central Zone Athletics event that was held at Lloyd Elsmore Park on Wednesday 22 November.

The following students were the top ANI athletes for 2017.

Boys: Oliver Meade (Room 21) – 180 points
Girls: Ruby Nafahau (Room 23) – 110 points

Boys: Ben Skelton (Room 1) – 210 points
Girls: Alisha Brown (Room 3) – 120 points

Central Zone Badminton
On Wednesday 15 November, ANI attended the Central Zone badminton tournament. There was stiff competition at the tournament and ANI came away with a number of great results. Results from the day:

Year 7 Girls Singles – Sunnie Yan finished 5th place
Year 7 Girls Doubles – Gillian Pronoso and Elizabeth Lee finished in 2nd place
Year 7 Boys Singles – Sai Bangalore finished 5th place
Year 7 Boys Doubles – Daniel Kwak and Noah Thomas finished 2nd place
Year 8 Girls Singles – Sejal Dongre finished 4th place
Year 8 Girls Singles – Kyna Gabutan and Nitya Das finished 4th place
Year 8 Boys Singles – Charlie Yin finished 3rd place
Year 8 Boys Doubles – Bruce Guo and Rex Cao finished 1st place

A big thank you to all the students who competed. They were outstanding on the day and should be proud of their efforts. A huge thank you to Nicole Song for all her assistance on the day as it was vital to the running of the event.

International Sports Success
A huge congratulations to Noah Thomas who has been selected to represent New Zealand at squash for the 2018 Trans-Tasman junior series. The series will take place on 15-16 January in Brisbane. Noah will compete with 17 other players from different age groups to defend the title they currently hold. We wish Noah all the best for the tournament as it is a great achievement.

Central Zone Athletics
On Wednesday 22 November ANI attended the Annual Central Zone Athletics held this year at Lloyd Elsmore track in Pakuranga. Much like our school athletics, we were treated to beautiful sunny day. 45 students were selected and all performed well against a competitive field. ANI competed valiantly with a number of students making it to finals in track events and finishing in the top 5 in field events. 13 of our students qualified to the Interzone Athletics finals.

Year 7 Girls
Sunnie Yan – 1st 800m
Libby Patterson – 2nd 400m
Sophia Johnston – 3rd High Jump
Year 7 Girls 4 x100m Relay Team (Ruby Naufahu, Lizzie Brockhurst, Sophia Johnston, Libby Patterson) – 3rd place

Year 7 Boys
Oliver Meade – 3rd High Jump
James Yu – 1st long jump

Year 8 Girls
Hana Brathwaite – 3rd 1500m
Isabelle Newns – 3rd Shot Put

Year 8 Boys
Matthew Miya-Smith – 3rd 1500m
Ben Skelton – 1st 200m, 1st Long Jump, 1st Discus, 2nds Shot Put, 3rd 100m

Congratulations to all of those who competed. A huge thank you to all the parents who were able to attend and support our students.

Inter Zone Athletics
On Thursday 30 November ANI attended the Annual Iner Zone Athletics held this year at Mt Smart Stadium. ANI took 11 students to compete against the best intermediate athletes in Auckland. The day was mixed day weather wise with a huge downfall of rain causing a number of events to be cancelled. Students who placed were:

Ben Skelton – 2nd in Year 8 Boys Shot Put
Ben Skelton – 2nd in Year 8 Boys Discus
Sunnie Yan – 3rd in Year 7 Girls 800m

Well done to all those who competed and we look forward to next years competition.

Patrick Kennelly
PE/Sport Coordinator


2018 Uniform Shop Holiday Hours


Friday 19 January10:00am – 3:00pm
Saturday 20 January10:00am – 3:00pm
Monday 22 January9:00am – 3:00pm
Tuesday 23 January5:00pm – 7:00pm
Wednesday 24 January9:00am – 3:00pm
Thursday 25 January5:00pm – 7:00pm
Friday 26 January10:00am – 2:00pm

Payment can be made with cash, eftpos or credit card. Please note: If paying by credit card there is a 2% surcharge.Uniform











2018 Year 8 Camps

Early next year we have our two Year 8 teams Matai and Rimu attending camp in the first term.  Rimu will be the first team to leave on Monday 12 returning on Friday 16 February followed by Matai Team leaving on Monday 26 February returning on Friday 2 March. The approximate cost for students to attend camp in 2018 will be between $360 – $390. I will confirm the camp cost early in term one 2018 once all costings have been taken into account.

The two teams will be heading down to Tui Ridge Park in Rotorua and will be set some simple tasks to complete in addition to some more challenging activities during their stay.  The activities include: high ropes course, abseiling, rock climbing, mountain biking, archery, the flying fox, high ropes swing, an overnight camp in tents and orienteering to name a few.

The aim of camp is to:

  • Develop leadership, self-management, risk taking, cooperation and independence
  • Provide an opportunity to work towards meeting personal and group goals
  • Provide all participants with challenging educational opportunities in an outdoor setting.

As with any camp parents are a necessary component and we would like you to stay overnight to support the teachers and students during the week. If you are able to support your child on camp please let your classroom teacher know at the beginning of the term once all organisation has been completed.

More information will be provided such as camp costs, information evenings for parents and camp booklets for students early in term one 2018.


Education Outside the Classroom (EOTC)

Our Year 7 students will be attending their first EOTC experience at Birkenhead Leisure Centre in term one 2018.  While we won’t confirm which Year 7 classes will attend EOTC on which days until 2018 please be aware of the following dates:

Group 1: Monday 19 – Thursday 22 March
Group 2: Monday 26 – Thursday 29 March
Group 3: Monday 9 – Thursday 12 April

The students will attend a four day rotation including activities such as team problem solving activities, low and high ropes challenges, confidence course, kayaking, raft building, rock climbing, archery and the amazing race in teams.

Birkenhead Leisure Centre have a number of trained instructors to provide expert advice and teaching for your child however to make this experience more enjoyable we require parent support each day for each class.  Without parent support we will not be able to attend this unique learning experience.  Please let your child’s classroom teacher know if you can make it for the whole week or only for one day as every little bit counts.

The aim of attending EOTC is to develop personal and physical skills and provide students with opportunities to take part in activities and events that promote a healthy and active lifestyle.

The approximate cost for students to attend EOTC in 2018 will be between $175.00 – $200.00. I will confirm the costs early in term one 2018 once all considerations have been taken into account.

Shane Devery
Deputy Principal


2018 After School Music and Leisure Classes

Click here to peruse 2018 Music and Leisure classes and make a booking. If you have any queries please contact Sakima Cornwall



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