Jasmine Hanawy

Bonjour my name is Jasmine Hanawy and I am the enthusiastic French teacher with high
aspirations for my year 7 students. I take pleasure from encouraging students to be risk
takers and confident learners.

This is my sixth year at ANI, over the years I had the privilege of being part of such a
pioneering and exciting school. My passion is being able to able to teach the language I love
to my present and future students and foster in them a love for French language and

As a result, I would like to see my students developing a clear understanding of their
learning and having a sense of agency and feeling in control.
I am half Egyptian and half French. I like swimming and going for long walks. I love travelling
and exploring new places as well as hearing languages spoken around me especially the French language. I
immigrated to New Zealand 26 years ago with my family. My son is a pilot with Emirates so
he is residing in Dubai with his family.