Term 4, Week 4 2016

Principal’s Awards

Congratulations Grace Qin (Room 6), Bridie Quigley (Room 6) and Nicole Steele (Room 7) for an amazing Inquiry into Dyslexia and how it affects people, what to do to help, and a Dyslexia box full of resources and tips for teachers, students and parents.

Congratulations Catrin Ogilvie (Room 4) and Alex Ogilvie (Room 15) for using creativity to provoke thought and awareness for the blind community.

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Principal’s News

The last few weeks have seen a considerable amount of activity around the school as we prepare for end of year events and draw threads together around student data/information to pass onto Year 8 teachers or our local secondary schools.

Teachers are in the process of writing reports which will be sent home on Wednesday 14 December. The assessment data we gather in preparation for report writing is shared in detail with the 2017 Year 8 teachers. It is also passed on to our local secondary schools as part of the enrolment process. Transference of data from one year group to another, in addition to having effective systems to transfer data from one school to another is one of our Community of Learning’s (CoL) goals. What we are trying to achieve is a seamless pathway for our students in their education journey. Much of the work we are doing in the initial stages is getting some consistency around the tools we use to gather achievement information and develop some benchmarks on what National Standards and Curriculum levels ‘look like’ at each year level and at each school. Once we have common thinking in these areas our assessment judgements will be more accurate and consistent across the network.

Another area we are working together on is student agency. You might ask ‘what exactly is student agency?’. Student agency refers to the level of control, autonomy and power that a student experiences in an educational situation.

What does student agency look like at ANI?

  • Have high expectations of themselves as learners
  • Believe their voice will be heard, valued and acted upon
  • Can use a common language to discuss achievement and next steps in learning
  • Understand and analyse their assessment results
  • Plan their own learning programmes/pathways
  • Discuss confidently their needs and accept feedback and feedforward
  • Engage positively in the learning environment
  • Use a range of tools to communicate to parents, teachers and peers their strengths and needs
  • Participate fully in discussions about how they can be helped reach their achievement goals
  • Are active in all forms of assessment and are confident to take risks
  • They are capable learners who encourage and collaboratively help others.

How does student agency work at ANI?
In classrooms you will see:

  • Students interacting and collaborating with a variety of people to support their learning
  • Teachers regularly talking to students about leading their learning
  • Peer to peer coaching taking place
  • A variety of learning opportunities taking place
  • Students leading in all aspects of school life
  • Action being taken as a direct result of student suggestions and planning

With the Christmas break coming up and a bit more down time happening for families it’s a good opportunity to encourage your children to contact grandparents or elderly relatives – we all know how much they look forward to the youngsters visits.

A study which examined the role grandparents play in the development of children confirmed that grandparents are key to grandchildren’s happiness!

The results found the emotional relationship between grandparents and their grandchildren can significantly affect the children’s academic, psychological and social development. When grandparents are involved in the grandchildren’s lives, children are not only more social but also more engaged in school. Grandparents often take on a role that encourages positive development rather than disciplining negative behaviour, particularly important in early-adolescence when parent-child conflict increases. Grandchildren can find secure allies in grandparents. If there is a problem, they come in and help out.

So… if you have the chance make the most of the special relationship and bond that grandparents can provide.
From mid November I will be on sick leave for a couple of weeks. I am having a total hip joint replacement (too much running!) and will be out of action for a bit. In my absence our Deputy Principal Lucy Naylor will be Acting Principal.

Have a good month, the next newsletter will be sent to you on Wednesday 7 December.

Jill Farquharson


Important Events


Thursday 3 NovemberBoys testing @ MAGS
Friday 4 NovemberSchool Tour, 9:00am – 10:00am
Monday 7 NovemberPTA Mufti Week (Mon – Fri)
Tuesday 8 NovemberTesting @ Onehunga High School, 8:45am
Wednesday 9 NovemberCentral Zone Badminton
 Enrolment Confirmation Afternoon, 3:30pm – 6:00pm
Thursday 10 NovemberEnrolment Confirmation Afternoon, 3:30pm – 6:00pm
Friday 11 NovemberSchool Tour, 9:00am – 10:00am


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Deputy Principal’s and Associate Principal’s News

One of the achievement challenges for our Community of Schools, and a strategic goal for ANI this year was to raise achievement in writing.

Throughout the year students and teachers have collaborated to find creative ways to ensure that the teaching and learning of writing is engaging and meaningful.  The school wide focus on writing has encouraged teachers to take risks in their practice and try new strategies and tools; we have had ‘boys only’ writing groups, tried out Apps such as SeeSaw and used YouTube as a medium for teaching writing skills to name a few.

What is pleasing to see is that by doing things differently students have made significant gains. In the table below is the comparative e-asTTle writing data from March to September 2016, as you can see the percentage increase over the year is quite impressive, a success we are proud of!

2016 Comparative Writing Data (March to September 2016)


Moving into 2017, writing will continue to be a focus so that we can build on our success.

Lucy Naylor
Deputy Principal

Student Coaching Workshop
Last Monday 31 October, a delegation of senior leaders from Sommerville Intermediate School visited ANI to observe our student coaches coach their peers, with the intention of developing a student coaching model at their own school.

The ANI coaches did a great job interacting, asking questions and supporting their peers to reflect on  goals set at the beginning of the year. They also assisted in the development of new goals for 2017.

The team from Sommerville were very impressed with how the coaching model was implemented as well as  skills the students had learnt as a coach during this year.  These skills included: collaboration, active listening, questioning, clarifying and summarising.

The ANI coaches will continue to work with other Year 7 classes during the term and develop an overview of what coaching will look like in 2017.

I am looking forward to working with our coaches during the rest of term four and preparing them for 2017.

As the term continues to quickly disappear (seven weeks left of school) I would like to remind parents and students to arrive at school between 8:15am and 8:40am every morning to avoid being late.  If students are late (arriving after 8:45am), more than three times during one week I will be calling parents to remind them students MUST arrive at school on time, unless there has been an unforeseen reason for being late.  If students are late three times or more over a four week period I will contact the Auckland City Attendance Services (ACES) to independently contact parents for an explanation.

Shane Devery
Deputy Principal

Maori/Pasifika Hui/Fono
Tonight, Wednesday 2 November at 6:00pm, we are having a Maori and Pasifika hui/fono to consult with parents and community to plan for 2017. The evening will be run by our Maori and Pasifika student cultural leadership group, and we will be sharing what we have implemented this year. This is a great opportunity for the whole learning community to be involved to provide direction in 2017. This year we have extended the invitation to the Year 6 students who are attending ANI next year and also to the Maori and Pasifika lead teachers at AGS, EGGS and MAGS.

Rocket Park Festival
On Saturday 26 November, we are taking part in the Eden-Albert Rocket Park Festival. The groups representing our school are: Bollywood dancers, Kapa Haka, Irish Dancers, Hawaiian Dancers and Hip Hop crew. This is a fun day with lots to see and do and a great opportunity for ANI to be a part of the wider community. Once we have confirmed the times our students are performing we will put a link on the website and have timetables displayed at school. All welcome.

Tracey Hughes
Associate Principal


Sports News

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PTA News

Mufti Week: 7 – 11 November
As part of the PTA fundraising programme, we have our annual mufti week (7 – 11 November). Students have a number of options as follows:

These include:
This entitles you to wear nail polish, hair colour, jewellery, other accessories, and mufti all week.

You can wear mufti all week (no jewellery, nail polish, hair colour or accessories)

If you only want to wear mufti for one day you pay $2.00 on that particular day

If you want to wear accessories with mufti on one day.

Passes will be available from Thursday 3 November at 8:15am – 8:40am each morning, in the Eden room. Please note students still need to bring their PE gear to school.


Year 7 & 8 Social: Thursday 24 November, 6:30pm – 8:30 in the school hall

The PTA and teachers are planning a fun evening full of music, entertainment and dance for the students.

Permission slips will be sent home on Wednesday 17 November and need to be brought along with your child on the night of the Social with $6.00 entry fee (note: door sales ONLY)

All children must be collected at 8:30pm from inside the SCHOOL HALL. No child will be allowed to leave the hall or walk to a car park without a parent. We would appreciate prompt pick up.

Kirsten Russell
PTA/Staff Liaison


Year 8 Graduation Update

Our first Graduation Committee meeting was held on Monday and the theme for the event was decided – black, white and gold masquerade. This will inform how we decorate the hall for the night and dressing to the theme is completely optional (although some staff members have already been discussing what they will wear!). Our next meeting will include organising the finer details of the decorations and what will need to be done between now and Thursday 8th December.

Dancesport notices will be sent home next week with more information for parents, including dates and a permission slip that will need to be completed and returned to the classroom teacher.

Caylee Dyer
Coordinating Teacher


2016 Library Stocktake

As the year draws to a close, our library will be doing a stocktake of resources and library books. We would appreciate if students and parents could please have a look around the house, under beds and behind sofas to ferret out any school library books and return them to the school library before Friday 11 November. Many thanks for your help.

Tracey Hughes
Associate Principal


ANI Enrolments for Year 6 Students

In-zone application forms for 2017 enrolment are available to download from our website now. Click here. (Only Year 6 students need to enrol. Our current Year 7 students do not need to re-enrol for 2017).

Please note: The 2017 Out-of-Zone Ballot has now closed and been drawn.

If you have any queries about our enrolment process please contact our Administration Officer Megan Brookman on (09) 630 1109 or enrolments@ani.school.nz

School Tours for Students that missed our Open Mornings
Friday 4 November and Friday 11 November, 9:00am.  Please meet at the school office.


Early Bird Discount for 2017 Year 8 Parents

In term four we are offering an incentive to 2017 Year 8 families. If you make payment of your school donation, take home items, class trips and activity fee which normally costs $600.00 we offer you an early bird discount of 10%. This means a saving of $60.00 if paid before the end of term four, 15 December 2016. Remember paying these amounts now means one less thing to worry about in the new year and it’s another bill to tick off before Christmas.

Parents are able to pay school activities and/or donations using POLi, an online Caregiver Portal. Your login details have been sent to the email address that we have on file. If you have not received your login details, please check your ‘junk/spam’ folder first before contacting the school (ani@ani.school.nz). A separate email has been sent with instruction details

From 1 November we will no longer be accepting payments for school activities and/or donations on the ANI school website. You will still be able to pay for school uniforms and After School Music and Leisure Classes on the website but not your donation or activity fee.

You can also pay online ASB 12 3048 0291429 00 or at the school office with cash, cheque or credit card.

Please note: There is a 10% discount on your donation, take home items and trip/activity fee BUT NOT the online maths programme, stationery or scientific calculators.


Year 7 Placement Tests

Placement tests have already been held at local schools for enrolled Year 7 students starting in 2017. There will be a final placement test at ANI in the Information Centre on Monday 5 December at 9:00am – 10:30am for any students that have just enrolled or missed out on completing the test at their own school. Students will need to bring a pen or pencil with them.  (Note this is only for new students starting at ANI in 2017).


Whole School Picnic Day

Friday 9 December
Whole School Picnic Day at Lagoon Pool and Leisure and Fitness, 9:00am – 2:45pm

Students can wear mufti and need to bring an appropriate hat. Lagoon Pool stipulates that students refrain from wearing t-shirts, singlets, boxers or undergarments in the pool.

All students will need protection from the sun. It will be the responsibility of each student to be sun safe for the day i.e. a hat, rash vest and regularly apply sunscreen.

Students will need to bring their lunch and appropriate drink or some money for the cafe. Cost for this trip is met from the activity fee. If you have not paid this and prefer to pay per trip a letter will be sent home shortly advising you of the cost.


School Reports

Reports go home on Wednesday 14 December, 3:00pm. Please do not request your son/daughter’s report earlier as they will not be available before this date.


End of Year Awards Assemblies

Wednesday 14 December
Year 7 End of Year Awards Assembly, 11:00am
Year 8 End of Year Awards Assembly, 1:30pm

Parents/Caregivers will be notified by email on Friday 2 December if their child is receiving a certificate at our end of year assemblies. Please remember to RSVP if you receive an invitation.


Year 8 Stationery Boxes for 2017

Year 7 students can purchase their stationery boxes for 2017 from Monday 14 November from Reception. Cost is $40.00 and scientific calculator $25.00. Payment can be made by cash, cheque or eftpos. These can also be purchased from our school website.


Last Day of School

The last day of the school year is Thursday 15 December.  School closes at 12:00pm. Please arrange to pick up your children at this time or make arrangements for them to travel home safely.


2017 Start Times

Year 7 students start at 9:00am and our Year 8 students at 11:00am on Tuesday 31 January.  We stagger the start times to allow our new Year 7 students an hour or so to settle in without the Year 8’s being present.  It also allows us to gather the Year 8’s in the hall to call class lists.


Uniform Shop Holiday Hours

Friday 20 January10:00am – 3:00pm
Saturday 21 January10:00am – 3:00pm
Monday 23 January9:00am – 3:00pm
Tuesday 24 January9:00am – 7:00pm
Wednesday 25 January9:00am – 3:00pm
Thursday 26 January9:00am – 7:00pm



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Homestay needed for 2017

A Homestay is need for two Thai brothers in 2017. One student will be attending ANI and one student will be attending Mt Albert Grammar. Please contact Amy Harrison by clicking here if you can help.


Community News

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