November 2017 Newsletter

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Today’s newsletter comes hot on the heels of our previous one due to the holiday break. It will be shorter than normal due to this timeframe.

Announcing our 2018 Head Boys and Girls
Congratulations to Eamon O’Carroll, Felix Wilton, Libby Patterson and Katherine Fulton who have been appointed as 2018 Head Boys and Girls.

Heads and Jill

These students were selected after a rigorous application process and impressed us with their passion. We presented their badges at assembly on 27 October with family and friends present. I am certain all four students will be outstanding ambassadors for the school.

Social Media
With the end of year looming and holidays not far away students will have more down time and as a consequence you will probably see them more active on social media. Here are a few handy hints on effective self-regulation and how to help make positive choices. In addition to the information below we have booked cyber safety expert John Parsons to speak to staff and parents on 29 November (6:00pm in the library). John provides specialist advice and direction on the safe use of digital technologies with a focus on child protection.

How to build good habits:

Check your child’s phone. Children should know you can ask for their phones and expect full access. While some parents take a hands-off approach because they want to respect their child’s privacy, it’s important to make the distinction between privacy and safety. 24 hour access doesn’t mean 24 hour snooping. It means that a parent is still responsible for monitoring what a minor does online.

It’s not just what they put out there, it’s also what they’re receiving. If you find something you don’t like, talk to your child about why you find it inappropriate — and then ask them what they think. Once they verbalise their thoughts, it allows them the opportunity to think things through and come up with their own set of values.

Be app-savvy. If your child is on it, you should be too. At least try it out so you can have informed conversations about it. If your children know that you understand the social media they’re using, they’re more likely to come to you to talk about issues that arise.

Set clear ground rules. Talk to your children about appropriate social media use before you give them a phone or allow them to download a new app. Clearly state rules and expectations, and stick with them as much as possible. This may include not putting anything online that you wouldn’t want your friends’ parents to read (because several of them will); getting permission before downloading a new app; and checking phones into parents at bedtime.

Do a digital detox. Learn to be okay with being offline. Parents can start by modelling that behaviour: no phones at the dinner table, for example, or no checking texts while you’re talking with your child. And while most children won’t admit it to their parents, when parents put restrictions on how much and when children can use technology, it can be a relief.

Helping with Transition
As you are aware in preparation for secondary school we are providing specialist support for students in study skills and how to approach exams. In today’s newsletter I have included a few tips that parents can go over with students and reinforce at home during the holidays. Happy studying.

  • When you are studying, you must write. Reading isn’t enough. Write down what you are looking at. Cover the page and writ down what you remember. Rewrite your notes. Write down the bits you find trickiest. Write! And keep on writing. Remember, the more you write the better you will write in exams. And the more you will remember.
  • Make the most of time in class and with your teachers. Talk about what you are studying. Brainstorm. Discuss your answers. Share model answers. Take notes! When you are chatting online or in person with classmates, focus on study. What are they doing? What have they learned? What is working for them? What do they think will come up in the exam? How would they answer it? Where are they getting stuck?
  • Remember to take breaks, get some exercise, drink water, eat properly and get enough sleep. All of these are important because of your priority – study. You need a healthy mind and body to study well.
  • As the day of your test draws closer make studying your priority. It has to come before everything else. That includes your phone and your computer and your friends and even your sports. Study comes first.

Have a great month. Our next newsletter will be published on 6 December. This will be our final newsletter for the year.

Jill Farquharson


Upcoming Events

Thursday 2 NovemberCZ Boys and Mixed Touch @ Cox’s Bay Reserve
 Year 8 Boys Testing @ Mount Albert Grammar, 8:30am
 AIMS Prize Giving, 5:30pm (Hall)
Friday 3 November
Monday 6 NovemberPTA Mufti Week (Mon – Friday)
 Year 8 Boys Testing/Talk @ Auckland Grammar, 10:00am
Tuesday 7 NovemberStudent Yoga, 8:00am (library)
Wednesday 8 NovemberHPV & Boostrix Catchups
 Entrance Test @ ANI (late enrolments/missed tests) (Information Centre)
Thursday 9 NovemberSchool Athletics Day @ Mt Smart Stadium
Friday 10 November


Events coming up in week five: 2018 Year 7 Student Interviews, Student Yoga, Choir dress rehearsal @ Auckland Town Hall, CZ Badminton, Hui, Year 8 catch up testing @ MAGS.


Student Coaching Workshops

This term we have begun to work with a small group of Year 7 students who were selected to become student coaches for 2018.  These students have started a programme of six workshops/modules to learn the skills required to be an effective student coach. The workshops are taken by Miss Nicolson and Miss Hughes who have been trained to teach students the necessary coaching skills, strategies and techniques.

The coaching skills taught include: collaboration, active listening, questioning, clarifying and summarising.  The students do a lot of role plays and practise how to work and interact with other people including teachers and students.

The coaches who complete the 6 modules will be given the opportunity to put into practise what they have learnt in the workshops and work with their peers to fine tune their coaching skills this term so they are ready for 2018.

For some student’s this may lead to an invitation to a coaching conference in the middle of the year (2018) where they become the guest speakers and talk about what they do at ANI as a student coach and how it has assisted in their own learning.

We are looking forward to working with our coaches during the rest of term four and preparing them for 2018 so they have the confidence and motivation to interact, ask questions and to set personal learning goals with their peers at the beginning of next year.



As the term continues to quickly disappear (seven weeks left of school) I would like to remind parents and students to arrive at school between 8:15am and 8:40am every morning to avoid being late.  If students are late (arriving after 8:45am), more than three times during one week I will be calling parents to remind them students MUST arrive at school on time, unless there has been an unforeseen reason for being late.  If students are late three times or more over a three week period I will contact the Auckland City Attendance Services (ACES) to independently contact parents for an explanation.


2018 Year 8 Camps

Early next year we have our two Year 8 teams Matai and Rimu attending camp in the first term.  Rimu will be the first team to leave on Monday 12 returning on Friday 16 February followed by Matai Team leaving on Monday 26 February returning on Friday 2 March. The approximate cost for students to attend camp in 2018 will be between $360 – $390. I will confirm the camp cost early in term one 2018 once all costings have been taken into account.

The two teams will be heading down to Tui Ridge Park in Rotorua and will be set some simple tasks to complete in addition to some more challenging activities during their stay.  The activities include: high ropes course, abseiling, rock climbing, mountain biking, archery, the flying fox, high ropes swing, an overnight camp in tents and orienteering to name a few.

The aim of camp is to:

  • Develop leadership, self-management, risk taking, cooperation and independence
  • Provide an opportunity to work towards meeting personal and group goals
  • Provide all participants with challenging educational opportunities in an outdoor setting.

As with any camp parents are a necessary component and we would like you to stay overnight to support the teachers and students during the week. If you are able to support your child on camp please let your classroom teacher know at the beginning of the term once all organisation has been completed.

More information will be provided such as camp costs, information evenings for parents and camp booklets for students early in term one 2018.


Education Outside the Classroom (EOTC)

Our Year 7 students will be attending their first EOTC experience at Birkenhead Leisure Centre in term one 2018.  While we won’t confirm which Year 7 classes will attend EOTC on which days until 2018 please be aware of the following dates:

Group 1: Monday 19 – Thursday 22 March
Group 2: Monday 26 – Thursday 29 March
Group 3: Monday 9 – Thursday 12 April

The students will attend a four day rotation including activities such as team problem solving activities, low and high ropes challenges, confidence course, kayaking, raft building, rock climbing, archery and the amazing race in teams.

Birkenhead Leisure Centre have a number of trained instructors to provide expert advice and teaching for your child however to make this experience more enjoyable we require parent support each day for each class.  Without parent support we will not be able to attend this unique learning experience.  Please let your child’s classroom teacher know if you can make it for the whole week or only for one day as every little bit counts.

The aim of attending EOTC is to develop personal and physical skills and provide students with opportunities to take part in activities and events that promote a healthy and active lifestyle.

The approximate cost for students to attend EOTC in 2018 will be between $175.00 – $200.00. I will confirm the costs early in term one 2018 once all considerations have been taken into account.

Shane Devery
Deputy Principal


A brief introduction from Bryce Mills, our new Deputy Principal

I am so excited about joining the ANI whanau and have already been made to feel like part of the family. I knew from the moment I stepped onto the grounds at Auckland Normal Intermediate that this is was an exciting and dynamic place – I just had to be part of it!

I come from a large Intermediate school on the North Shore, Murrays Bay Intermediate, where I was a team leader and Community of Schools leader. I believe that Intermediate is the best time to be at school because it is a time where young people have so many exciting things that they can get involved in.

As the year draws to a close it is important to remember to finish the race strong. At ANI, we like the way that our students value learning and have a passion to develop themselves further. We encourage each and everyone of them to knuckle down and push through to the end.

Bryce Mills
Deputy Principal


Year 8 Exhibition

Exhibition is in full swing with the Year 8 children all working enthusiastically away on their inquiries. Children are working across the whole year 8 cohort to engage in an in-depth, collaborative inquiry ​that incorporates all the essential elements of the PYP, ​providing the students​ with an opportunity to explore multiple perspectives while demonstrating independence and responsibility. ​

The flexi timetables are a hit and children are enjoying having the opportunity to plan their own days to fit in with their groups. Structured lessons in the core curriculum areas are still happening with children attending these with their own classroom teacher.

Exhibition viewing times are Wednesday 29 November from 2:00pm – 6:00pm and Thursday 30 November from 9:00am – 12:30pm in the school hall and rooms 15/16 and 23/24.  We hope you will all join us in this celebration of learning.

Below some students share how their learning is going:

“So far exhibition has been amazing! I love how we have gotten the freedom to work anywhere, with anyone. It has also helped us to get ready for our high school years by practicing our time management, our commitment to school work and how to be reflective on past mistakes. Who we are is a very open topic where we as students have heaps of paths to learn about. After two weeks, we can already tell we will have a great term!” – Mayley Gao, Room 9

 “I have really enjoyed the first two weeks of exhibition, it is a great opportunity to have the freedom to plan our week and inquiry with little guidance from teachers. Exhibition is a summary of what I have learned during intermediate, I look forward to presenting this knowledge as well as what I have learned during exhibition to my teachers, family, friends and peers. Exhibition is great preparation for high school – It improves and tests self-management, social and communication skills, the ability to consider feedback, reflect and improve work and independence. During exhibition I have shown cooperation, commitment and communication skills when working in a group, I have also shown reflection and open mindedness when forming questions.” – Hanna Braithwaite, Room 2

PTA Mufti Week

The PTA will be running their mufti-week fundraiser this term in week four, Monday 6 – Friday 10 November. In order for the students to wear mufti during the week, they will need to purchase either day passes ($2.00), week passes ($5.00) and additional “extra passes” ($5.00) for jewellery, nail polish, hair colour etc. Passes will be sold in week three, 30 October – 3 November in classrooms. Students will need to bring their money into school during that week.


Whole School Athletics Day

Thursday 9 November @ Mt Smart Stadium
The focus of the day is on participation and students will be competing within their year group for both boys and girls. Students will also be attempting to gain qualification for the ANI Central Zone Athletics event which is held on Thursday 23 November. Students can come to school wearing their PE gear.

Students will need to bring:

  • Morning tea, lunch, snacks (chocolate, barley sugars etc)
  • Juice/water bottle – no fizzy drinks allowed
  • Trainers or track shoes (students must wear their shoes throughout the day). Please Note: Students that are wearing spikes are not permitted to wear these types of shoes in the stands or on chairs within the seating area. These types of shoes can only be worn in lane events.
  • Hat/cap and jacket/raincoat
  • Sun block

Parents and caregivers are more than welcome to come to our Athletics Day and cheer our students on.

Patrick Kennelly
PE/Sports Coordinator


Maori and Pasifika Hui/Fono

Thursday 16 November, 5:30pm
On Thursday 16 November, we are having a Māori and Pasifika hui/fono to consult with parents and community to plan for 2018. The evening will be held in the school library at 5:30pm and run by our Māori and Pasifika student cultural leadership group.

We would like to invite you and your whanau/fanau to join us to share your ideas about how we can grow our Māori and Pasifika students profile in 2018. There will be an opportunity for the community to provide us with some feedforward in what strategies they would like to see implemented in 2018. These hui/fono are very valuable to us and give our school direction so we can provide the best environment for your child to learn and develop in.

We will also be sharing achievement data from 2017 and information about the progress of our Māori and Pasifika students.

Hot food and drinks will be supplied for parents and children (to be served at 6:15pm). We would like to extend the invitation to the Year 6s who will be attending ANI next year, please forward this to any whanau/fanau to let them know. All family welcome.

If you have any queries, please do not hesitate to email me

Megan Hughes
Year 8 Dean


John Parsons Cyber Safety Parent Evening

Wednesday 29 November, 6:00pm – 8:00pm in the School Library
ANI invites you to a presentation on the issues and dangers associated with the inappropriate use of computers, mobile phones and the internet, presented by John Parsons NZ Cyber security expert.

The aim of the evening is to inform parents and educate our community to understand the value of identity is the first step to using ICT safely.

Cybercrime is a very real issue facing families in NZ, but there are easy practical steps to help prevent it. Topics covered on the night include: Cyber bullying, online grooming, learning to repel and report and many more.

You will leave the session on Wednesday 29 November with the knowledge to help support and protect your family.

Please note families new to ANI will also be invited (current Year 6 parents at local contributing schools), along with schools in our Community of Learning.



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