Term 2, Week 10 2017

Principal’s Awards

Congratulations Aryan Talathi (Room 20) and Catherine Stock (Room 21) for their 3D art pieces related to the ‘Who We Are’ inquiry showing emotional changes.


Principal’s News

With only two full days of term two remaining I would like to take this opportunity to wish you happy holidays and safe travels if you are heading away.

The two week break is a great opportunity for students to rest and unwind after a very busy term. If you are able to spend time with them whether it’s watching a movie, reading a book, doing family chores or just chatting they will appreciate the interaction. On the plus side all those small actions create strong family bonds and guide your children toward becoming happy, kind and responsible adults.

On Monday school reports were sent home with students, we look forward to discussing these with you at the upcoming triadic interviews on Wednesday 26 and Thursday 27 July. Please make sure you book an interview – parents are important partners in the learning process and we value your input, your children also see your attendance as high level support.

Mr Ben Griffiths, Room 8 has been with us since 2012 has decided to relocate permanently to Germany with his wife Sisson on 28 July. Ms Sonja Shine is also moving schools to teach a Year 6 class at Meadowbank Primary School.

All the best to Ben and Sonja and good luck in your new ventures.

Next term we welcome Mr Oliver Wooding who joins our technology department. Oliver has been teaching at Royal Oak Primary and is looking forward to extending our digital and hard materials programme.

And to finish with…  a few tips that might help with parenting during the holidays:

“One easy-to-implement tip is replacing the word ‘but’ which can have negative connotations with ‘and’ which sounds more agreeable. For instance, instead of saying “That was a good job but you missed out an important part” you could say “You did a great job and you could consider this part too”.

Another technique is to pivot. This means to use the words that get your point across in a more positive way. Pivoting is the art of saying yes instead of no, and meaning the same thing. For instance, “no we can’t go to the movies until after you have done your homework” a better response if pivoted to “yes we can go to the movies as soon as you have finished your homework”.

It’s best to avoid labels. If your child is reluctant to join an activity, resist commenting to other adults that “He’s just shy’. Acting shyly is a behaviour and not always a permanent characteristic. Your child is listening and could come to think of himself in the manner you are describing. Even a positive label should be avoided. By labelling your child clever, they may internalise this as “I am smart/creative/good at sports and I want to stay that way”, which might lead to a reluctance to try new things for fear of failure and no longer being defined by that label.

For parents with older kids, there is one last tip, titled ‘Great parents start where they are’. Rather than fretting over past actions, keep in mind that you can only act on what you know and most parents have been doing the best they can with what they know so far. Thankfully most kids are both resilient and forgiving, they are more likely hard weeks than delicate flowers.”

Acknowledgement: “What Great Parents Do” 75 Simple Strategies for Raising Kids Who Thrive, “Erica Reischer

Jill Farquharson


Upcoming Events


Thursday 6 July Year 8 Cultural Expo
Friday  7 JulyYear 7 Awards Assembly, 11:00am
 Year 8 Awards Assembly, 1:30pm
 END OF TERM TWO, 3:00pm
Monday 24 JulyTerm Three Begins, 8:45am
Tuesday 25 JulyStudent Yoga, 8:00am to 8:45am, Information Centre
Wednesday 26 JulyMurrays Bay Intermediate student leaders visit
 Triadic Interviews, 3:30pm – 6:30pm
Thursday 27 JulyScience Roadshow
 Triadic Interviews, 1:30pm – 4:00pm
Friday 28 JulyScience Roadshow
 Ski/Snowboard Trials @ Snow Planet


All school events are put on our school website and can be found by clicking here.


School Cross Country – Date Change

The School Cross Country, originally scheduled for the 28 July (week one), will now be held on 18 August (week four). This will give us a much better lead in time where we will be able to prepare the pupils well for this event.

Further details to follow next term.

Mark Thompson
Sports Coordinator


Triadic Interviews – Reminder

As you will be aware from the June newsletter, as part of mid-year reporting we will be holding triadic interviews over two afternoons/evenings;

Wednesday 26 July (3:30pm – 6:30pm)
Thursday 27 July (1:30pm – 4:00pm)

Please note that on Thursday 27 July from 1:30pm, we will have no supervision at school as all the teachers will be involved in the interviews. Please make arrangements for your son/daughter so they can leave school safely at 12:30pm.

You can book your triadic interview by going to https://parentinterviews.co.nz/ and using event code S5YRW

Triadic interviews for Room 4 – Nicole Lewis
As you will be aware Miss Lewis will be representing New Zealand at the FINA Water polo champs therefore Room 4 triadic interviews will be held on;

Wednesday 9 August (3:30pm – 6:30pm)

Please note that when the whole school triadic interviews are taking place on Thursday 27 July this will be a normal school day for Room 4 and students are expected to stay at school until 3:00pm.

You can book triadic interviews for Room 4 by going to https://parentinterviews.co.nz/ and using the event code 9W3CZ

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact Lucy Naylor, lnaylor@ani.school.nz.


School Production – High School Musical!

Throughout terms one and two, more than 120 students were involved in recreating Disney’s High School Musical. Last week saw the production hit the ANI stage and what an outstanding performance it was!

The students were involved in all aspects of production including acting, singing, dancing, backstage, audio visual, lighting, set design, makeup and costuming. This was a great opportunity for students to put some of the IB attributes into action.

Here are some student reflections;

“I played a main role in the production as a drama teacher. My experience in the production was very interesting, there was a lot of hard work but there also was a lot of joy and laughter. I learnt that if you want to achieve something you need to be able to dedicate time and effort, you need to be patient with yourself and others and have perseverance. I think the play ended up really well and I was really proud of everyone because I know that every single person in the production worked really hard to reach this level. My main goal was to grow as an individual and see if I can improve on myself in my acting skills.” – Gabi Rush

“At production we acted in many different ways to give a good play. I was Mongo and I played a skater, I thought it was fun.” – David Lust

“My role in the high school musical performance was as a jock.  My goal was to remember all the songs that I had to sing, the actions I had to perform and the scenes that I was in. The production went well, there were a lot of cheers, claps and laughs on and off the stage. I can’t wait for the next school production.” – Josiah Cook

“My job in the production is the Audio Visual (AV). I was in charge of the sound desk where the head sets and music are controlled. Personally I think being able to do AV for production is awesome because I get to do what I love and also because this is a strength of mine. I really liked the production because I got to watch the show with my AV buddies and watch my peers amazing acting. Well done to all the people involved in production, I am glad it has all been successful in the end. I would just like to say a big thank you to Mikassa and her team as well as Mr Daldy for giving me the opportunity to work alongside him.” – Jonathon Liu

“I was Ripper (the skater) in High School Musical Production. My experience in production was really interesting, there was a lot of hard work but also lots of laughter too. Everyone worked really hard and the play ended up very very well. I’m sure the audience enjoyed it a lot and I would especially like to thank Mikassa, Sakima, Kim, Jackie, the teachers and the SLT that helped with the production. I gained more confidence from the production and improved my communication skills. I will really miss working in production and leaving this amazing experience. I will always remember this awesome time at ANI.” – Kiki Wong

High School Musical


Term Two IB

“This term we have learnt a variety of different things to do with inquiry, maths, art, literacy and much more. I have cherished each of them. My favourite was exploring into the Indian culture and learning how they express themselves. We have continued to learn about the various learner profiles, and have looked into different units of inquiry and mastered some very convenient math strategies. I am looking forward to the other inquiries to come and mainly exhibition and demonstrating all the knowledge I have gathered through the year. I am also thankful for the entertaining and sometimes challenging activities ANI holds for us.” – Sanjukta Dey, Room 3

“This term I have enjoyed learning about the different units of inquiry, and I have also really enjoyed the provocations that our teachers have offered. This term we have learnt about Where We Are In Place and Time, and How We Express Ourselves. I have enjoyed how we are able to adapt the inquiries into literacy and maths, and specialist classes. I am looking forward to exhibition and display all the knowledge I have gathered from IB.” – Daryl Huang, Room 3

“This term we have done Where we are in a place in time and How We Express Ourselves. The inquiry that I enjoyed most was where we are in place and time because I was really interested in Martin Luther King Jr and learning about racism… Also this year we have done a math inquiry about a trip around the world. I am looking forward to presenting my next inquiry How We Express Ourselves with my group because I am doing it about my own culture, which is Japanese. At the start of the term I have enjoyed the provocations because I got to know I little bit about every culture in the world by going to different classroom to learn about one type of culture.” – Taisei Sano, Room 6

“This term has been a whiz of excitement and I can hardly believe it’s nearly the end of the term. The IB profiles I used this term are a risk taker and a communicator. I have been a risk taker by facing my fears in camp and trying to be confident in our skit in talent night. I have been a communicator by putting my hand up more and sharing my pieces of writing. Our themes this term are Where We Are In Place And Time and How We Express Ourselves. During Where We Are In Place And Time we had provocations and they were interesting and interactive. My favourite provocation was Miss Murray’s. Hers was about the Vietnam war. I learnt that over 3 million people died. For our inquiry, we did it on inventions and architecture. I learnt that the band aid was created because the inventor’s wife kept cutting herself so he made the first band aid. I enjoyed creating our presentation and presenting it. In How We Express Ourselves, the provocations were really interesting and my favourite one was Miss Lewis’s one about henna. I really enjoyed creating elaborate designs and patterns. For our inquiry, we are looking into Vikings and I learnt that the Vikings would rather die in a battlefield instead of their bed. In maths, our activity was to plan a trip around the world. It was really fun and I wish that the trip we planned would really come true. I am really looking forward to the provocations for sharing the planet and I hope that it’ll be interesting.” – Mandy Zhang, Room 6

“Term 2 has been such a blast over the past 9 weeks and I’m sad to see it come to an end. The themes we had this term were ‘Where We Are In Place and Time’ and ‘How We Express Ourselves’. The IB profiles I showed this term were principled and balanced. I have been principled by having strong integrity and helping others with work. I have been balanced by working hard on tasks with friends and also having fun during the process. We had provocations for each unit of inquiry that taught us a lot of the information needed to make our final presentations look as good as they do. The things I enjoyed during this term were numeracy and inquiry lessons. I look forward to doing more provocations during ‘Sharing the Planet’ next term, like the ones we had this term.” – Trevre Tubulado, Room 6

“This term I have enjoyed working with my inquiry group to complete our inquiry. We used the inquiry process, which helped us to get more out of our learning and understanding of our topic. We got to present this inquiry through many different ways such as videos, skits, science boards, cooking food for the teachers and students to try, and much more. I’m really looking forward to doing exhibition next term, because we get to decide what topic we are going to do, what our lines of inquiry are going to be, and how we are going to present it.” Kate Metcalfe, Room 11



Matariki is a celebration that represents the Maori New Year. Most people believe there are 7 stars but according to all Polynesian cultures there are 9 stars within the Matariki cluster.

‘Nga whetu o te mata te Ariki o Tawhirimatea’- This means the stars that were created from the eyes of the god of wind Tawhirimagea

It all started when there was utter darkness, and the brothers that were inside wanted to get out. So each brother tried to get out, by separating their parents, but did not succeed.  The Wind God had a Ririhuneinei- (a long lasting anger) was very angry that his brothers were separating his parents, that he fought his brothers and ripped his eyes out with his anger. This is why the wind is so unpredictable, and keeps on blowing in all directions.

The 9 stars are:
Matariki, the eldest star
Hiwaiterangi, prayer star
Ponutukawa, guides the dead in the sky
Tupuanuku, food that goes underground
Tupuarangi, food that grows above the ground
Waiti, clear water and the food in clear water
Waita, salt water and the food in salt water
Waipunarangi, rain
Ururangi, the youngest star

If  a star shines bright at Matariki then that will be better for the year e.g ururangi-lots of storms and tupuanuku- lots of underground food.

– Taylah and Nitya, Room 3


Being an International Student at ANI

The following stories have been written from an international student’s perspective. The work they have completed are their own thoughts and views of school life at ANI. 

“As an international student at ANI, I am getting a unique learning experience that is different from my home country, Korea.  In Korea the traditional way to learn is reading textbooks, following the instructions in the books and the teachers don’t give you many chances to do work independently or in a group like the ANI inquiry process when I work with my friends.

The Korean style of teaching is good for learning things neatly but it can be boring for the students who want to make stuff and take responsibility. When I compare NZ learning to Korean, ANI has a more responsible way to learn because we do some interesting  things such as researching the information for our own inquiry, sharing the final outcomes and results ourselves with our classmates and the teacher writes down the key points for my learning. This supports me to take responsibility and to keep me focused on what I am learning.

In PE class we play different sports that are related to developing my physical skills. We have a balanced approach in our physical education class because each sport has its unique development areas to learn so we play a variety of  different sports and learn skills, such as: throwing, catching and kicking. By the end of the PE class the teacher tells us what skills we have learned from the day. PE also helps me to learn what sports I am good at and what skills are good for my development.

At ANI we have a specialist programme that is very interesting, this includes performing arts, visual arts, music, digital technology, food technology and soft technology. Specialisation is a really good chance for get experiences from different curriculum areas which I might not normally get. I have learned in the area of performing arts, music, soft technology and food technology, over the last year. This knowledge helps me to get  more ideas for my inquiries so I can create interesting art work and yummy food in cooking.  I think specialisation is a great way to learn new skills and link to my inquiry themes.

At ANI I can also work in all the areas of the learning common and that helps me to concentrate and get the best inquiry outcomes.

I really like being at ANI because the teachers are always helping me with my learning and they inspire me to take responsibility for my own work. ANI is a great place to learn.” – Hangyeol Kim, Room 4

“My life at ANI begins at 8:45 each day. After the bell rings, Mr. Waller calls the attendance roll to make sure all of the students are at school. During the first block I go to ESOL on a Monday and Tuesday morning. I do math from Monday to Friday. Math is a bit difficult, but my friends help me a lot. At the end of the first block, morning tea time is reached. I play handball or go to the playground during morning tea time and play games and have fun with my friends.

When we start the next block we focus on our W.W.A (Who We Are) theme. Nowadays we are preparing for our inquiry which means we learn about a theme that we have chosen as a group and then research a lot of information then our group has to work out a way to present to the class what we have learned.

I go to the library at lunchtimes and work on Educational Perfect or go onto the playground with my friends again. I like lunch because it is for a long time. (Lunch time is 1 hour) When lunchtime is over, it becomes the third block.

The third block is mainly W.W.A. but on Fridays it is assembly time and I really like assemblies when we get to sing English songs, as this helps me to learn more vocabulary.

Overall I really like ANI because I get to make a lot of friends and my friends help me to learn more English but I really like how we learn at ANI.” – Moohyeon Park, Room 15

“I have been enjoying spending time at ANI and I have made lots of friends.  The things that I enjoy are in the specialist areas such as food and music but food technology is my favourite area to work in. There are also other specialist subjects such that you can learn in such as performing arts, music, soft tech, digitech and visual arts.

I also like other things such as going to ESOL because I know my English is not good enough as I am not a native person and ESOL helps me a lot to improve my English skills. In ESOL I can also meet new Korean friends, so that makes me feel comfortable but sometimes they can distract me. However our school’s deputy principal Mr Devery helps me in many different ways that’s why I love going to ESOL,  but sometimes I don’t want to  go to ESOL because I don’t want to miss class time or inquiry time because I  really enjoy class time as well.

Lastly I would like to talk about my inquiry learning time. I have particularly enjoyed our inquiry themes because I get to understand and know things more deeply, things that I’m interested in.  I also like working with different people and communicating with my friends, who also help me to improve my English skills by talking to me a lot.  These are the things that I enjoy the most at ANI.

Actually I’ve enjoyed everything but these are the best things that I like because it was really hard to choose.  When I go back to  Korea I’m really going to miss ANI.” – Boksin Chang, Room 6


Year 7 Immunisations

Year 7 students that have consented immunisation forms for the Boostrix (Tetanus, Diphtheria, Whooping Cough) vaccination will have this on Wednesday 2 August at school.

If your child has already had this at the GP practice/A&E/Hospital in the past four months or had it prior to 2 August 2017; and you signed for them to have it at school, please could you let the community nurse, Michelle Thorpe know by email (mthorpe@adhb.govt.nz) so their name is removed from the programme. Please include your child’s school and classroom number they are in.

Michelle Thorpe
Starship Community Nurse


Dental Van Onsite

The Mobile Dental Van will be visiting ANI next term from 31 July – 11 August (two weeks) to examine children who are due for a check up or recall.

If you wish to discuss further, please ring your local Dental Clinic on 09 623 0078.


Sports News

It has been a great term of sport for those teams representing us at the Central Zone (CZ) competitions. Some teams were selected to compete at the higher level of Inter Zone competitions. A big thank you to their coaches and those teachers, who with great enthusiasm, organised these days for our pupils. A note of commendation must go to all our teams for their sportsmanship and excellent attitude when representing their school.

Water Polo: Our team entered into the central zone competition. This was a first time event, our team competed well. This was a great start to the season. Thanks to Nicole Lewis, Water Polo Coordinator.

Table Tennis:  This team did especially well. Final results of the CZ table tennis day. Girls singles: Cathy Ning – 1st Helena Jung – 3rd Boys singles Kevin Yin – 3rd Boys doubles Robert Zhang & Andrei Trandafir – 1st. Kyan van den Heuvel & Daniel Kwak – 4th. Thanks to Kim Mackrell, Table Tennis Coordinator.

Hockey Girls: A team of hard working, enthusiastic girls, always bringing 100% energy to all practices and showing a passion for learning new skills. They played at the Central Zone Competition at North Harbour and placed 6th overall. Thanks to Emma Madgwick, Girls Hockey Coordinator.

Hockey Boys: This team has seen incredible progress. They work well together and strive to better themselves individually and as a team. At CZ’s they played exceptionally well and should be proud of themselves. Came 3rd in CZ’s. Thanks to Andy Lawrence, Boys Hockey Coordinator.

Football Girls: CZ and IZ Girls soccer: Both teams came 1st place at the CZ competition and the Year 7 Girls came 4th and Year 8 Girls came 2nd after a penalty shoot out in the final. Both teams displayed exceptional skill and teamwork and represented ANI extremely well. Thanks to Sarah Nicolson, Girls Football Coordinator.

Football Boys: Year 8 Boys, competed at Central Zones Finished 6th.  Year 7 Boys, competed at Central Zones Finished 7th at Central Zones. Thanks to Nathan Metzger, Boys Football Coordinator.

Rugby: Central zone competition, won some lost some and drew one. Thanks to Mr Hiko, Mr Markham, Andre and Mr Griffiths for all their time and support.

Futsal: Year 7 Boys – Competed at Central Zones Competed well, finished 6th. Year 8 Boys – Competed at Central Zones Did very well coming in 2nd, lost the final to Remuera Intermediate. Year 8 Girls – Competed at Central Zones Competed well and finished 8th. Futsal Year 7 Girls – Competed at Central Zones and came first. Thanks to Nathan Metzger, Futsal Coordinator.

Mark Thompson
Sport Coordinator


After School Music & Leisure Classes

The ANI After School Music & Leisure Programme is open to all students who are attending Primary and Intermediate School and are aged between 6-13 years.  Enrolments are accepted for classes throughout the year and information regarding the After School Programme and Enrolments can be viewed at https://ani.school.nz/after-school-classes/

We are pleased to advise there are new classes for terms three and four including Dodgeball, Recorder and Dance. Bookings are now open, click here.

If you have any queries, please our After School Co-ordinator, Megan Brookman on 630 1109 or mbrookman@ani.school.nz


2018 Enrolment

We are now taking enrolments for 2018. If you have any queries about the enrolment process please contact our Administration Officer Megan Brookman on (09) 630 1109 or email. Please click here for enrolment applications and important enrolment information/dates.


PTA News

PTA Meeting
Date Change to from Monday 31 July to Monday 7 August, 7:00pm, Library (all welcome)


Community News

Click here to view more community news.

Watch Found
A gold watch was found in the hall after the school production last Thursday 29 July. Please contact the school if it is yours ani@ani.school.nz or 630 1109.