Dia daoibh gach duine. My name is Kieran Gleeson. I am the Year 7 team leader of the Totara team. I originally hail from Ireland, where I grew up with my parents and two sisters; Eve and Val. We are all away from home at the moment, spread across London, Sydney and of course Auckland. Travel is a passion of mine having travelled extensively through South America, Europe and South East Asia. Before Auckland, I lived in Sydney for a year. When I can travel again, my next destinations will hopefully be Japan & Hawaii!

I love teaching in intermediate school. I believe the two year schooling experience comes at a unique time for the development of our young children’s character. Part of my passion is developing resilient and open minded students who learn to look after their own wellbeing. I do this with the help of ANI’s In School Leaders, who develop the wellbeing initiative. I enjoy building strong relationships with my students, inspiring them where I can and learning from them everyday.

Outside of school, you’ll find me playing football most nights of the week. I enjoy staying fit and bringing this enthusiasm into some of my sports work with the students such as leading and promoting girls football in the school. I really hope to go to the AIMS games this year. Music has been a huge part of my life, growing up playing the piano, percussion and violin in numerous orchestras and ensembles. I look forward to bringing these passions to the stage and helping with this year’s school production.

I am so excited to continue working at ANI this year and enjoying all the upcoming experiences with my class.