Kia ora, my name is Sakima-Raine and I am the Librarian/ Research Ambassador at ANI. I am extremely passionate about reading, writing, and learning in all forms. I am a lover of language and the magic we create with it, and I work with students who share this love through weekly Extension Writing classes. I pride myself on my caring and empathetic nature and patience with others, which has helped in my experience working with young children as a nanny for a number of years, and tutoring after school classes for intermediate aged students.
I have also worked in high energy, fast paced hospitality venues as a waitress and restaurant manager which has brought me into contact with all kinds of interesting people.
As a creative soul, you can often find me painting or writing, and I am an enthusiast of good food and good company. I spend my free time with my friends and family, usually doing spontaneous and adventurous activities or cooking together. I come from a family of foodies and chefs, so family gatherings always consist of great meals prepared with care.
I believe human connection is integral to a healthy mind, and books help us to connect with characters and information from all over the world, transporting us with words. I enjoy sharing this with students and facilitating a respect for books and library spaces