Term 2, Week 1 2017

Principal’s Awards

Congratulations Paige Grant, Rosie Whyte, Josiah Cook and Charlie King (Room 4) for showing creativity and perseverance during their ‘How the World Works’ and ‘How We Organise Ourselves’ units. Through high level planning, research and exceptional team work they designed and constructed an amazing outdoor learning space.

Congratulations Isobel Allan, Faith Tupuhi, Sarah Botting, Brittany Townsend and Beth Dawson (Room 12) for working collaboratively in their inquiry group producing an interactive learning space by the school pool. They did an excellent job communicating information to their peers.

Principal’s News

Dear Parents/Caregivers

Welcome back to term two. We hope you enjoyed the holiday break with your children and the additional days off with Easter and ANZAC day which fell within this holiday break.

This week we farewell the first Year 8 team (Rimu – Rooms 4, 5, 9, 10, 11 & 12) off to camp. Thanks to those parents who have offered to assist as without your support we wouldn’t be able to offer these outstanding outdoor education experiences. The teachers have been preparing for this for a number of weeks now and we are all set to go! Next week Matai Team (Rooms 1, 2, 3, 6, 7 & 8) head off and we wish them happy camping experiences as well.

Digital Technologies
The digital environment (both at home and at school) is empowering families, learners and teachers in ways that we haven’t experienced before. They are new, exciting and unprecedented. Looking ahead we need to ensure all learners have access to good quality hardware, reliable networks, modern learning environments and future focused teaching.

As a school we are aware of a new addition to the NZ curriculum in 2018 – digital technology for Years 1-8. This new strand which is integrated into the technology curriculum will cover six themes – “algorithms, programming, data representation, digital devices and infrastructure, digital applications and humans and computers.” (Education Gazette, 25/7/2016)

In preparation for this curriculum implementation we are adding a digital component to our technology cycle. Taking these classes will be trained teacher Linton Rathgen. Content of the programme will include:

Internet technologies & digital learningCodingDigital Presentation
Gamification of learningDronesVirtual Reality
Social media in learningRoboticsAugmented Reality


The learning area between hard materials and soft materials has been set up for these classes to take place. The importance of developing digital fluency and citizenship for our students is summarised very well in this statement from the NZ Tech Summit held last year:

“Thriving in the future”
To thrive in today’s world and beyond, computational thinking has to be a fundamental part of the way people understand the world. Computational thinking is a way of solving problems and designing solutions. It involves algorithms, abstract models, data analysis, extracting key information and dealing with complex systems. In a world where access to information is almost unlimited, students will need to know how to combine information step by step and learning from their digital mistakes. The pace of change is an attractive proposition in itself for children. However, it is a skill that must be developed from an early age and one that enables people to leverage computer technology for their advantage.

The inclusion of digital technology in the curricula is more than simply the provision of devices and preparing students for careers in programme. With the exponential rate of technology development, it is almost impossible to comprehend how different our lives will be in the next two decades. There is no denying that the world of our children live in is technology driven, and that young people are indeed generating this drive. However, it is widely acknowledged by both educators and policy makers that we need to better prepare young people for the future, for jobs that in most cases don’t even exist yet. It is also generally agreed that computer technology will be increasingly pervasive, making computational thinking skills critical for the future success of all our children.”

The remaining areas of technology will continue as normal with the exception of hard technology. This will now be integrated into other technology areas with the addition of a workshop/design lab on offer every Friday for students who have a passion or talent in this area.

New Staff
This term we extend a very warm welcome to Drew Daldy who joins us as the music specialist teacher. Drew comes to us from Howick intermediate where he very successfully grew the music department to include a number of rock bands, musical shows, choirs, talent shows etc. We look forward to the many skills Drew will bring to this position.

With our Spanish teacher Senor Rathgen now moving into the specialist area teaching digital technology, we are pleased to announce that Jasmine Hanawy will be teaching languages to Year 7 students. The language offered is French. After consulting with our local secondary language departments they are very pleased to hear that students will be learning the basics of French at intermediate school so they can carry it through to secondary school.

Community of Learning
Our Community of Learning (CoL) is going strong and we are making great progress. The eleven schools involved are all working on similar challenges this year around two focus areas – student agency and literacy.

Each school has a number of designated staff called in-school leaders or across school leaders) who work with teachers guiding them and supporting them to ensure our achievement challenges are met (click here to view achievement challenges). Below is an update from the ANI Across School Leader, Kim Mackrell.

Hello, my name is Kim Mackrell, and I am one of nine Auckland Central Community of Schools Across School Leaders (ASL). The purpose of our role is to work alongside teachers to improve their practice and support them in meeting our shared achievement challenges. We meet regularly to identify common trends and collaboratively share our successes, learning and experience.

Over the last term, the Across School Leaders have made two key advancements in strengthening the work we do for our community.

Firstly, we have reflected on how we are currently functioning as a community and where we would like to be in the next few years. We have devised some strategic goals, which are:

  • To collaborate and use evidence to guide our practice.
  • Build leadership capability within the community.
  • Create an extended community comprising families, employers, iwi and communities.

Achieving these will create a new way for teachers in different schools to work together and collaborate to improve and inspire student learning, progress and achievement. We are currently in the process of designing our action plan as to how we will meet these goals.

Secondly, we have established relationships with 46 In School Leaders and are supporting the work they do with teachers and students in their schools.

A further initiative happening this term, is the establishment of cross sector groups which brings teachers together primary, intermediate and secondary practitioners who will work on common themes and challenges across our 11 schools. It is exciting to see this type of collaboration taking place to improve the learning for all students.

School Production
Things are moving! The cast has been practicing, the dancers have been finalising their moves and the scene is being set. It’s countdown to the matinee on Tuesday 27 June and evening shows on Wednesday 28 and Thursday 29 June.  Full details will be provided in the next newsletter and on our website/facebook about our progress and ticket sales. The creative arts are alive and well at ANI.

Arts Initiative
Click here to see what’s happening with Arts initiatives this year.

Kind regards

Jill Farquharson


Upcoming Events 

Monday 8 MayCamp – Matai Team
 Auckland Rowing, School hall
 PTA Meeting, 7:00pm
Tuesday 9 MayCamp – Matai Team
 Auckland Rowing, School hall
 CZ Boys Futsal @ Auckland Netball Centre
 CZ Table Tennis Trials
Wednesday 10 MayCamp – Matai Team
 Auckland Rowing, School hall
 CZ Rugby Under 45kg
Thursday 11 MayCamp – Matai Team
 Auckland Rowing, School hall
 CZ Girls Futsal @ Auckland Netball Centre
Friday 12 MayCamp – Matai Team
 Auckland Rowing, School hall


All school events are put on our school website and can be found by clicking here.


Team Newsletters

Team Newsletters are now online, click here to view.


Year 7 EOTC

What a fantastic opportunity to have all of our Year 7 students attend our Education Outside the Classroom (EOTC) experience with the dedicated staff at Birkenhead Leisure Centre.  The students and parents were offered a variety of challenges and opportunities including: kayaking, raft building, team building activities, high ropes, orienteering, indoor rock climbing and the Amazing Race to name a few.

The students set some realistic goals and strived to achieve what they could during their action packed four days of activities. The experience was very fulfilling and equally enjoyable for all those involved, including the parents.

A big thank you must go out to the parents for supporting their children every day and to, the students for having a positive attitude and of course the teachers. I am looking forward to another great time next year at EOTC.


Year 8 Camps

The five day camps for our Year 8 students are an extension of what the students learn at EOTC but in a different environment.

While at camp the students will be involved in many activities including: team building activities, high ropes, orienteering, indoor rock climbing, abseiling, mountain biking, and an overnight camp in tents. The camp is fully catered for and the meals are plentiful to fuel up the students, parents and teachers for the next challenging day of activities.

The students and teachers have been working on setting up their groups for the many activities and challenges that lay ahead.

I hope everyone who attends camp in 2017 have a fantastic time and make some great memories.  I am sure you will enjoy learning new skills and working with your classmates.

Shane Devery
Deputy Principal


International Baccalaureate

Term one has been very busy for the students and their IB learning. Both Year 8 teams completed two themes in the first term and they each attended Science with the specialist science teacher for half of the term. Year 8 have a sound understanding of the IB processes so were able to quickly get back into their themes. Much of the work done in the first three terms in Year 8 is setting the children up for Exhibition which is in term four this year. Teachers are strategically building skills and strategies that will prepare the Year 8 students for the Exhibition which is a celebration of learning.

Year 7 completed one theme in term one because we think it is really important to take the time to scaffold the students into the IB way of learning in depth. The teachers spent time taking the children through all of the stages of the Inquiry process so the children are clear about how it is structured. We also do work around the 5 essential elements of IB: Attitudes, Knowledge, Key Concepts, Skills, and Action. These are the pillars that the IB programme is based on and it important to build these foundations for future learning.

Our students have had a wonderful start to learning in term. Please take a few minutes to read what they had to say.

“I have really enjoyed our IB programme this term. In Rimu team, our units were How We Organise Ourselves and How the World Works. I enjoyed researching and comparing materials, learning about the science behind the materials I wanted to use for my product and thinking about how I could persuade people to invest in my product. I ended up making a pallet chair with my group so people could have a place to work outdoors. It was a challenge because the chair broke a few times but we overcame these difficulties and learnt new skills. Now we have a comfortable outdoor learning space we can can work in!” – Charlie King, Room 4

“I liked term 1’s IB focus a lot. We have been doing a lot of hands on activities and after our research we ended up constructing, building and painting our pallet chair which was really fun but also useful so now we can all use this space to help our learning.” – Josiah Cook, Room 4

“New year, new school, new term, new teachers, new friends to make. We came in and huddled with the friends we knew from Primary and got placed into our new classes. This is where it all started. We got introduced to the Learner Profiles and the Attitudes. We did all sorts of activities to become familiar with the new language of IB here at ANI and then we began our first Inquiry unit which was How We Organise Ourselves. We had to interview our classmates to find a partner that would suit to work with. Then we came up with a System that we wanted to find out more about and created questions about it. We worked according to a plan that we set up and researched as hard as we could. We had to decide how to present our research to the class and share our new knowledge and ideas about this System. After working through this inquiry we feel really good but we now know what we want to do to improve on the next one and are looking forward to Who We Are.” – Holly Roper, Amelia Campbell, Thewhara Yapage, Room 24

“I.B helps my learning because it is based on the inquiry process.
I can decide what I want to learn about, and how I want to find this out.
I love to do this, but sometimes it can be challenging.
I really like the learner profile because I have something to aim for.”
– Scarlett King, Room 15

“IB is a fun and exciting way to learn. I like that it is used all around the world. There are special skills, attitudes and key concepts that are connected to the learner profile. I think it’s a good idea that these are displayed in the classrooms to refer to. IB is a challenge and it will help me learn throughout my life.”- Ramanujan Madhusudhan, Room 15

Tracey Hughes
Associate Principal


Extension Opportunities

This year we are offering extension programmes in Creative Writing, Maths, Spanish, Sports Leadership and Korean language.  Each programme has a selection criteria which is based on assessment data, IB learner attributes and teacher recommendations.

Here is an outline of the extension programme;

Creative Writing Extension
The purpose of this programme is to challenge students to expand their creative writing skills through short story, poetry analysis and writing exercises. Students will learn how to identify and create meaning with word selection, raising levels of awareness, sensitivity and response. The programme focuses on narrative structure and creating flow within a text. Students will learn to communicate and express ideas in an imaginative way, using a variety writing styles and genres.

Creative writing is taught by Sakima Cornwall who is an experienced high school English tutor, part way through a Bachelor of Arts double major degree in Philosophy and English.

Maths Extension
This programme provides an opportunity for mathematically able students to use mathematical skills, knowledge and concepts to real life problem solving situations. Through collaborative investigation students apply mathematics strategies to solve problems and then consolidate their learning by creating inquiries for their peers. Maths Extension is taught by Gillian Frankcom, who is a lecturer in the School of Education at Auckland University.

Spanish Extension
The Spanish Extension programme is for students who demonstrate a high level of language learning competence. Students will have the opportunity to extend their Spanish language and cultural knowledge through a range of engaging and interactive learning experiences.  Students will work towards and sitting the DELE Spanish language proficiency exam in October. Spanish Extension is taught by Senor Linton Rathgen, one of our specialist language teachers.

Sports Leadership Extension
The Sports Leadership Programme is an extension of the class programme. Through the programme, student can develop leadership skills required for a range of sports. They will develop an understanding of the rights and responsibilities of being a leader and the positive impact that sport can have on identity and attitude. Sports Leadership is taught by Greg Berry, our PE specialist teacher.

Korean Extension
The Korean Extension programme is designed to enhance students knowledge of Korean language and culture. Students will have the opportunity to explore and practice Korean language and culture including K-pop and Korean traditional games. Korean Extension is taught by Kate Shin, our Korean language teacher.

Lucy Naylor
Deputy Principal


Sports News

Click here to view the sports news on our website. The sports page will be updated regularly after sports events with results and photos.


Mufti Day

On Friday 19 May we will be having a mufti day to support Mr Hiko’s ‘Shave for a Cure’ which raises money for blood cancer research.

Students need to bring a gold coin donation to wear mufti. Mr Hiko will be shaving his head at the school assembly on Friday 19 May.


2018 Enrolment

We are now taking enrolments for 2018. If you have any queries about the enrolment process please contact our Administration Officer Megan Brookman on (09) 630 1109 or email. Please click here for enrolment applications and important enrolment information/dates.


Safety at the school gate

With the weather starting to turn and winter on its way it is a good time to remind parents to be aware of our students around the school gates and on the way to school.  For parents who are dropping off children in cars please be sure to drop off at the school’s gates on Poronui and Disraeli Streets and not drive into the car parks as this will cause traffic congestion and potential H&S concerns.


EGGS Open Morning Tours

School Tours have been arranged for ANI students who will be away on camp during the EGGS Open Morning. These dates are Friday 12 May, 9:00am and Friday 26 May, 9:00am. To register, please email Mrs Shirin Rampurawala srampurawala@eggs.school.nz


Community News

Click here to view more community news.