August 2017 Newsletter

Principal’s Awards

Congratulations James Cherrington-Thomas and Jaylen Murray (Room 4) for using their initiative and showing leadership in Te Reo.

Principal’s News

Welcome back to term three, we hope the worst of the winter weather is behind us now and for the next few months it is a bit warmer and more settled. Spring is just around the corner believe it or not.

This term we welcome new staff members Daniel Healy and Andrew Yiallouros from the UK. Daniel is teaching in Room 8 and Andrew in soft materials. We also welcome Gemma Doran who recently returned from her OE in Abu Dabi, Gemma is teaching in Room 13.

What’s happening this term?
We started the term off with our triadic interview sessions. These were a great opportunity for students to share their learning goals, pathways and next steps with whanau, supported by the class teacher. We hope you took advantage of this opportunity. If you were not able to make the interview please contact the class teacher as soon as possible to reschedule.

Teachers were busy planning over the holiday break and have organised some exciting programmes of work for this term. A detailed description of what your child’s team is up to can been found in their team newsletter (click here to view). If you have any questions about these events please feel free to email the class teacher, team leader or member of the Senior Leadership Team.

There will be a special assembly on Friday 4 August at 1:30pm to farewell Lucy Naylor our Deputy Principal. Lucy has won the position of Principal at Stanley Bay School commencing Monday 7 August. This will be an opportunity to wish her well on this promotion and say our goodbyes.

This term we are also very busy with events such as AIMS (10 – 15 September), Leaders Presentation to Queenstown Primary (16 – 17 August), Cairns Trip (3 – 8 September), Japan Trip (17 – 25 September) and North Island Ski and Snowboard Champs (20 August – Friday 25 August).

We are aware that with today’s busy lives and so many extra curricula activities on offer for our children that a balance of work and down time for students is not always easy to achieve. Making time for some very simple relaxation or breathing strategies can be a big help – mindfulness and being in the moment is also a good way to refocus and calm the mind. There are some great resources that the Ministry of Education have online for students and parents. They provide activities, information and suggestions for the direction we all should be taking. Click here to view.

Future Focus
Over the holiday break I attended an international conference (World Congress on Education) where a number of future focused initiatives were discussed and workshopped. High on the list of priorities were three items:
1. The automation of future jobs.
2. IQ, EQ and now AQ
3. Digital technologies and cyber safety

An article I read around automation and future jobs I thought would be of interest to parents.

“Researchers at the University of Houston analysed personality and background factors in order to determine whether a person will select jobs that are more likely to be automated in the future. They found that regardless of social background, people with higher levels of intelligence, higher levels of maturity and extraversion and higher interests in arts and sciences tend to select jobs that are else likely to be done by computers, artificial intelligence or robots.

They discovered that for every 15-point increase in IQ there was a 7% drop in probability that a person’s job would be taken over by a robot. The good news is that we now believe IQ is not fixed at birth.

The threat of a robot takeover was once just a plot in science-fiction films, but now the predictions are that millions of human workers will be replaced by automation over the next few decades. However, not every job can be performed by an intelligent machine.

For instance, robots can’t perform as well as humans when it comes to complex social interactions. Humans also outperform machines when it comes to tasks that require creativity and a high degree of complexity that is not routine. Human beings are much more flexible.

The research suggests that improving your children’s social skills, ensuring they are more industrious and encouraging their interest in activities related to the arts and sciences are effective ways of protecting their future jobs from robots.

Artificial intelligence will eventually take over jobs that require low skills and pay low wages. Higher skilled jobs which are paid better are likely to be the safest.

The threat of robots moving into low-wage jobs is yet another reason for children to make the most of their education.

What can parents do?
Make schoolwork a family priority and encourage your children to work hard at school.
Make sure they choose demanding subjects in science and the arts rather than ‘easy’ options.
Help them develop their social skills signing them up to teams, clubs and other co-operative activities.
Give them responsibilities at home so they learn initiative and competence.
Emphasise the values that demonstrate maturity like considering others, making good decisions,
time management and thinking about their future.”

Acknowledgement: Stacy Libatore, Daily Mail, 10 May 2017

There were many conference discussions around the move from IQ to EQ and now AQ (Adaptability Quotient) as more of the soft skills are being asked for by employers. While these skills are easily overlooked in preference to the academic skills it is becoming more apparent that for our students to succeed in the future they need to be able to communicate effectively, work collaboratively and have highly attuned dispositions. (Many of these you will find in the IB learner profile.) The fact that we explicitly teach these skills and they are part of teachers planning shows the value we place on them.

Digital technologies and the related cyber safety issues was one of the key note presentations. While it is important to progress how we use digital technology to support learning we must also be aware of online safety behaviours and sharing personal information. There is a new Digital Technology curriculum out at the moment for consultation. The Ministry of Education is asking schools for feedback on the content. As this document will have a significant impact on our student’s future learning the digital team led by John Waller (Kauri Team Leader) will be seeking comment from staff, students and parents on what we value, what is important and how we can seamlessly implement our digital strategy into current practice. If you would like to know more please feel free to contact a member of the digital planning group: John Waller ( and Tracey Hughes (

I hope you all have a great term and I will catch up with you again in next month’s newsletter (this will be emailed on Wednesday 6 September). In between times if you have any comments, suggestions or feedback we are always keen to hear from you (

Kind regards

Jill Farquharson

Upcoming Events

Thursday 3 AugustDental Van Onsite
Friday 4 AugustDental Van Onsite
 CZ Boys Netball
 Ski & Snow boarding training @ Snow Planet 11:00am
 Farewell Assembly for Deputy Principal Mrs Naylor, 1:30pm
Monday 7 AugustDental Van Onsite (Monday – Friday)
Tuesday 8 AugustCZ Girls Basketball
 Student Yoga, 8:00am to 8:45am, Information Centre
Wednesday 9 AugustCZ Boys Basketball
 Epsom Normal Primary School roadshow for 2018 enrolment, 2:00pm
 Room 4 Triadic Interviews, 3:30pm – 6:30pm
 Room 13 Meet the Teacher (Gemma Doran), 5:00pm – 6:00pm
 Board of Trustees Meeting, 6:00pm in the staffroom (all welcome)
Thursday 10 AugustNewmarket Primary Show roadshow for 2018 enrolment, 9:30am
Friday 11 AugustCZ Girls Netball
 Ski & Snow boarding training @ Snow Planet 11:00am
 Science Fair in the Science Lab
 Auckland Grammar talk to Year 8 boys, 9:45am
 Year 7 Electives, 1:30pm

All school events are put on our school website and can be found by clicking here.

Science Fair

Friday 11 August
Parents/Caregivers are invited to come and view the Science Fair projects on Friday 11 August between 9:00am and 10:30am in the Science Lab. If you have any questions please email 

Dani Biddle
Science Teacher

School Cross Country

Friday 18 August
This will take place Friday 18 August starting at 11:00am. All students are expected to participate and are aware of the requirements. They will wear PE gear (in addition to team colours) It is strongly recommended that they wear sport shoes. No Shoes – no running. Parents are cordially invited to watch the event which will kick off with the Year 7 girls at 11:00am, then Year 7 boys followed by Year 8 girls and then Year 8 boys leaving at ten minutes intervals after the first group. The course is about 3.5 km and groups start and finish on the school field.

Hopefully the weather will hold for us and we will have a great race!

Morning tea 10:25am – 10:45am
Meet in the Hall straight after this
Year 7 Girls warm up at 10:50am ready to race at 11:00am
Year 7 Boys warm up at 11:00am ready to race at 11:10am
Year 8 Girls warm up at 11:10am ready to race at 11:20am
Year 8 Boys warm up at 11:20am ready to race at 11:30am

Mark Thompson
Sports Coordinator



cross country




Year 7 Electives

Year 7 Electives are coming up this term. It is an opportunity for students to learn some new skills and mix with other Year 7 students from different teams. They will begin on Friday 11 August and continue every Friday through to 1 September. Attached is the list of Electives that the students will have available to choose from. There are varying costs, so please have a discussion with your child about which ones you think would be interesting and teach them some new skills. Sign ups will be on Friday 4 August. You will then be notified by a letter, which one your child will participate in.

Sarah Nicolson
Year 7 Dean

Student Wellbeing

Currently in NZ schools there is a strong focus on student wellbeing. We thought it timely to share what we do at ANI to support students at ANI.

There are three key areas that we focus on to support the wellbeing of our students at ANI, we are committed to providing a safe and healthy environment; one in which students feel valued and respected.

PHYSICAL WELLBEING: There are a number of sporting opportunities for children at ANI. These cater for the elite athletes as well as those less capable. Students have 2 timetabled 45 minute PE sessions each week. We have many long term sporting opportunities for children to be involved in e.g., distance squad, water polo, cricket and netball. Lunchtime sport is run each term and classes are involved in a friendly interclass competition. Class room environments are warm and welcoming, with the physical spaces cater for the differing learning needs of the children in our care.

EMOTIONAL WELLBEING: Teachers are the first point of call for the emotional well-being of the students in their class. They can then refer the student onto their team leader, followed by the Year 7/8 dean, then a member of SLT.

The school counsellor is onsite three days per week and is available for all students (Monday, Wednesday and Thursday). Students can be referred by a classroom teacher or self-refer, they can also be referred by a parent. Counselling sessions can be individual, group or family depending on the needs of the individual. There is no charge to the school community for this service

SOCIAL WELLBEING: To ensure the social wellbeing of students we have regular social events. These include; termly discos, Camp, EOTC, Super Bowl, Picnic day, Year 8 graduation and a number of curriculum based trips to support learning.

Should you wish to discuss the wellbeing of your child please feel free to contact any of the senior leadership team.

Tracey Hughes
Associate Principal

Sustaining Students Wellbeing

While we have many options that support our students wellbeing, we also offer additional support for students through:

• An anonymous e-bully tab on our school website for students, that is followed up by the Deans
• Teacher aides providing focused small group (or individual) with a opportunity to improve their literacy or mathematic
• Performing Arts academies in the areas of dance, drama, and stage performances/techniques
• Sports academies in the areas of cricket, soccer, and tennis
• Accelerated learning groups, to boost student achievement in Mathematics and Writing
• Extension groups such as Sports leadership, Creative Writing and Math groups
• Musical options such as Choir and Rock Band
• After school homework club for Maori and Pacifica students
• Interest Groups including: Chess club, Technology club, Strategic Planning Group, Student Coaching Group, Ukulele Group, Science Club and the Sustainability Group
• Cultural groups including: Kapahaka, Hip Hop and the Mandarin language Group

All of these opportunities aim to provide the students of ANI with an option to be part of a group they wish to be involved in with the overall goal to provide students with an environment that they feel is conducive to growing them as an individual and sustaining a positive environment for their own wellbeing.

Ski/Snowboard teams
The school recently selected teams to attend the North Island Ski and Snow board championships in August (Ski team: Sunday 20 – Friday 25 August) and September (Snow Board team: Sunday 3 – Friday 8 September). The students have been training hard at Snow Planet and the 10 fastest students have been selected to represent the school. Good luck to all those involved.

AIMS Games
This year we will take over 80 students and a large number of teachers and parents to the Aims games held in Tauranga, 10 – 15 September. We have a number of teams competing in different sports including: basketball, boys and girls soccer, netball, hockey, and we also have some students competing in individual events. We wish everyone a great time and we know they will represent the school with pride.

Overseas Trips
Two overseas trips have been organised to Cairns and Japan and will be taking place in term three. We have 28 students and 5 teachers heading off to Cairns in week 7 (Sunday 3 – Friday 8 September) and 22 students and 3 teachers off to Japan in week 9, (Sunday 17 – Monday 25 September). We hope you all gather some valuable authentic learning experiences in both countries and come back with some fantastic memories and new knowledge.

Shane Devery
Deputy Principal

Student Agency in Action

For a number of years ANI has a strong connections with Murrays Bay Intermediate (MBIS). Each term the Student Strategic Planning Groups from ANI and MBIS get together to share best practice in leadership. Earlier this term the Ministry of Education heard of the student leadership that was happening between the schools and asked if they could come and see effective student agency in action.

Here is a review of the day written by some of the Strategic Student Leaders;

“On Wednesday 26 July we had a visit from Murrays Bay Intermediate and four people from Ministry of Education who flew from Wellington. They were Jackie Talbot (Control manager), Richard D’ath (Principle Advisor to the Minister), Ellen MacGregor-Reid (Deputy Secretary Early Learning and Student Achievement) & Pauline Cleaver (Regional Advisor for Taranaki, Manawatu and Whanganui). They joined us for the Student Strategic Meeting. Both MBIS and ANI shared about their progress through the strategic goals. We also shared about the leadership in our school, including things like working with the Education Group, student coaching, IB and leadership opportunities. We learnt about the twenty-one laws of leadership and about the seven habits of highly effective people. The purpose of this meeting is for both school to share about their strategies and progress so that we could learn and improve off of each other’s ideas. We had a great day and we learnt lot’s. We have planned to meet again in term 4 so we can continue to build student leadership between the two schools.

Following on from this success, on 16 – 17 August the Student Strategic Leaders (Freddy Jensen, Dharshna Baskar, Kaitlyn Rutherford, Ma’afu Vaka, Stella Holloway, Paige Grant, Rosie Whyte and Myles Raynor.) have been invited to Queenstown. We will be going to Queenstown Primary School to give a presentation. We will be presenting to the years 6,7 and 8 students and teaching them about the leadership in our school. We will also be having a meeting with the Deputy Principal to discuss what student leadership could look like at their school. Each of the strategic leaders will then be assigned a billet family to spend the evening and night with them. We are greatly thankful for this awesome opportunity and are looking forward to sharing our knowledge with them.

In the next newsletter we will share with you about our trip to Queenstown and what the next steps for the Student Strategic Leaders are.’

By Kaitlyn Rutherford room 5 and Dharshna Baskar room 12.

Student Agency

After School Music & Leisure Classes

The ANI After School Music & Leisure Programme is open to all students who are attending Primary and Intermediate School and are aged between 6-13 years. Enrolments are accepted for classes throughout the year and information regarding the After School Programme and Enrolments can be viewed at

We are pleased to advise there are new classes for terms three and four including Dodgeball, Recorder and Dance. Bookings are now open.

If you have any queries, please our After School Co-ordinator, Megan Brookman on 630 1109 or

2018 Enrolment

We are now taking enrolments for 2018. If you have any queries about the enrolment process please contact our Administration Officer Megan Brookman on (09) 630 1109 or email. Please click here for enrolment applications and important enrolment information/dates.

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