Term 1, Week 1 2016

Principal’s News

Dear Parents/Caregivers

Welcome to a new school year. I trust you all enjoyed the summer break and have come back ready to take on 2016 full of energy and enthusiasm.

Learning Programmes
Our school delivers the NZ curriculum through an International Baccalaureate framework. Later this term we will have a parent information evening on what this framework looks like to help you understand the jargon, explore six themes we will cover and share information about the evaluative tools in use.

The central feature of the programme we follow (Primary Years Programme – PYP) is a curriculum that transcends subjects through an inquiry approach. This is called ‘transdisciplinary’ learning and it is driven by conceptual framework rather than an outcomes based curriculum. A good example of this is rather than the whole class doing the same study of ‘The Rocky Shore’ we use concepts such as function, connection, change or causation to drive individual students learning and subsequent inquiries making it more personalised.

For many students and families this may be a very different approach to learning but please be assured teachers will help students and scaffold them through the first inquiry. The themes for Year 7 this term are ‘How we organise ourselves’ and ‘Where we are in place and time’. The themes for Year 8 this term are ‘How the world works’ and ‘How we organise ourselves’.

Starting a new year
Quite often getting back into school routines after a break can be difficult. Try these ‘back to school’ tips.

Top Tips for Back to School
Start your routines again as soon as you can. Getting back to school-day bedtimes is a good place to start. Decide on a school-day routine and stick to it.

Try to prepare in advance. Then you won’t be in a panic assembling books and gear at the last minute and your children will be equipped for their school day.

Be prepared for back-to-school blues. Changing from the relaxed and lazy days of summer is hard on all the family but if you child seems too worried or stressed, find out what is wrong and ask how you can help.

Talk about change. Whether it is a new school, or a change in your family’s circumstances, make time to talk about any fears or worries. Accompany your child so they can get used to the new journey.

Your child may be worried about losing friends who are going to a different school or about making new friends. Talk about ways children can gradually make new friends.

Tell your child you are excited for them and the year ahead. If your child is about to start an important year such as the first year at intermediate school they may need reassurance.

Address any problems left over from last year. If your child has experienced problems at school, discuss what they want to happen this year and how they can achieve their goals.

Be prepared to give them a bit of leeway for the first week. School can be a long day for children and when they are out of practice it can be exhausting. Early bedtimes and a regular routine are helpful.

Celebrate the first week back. Have a family outing or meal or other treat to regroup and talk about the week.


Jill Farquharson


Start times and where to go

Year 7 students need to be at school on Tuesday 2 February by 9:00am, please go directly to the HALL. There will be an official Maori welcome and introductions followed by the teachers calling the class lists. Parents you are most welcome to attend.

Year 8 students please join us in the hall at 11:00am and you will find out what class you are in.

We split the start times for Year 7’s and Year 8’s so the introduction to Intermediate school is not overwhelming for new pupils.


Class Information

The school is divided into two year groups, Year 7 and Year 8. Each year group has two teams of six classes.

Year 7 – Red and Blue Team
Year 8 – Orange and Green Team

We also have a number of specialist teachers that offer challenging and diverse learning programmes in Science, PE, the Arts, Technology and Languages (Spanish, Mandarin and Maori). Academies in a variety of sports and the performing arts are also offered throughout the year.

The average class size is 28 in Year 7 and 31 in Year 8 and we will do our best to ensure these numbers remain at that level throughout the year.

We currently have 14 full time International Students enrolled and these students are fully integrated into regular classrooms.

Changing classes whether it be from Year 6 to Year 7, or Year 7 to Year 8 can be difficult and we appreciate that your son/daughter may be nervous about their placement. When compiling classes we took into account a number of factors such as individual strengths and needs, teacher recommendations and previous achievement data.  Please allow a two week settling in period and if your son/daughter is still not happy after this time we encourage you to make an appointment and come and talk to us. We are here to help and want to make transition a positive experience for every one of our students.


Introducing the Staff

To help you get to know us a bit better we have included a brief bio of every staff member (teaching and non-teaching). Click here meet us.


What you can look forward to this term

There are a number of exciting events planned for the term. Click here for a list of these important dates.


Newsletters (school and class)

This year we are trialling a new way of keeping you up to date with school news. Whole school newsletters will be emailed the first Wednesday of every month in addition to a weekly reminder of key dates/times (sent out on the Friday before). We realise that parents lead very busy lives these days and don’t always have time to read a full newsletter every week but would find a tabulated reminder helpful. We will ask for your feedback on this format after a couple of months.

Class newsletters are being replaced by team newsletters. These will include information about programmes of learning, team activities, homework and timetables across the team. Click here to view team newsletters.

To find out more about what is happening in a particular class you can log onto their Google page via the school website (see below). These will be up and running by the 4 March.

Google site image


ANI Contact Information

Phone: (09) 630 1109
Fax: (09) 630 1974
Email: ani@ani.school.nz

School Hours
School Begins: 8:45am (Except Friday when the bell goes at 9:00am as teachers have professional development meetings from 8 – 8:45am)
Interval: 10:30 – 10:50am
Lunch: 12:30 – 1:25pm
School Ends:  3:00pm

Office Hours
Monday to Thursday, 8:00am – 5:00pm
Friday, 8:00am – 4:00pm


2016 Term Dates

Starts: Tuesday 2 February
Ends: Friday 15 April

Starts: Monday 2 May
Ends: Friday 8 July

Starts: Monday 25 July
Ends: Friday 23 September

Starts: Monday 10 October
Ends: Thursday 15 December


2016 Holidays

Auckland AnniversaryMonday 1 February
Waitangi DaySaturday 6 February (Monday 8 February)
Good FridayFriday 25 March
Easter MondayMonday 28 March
Day after Easter MondayTuesday 29 March
ANZAC DayMonday 25 April
Queen’s BirthdayMonday 6 June
Labour DayMonday 24 October


Reporting Absences

If your child is going to be away or is sick you can advise the school via our website. Please click on ‘report an absence’ which is on our homepage. This ensures an email is sent to the office as well as the class teacher. You can also call the school office on 630 1109 and press 2 to leave a message. Please do not email the teacher directly or use the school office email (ani@ani.school.nz)  as these may not be checked before our administration staff call you.

It is important that all students sign in at the office if they are late. We follow up all unexplained absences with a phone call or text.


Students Leaving School Grounds

If you wish to take your child out of school during the school day please contact your child’s teacher by sending a note or emailing in advance. You must arrange for your child to meet you in reception at the time you have organised and he/she will sign out. Students will not be permitted to leave the school unaccompanied or leave directly from the class. They must come to the office if leaving the school.

Please note when your child returns to school he/she must return to the office to sign in again.



Uniforms are available to purchase from reception between 8:00am and 5:00pm Monday to Thursday and Friday 8:00am to 4:00pm. Please click here for a full uniform description and price list.

Please remember to name your child’s uniform so it can be returned if misplaced or taken home by another child by mistake. Lost property is located in the school reception area and students are welcome to claim lost items during office hours.



Most students by now should have their stationery packs.  If you son/daughter has not purchased stationery please drop into the office anytime between 8:00am – 5:00pm, Monday to Thursday or 8:00am – 3:00pm Fridays.  The cost is $40.00 for their books and $20.00 for mathletics (www.mathletics.co.nz).  Total $60.00.

Please click here to download a stationery form. Should you wish to purchase stationery elsewhere you are most welcome to do so. We sell the packs as a convenience for parents.


Financial Payments

Many thanks to those families who have sent in their voluntary school donation, paid in advance for school activities and agreed to pay for take home items.

Your payments are appreciated particularly in the areas that are voluntary. The income generated by these payments provide additional resources, extra specialist teachers over and above what the government provides, state of the art learning environments and ICT equipment.

In the next newsletter we will provide detailed information on the payments we will request of you this year just in case you have overlooked them and not yet made payment. At this time of the year there is always a lot of media hype on how education is ‘free’. While this may be ideal, in reality to offer the resources we do at ANI (such as extra teachers, higher quality resources, ICT equipment) we could not provide this without your donations. We appreciate your support and encourage you to make payment as soon as convenient. Many thanks.

Jen Caldwell
Executive Officer


Mobile Phones and Electronic Devices

Students are welcome to bring their mobile phone to school.  Teachers will have a lockable cupboard in their classroom if students choose to have them locked away during the day.  If student’s use their phone inappropriately they will have a four week ban imposed.  We accept that mobile phones are an important learning resource and a big part of the emerging adolescent’s life in addition to helping parents check on their son/daughters whereabouts and safety.  However the school cannot accept responsibility for damage or theft so please no expensive mobile phones at school.

Students are also welcome to bring their own devices (smart phone, iPad, tablet, notebook etc) to school to assist learning. Should students wish to store their device during break times teachers have the facility to do this.  At the beginning of the year it is timely to remind parents of students of the importance of acting as good digital citizens and cyber safety.

Each student who comes to ANI completes an ICT Agreement and this form allows them to bring their own device (any device). It is very important that parents and students read these forms before they sign them and also be aware that by signing the forms, you do NOT have to bring in an electronic device.  Basically the forms state common sense responsibilities and conduct for students using devices at ANI. We also recommend that parents check their insurance policies as the school can not accept any liability for the loss or damage of any device brought to school.


Lunch Orders

A range of yummy snacks and healthy food can be purchased from the tuckshop during breaks. We also offer a convenient online pre-ordering service for tuckshop lunches. To find out more visit http://www.ezlunch.co.nz



All students who bring a scooter to school will need to lock it in the bike shed (lock to be provided by students).

While we lock the bike sheds each day the school cannot take any responsibility for scooters (locked or unlocked). It is advisable not to bring an expensive scooter to school.  It will be the student’s responsibility to lock their scooter up each morning.

We encourage students to wear a helmet for their own safety.

If your child brings a scooter to Auckland Normal Intermediate they are expected to:

  • Walk their scooter in and out of the school grounds and across the road and pedestrian crossings.
  • Not use, or allow their scooter to be ridden, in the school grounds or buildings
  • Lock their scooter in the bike shed during school hours
  • Understand that the school will not accept any responsibility for the scooter while it is on school grounds or in buildings.
  • The School reserves the right to revoke the privilege of using a scooter to get to/from school if deemed necessary. Parents/caregivers will be informed accordingly.


Auckland Normal Intermediate – Safe cycling

A reminder to parents if your child brings a bicycle to school they are expected to:

 Wear a well-maintained and standards-approved helmet when riding.

  • Have their cycle helmet adjusted correctly and securely fastened.
  • Store their bicycle in a bike stand in the bike shed.
  • Provide a lock for the cycle.
  • Take full responsibility for locking and securing their cycle.
  • Maintain their cycle in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions.
  • Walk their cycles in and out of the school grounds and across the road and pedestrian crossings.
  • Checks on helmets and bikes may be completed from time to time. Students will be informed in advance when a check on the bike’s road worthiness is to be made.
  • The School reserves the right to revoke the privilege of cycling to/from school if deemed Parents/caregivers will be informed accordingly.

The school cannot accept any liability for the loss or damage of bikes brought to school.


2016 Children’s After School Music and Leisure Classes

We are now taking enrolments for term one. Please click here to book online.

Email: afterschool@ani.school.nz or Phone: 630 1109 extn: 702


2016 Super Bowl

Auckland Normal Intermediate is holding a fun and exciting sporting event on Friday  5 February (week 1) starting at 11:10am which is called Super Bowl 2016. It will be a festival of sport that celebrates the start of the year for current students at Auckland Normal Intermediate and for students entering the school as Year 7 students. The event will involve teams where Year 7 students will be mixed with Year 8 students to form a team competing in 24 exciting cooperative team games to find the champion team. The students are reminded of the following requirements for the day. Good luck to all teams and we hope you enjoy the day!

  • All students are to have their togs on with PE gear and team colours over the top
  • Each team is required to elect a student group team leader
  • All students are to participate in every event and stay with their team
  • School hats are compulsory
  • Students must return to their next activity after lunch for the afternoon session
  • All students are required to have suitable footwear
  • All bags are to be left in classrooms at the start of the day
  • Students can take a personal drink bottle with them
  • Students that require personal medication are required to have this with them
  • Valuables are to be given to the teacher at the start of the day
  • Sunscreen is to be worn and applied frequently throughout the day
  • Students are to be changed prior to the start of the day
  • Hall and classrooms are out of bounds during event
  • All students are to be seated and must listen to teachers giving instructions for each activity
  • All students are asked to move quickly between each activity
  • Fair Play and Sportsmanship must be exhibited at all times
  • All students must give 100% effort and commitment to their teams

Greg Berry
PE Teacher/Sports Coordinator


2016 Meet the Teacher

Come along to ANI and meet your son/daughters teacher and hear about programmes for the year then join us for a picnic on the school field.

Picnic, Pizza, Games and Meet the Teacher
Thursday 18 February

6:00 – 6:30pm: parents meet the teacher in your child’s classroom
6:30 – 7:30pm: games on the field, bring along a picnic or grab a sausage, drink, slice of pizza that will be on sale

Bring a picnic rug, food and drink. Sausages, pizza and drinks will be available to purchase.


2016 PTA Chocolate Fundraiser

The ANI PTA goal is to raise funds to provide additional resources for our children that the school may not otherwise be able to be provide through Ministry of Education funding.

For the last nine years our most successful fundraising event has been selling Cadbury chocolates.

We are traditionally one of the first schools to start selling chocolates early in term one and the event generates the best results when all students participate. Last year students raised $27,000 which is an outstanding amount. Again if all students participate and support this event and sell two boxes of chocolates each we would easily raise this amount for 2016.

The PTA will go over the event at an assembly with students prior to the 12 February (the day we send chocolates home) and we will cover how the event works, the time frames, all they need to know along with the fantastic incentives we will have this year. Last year we had some very committed students with the top individual student selling 42 boxes of chocolates. Fifty students who sold five boxes of chocolates and received an ANI school badge and went into an additional draw for extra prizes.

The PTA will be in touch with parents who kindly offered to help with this event (at the enrolment evenings last year) and we thank you in advance for your help as we need parent helpers to support us and to run this event. If any other parents are able to help from allocating the chocolates on 12 February all day/part of the day or helping in the mornings from Monday 15 February  through to Monday 29 February between 8:15am – 9:15am, you can contact me by clicking here. We would love to hear from you.

Our first ANI PTA meeting will be held on Tuesday 9 February at 7:00pm in the library – these usually take an hour and we will be looking at our PTA events for the year.  All are welcome. Please note that meetings are usually held on Monday nights. The February meeting will be held on Tuesday as Monday 8 February is a public holiday.

Karen Humberstone