Term 3, Week 9 2015

Principal’s Awards
Congratulations Alex Ogilvie, Room 7 for her well thought out inquiry into a cure for the common cold which showed a depth of scientific understanding. Alex found and synthesised her information and presented it in a way which was engaging and clear to her audience.

Alex Ogilvie

Principal’s News
New Zealand Association of Intermediate and Middle School (NZAIMS) Games
What a fantastic time students and staff had at AIMS last week. You will find a full report and photos in the body of today’s newsletter. I would like to express my sincere thanks to all parents who supported the event whether it was doing home baking, helping out with transport or attending games during the week. My thanks also to the staff who travelled down and joined students in what was an outstanding competition. To Greg Berry for his vision and commitment to sport (in addition to managing both soccer teams), to Sarah Nicolson for her consistent support of the netballers, to Daniel Robertson for his encouragement and guidance to our basketballers and to Nicole Lewis for her high level of coaching of the water polo players. Your energy, time and effort is what makes events such as these so successful.

Art Exhibition
Well done to the ten ANI students who had their work exhibited in the Intermediate Schools Art Exhibition. The opening on Sunday night was a great opportunity to celebrate The Arts and also acknowledge the high levels of achievement our students have reached. Thanks to our teachers Nikki Rakete, Mariee Guinibert and Anita Lowe for their support and encouragement of these students.

Betty JiStella Jensen
Sherrie GaoDaisy Hart
Lacey SleemanPiper Wadham
Jacob RackhamGrainne Walsh
Sophie AdamsWilliam Missen

Art Exhibition Photos

Website Refresh
The school website has had a makeover (www.ani.school.nz). We have given it a fresh new look, made it mobile friendly, added a new navigation panel and improved functionality.  If anything is not quite right please let us know as we are still at the fine tuning stage. The content is still be worked on and updated which is quite a large job so please bear with us as we work our way through these updates. Your feedback is very much appreciated.

2015 New Website

New Staff
Welcome to two new support staff. Matua Dan is our new Kapa Haka coach and Te Reo teacher. He is a member of Te Ropu Manutaki one of Auckland’s oldest Kapa Haka and has performed at Te Matatini (adult competition). He has grown up speaking Maori and extended these skills at Wharekura o Hoani Waititi Marae and Auckland University.

Tracey Fafita is our new Administration Officer and After School Programme Coordinator. Tracey has a wealth of experience in the public service having joined us from Child Youth and Family Services. Tracey is looking forward to getting to know new families during the enrolment process and also growing our After School Programme.

Not long now! Things are heating up for the Year 8’s as the countdown to exhibition begins. I’m looking forward to seeing the final results as students display their findings in the hall (and surrounding rooms) on 22 September, 9:00am – 12:30pm and 3:00pm – 7:00pm and 23 September 9:00am – 3:00pm. A lot of hard work, energy, enthusiasm and initiative has gone into the past few weeks – good luck to you all.

Badge System
We often get asked about the badge system and how you work up to a premier badge. For your reference this is how it works:

Students can earn academic, cultural, sporting, International Baccalaureate and Principal badges. These are to be sewn on the left sleeve of the uniform jumper or school hoodie. Once the student has two badges of the same kind they receive a shield. Any three shields means they can receive a premier medal.

ANI badge, with blue lettering awarded for:

  • Gaining two ANI certificates from the class or specialist teacher
  • Outstanding academic achievement, e.g. high distinction or distinction in Australasian Competitions, Science Fair, Mathex, etc.
  • School Councillor Peer Mediator or School Librarian for the year

Sport badge, with green lettering awarded for:

  • Being a regular, committed member of a school team playing in a weekly tournament, eg netball, water polo, etc for the duration of one year
  • Being a member of a Central Zone team that is placed first or second at a zone tournament
  • An individual or team who goes forward to the Interzone Championships and is placed
  • Outstanding achievement in other competitions entered as a school team or an individual entrant.

Note: Sports Participation certificates are given to teams that take part in Central Zone events and do not get 1st, 2nd or 3rd. Five sports participation certificates earns a sports badge.

Cultural badge, with red lettering awarded for:

  • Cultural group member for whole year
  • Orchestra member for the year
  • Choir member for the year
  • Production cast or other suitable school groups

Principal’s badge, with gold lettering awarded for:

  • Gaining two Principal’s award certificates. These certificates are issued for outstanding work or achievement

International Baccalaureate badge, with orange lettering awarded for:

  • Gaining three learner profile certificates. These certificates are issued for outstanding work or achievement related to IB

Any two badges of the same type = shield. Once you have collected all five shields you are entitled to a Premier Badge.


As this is the last newsletter for the term I would like to wish you all a very happy and safe holiday break. See you all at 8:45am on Monday 12 October, the first day of term four.

Jill Farquharson


Important Dates

17 SeptemberInterzone Cross Country
Y7 and Y8 e-asTTle Maths (Number/Algebra)
STAR Test – Reading
Japan Overseas Exchange Parent Evening #2, 6:30pm
18 SeptemberPTA Mufti Day
22 SeptemberY8 Exhibition, 9:00am – 12:30pm and 3:00pm – 7:00pm
23 SeptemberY8 Exhibition, 9:00am – 3:00pm
24 SeptemberExtreme Trampoline Competition
Lunchtime Social, 12:30pm – 2:00pm
25 SeptemberY7 Awards Assembly, 11:00am
Y8 Awards Assembly, 1:30pm
12 OctoberTerm Four Starts, 8:45am


Click here to view term four events.



It is the final week for exhibition preparation and it is exciting to see all of the exhibits come together. The school is buzzing with students talking about their learning and new understanding of “How We Organise Ourselves”.

The students have come up with some innovative actions, these include:

  • Making sewing kits for the children at Ronald McDonald House
  • Forming a new school partnership with the local bowls club
  • Offering a kids area at the Grey Lynn market so parents can enjoy their shopping

Exhibition dates and times:

Tuesday 22 September, 9:00am – 12:30pm and 3:00pm – 7:00pm
All Year 8 students are expected to be in attendance until the end of the night. Food will be provided for them. There is also going to be a stall selling food and drink to the public.

Wednesday 23 September, 9:00am – 3:00pm

We look forward to seeing everyone at the Exhibition.

Alex Tiley|
Transdisciplinary Coach


Languages Achievement

Every year the Year 7s participate in a Spanish speech competition where there is a class winner and an overall Year winner. This year’s supreme winner was Nick Wild from Room 2. Below is his recount of his journey to victory. Well done Nick.

“Hola a todos. Me llamo Nick. Hoy voy a hablar sobre mi discurso y la preparación”.
(Hi everybody. My name’s Nick. Today I am going to talk about my speech and my preparation.)

When I first said my speech in front of my class, I was really scared, but after I had finished, I felt proud. When I heard that there were 14 finalists in our class, including me, I was even more nervous, because I had to do it again. I had spoken once before, so it was a bit easier to say.

When I heard I had won for my class, I was literally lost for words. For another week, I practised and practised, to make sure I was ready. Finally the day came. I sat down, and looked at the audience from my chair. I found my class, and then smiled, whispering “Para mi clase.” (For my class)

My name was called to the stage. A thunderous applause burst into my ears. I knew people believed in me. A fortnight later, the winner was announced. “And in 1st place…” Señor said “Nick Wild!” No podía creerlo. (I couldn’t believe it.) I was amazed. That is my name being applauded by the entire school! It felt astonishing.

Esto no solo es para mi, sino para mi escuela y mi familia. Muchas gracias, y chau a todos!
(This is not just for me, but for my school and my family. Thank you very much and bye everyone!)

Señor Rathgen


Year 7 Electives

For the past four weeks, the Year 7 students have been doing electives. Students were spread across the school in a variety of activities. Electives have many options like Funky Jewellery, Touch Rugby, Stop Motion, Basketball and more. Year 7 found this extremely enjoyable as they liked trying something new. A lot of students went out of their comfort zone and just had fun! Year 7 students met new friends and learnt more about themselves and their peers. All students enjoyed their time out of the class and would do it again if they had the chance.

By Serina McCarthy, Room 11



Sports News

CZ Cross Country Results and Interzone Cross Country
The central zone cross country was held on Wednesday 26 August at Waiatarua Reserve, Grand Drive, Remuera. Strong representation by Auckland Normal Intermediate saw a number of top placings. Results for the teams event were: 

ANI Year 7 Girls 3rd
ANI Year 8 Girls 1st
ANI Year 8 Boys 1st 

The ANI Year 8 Girls team and the ANI Year 8 Boys team will progress through to the Interzone championships in addition to Jaylen Rodwell (who was placed 2nd at Central Zone), Kate Duncan (who placed 3rd) and Harry Anderson (who placed 2nd).Thanks to Caylee Dyer who coordinates the distance squad for her organisation of Central Zone.

Auckland Year 7 & 8 Inter Zone Cross Country Championships
Venue: A & P Showgrounds, Station Road, Pukekohe.
Date: Thursday 17 September 2015 Save Day  Friday 18 Sept
Time: Assemble 10.30 am First race 11.00am

Interzone Cross Country Team:

Year 7 GirlsRoomYear 7 BoysRoom
Kate Duncan2Harry Anderson6
Year 8 GirlsRoomYear 8 BoysRoom
Ella Wyllie4Jaylen Rodwell15
Rachael Berry20Eshaan Arora5
Emma Larsen16Thomas Britton19
Madeleine Ashe24Rhys Dawsom20
Emma Hall24Jacob Rackham20
Grace Lin16Sam Heyes20
Sherrie Gao15Dylan Rush4
Lola Gatt17


CZ Gymnastics
Auckland Normal Intermediate had teams compete in the CZ Gymnastics competition held on Thursday 3 September. The school was placed first across the three categories. This was a fantastic result and the school would like to thank Daisy Henderson for her excellent training of the team and Christine Abercrombie for assisting and the parents that supported with transport. The team results were as follows:

Year 7 Girls
1st ANI
2nd Remuera
3rd Pasadena

Year 8 Girls
1st ANI
2nd Remuera
3rd ANI

Open Boys
1st ANI
2nd Royal Oak
3rd Remuera

Ski and Snowboard Team
On Sunday 30 August the ski team drove down to Mt Ruapehu for the North Island Primary School Ski Champs(NIPS) at Whakapapa. We arrived at 3:30pm to an overcast mountain and started our 10 minute hike up the hill, with all our heavy packs. We settled into the Rangatira Ski Club lodge and the age of table tennis began. (hundreds of rounds were played).

On Monday the racing started . We began our second warm up run before the first race and unfortunately Ella went off-piste and sustained an injury (broken arm). Unfortunately she could not race for the rest of the week and was replaced by another student.

Tuesday the mountain was closed due to rain/snow and strong winds which meant lots and lots of table tennis and playing outside making jumps and playing in the snow caves.

On Wednesday the mountain was closed again so we drove down to Turangi and went to Tonkaau Thermal pools and the National Trout Farm. This was a very informative activity that all the students enjoyed, especially the classroom session with Mike and Cat.

On Thursday the learners chair lift was the only ski field open so the skiers trudged down to Happy Valley in the snow and rain and learnt how to snowboard (tip: your butt gets very cold). We were so desperate to get out of the lodge!!! We also built jumps in a bowl behind the lodge.

On Friday the weather was still awful so we played in the snow, out the back of the lodge and had lots of snowball fights. Then we skied back down to the cars with our packs and drove back to Auckland.


Ski Boys (out of 211)Ski Girls (out of 130)Snowboarder Boys (out of 60)
Larry Young – 22Halle Rankin-Hastie – 41Min Choi – 19
William Missen – 46Lacey Sleeman – 46Josh Hamilton – DQ
Oliver Lamont – 49Zara Burt – 56
Hamish Gibson – 59Clara Walsh – 60
Jack Maddren – 102Annabelle Gibson – 68


We all had a great time and we thank Mr Devery, Miss Brock and the parents who supported the team during the week.

By William Missen and Lacey Sleeman

2015 Ski and Snowboard Team


2015 AIMS
Auckland Normal Intermediate attended the 12th annual AIMS tournament from Sunday 6 September through to Friday 11 September in Tauranga. We had 78 students represented in 10 different sports. All students represented the school to a very high standard and can be proud of their team and individual performances.

The NZCT AIMS Games kicked off on Sunday with the Cross Country event at Welcome Bay’s Waipuna Park. Eighteen students represented Auckland Normal Intermediate in the Cross Country and each performed exceptionally well. Individual runners that performed very well were Kate Duncan who placed 6th in the Year 7 Girls and also Harry Anderson who placed 14th in the Year 7 Boys. These were excellent results over what is a very demanding course.

All of the other students can be very proud of their personal performances and both the school, their parents and supporters witnessed some very committed efforts.

The five major sports that we had attend the AIMS tournament were basketball, water polo, boys and girls soccer and netball. All five teams had impressive performances across the week and each member of each team made significant contributions to the final results. Basketball ended up in 32nd place, waterpolo 13th place, boys soccer in 9th place, girls soccer in 3rd place and netball in 8th place. Special mention should be made about our netball team that placed 8th out of a total of 96 competing teams which stands historically as the highest placing of an Auckland Normal Intermediate netball team at the AIMS event.  Finally, there were a number of students that made the AIMS soccer tournament team and deserved  selection after a series of very consistent performances. In the Boys Football Tournament Team: Roshan Kumar, Jaylen Rodwell Girls Football Tournament Team:  Emma Hall, Kate Duncan, Emma Larsen.

In our AIMS individual sports we also had some pleasing results.  Elijah Thomas placed 2nd in the AIMS squash event which was an excellent result which was a repeat of his last year.  In the multisport Rhys Dawson placed 32nd, Jacob Rackham 13thand Eva Ruddenklau 23rd in the individual and were 9th overall in the teams relay. Gymsports highlights were the following, we had Felicity Marsh placed approximately 27th, Annabelle Gibson placed 5th, Halle Rankin Hastie placed 4th, Maddy Niven  5th, Blake Costley 1st, Luke Fairburn 3rd, Logan Bow 3rd equal. That means that we have medals with gold for Blake and Luke and Logan with bronze. In our swimming team we had good performances across a number of events with personal bests but unfortunately none of our three swimmers made finals. The team consisted of Phoebe Klink, Abigail Burkhardt, Bessie Li and Deborah Huang who competed in the swimming relays to make up the four.

Each of the students in our teams performed to their potential and can be very pleased with their contributions to their teams. The school also had a large number of parents attend who assisted with transport and acted as managers, coaches and parent helpers across the week and the school would like to thank them for their support and commitment to our ANI teams.

Nicole Lewis, Daniel Roberston, Sarah Nicholson also attended as teachers and assisted with all of our sports teams across the week and we thank them for their generous time and support. The 2015 AIMS tournament was a huge success. We look forward to another celebration of sport when ANI attends the 2016 AIMS event.

Thank you on behalf of ANI Sport.

Greg Berry
PE Teacher/Sport Coordinator

Click here to view results.

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Green Fingers

The ANI Envirogroup has been busy designing and making a vegetable garden next to our school pool. Every morning, some of the group been gardening with Mike our groundsman to create our school vegie garden. We tend to the garden by weeding the beds, cleaning the surrounding area to make it look neat and clean, fertilize the dirt, plant new crops, and most of all, take care of it.

Our end goal is to use these vegetables in the food tech at our school in term four. Some of crops that we have planted are baby carrots, lettuce, beetroot, corn and potatoes.

By Monica Ko, Room 15

Green Fingers

Treemendous Makeover

The Envirogroup put forward an application to win a $10,000 treemendous School Makeover. Out of 65 schools around New Zealand that entered, we have made it to the final round consisting of 11 schools. Our application was to build a learning pathway lined with a sensory garden, weta houses and swan plants. These will provide us with an opportunity for personal encounters with living things and observe their life cycles. The sensory path will lead you to an area with a large sundial and weather station where we will monitor weather and predict future patterns. We will apply our knowledge gained through all areas of the curriculum and transfer these to the natural world. The outdoor chalk board would give us the chance to share our strategies that we learn through maths inquiry outdoors. This makeover would allow us to have an outdoor classroom area for whole class or group teaching. Caring for the environment is something that ANI takes seriously. Taking learning outside the classroom will encourage the school to continue respecting the environment and the knowledge it brings to all of us.

By Olivia Jackson and Jasmine Quinn, Room 22

Treemendous Makeover

End of Term Awards Assemblies

Friday 25 September
Parents/Caregivers will be notified by email this Friday 18 September if their child is receiving a certificate at our end of term assemblies.

We hold separate awards assemblies at the end of each term for our Year 7 and Year 8 students:

Year 7 Assembly, 11:00am, parents/caregivers please arrive at 10:55am
Year 8 Assembly, 1:30pm, parents/caregivers please arrive at 1:25pm

Please make your way to the Information Centre (opposite the school reception) where one of the Senior Leadership Team will greet you and escort you into the Hall at the appropriate time.

If your child is away on this date their award will be handed out at the first assembly of next term, which is Friday 16 October. This will be a normal combined Year 7 and Year 8 school assembly at the time of 1:30pm. Parents/Caregivers please go straight to the hall.


Community News

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Art Exhibition Poster