Term 4, Week 1 2016

Principal’s Awards

Congratulations Grace Qin (Room 6), Bridie Quigley (Room 6) and Nicole Steele (Room 7) for an amazing Inquiry into Dyslexia and how it affects people, what to do to help, and a Dyslexia box full of resources and tips for teachers, students and parents.

All our Principal’s awards photos are put on our Facebook page – click here to view.

Principal’s News

Welcome back to term four, a term packed full of final assessments, end of year reports, transition events and a few fun activities.

We start the term with great excitement as we celebrate the 2017 exhibition. Our Year 8 students are presenting a variety of very interesting and highly engaging inquiries. The exhibition is a culmination of all they have learnt as a student within the International Baccalaureate programme. Congratulations to you all. If you haven’t dropped in to see the exhibition it is open until 7:00pm today and until 2:30pm on Thursday.

Digital Platform
Recently we surveyed parents about the digital platform at ANI, the recreational use of devices and as a tool for learning. We are pleased to share a summary of the results in today’s newsletter:

The majority (over 90%) of parents:

  • felt that ANI provides a safe digital environment
  • felt that their child uses digital devices and resources to enhance their learning
  • the majority of parents felt that bullying and harassment were the most challenging online issues they face

A large number of parents (75% – 90%):

  • felt that technology was important in learning
  • turn to family or friends for online safety
  • Only 50% of parents were sure of what to do if their child experiences online issues

In Summary
The data collected identifies the need to continue to educate our students to be safe and make appropriate decisions when accessing any online environment in addition to educating the parent community on what to do if they have any issues. We also need to share more information on how the school integrates devices into learning programmes and provide more opportunities to share this with parents.

It is pleasing to note that most parents surveyed or interviewed feel we are on the right track as a school and we have a good balance between independent use and supervised use of devices.

There were also a number of suggestions from our parent body about the support they would like to help them deal with issues around the use of devices at home. We intend holding further information evenings for parents in 2017 in addition to teacher and student sessions supported by NetSafe.

We have been given a number of useful links by NetSafe that have proved valuable for parents.

What is NetSafe?
NetSafe is an independent non-profit organisation with a focus on online safety and security. Its purpose is to enable all New Zealand internet users to confidently access digital opportunities and prevent online harm. They provide support, education and advice to New Zealand internet users and help resolve many online safety and security complaints.


What resources do they recommend?

This site provides information such as:

  • practical advice for digi savvy parents and parenting tools
  • guidelines for how long is practical for children and users to be online
  • Links to other helpful resources (NetSafe/The Parenting Place)
  • Articles to read


The Common Sense Media
This site provides ratings and reviews for movies, books, CD’s, websites and App’s, has a section on parent concerns and a blog facility to ask for advice or support from other like-minded adults who are often in a similar situation as other parents.


Our school Counsellor Graeme Smith is available to support parents or students with any concerns or questions. The SLT are also available if you would like further information about the school’s management of devices, social media, BYOD, or digital learning programmes we have in place.

Thank you for your feedback – it helps us manage this platform and identify what is important to you.

PAT Reading Comprehension
We are pleased to share student achievement data with our community. The most recent results from a reading comprehension test are now available (click here).

The results are very pleasing, particularly the progress of our target groups and priority students. Teachers have focused strongly on these students to accelerate their progress, and adjustments to teaching programmes has led to some very positive learning gains.

The End of Handwriting
To finish my spot in today’s newsletter I would like to share an interesting and very topical article about handwriting and word processing – certainly food for thought.

“People talk about the decline of handwriting as if it’s proof of the decline of civilization. They bemoan the fact that young people today are typing not writing.

An argument that’s made for handwriting is that it enables students to read documents written in script.

But it could also be argued that if the goal of public education is to prepare students to become successful, employable adults, typing is considerably more useful than handwriting. There are few instances in which handwriting is a necessity, and there will be even fewer by the time today’s children graduate. In the last few decades, more and more young people have all but abandoned handwriting for technology. 

 What about research findings that writing by hand engages the mind and improves learning, compared to keyboarding? There is a finding that college students who take notes by hand remember more than those who use a laptop, but perhaps instead of proving that handwriting is superior to typing, it proves we need better teaching of note-taking skills.

The most important goal, is achieving ‘cognitive automaticity’ with writing as early as possible, so we can think about what we want to say and how we’re saying it without being bogged down in the mechanics. Automaticity is best accomplished on a keyboard between the ages of 8 and 10. Because they achieve automaticity quicker on the keyboard, today’s youngsters may well become better writers as handwriting takes up less of their education.

Keyboards are a boon to students with fine-motor learning disabilities, as well as students with poor handwriting, who are graded lower than those who write neatly, regardless of the content of their expression.

The good news is that ours may be the most writing-happy age in human history, a golden age of writing. Most students and adults write far more now in a given day than they did 10 or 20 years ago, choosing to write to one another over social media or text message instead of talking on the phone or visiting.

The more one writes, the better a writer one becomes. There is no evidence that ‘text speak’ like LOL has entered academic writing, or that students make more errors as a result

Of course, the fact that handwriting is not vital to communication does not diminish its beauty, and its ability to delight. Children should not be denied the pleasure of sending or receiving a beautifully crafted or perhaps clumsily handwritten piece that reflects time, effort and the personality of the writer.

Handwriting will always have its place and should be taught, but for volume, speed and the expression of ideas, technology has largely taken over from the pen and pencil.”


Have a good month, the next newsletter will be sent to you on Wednesday 2 November.

Jill Farquharson


Upcoming Events


Monday 17 OctoberEpsom Normal Primary Placement Test9:00am – 10:30am
PTA Meeting (cancelled)7:00pm
Tuesday 18 OctoberInterzone BasketballAll day
Royal Oak Placement Test9:00am – 10:30am
HPV Catch-ups
Wednesday 19 OctoberEpsom Girls Grammar testing @ ANI
Out-of-Zone Ballot drawn
Thursday 20 OctoberANI Athletics Day @ Mt SmartAll day
Friday 21 OctoberNewmarket Placement Test9:00am – 10:30am
AGS Testing @ ANI11:00am


In today’s newsletter we have included a schedule of events for the rest of the year to help you manage your calendars at this busy time of year. Click here to view.


Team Newsletters

These are now online, click here to view.


Refurbished Classrooms (17, 18, 19, 20)

This week four classes (Rooms 17, 18, 19 and 20) moved into newly refurbished classrooms. Top effort to our builders Holmes & Brown for completing this work in only six weeks – impressive work.

The remaining classes (Rooms 21 – 22) we expect to have completed within a month. Unfortunately we experienced some issues with the foundations for Room 22 as we prepared to move it alongside Room 21 delaying the this part of the building project.

Here are a few photos of our new look classrooms.




Deputy Principal’s and Associate Principal’s Spot

Two of our strategic goals this year focus on engagement and participation. We know that student engagement makes a difference to educational outcomes and we wanted to find out if students at ANI are happy, safe and committed to their learning. We also wanted to know how we can continue to improve the culture of the school to ensure that all students feel connected and safe and therefore able to engage in their learning.

In term three we carried out an online survey developed by New Zealand Council for Educational Research (NZCER) which provides a systematic way for us to find out how students view their connection to ANI including their commitment and engagement to learning.

The results showed that the majority of students feel connected and safe in their learning. Here is a sample of responses;

In Year 7

  • 98% respect other students space and property
  • 96% agree that their family’s culture is treated with respect
  • 93% agree that school cares that they do their best
  • 91% take school seriously
  • 95% agree that their teachers helps them learn
  • 98% like learning new things

In Year 8

  • 96% agree that it is important to do well at school
  • 96% have a lot of respect for their teacher
  • 95% agree that their familys culture is treated with respect
  • 90% take school seriously
  • 91% agree that school cares that they do their best
  • 91% are interested in what they are learning
  • 94% like learning new things

From analysing the results we have also identified areas of focus for 2017;

We will encourage all students to:

  • add ideas and contribute to class discussion
  • talk to people outside of school about their learning
  • make connections between their school work and how it helps with things outside of school

The results from the survey will be used in conjunction with a number of other reviews to inform the strategic direction of ANI in 2017.

Lucy Naylor
Deputy Principal

The information below is an early notice about Year 8 camp and the Year 7 Education Outside the Classroom (EOTC) arrangements so parents have a little bit of time to get their son/daughter to do odd jobs around the house and start saving for some amazing experiences in 2017.

Year 8 Camp
Year 8 camp will take place at Tui Ridge in Rotorua in May for all Year 8 students. Teams attend camp together (six classes) and they are away from Monday to Friday.

We travel to camp in comfortable coaches and upon arrival students settle into large dormitories (separated for boys and girls).

The activities during the week include an overnight stay in tents, team building, indoor and outdoor rock climbing, abseiling and mountain biking, to name a few.

Please check your calendars as once you know the date your child will be attending camp we will be asking for parent assistance to ensure each camp is successful. All parents considering attending overnight at camp will be police vetted by the school early term one.

Green Team: 1 – 5 May (Green Team)
Orange Team: 8 – 12 May (Orange Team)

Approximate cost: $380.00 (please note this cost is in addition to the activity fee you pay for class trips and visiting speakers).

Camp Time line: Term One 2017
Week 3: Letter sent to parents about camp, information and equipment list supplied
Week 4: Camp information evening for parents
Week 5: Parent helpers selected and informed of their attendance at camp (Police vet forms filled out and submitted by the school)




Year 7 Education Outside the Classroom (EOTC)
The Year 7 EOTC experience happens in association with Birkenhead Leisure Centre on the North shore in March over a period of four days. Students will experience a range of challenges and activities during these days including: orienteering, raft building, kayaking, climbing and many more. The week will end up with the great race taking place in Devonport which encompasses a combination of all the skills the students have learnt over the week. Please check your calendars as once you know the date your child will attend EOTC we will be asking for parent support to ensure a successful week.  All parents attending EOTC are not required to be police vetted as you will be in a controlled environment and there is no need to stay overnight with the group.

EOTC DATES (four classes per week)
Group 1 and 2: ​Monday 20 March – Thursday 23 March (Blue Team)
Group 3 and 4: Monday 27 March – Thursday 30 March (Blue and Red Team)
Group 5 and 6:​ Monday 3 April – Thursday 7 April (Red Team)

Approximate cost: $185.00. Please note this cost is in addition to the activity fee you pay for class trips and visiting speakers.

EOTC Time line: Term One 2017
Week 2: ​Letter sent to parents about EOTC (fees to pay and parents to volunteer)
Week 4 – 5: ​Parent helpers selected and informed of their attendance at EOTC

I am looking forward to providing students and parents with many challenges and successful outcomes in 2017.

Shane Devery
Deputy Principal

We are already into term four, where has the year gone? It is an exciting time for our students as they anticipate what lies ahead for them. For many this is an exciting time in their lives, one which they have been anticipating for some while. But for some it can be very scary. Year 7’s anxiously waiting to hear who their teacher will be next year and which of their friends they will be with, or more worryingly for them who they won’t be with!  When doing class lists we take into account many factors; such as student’s strengths and areas of learning need, social needs and extra curricula interests. We  then try to match the child with a teacher who will further support them through their learning journey.

The next few weeks will be a busy time for students who will be joining us in 2017. We will been going to our main contributing primary schools where we conduct placement tests and chat to Year 6 teachers about students coming to ANI in 2017. This is a big job but it enables us to gather as much information as possible about our new students. This is the same process we undertake with Year 7 teachers as the students transition into Year 8. We gather data about the students from a number of sources in order to make the transition as smooth as possible for all children. On Wednesday 9 and Thursday 10, Year 6 students and their parents will join us at the enrolment evenings where they have the opportunity to talk to teachers about their child and their particular needs in 2017.

In the next couple of weeks both Epsom Girls Grammar and Auckland Boys Grammar will be visiting us to conduct testing for their 2017 students and children enrolled in Mt Albert Grammar will also be conducting their initial intake testing. Later in the term Shane Devery our school SENCO and DP plus Megan Hughes, year 8 dean will sit down with the Year 9 Deans, SENCO, Heads of department for ESOL and Learning support to discuss learning for our boys heading to these three main Secondary Schools. During these meeting we talk about how our boys and girls transition, what kind of learning and support they may need and what opportunities they might be encouraged into.

Before these meetings there have already been a number of other occasions where our schools collaborate. By the time we reach term 4, we have visited all three schools and have had past students come in and speak with students about how they have settled, we also speak with deans, senior leaders, enrolment officers, other staff and former students on a range of issues including individual students, overall academic trends and ways to ensure the transition between intermediate and high school is as smooth and successful as possible.

The education that the students receive at ANI is very well respected by our local high schools. We have been fortunate in the cooperation we receive from them and this cooperation has resulted in developing a number of tools and methods to help transition our students successfully. Our students go on to High school well prepared, they are keen to be involved in leadership opportunities, are academically strong, resilient, well rounded and well prepared students.

Should you wish to discuss your child’s transition from one year group to another please do not hesitate to contact any of the Senior Leadership team, or myself to help you. At ANI we recognise how challenging transitions can sometimes be.

Tracey Hughes
Associate Principal

Year 8 Graduation

Preparation for Year 8 Graduation is in full swing! A committee of students will be formed next week and these students will be in charge of deciding on the theme of the event as well as how the hall will be decorated on the night.

Dancesport will begin for Year 8 students on Wednesday 30 November where students will have sessions with a trained dance instructor and learn about different style of dance in preparation for festivities on the night.

The Year 8 Graduation Ceremony will take place on Thursday 8 December starting at 6:30pm and finishing at 9:00pm. The first part of the ceremony will be a presentation of certificates to all Year 8 students and from 7:30pm students will celebrate and show off their newly acquired dance moves. Parents depart at this time and return again at 9:00pm to collect their children.

It is shaping up to be an enjoyable night for all. Further updates on the event’s progress will be included in the next newsletter.

Caylee Dyer
Teacher in Charge


Early Bird Discount for 2017 Year 8 Parents

In term four we are offering an incentive to 2017 Year 8 families. If you make payment of your school donation, take home items, class trips and activity fee which normally costs $600.00 we offer you an early bird discount of 10%. This means a saving of $60.00 if paid before the end of term four, 15 December 2016. Remember paying these amounts now means one less thing to worry about in the new year and it’s another bill to tick off before Christmas.

Parents are able to pay school activities and/or donations using POLi, an online Caregiver Portal. Your login details have been sent to the email address that we have on file. If you have not received your login details, please check your ‘junk/spam’ folder first before contacting the school (ani@ani.school.nz). A separate email has been sent with instruction details.

From 1 November we will no longer be accepting payments for school activities and/or donations on the ANI school website. You will still be able to pay for school uniforms and After School Music and Leisure Classes on the website but not your donation or activity fee.

You can also pay online ASB 12 3048 0291429 00 or at the school office with cash, cheque or credit card.


Sun Hats to be worn in Term Four

Now that summer looks like it is just around the corner it is time to dust off the sun hats/caps and wear them during break times. Any student not wearing a SCHOOL sun hat/cap will spend lunchtimes indoors with a member of the SLT. Please note only school uniform hats/caps are permitted – baseball/basketball/Nike etc hats are not to be worn. If your son/daughter has misplaced their hat, replacements are available to purchase from reception or our online uniform shop ($21.00).


School Athletics Day

Thursday 20 October, Mt Smart Stadium
On Thursday 20 October the ANI Athletics day will take place at Mt Smart Stadium. Students will compete in a range of track and field events relating to their year level.

Children will be transported by bus leaving school at 9:00am and returning by 2:45pm. The buses and venue hire will be paid from the student’s activity fee. A permission slip has been sent home and this should be signed and returned to school. If your child has not paid their activity fee the cost for this trip is $5.00.

Students will need to bring:

  • Morning tea and Lunch
  • Juice/Water bottle – no fizzy drinks allowed
  • Snacks – Chocolate, Barley Sugar etc
  • School P.E shorts and shirt or team colours i. e blue, red etc
  • Trainers, track shoes – students must wear shoes throughout the day
  • School hat/cap
  • Jacket/Raincoat
  • Sunblock

Please note: No running spike shoes to be worn while in the grandstand. These are to be worn only in individual lane running events and kept on the track.

Parents/Caregivers are invited to come along to the day. We hope to have a fun and enjoyable event. If you have any questions relating to the Athletics day please contact Greg Berry by email gberry@ani.school.nz

Greg Berry
PE Teacher/Sport Coordinator


Sports News

Click here to view.


ANI Enrolments for Year 6 Students

All application forms (In-Zone and Out-of-Zone) for 2017 enrolment are available to download from our website now. Click here. (Only Year 6 students need to enrol. Our current Year 7 students do not need to re-enrol for 2017).

2017 Out-of-Zone Ballot Applications close today Wednesday 12 October 2016 and will be drawn on Wednesday 19 October 2016.

School Tours for Students that missed our Open Mornings
Friday 4 November and Friday 11 November, 9:00am.  Please meet at the school office.

If you have any queries about our enrolment process please contact our Administration Officer Megan Brookman on (09) 630 1109 or enrolments@ani.school.nz


Health and Safety – University of Auckland Epsom Campus

It has been brought to our attention by the University of Auckland – Epsom campus (next door to our school) that parents are dropping their children off using their Epsom Avenue driveways.

Please refrain from using the campus driveways for any parking, drop offs or short cuts. They are concerned at the speed of cars in this area and the unnecessary traffic in the car park.

For parents who are dropping off children in cars, please drop off at the school gates on Poronui and Disraeli Streets and do not drive into the school car parks or the Epsom Campus as this causes traffic congestion and potential Health and Safety concerns. Thank you for your cooperation.


Maungawhau School Fair

It’s the Maungawhau School Fair on Saturday 15 October, 11:00am – 3:00pm, at 73 Ellerton Road Mount Eden.  Come along for amazing rides, cool prizes, and divine food!


Diocesan School for Girls Open Day

Diocesan School for Girls is hosting an Open Day on Thursday 19 October, 9am – 11am.  Visit www.diocesan.school.nz to find out more and register.


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