Sunilla Naik

Asaalam alaykum and Kia ora o te whanau, Ko Sunilla Naik toku ingoa. I am the classroom teacher of the young champions of room 22. This is my third year of teaching at ANI and my second year as the staff House Leader for Whenua. It is my privilege to work in an environment that supports and extends students to reach their full potential and beyond.

I have six years of teaching experience in a range of year levels between years 1 to 6, as well as two years of teaching at a university in Pakistan as a visiting faculty member. My family moved to New Zealand in 2015 and I completed my teacher’s training in 2020 from The University of Auckland. The following year, I was fortunate to complete a post-graduate scholarship course that specialises in teaching math and science to young children. I admire and respect the thinking of intermediate- age students and strongly aim to support them to extend their learning and strive for excellence. In my classroom, I promote inclusiveness and foster positive relationships and lifelong learning. Alhamdulilah, I am married to Faisal- an IT professional. We have three energetic boys, Masha Allah and we both support them with their academic and sports activities. In my free time, I experiment with cooking traditional cuisine and watching a good cricket series with my family. Born and raised in Pakistan and having maternal and paternal families in India, my first two languages are Urdu and Hindi. I love to play badminton and won the women’s double championship in my community last year. I am thrilled and excited to be part of the ANI family and looking forward to a fun-filled learning year ahead.