I am the French teacher at ANI and I am very fortunate to be part of the staff of such an innovative and exciting school.

Now a little bit about me. I am half Egyptian and half French. I attended a bilingual school teaching English and French.

I immigrated to New Zealand 25 years ago with my family. I have travelled and explored many countries around the world and I have a strong passion for travelling. Every year I go back to France. Fortunately, my son is a pilot and has been able to help me with my love for travel. I like to hear languages spoken around me especially the French language. Being half French I have a strong interest in fashion and innovative styles of dress. Having a good group of friends, we love to have new dining experiences tasting different countries cuisines around the city.

My passion is being able to teach the language that I love to my present and future students and to instil in them a love for the French language and culture. As a result I would like to see my students self- regulating and developing a clear understanding of their learning and having a sense of ownership of the process.