Term 4, Week 1 2015

Principal’s Awards
Congratulations Jaeswen Kwan (room 1), Anthony Yang (room 3), Daniel Zhang (room 3) Andrew Kim (room 3) for a well researched, carefully planned and creative design of a futuristic underwater world to ensure that finite resources can be sustained.

Congratulations Catrin Ogilvie (room 1), Jessica Webster (room 1) and Bernice Leung (room 2) for showing critical thinking, problem solving and creative thinking in their Sustainable Village Action Programme. The group identified three problems in Africa and designed three unique solutions to solve the problem (My Water Filter, Custom Crop and B-mail).








Principal’s News
Welcome to a new term. We trust you had an enjoyable couple of weeks with family and friends over the break. Term four is a busy term as we complete learning activities, report to parents on student progress and prepare for a new school year. It is also a time of transition for our Year 8’s as they prepare for their next stage of education – Secondary School. Their teachers have planned units of work that will support them in this transition.

Farewell to the team heading off to Japan
On Sunday morning I farewelled 16 students and two teachers (Mr Devery and Mrs Hughes) who were heading off on a cultural exchange with our sister school Waijaro Higashi Elementary School to Japan. Safe travels and enjoy the experience.

Japan Trip












Term Three Exhibition
The Year 8 exhibition that took place at the end of term three was an amazing celebration of learning. Staff, parents and visitors were impressed by the depth of knowledge students had about their inquiry and the confident manner in which they could share this information.

Congratulations to you all.

IB Exhibition












Click here to view a video of our Exhibition.

Lockdown Exercise with NZ Police
Over the last year our school has been working with an independent specialist in Emergency Management, Harrison Tew Consultants. They have guided us through emergency planning with a particular focus on lockdowns. Lockdowns and evacuation exercises are a necessary and important part of our schools day to day routine. Click here to view the procedures we use (school flowchart) in a lockdown.

Very recently we were approached by Harrison Tew who asked us if we would be interested in conducting a school lockdown exercise with the NZ Police responding in an operational role.

After a number of discussions and meetings with Harrison Tew and Police, I would like to advise that on Thursday 22 October (week two) the whole school will be taking part in a school-wide lockdown exercise with the NZ Police.

This will involve approximately 20 operation police officers, our staff and students and is a completely controlled exercise under the guidance of Wade and Julia, Directors of Harrison Tew.

The exercise will be of huge benefit to the school, our staff and our students to future enhance our lockdown procedural response in an exercise that would be the closest scenario to a real life situation that we would be exposed to.

Part of conducting this exercise on 22 October means we will need to have training with the staff and students and run a lockdown exercise this week to ensure everyone at our school is confident with the procedures. This practice lockdown will take place on Friday 16 October at 9:00am.

As part of the lockdown procedures, can I please take this opportunity to remind you that whenever an exercise or actual lockdown occurs you will be notified by way of text, website and an email post event. Please do not try and make contact with the school during a real lockdown (no warning) or school lockdown with warning.

1.Text Message:
We are currently having a lockdown (practice). Please do not call the school as the phones will be unattended. PLEASE DO NOT CONTACT YOUR SON/DAUGHTER. ONCE THE LOCKDOWN IS OVER WE WILL EMAIL ALL PARENTS WITH AN UPDATE.

2.The website will show the following message:


3.Email Post Event
Sample of post exercise email to parents: 

Today ANI went into lockdown at __ pm. All staff and students responded in a calm and controlled manner and followed all training procedures.

Once advice was given that the lockdown was over all classrooms were physically visited by the SLT to inform them it was now safe to move around the school. An assembly took place immediately after the lockdown and students were informed of events as they unfolded.

For your information here is a summary of events:

(This will be added in at the time)

During this assembly we:
Conducted a head count ensuring everyone was accounted for
Reported anyone not accounted for immediately
Reported any injuries and medical attention provided if required
Ascertained if anyone need any other type of support
Checked all buildings were safe to enter
Prepared an incident report on what had occurred
All staff (affected or involved) were asked to contribute to the report
Contact was made to media via email with a short release on what had occurred and the schools response
School website was updated and local schools informed
In the following days a de brief with appropriate staff members is scheduled to review incident and outcome

Obviously the above post event email will be adjusted accordingly to the event and emergency.

With regard to the lockdown exercise on 22 October which involves the police, if you wish to remove your child from school that day, please make arrangements to keep them at home and advise us ahead of time that you intend doing this. The exercise will commence at 11:00am and run for approximately one hour. Police will stay on after the exercise and debrief students at an assembly. They have also agreed to stay during the lunchtime to interact with our students and put them at ease following the event.

This is a rare opportunity for any school to participate in and I have been impressed with the staff and students response to lockdown procedures in the past. We are excited about the prospect of having our students be involved in such a high level Police exercise which potentially could mirror a very real and dangerous situation at school.

Athletics Day
We are all looking forward to the school athletics day this Thursday 15 October at Mt Smart Stadium. Details are included in the sport section of today’s newsletter.  Please feel free to join us at any time during the day – you are most welcome (a reminder that the cost for events such as these are met from your activity fee).

Sun Hats
Now that summer looks like it is just around the corner it is time to dust off the sun hats/caps and wear them during break times. There will be an amnesty this week, and an opportunity for students to purchase a new one if required but come Monday 17 October any student no wearing a SCHOOL sun hat/cap will spend lunchtimes indoors with a member of the SLT. Please note only school uniform hats/caps are permitted – no baseball/basketball/Nike etc hats are to be worn. If your son/daughter has misplaced theirs replacements are available to purchase from reception or our online uniform shop ($20.50). Thank you for your cooperation.

Enrolment Afternoons – 2016 Year 7 Students
On 11 and 12 November we have invited all new students and parents to complete the 2016 enrolment process by coming along for a one-on-one interview with a teacher. If you have a younger sibling coming to ANI next year or know of neighbours who haven’t enrolled, please encourage them to do so as soon as possible as we use the data gathered at the interview for class placements.

Early Bird Discount for 2016 Year 8 Parents
This term we are offering an incentive to 2016 Year 8 families. If you make payment of your school donation, take home items, class trips/activities which normally totals $599.00 we offer you an early bird discount of 10%. This means a saving of $60.00 if paid before the end of term four (15 December 2015). Remember paying these amounts now means one less thing to worry about in the new year.

You can pay online ASB 12 3048 0291429 00 or online at the school shop www.ani.school.nz or at the school office with cash, cheque and visa.

Electronic Notices
Please remember to use the designated area on our website to report an absence or call the office. When you email the main school email or a staff email address about an absence we cannot always guarantee it will be cleared by 8:45am and this could result in an unnecessary text to you. If you email staff to advise your son/daughter will be absent and the teacher is also away on that day we can’t guarantee the email will be seen by the reliever. Please use this link https://ani.school.nz/contact-us/#report-an-absence or call the office 630 1109.

Report an absense

Notices and Events on our new website
The screenshots below show how you can access details of school events and notices. With our new website the format has changed and we hope access is easier for you now.

Notices Events

2016 Year 8 Camp
A heads up about Year 8 camp arrangements so you have a little bit of time to get your son/daughter to do odd jobs around the house and start saving for this amazing Education Outside the Classroom event.

Camp dates:
Green Team: 4 – 8 April
Orange Team: 11 – 15 April

Approximate cost: $350.00

Timeline: Term One 2016
Week 1: Letter sent to parents about camp, information evening and equipment list
Week 3: Camp evening for parents
Week 4: Parent helpers selected and informed
Week 6: Camp information evening for students of camp one
Week 7: Camp information evening for students of camp two


Have a great week.

Jill Farquharson


Important Dates

Monday 12 OctoberTerm Four Begins, 8:45am
 ‘Tahi’ Art exhibit by ANI Students, Mt Eden Village (12 – 18 Oct)
Tuesday 13 OctoberNetball Prize Giving, 5:00pm School Hall
Wednesday 14 OctoberOut-of-Zone Ballot closes
Thursday 15 OctoberANI Athletics Day, Mt Smart Stadium
Monday 19 OctoberDental Van on site (Mon – Fri)
Tuesday 20 OctoberEpsom Girls Grammar Testing @ ANI, 9:00am
Wednesday 21 OctoberHPV Vaccinations
 Out-of-Zone Ballot drawn
Friday 23 OctoberEpsom Normal Placement Test


Class Newsletters

These are now online, click here to view.


School Athletics Day

On Thursday 15 October the ANI Athletics day will take place at Mt Smart Stadium. Students will compete in a range of track and field events relating to their Year level.

Children will be transported by bus which will leave school at 9:00am and return by 2:45pm. The buses and venue hire will be paid from the student’s activity fee. A permission slip has been sent home and this should be signed and returned to school.

Students will need to bring:

  • Morning tea and lunch
  • Juice/water bottle – no fizzy drinks allowed
  • Snacks – chocolate, barley sugar etc
  • School P.E shorts and shirt or team colours i.e blue, red
  • Trainers, track shoes – students must wear shoes throughout the day
  • School hat/cap
  • Jacket/raincoat
  • Sunblock

Please note: No running spike shoes to be worn while in the grandstand. These are to be worn only in individual lane running events and kept on the track.

Parents/Caregivers are invited to come along to the day. We hope to have a fun and enjoyable event. If you have any questions relating to the Athletics day please email Greg Berry by clicking here.

Sports News

InterZone Gymnastics
Auckland Normal Intermediate had teams compete in the Interzone Champions Gymnastics competition held on Wednesday15 September. The result for the girls was a 1st place in the teams event. Within the teams they were also ranked individually where Mackenzie Horan came 1st, Maddy Niven 2nd and Francesca Wilson came equal 12th. The boys also competed as individuals in a national Men’s Artistic competition level where Luke Fairburn came 1st and Logan Bow came 2nd. This was a fantastic result and the school would like to thank Daisy Henderson for her excellent training of the team and the parents that supported with transport and supervision. 

InterZone Cross Country
Auckland Inter zone Cross country held at the A. & P Show Ground, Pukekohe on Thursday 17 September. Auckland Normal Intermediate had a number of students competing with some very good results especially in the team categories. Thanks to all those students that competed and to Caylee Dyer who assisted with coordinating the team and to parents that supported with transport and supervision.

Results are as follows:

Year 7 Girls
6th PlaceKate DuncanANI/Central
Year 7 Boys
9th PlaceHarry AndersonANI/Central
Year 8 Girls Team
3rd PlaceANI/Central209 Points
Year 8 Boys
7th PlaceEshaan AvoraANI/Central
9th PlaceJaylen RodwellANI/Central
Year 8 Boys Team
2nd PlaceANI/Central150 Points

Extreme Trampoline
Auckland Normal Intermediate attended the Extreme Trampoline competition held on Thursday 24 September. The team had exceptional performances and won the trophy for best overall team. The team are to be commended on their individual performances and how they represented the school. School would also like to thank all those parents that supported on the day and to Alicia England who did a superb job in organising the team. The individual final results for each grade are below.

Grade D Girls
8th Felicity March
6th Francesca Wilson

Grade D Boys
8th Ollie Godward

Grade C Girls
2nd Michaela Cox

Grade B Girls
6th Annabelle Gibson
2nd Cindy Wang

Grade B Boys
6th Luke Fairburn
2nd Joshua Normanton

Grade A Girls
2nd Halle Rankin Hastie
1st Maddy Niven

Grade A Boys
1st Blake Costley

Extreme Tramp
















Greg Berry
PE Teacher/Sport Coordinator

Community News

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