September 2017 Newsletter

Principal’s Awards

Congratulations Emily Grant (Room 5), Brenda Wu (Room 5) and Grace Guan (Room 7) for the amazing botanical artwork they created using pen and watercolour.

Congratulations Hanna Brathwaite (Room 2) for constantly striving to better herself and producing work to the highest standard and for her commitment to the school within sports and the arts.

Congratulations Andre Nuualiitia (Room 12) for his support and care of our school environment.

Congratulations Christine Yu (Room 17) for displaying the International Baccalaureate learner profile attributes being knowledgeable and a thinker while demonstrating creativity in her work.

Congratulations Isabelle Tsoi (Room 5) for her outstanding piece of artwork.


Principal’s News

Great news, we have a new Deputy Principal. His name is Bryce Mills and he is currently employed at Murrays Bay Intermediate. Bryce starts at ANI on 30 October (week three, term four) and we are looking forward to the many skills and innovations he will bring to this position. Bryce has had previous leadership experience as the leader of a mini school at Murrays Bay Intermediate leading a team of nine teachers. He has a number of curriculum strengths in addition to a strong future focused approach. A whole school powhiri will be held at 10:00am on 30 October to welcome Bryce into the ANI whanau. All welcome.

Bryce Mills
Bryce Mills






Upcoming School Trips

On Sunday 3 September we farewelled 26 students and five teachers to Cairns for the week. What an amazing trip they are having – check out their photos on the school facebook page. Safe travels in Cairns and enjoy the sustainability studies of the Great Barrier Reef.

On Sunday 10 September we farewell 100 students and five staff off to Tauranga for the week to participate in the NZ Association of Intermediate and Middle Schools (AIMS) games. It’s a great opportunity for our students to compete at a national level in a variety of sports. Again check out the photos on our school facebook page once the games commence. All the best for your competitions.

On Sunday 17 September we farewell 22 students and two teachers to Japan for just over a week on a cultural tour. The activities sound very exciting with time in a Japanese family home stay, Japanese lessons at our sister school and a tour of Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park and Museum.

Meanwhile back at ANI we have lots on the go – sports events, interclass competitions, Year 8’s preparing for exhibition, movie night, enrolment of new students, e-asTTle testing and numerous visitors. Never a dull moment at ANI!

Looking ahead to term four signals a number of events and activities that are related to planning and preparing for a new school or a new school year. For Year 8 students our teachers are starting to prepare them for secondary school with a number of sessions on exam techniques. Knowing this will be an important skill to take into secondary school. For our Year 7 students we start looking at student combinations for our 2018 Year 8 classes. If you have any concerns or questions around either of these areas please don’t hesitate to get in touch with the Year 7 or Year 8 Deans (Sarah Nicolson and Megan Hughes) or the Senior Leadership Team.

And finally… a few ideas how to support students develop the skills, values, attitudes and attributes for lifetime success.

If children get stuck at something, don’t sort it out.
Ask “How could you do this?” “Have you done anything similar before?” “What did you do then?” This helps them develop their own learning ideas and makes them much less likely to say they can’t do things.
Build big picture thinking.
Ask “What would happen if … it never got dark/the rivers ran dry/ everyone ignored the law?” A key characteristic of students labelled as gifted is their ability to see how learning connects to the wider world.
Build imagination.
Ask “How would you weigh a giraffe/rhinoceros/bridge/house/star?” Creativity builds learning capability and is vital for high performance.
Develop critical or logical thinking.
Ask ‘Why do you think … bread goes mouldy if you don’t freeze it/babies cry/ leaves fall when autumn comes?” The ability to deduct, hypothesise, reason and seek evidence is probably the characteristic most associated with academic success.
Help them monitor their own progress.
Ask: “What do you need to be able to do this? How can you check you’re on track? How can you tell whether you are doing it right?” This is the key to maximising thinking skills.

Intellectual confidence.
This is a “can do” approach to learning, even when it’s hard. If a child says they are no good at something, say: “I know you can learn how to do this if you work at it.”
Being open to new ideas is the hallmark of an advanced learner. Start with being open-minded yourself so you model what it’s like to be receptive to ideas that differ from your own.
Children ask lots of questions if you answer them. The desire to know more – curiosity – is at the heart of all learning. The more curious children are, the better they do at school and in life.
It’s the only way to get good at something. Make sure it is regular, deliberate and planned, working towards achievable incremental goals. Practise what you can’t do well.
To keep going when it’s tough is the most important behaviour in high performance. Encourage a sense of pride in what they do so that they are motivated to persevere.


Kind regards

Jill Farquharson


Upcoming Events


Thursday 7 SeptemberInterzone Cross Country
 ACCOS Writers Festival
Friday 8 SeptemberYear 8 Skill Building Workshop for Exhibition
Monday 11 SeptemberNZ AIMS Games (11 – 15 September)
Tuesday 12 SeptemberStudent Yoga, 8:00am (Library)
Wednesday 13 September
Thursday 14 September
Friday 15 SeptemberSchool Choir Rehearsal (full rehearsal) @ Campbells Bay School
 Year 8 Skill Building Workshop for Exhibition
Monday 18 SeptemberOverseas Trip to Japan (17 – 25 September)
 Year 8 Exhibition Provocation Day
 Entrance Test @ ENPS, 9:00am
Tuesday 19 SeptemberCZ Gymnastics @ Olympic Park, New Lynn
 Year 8 Exhibition Provocation Day
 Student Yoga, 8:00am (Library)
Wednesday 20 SeptemberCZ Boys Volleyball
 Entrance Test @ Newmarket Primary, 9:00am
 Board of Trustees Meeting, 6:00pm – all welcome
Thursday 21 SeptemberCZ Girls Volleyball
 Entrance Test @ MENP, 9:00am
 Family Movie Night 6:00pm (school hall)
Friday 22 SeptemberY8 Who We Are Attitude Presentation
 Year 8 Who We Are Provocation Soapbox
Monday 25 SeptemberEntrance Test @ Maungawhau, 9:00am
Tuesday 26 SeptemberStudent Yoga, 8:00am (Library)
Wednesday 27 SeptemberY8 HPV2 Y8 Girls and Boys
 Entrance Test @ Cornwall Park, 9:00am
 Cultural Leaders Visit Gladstone Primary
Thursday 28 September
Friday 29 SeptemberYear 7 End of Term Awards Assembly, 11:00am
 Year 8 End of Term Awards Assembly, 1:30pm
Monday 16 OctoberTERM FOUR BEGINS, 8:45AM


All school events are put on our school website and can be found by clicking here.


Athletics Day

Thursday 2 November
Due to unforeseen circumstances with Mt Smart Stadium we have had to change the date for our whole school athletics day. Please note the new date is Thursday 2 November (previously Thursday 26 October). Parents and Caregivers are most welcome to come along and watch events.

More information and event times will be sent out closer to the date.



ANI has hit the contemporary music competitive scene with our first ever performance at the Rockshop BANDQUEST!

Affectionately known as Acting Insanely Normal the 10 piece band took it to the stage where they competed alongside another 15 bands and competition was fierce!

The rules were simple, show us what you’ve got in only 6 mins! From this brief that band decided to choose two favourites that would get the crowd moving AND thinking. Bruno Mars’s 24k Magic and Green Day’s American Idiot.

A fantastic performance from ALL band members show that dedication and commitment to something you love pay off with the band regaling in the reward of an amazing experience as professional musicians AND their band mate Ollie Rakete winning ‘Best Bassist’!

Keep jammin ANI!

Drew Daldy
Music Specialist



End of Term Awards Assemblies

Friday 29 September
Year 7 Awards Assembly, 11:00am
Year 8 Awards Assembly, 1:30pm

Parents/Caregivers will be notified by email on Friday 15 September if their child is receiving a certificate at our end of term assemblies. If you receive an invitation, please remember to RSVP. We will be doing a follow up email to parents who we don’t hear from – your prompt response would be appreciated.

If your child is away on this date, their certificate will be presented at assembly the first week back at school in term four, Friday 20 October, 1:30pm.


Exhibition 2017 – Who We Are

Exhibition represents an important event in the life of a PYP student. It is a culminating experience and an opportunity for students to exhibit the attributes of the learner profile that they have been developing throughout their two year PYP education. The event allows the students to create, run and present their own Unit of Inquiry.

Much of the work the students are doing this term is in preparation for the exhibition. On Friday, 8 September and 15 September, Year 8 students will attend a number of pre-exhibition workshops which help students develop skills beneficial to a successful exhibition for example working with peers who have different personalities, identifying personality types, questioning and dealing with conflict.

Beginning 18 September students will be able to opt into a number of sessions to provoke their thinking around the theme of ‘Who we Are’. The teachers have a number of activities planned and guest speakers coming in to get our children thinking and wondering about possible paths their exhibition may take.

By the end of term three, 29 September all children will leave for the holidays knowing the group they will be in, who they are collaborating with and the purpose of their exhibition so they can return term four ready to get to work and participate in their exhibition group with the guidance of their classroom teacher.

The usual classroom programme will continue to run with teacher guided lesson still occurring in Reading, Writing and Maths, and continuing workshop around the exhibition process to scaffold the children through this.

This is an exciting time for the year 8 students and they love sharing their learning with family members, other schools and the wider community during the Exhibition showcase. The dates for Exhibition this year area Wednesday 29 November from 2:00pm – 7:00pm and Thursday 9:30am – 2:30pm. We look forward to seeing you all there.

Tracey Hughes
Associate Principal


North Island Primary Schools Ski Championships

ANI recently sent two teams of skiers to the North Island Ski champs on Monday 21 until Friday 25 August.

The teams had been training for the last 6 weeks at Snow Planet learning the skills and techniques of how to navigate racing around gates in the Giant and Dual Slalom events.  These sessions were very worth-while and enabled our team members a valuable insight into how to race successfully.

Liam Cassidy and Oliver Morgan have provided some reflection of their time away with the teams.

“All the students who went down to NIPS (North Island Primary School Ski Champs) loved it. We stayed at the RSC memorial lodge which had a great location because we were right on the snow and could ski down to the chairlift. In our free time we made ski jumps, had snowball fights and skied around the mountain.  In the lodge, the food was great and we had easy duties like washing dishes and wiping tables but the parents had hard jobs like doing the bathrooms. It was a lot of fun and if you can ski you’ll love it.  It was a great experience for all of the team members because you spend a lot of time with your friends, you meet new people from different schools and make a lot more friends as well. It’s worth it every bit even if you come last”.

The week went extremely well with four blue bird days (blue skies) and all events being completed.  Although the racing was intense the students had a lot of fun both racing and in their free time.

Our top skier Shaw Sleeman placed 48 out of 167 racers, while other skiers came in the top 100 places. With all team points added together the ANI A team placed 27 and the B team placed 31 out of 65 teams.

This event would not have happened without the help of the parents and I thank each and everyone of you for your support to all of the trainings at Snow Planet and during the competition week.  I am looking forward to another great year in 2018.

Shane Devery
Deputy Principal



Compétition Orale de Français  2017

On Thursday 31 August our school hosted the local schools French speech competition. It was a  great event and many schools from Auckland were involved.  We had several students representing the school and Jasmine Hanawy, our French teacher, was instrumental in organising the whole event with great success. Mrs Hanawy and our MC’s for the day, , commented on the success of the competition:

“La journee etait super bien avec huit école venue pour une competition que nous avons accueilli pour une journee de français. Les niveau des français etait haut pour le competitor”.

It was a great opportunity to listen to other students from other schools were saying their speeches in French. We especially enjoyed MCing this magnificent program and we are grateful to be leading this event. It was a great chance to build our social and leadership skills as MCs. (Raghav and Aryan: room 20)

Félicitations à nos gagnants de Classe de Sixième:
Liam Cassidy- Premier Prix
Boshra Rahnamaee –  Deuxième Prix
EJ Hernandez – Troisième Prix

Liam Cassidy reflected about the day’s compétition and how he was feeling:

“When the judges called the year seven speech givers to the stage for prize giving I was jumping up and down on the inside. While more and more people received participation certificates I became more and more tense. When the last three contestants were standing, (me included).

I was biting my tongue, they were about to give out the top three prizes for year 7.

My main competition was a boy who made a long speech with a pretty slide and a song at the end which made the crowd whistle and cheer, but to my surprise he got third place.

Now I had a fifty, fifty chance of winning against one other person.

The judge started announcing: ”and the prize for second place goes too……?”

When she called out the other students name I couldn’t stop smiling, I had won!

I have never won a competition before, I have never even made a speech before let alone in French but I had won.

“Even if I hadn’t won, even if I had come last I would do it again in a heartbeat; there were crepes and awesome prizes, you got to listen to people speeches and meet new people from other schools. I extremely recommend it”.

Congratulations to all the over-all winners on the day:
Gold :      Liam Cassidy
Silver :    Boshra Rahnamaee
Bronze : EJ Hernandez

The whole day was a great success and I would like to take this opportunity to thank Mrs Hanawy for organising the event, to the students for hosting the competition and also for all students for putting in the hard work to deliver their speeches in French, during their own time.

Shane Devery
Deputy Principal


Safer Schools Programme

During term three Room 9 have been working on a programme called Safer Schools with police officer Dean MCentee, the community constable from the Onehunga Police station. The programme looks at how safe the school is and how we can make it safer during the day and at night.

We were fortunate to have some students selected to discuss their thoughts and reflect on the benefits the Safer Schools programme has had on our school for a Police resource to encourage other schools to implement the programme and provide a valuable student perspective.  This video has been shared with not only the Auckland Police at a recent conference but also NZ wide to reinforce the programme in other districts and school communities.

During the programme, the class learnt how to see things from a different point of view and not only to make the school but the students and teachers safe from potential burglars. Aiswarga provides her perspective on the recent night audit:

“The purpose of this audit was to identify ways we prevent robberies in our school. We did a night audit on Tuesday 29 August after school to see how we keep our school safe and how we can improve. There were four different sections we studied to help us in our audit, Territorial Reinforcement, Quality Environment, Natural Surveillance and Access Management.

We also made a video to advertise ways to make our school safer.  Some of these measures included, locking away the Chrome books properly and closing all the windows and blinds in classrooms to discourage opportunistic intruders. We also made our own video and we had a lot of fun filming. Some of the students even dressed up as police officers and thieves! We are now going to collate all the information we have gathered into an official report for us to use in improving our school’s safety and security at ANI then share this with the BOT and students. We are very grateful that Constable Dean, Mr Devery, Miss Madgwick and the parents, could help us during the audit”.

The students of Room 9 have made their own security video and will be sharing this with the wider school community and will also share their analysis of how safe our school currently is and what action to take to make the school a safer place.

I would like to say thank you to Constable Dean MCentee on behalf of ANI for working in partnership with the school on this initiative.

Shane Devery
Deputy Principal


Education Counts Website

If parents would like to read about how NZ schools are performing, a good starting point would be to look on the Education Counts website.

This website hosts a variety or information on ANI and other schools in NZ including: the school profile, the student population and more importantly National Standard information in Reading, Writing and Mathematics.

In addition, you can also search for information about other initiatives such as the Community of Schools, current education research and publications as well as themes and topics related to e-learning, achievement information and Maori and Pasifika education.

The website gives you a comprehensive view of the above topics and more importantly how ANI is tracking as a decile 9 Intermediate school in Auckland.

If you want to investigate more please follow the following link:

Shane Devery
Deputy Principal


Community News

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