Kia Ora & Namaste! My name is Neeti Siras, and I have recently joined ANI as a Science
Teacher. I was born and brought up in India, the land of cultural diversity and spiritualism.
In my teaching career, I have taught Primary as well as Secondary school students. Teaching
has been my passion and I believe in learning by doing. My journey as a Science teacher has
been wonderful, with a lot of learning and reflection. Science is an Inquiry based learning
area and hence my role is to help students understand the key concepts, perform
experiments and do research projects. Positive attitude in the classroom brings enthusiasm,
innovation, curiosity and wonderment. Being a mother and a wife, cooking has become an
inseparable part of my duty and truly I have enjoyed that. Hence, my kitchen is full of
experiments too. I have two sons, the elder one is in year 5 and the younger one goes to
kindergarten (who always keeps me busy). My husband is a software professional. I consider
myself fortunate enough to be a part of ANI.