Taylor Patterson

Strategic Leader and Ahi House Leader

Hi Everyone,

My name is Taylor Patterson. I am a student in room 6, The Ahi house leader and one of the strategic leaders for 2022 . I was born in New Zealand and so was my Mum and siblings but my Dad is originally from Northern Ireland.

If I am not in school you will find me playing Water polo, reading and swimming. My family and I love traveling and have been to around 15 countries and I hope to travel to many more!!

My vision this year is to inspire more students to go for a role and continue to bring spirit to the school. I love being around people and ANI has allowed me to do just that, I would love to bring people together and give everyone the joy of being in a house and around people just like them, next time you see me come talk because I would love to chat or even email me

Can’t wait to see you then!